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With so many Canadians spending time outdoors, especially on lakes and rivers, inflatable kayaks have become more and more popular. Many different manufacturers make a wide range of kayaks with different features and costs, so it can be tricky to figure out which ones are worth the money. Whether you are just beginning or are an advanced user, we have compiled a list of the best inflatable kayaks in Canada for 2024 to help you decide which to buy.

Our team of experts researched countless options on the market and compared features like durability, included accessories and cost to find the ones that stand out amongst the best. Here are our recommendations for the best inflatable kayaks in Canada.

The 6 Best Inflatable Kayaks for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set
  • Best Durability: Intex Challenger K1 Kayak
  • Best Value: Intex Excursion Pro Kayak
  • Best for Fishing: Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak
  • Best Accessories: Intex Challenger K2 Kayak
  • Best Single-Person: Aquaglide Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak

Why Did We Choose These Inflatable Kayaks in Canada?

This curated selection of inflatable kayaks features products chosen for what they have to offer. Each one stood out enough to us to be recommended in this guide, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look at why we chose these particular options as the best inflatable kayaks in Canada.

The option that we discovered to be the best overall is the Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set. Featuring a lightweight build with impressive stability, this versatile choice adapts easily to Canadian lakes and rivers.

The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is the option we recommend to those seeking a durable inflatable kayak. The agile build of this 1-person inflatable kayak is designed for long-term use and maximum comfort.

The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak offers the best value on the list. This kayak is a resilient choice that is successful with Canadian enthusiasts for its affordability and sturdiness.

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is our pick for the best inflatable kayak for fishing in Canada. With rugged and durable construction and included rod holders, those who love to fish will also enjoy this kayak.

For those wanting to have everything they need for their kayak included, the Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is a great option. This inflatable kayak has solid and study oars as well as a high-quality output pump and a cargo net; all included with purchase.

For single users, it doesn’t get much better than the Aquaglide Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak. With an adjustable seat position and durable design, you can get comfortable with this inflatable kayak.

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Best Overall

Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set

Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump | 2-Person

It's Great For:

If you’re looking for an easy solution to your overall inflatable kayak needs, the Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set could be the best option for you. This vibrant inflatable kayak can be a great companion for Canadians looking to spend time on the lakes and rivers when the weather allows.

This kayak features a streamlined design that simplifies navigation and ensures the stability of the build. The Intex Explorer K2 is made from rugged heavy-duty vinyl and includes an l-beam floor, high-buoyancy side chambers, and a removable skeg. This 2-person option is also built for comfort and offers accessories such as 2 quick-fill Boston valves, a repair patch, and a high-output pump.

This inflatable kayak option has established itself in Canadian waters, and it is a solid choice for kayakers of all levels. It can be easily stored when not in use and doesn’t require extra maintenance. The kayak is a great choice for those seeking to have fun in the water, and it can offer numerous hours of entertainment throughout many of the mild seasons in Canada.

There are convenient grab handles located at both ends of the kayak, while the inflatable seats feature backrests for additional comfort. The seats are also adjustable and removable, so you can take one of them out for extra space during solo expeditions. The removable skeg included with the kayak is a standard directional option that provides easy handling.

Setup is quick and easy when it comes to the Intex Explorer K2, thanks to the quick-fill Boston valves that tend to be the recommendation of many kayakers in Canada. The kayak has achieved great marks when tested for support, portability, ease of use, and legroom. You can use the pump provided with the kayak to quickly get it inflated to your liking. There are 2 paddles available to you when you purchase this option, and the shape of the floor is designed to provide extra rigidity and balance.

Key Features

  • Budget-Friendly Pricing. This inflatable kayak is one of the most budget-friendly on the list and will appeal to the majority of Canadians.
  • Adjustable Seats. The seats of this kayak can be adjusted. It offers better maximum comfort and flexibility for Canadians of all sizes.
  • Lightweight Design. With a build that is durable and easy to maneuver, this lightweight kayak is great for those concerned about heavy lifting and maneuvering.
  • Quick Setup. The Boston valves used on this inflatable kayak make it easy to inflate and deflate in just minutes, so you can get in the water (or pack up) faster. 

Our Expert’s Take

“We think this inflatable kayak is the best option in Canada, and is ultra-lightweight, easy to set up and with its low cost, even beginners will be comfortable purchasing.”

Best Durability

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

It's Great For:

Intex’s Challenger K1 Kayak is designed for durability. From the welded material used to construct it to the l-beam floor adding stability, it comes as no surprise why users keep recommending this kayak when it comes to durability. The design of the Challenger K1 is also meant to make you stand out when out on the water thanks to the graphics and colours used.

The Intex Challenger K1 kayak features an agile construction that is suitable for Canadian lakes and rivers that aren’t too fast-moving. There isn’t a huge amount of storage space and leg room, but the cargo net allows you to safely store extra gear. You can also use the additional space behind the inflatable seat to keep your belongings stored while you are on the water.

This 1-seater kayak comes with 3 air chambers, an aluminum 3-piece oar that easily snaps into place, and a repair patch. You can easily inflate the kayak with the provided high-output manual hand pump. The kayak is made from vinyl and can be easily stored away without taking up much space when not in use.

The removable skeg makes handling much easier, and the adjustable seat includes a backrest for additional comfort. This kayak’s durability is an attractive feature for those looking to enjoy an inflatable kayak throughout various Canadian seasons. The cockpit has an adequate size that is more than enough to keep you comfortable during your kayaking trips.

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl. This Intex inflatable kayak is made from heavy-duty vinyl, which is highly durable and solid, ensuring extra safety on the water. 
  • I-Beam Floor. Those concerned about stability and balance will appreciate the I-beam floor, which helps this solo kayak stay upright.
  • Removable Skeg. A removable skeg makes this kayak easy to row and handle, going far beyond options without this feature when it comes to ease of use.
  • Bright Design. The bright, vibrant design of this kayak makes it easy to spot on open water. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This inflatable kayak is our top choice for the most durable, with its solid vinyl construction and stable flooring, perfect for solo kayakers concerned about safety.” 

Best Value

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump| 2-Person

It's Great For:

Intex’s Excursion Pro Kayak offers great value for the price it has. Featuring tough 3-ply construction made from high molecular PVC, this kayak is very durable and has impressive resilience. This 2-person kayak uses spring-loaded valves to provide easy and quick high-pressure inflation.

There are 2 removable skegs included with this kayak, which provide great maneuverability in Canadian waters, both shallow and deep. The kayak comes with a carry bag that makes portability and storage much easier. This option also includes extra storage space, located in the bow and stern.

The Intex Excursion Pro comes with a wealth of features, including stainless steel D rings, 2 aluminum oars, an inflatable booster seat pad for extra height, 2 floor-mounted footrests, 2 detachable fishing rod holders, and an adjustable GoPro or mobile phone mount. This allows you plenty of customization options to ensure you get the best kayaking experience when you’re out on the water. 

The removable skegs offer separate features. One of them is a directional skeg better suited to deep water, while the other is a shallow directional skeg that ensures easy navigation as you approach the shore. The hi-output pump that comes with the kayak provides easy inflation, while the pressure gauge helps make sure you always have the optimal inflation levels in your kayak.

The kayak can be used in Canada’s lakes and rivers. It provides great stability and performance, especially for relaxing sojourns on the water. Its convenient design makes it easy to use for all types of kayakers.

Key Features

  • Value Pricing. For budget-conscious Canadians, this inflatable kayak is a perfect choice for those wanting to spend a minimal amount but receive a ton of features. 
  • Easy to Set Up. With a high-output pump, this kayak is incredibly easy to inflate.
  • Easy Portability. For easy storage and packing for camping or road trips, this Intex kayak folds into a carry bag for maximum portability.
  • Multiple Accessories. More than many others on the market, this inflatable kayak includes everything that a beginner or even advanced user can need.

Our Expert’s Take

“This kayak offers the best value for your money, and users of all skill levels will love the easy portability and multiple accessories it offers.”

Best for Fishing

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado™ 2-Person Fishing Kayak

It's Great For:

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is a wonderful option for those seeking a rugged kayak best suited for the lake and fishing excursions. Made of incredibly durable material, this kayak has great add-ons that are catered to holding more gear than many others on the market. 

The Sevylor’s main frame is made of 18-gauge PVC construction and has a thick nylon cover and a tarpaulin bottom to ensure no punctures and maximum durability. In case of an accident, though, this inflatable kayak has multiple air chambers that will stay filled in case one happens to get punctured.

For those who love to fish, there are attached fishing rod holders to help with hands-free fishing when maneuvering the kayak. There are also oar holders, multiple D-rings to attach other fishing items and mesh storage pockets where you can store things you easily need to reach at a moment’s notice. 

This kayak is great for more rough waters, or those wanting to own it for the long term. While this kayak costs more than some on the market, the construction and material will definitely prove worthy for those more experienced kayakers. It seats two people with ease and does not include oars or a pump.

Key Features

  • Fishing Rod Compatible. Those who love to fish will love the included holders, designed for hands-free fishing while out on the lake.
  • Rugged Construction. Made with 18-gauge PVC that is reinforced with tarpaulin and nylon, this kayak is meant to be used on a long-term basis.
  • Two Seat Design. Designed for two people, you can easily enjoy a fishing excursion with a friend or family member.
  • Sinkage Prevention. With multiple air chambers that keep the kayak afloat if there is a puncture, Canadians will feel safe with this Sevylor Coleman kayak.

Our Expert’s Take

“This inflatable kayak is our favourite option for those who love to fish and spend extended time on the water. It is incredibly durable and features a unique design that prevents sinking.”

Best Accessories

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump (68306EP)

It's Great For:

The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is a great choice for those with limited experience, and who want everything they need to use the kayak with purchase. This is our choice for the best kayak with included accessories. This two-person kayak is a great choice for lakes and calm waters and those concerned about safety on the water.

Made of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vinyl, this kayak is great for those who want a durable and safe option. It has a bright and colourful design, which is ideal for being spotted on the open water in case of emergencies. It includes three separate air chambers, ensuring that the kayak won’t immediately sink in case of a puncture. This product includes a repair patch for peace of mind while kayaking.

This kayak is incredibly easy to set up with Boston valves, which make for easy inflation and deflation. Included with this Intex kayak is a high-capacity air pump, which will inflate your kayak in just minutes. 

Included with the Intex Challenger K2 Kayak are two aluminum oars, which are durable and made to last for the lifespan of the kayak. There are two seats in this kayak; both feature a removable and adjustable backrest and can be configured for solo capacity. The skeg is removable as well, which can help beginners with additional stability and directional control.

Key Features

  • Bright Visible Design. This colourful and bright kayak is great for being spotted on the open water in case of emergencies. 
  • Included Accessories. This Intex kayak includes a high-capacity pump, two aluminum oars and a repair patch kit. 
  • Comfortable Seating. With two removable and adjustable seats, this 2-person kayak is comfortable, especially when on the water for long periods of time.
  • Budget-Friendly Price. This kayak is a great option for budget-conscious Canadians who want a low-cost option with lots of great features.

Our Expert’s Take

“This kayak is great for Canadians wanting a low-cost option that includes tons of accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to hit the water.”

Best Single-Person Kayak

Aquaglide Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak

AQUAGLIDE Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak, 1 Person

It's Great For:

While some of the inflatable kayaks on our list are made for two people to kayak together, the Aquaglide Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak is created for single users. You can adjust the single seat to a position that works for you using the velcro inside the kayak. This helps reduce discomfort, particularly for users who are taller or shorter than average. Multiple durability features can help you get the performance you need out of your single inflatable kayak. 

This option is made to be durable. The PVC used for the exterior is hard to puncture and won’t degrade easily. Once It is completely inflated, this kayak is extremely rigid. If you want the usability of a standard kayak with the packability of an inflated option, this is the best you could ask for. 

That isn’t to say that this inflatable kayak is heavy. At just 8.17 kg when not inflated, you can pack it away into the included duffle-style bag to take it with you on your travels. When it is inflated, the moulded plastic carrying handles make bringing it to your location easier than ever. 

In addition to the storage bag, kayak, and seat, this inflatable option comes with a quick-release fin and a repair kit. If you do happen to spring a leak, the repair kit will help get you back on the water in no time at all.

Key Features

  • Packable Design. A duffle storage bag and lightweight design make this inflatable kayak simple to take with you. It also includes moulded plastic handles to make it easier to move when inflated.
  • Personalized Seat Positioning. You can move the seat via the velcro adjustments on the interior of the inflatable kayak. This allows users of all heights to get comfortable.
  • Durable. The PVC used in this inflatable kayak is stiff and lightweight, but extremely durable. It won’t break down or tear easily.
  • Multiple Useful Features. The inclusion of a quick-release fin, storage bag, repair kit, and Halkey-Roberts Valve adaptor makes this inflatable kayak a perfect option for those just getting started.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Aquaglide Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak is the perfect option for single users, with an adjustable seat and plenty of accessories to keep you going on your longest kayaking trips.”

Comparing the Best Inflatable Kayaks for Canadians

CategoryKayakInflated SizeWeightCapacityAccessories
Best OverallIntex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Set313.9 x 91.4 x 50.8 cm13.8 kg180 kgBoston valves, high-output pump, oars, repair patch
Best DurabilityIntex Challenger K1 Kayak274.3 x 79.2 x 33.5 cm10.8 kg100 kgAluminum oar, repair patch, high-output pump
Best ValueIntex Excursion Pro Kayak383.54 x 93.98 x 45.72 cm21.2 kg181.4 kgAluminum oars, booster pad, detachable fishing rod holders
Best for FishingSevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak78.74 x 29.21 x 48.9 cm17.94 kgNot specifiedOar holders, fishing rod holders, mesh pockets
Best AccessoriesIntex Challenger K2 Kayak350 x 76 x 38.1 cm16.51 kg180 kgTwo aluminum oars, repair patch kit, high capacity pump
Best Single-PersonAquaglide Deschutes 110 Inflatable Kayak335 x 91 x 24cm8.17 kg136 kgHalkey-Roberts Valve Adaptor, Quick Release Fin, Paddle Keepers

How We Selected These Inflatable Kayaks in Canada

For years, we have thoroughly researched products across numerous categories to ensure we provide you with the best options available. From household items to lifestyle trends, we have carefully studied the available options to make sure we recommend the very best possibilities.

To ensure we provide you with the best and most relevant options, hours of research and in-depth analysis. The final result is a carefully curated guide for each type of product and trend.

When researching inflatable kayaks in Canada, we carefully selected these options based on the following features:

  • Inflated Size. The dimensions of the inflated kayak are important details to know. The exact measurements will help determine whether the kayak is the correct size for you and your needs. The exact dimensions of the inflated size will also let you know how it maneuvers and the speed it can achieve.
  • Kayak Weight. This is an important aspect when it comes to portability. The kayak weight will help you determine whether you can carry the kayak for a longer distance or whether you need to park close to the water. It will also impact where you store it and how you transport it, especially if you are a solo kayaker. Inflatable kayaks tend to be much lighter than regular ones, but you may still want a lighter or heavier option.
  • Weight Capacity. The weight capacity of the inflatable kayak is a necessary detail to know. It lets you know exactly how much weight the inflatable kayak can sustain, especially if you are looking to go on the water with more than one person. Many kayakers also prefer to bring dogs or children along with their gear and will have to know exactly how much the kayak can withstand.
  • Accessories. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to deciding on an inflatable kayak. Knowing the accessories included with the purchase will help you get the most out of the experience, especially if you are looking for any particular adjustable or customizable options. 

Why Use an Inflatable Kayak in Canada?

Inflatable kayaks can offer various advantages when compared to hardshell ones. The usual lightweight construction associated with inflatable kayaks makes them great for beginners or for those looking for a transition kayak before investing in a professional hardshell one. They are also much easier to transport and store, which makes them great choices for recreational kayaking.

Inflatable kayaks are very versatile, allowing you to discover the Canadian waterways at your leisure. They are generally cheaper than hardshell kayaks and suitable for kayakers of all levels. Those looking for comfort and practicality over huge speed and professional performance can find what they seek in an inflatable kayak.

Many of these options can be used without effort in lakes, rivers, and even open waters as long as the conditions aren’t too choppy. Our research has uncovered the most resilient and durable ones, to make sure you have everything you need in your inflatable kayak.

The versatility and convenience of these kayaks are huge draws, as is their efficiency. Enjoying these kayaks through the seasons can get you to enjoy the water in Canada, either by yourself or accompanied by friends, family, and even pets.

Each inflatable kayak has specific features to offer, from customizable accessories to cutting-edge designs. Once you pick the right one, you will be able to enjoy the water with ease. You can even experiment with a few different ones and take advantage of more features before settling for one model.

How to Choose an Inflatable Kayak for Canadians

How to Choose an Inflatable Kayak for Canadians

Once you decide to invest in an inflatable kayak, you will want to look at the most relevant options before making a purchase. The best way to ensure that you end up buying the inflatable kayak that suits your needs is to do some research.

This guide is here to help you with this adventure. We will let you know in detail what to look out for when researching kayaks, and how these characteristics can help you find the right inflatable kayak.

Inflated Size

Inflated size is one of the most important aspects to know about an inflatable kayak. It lets you know exactly what to expect when it comes to dimensions once the kayak has been inflated. This will help you determine whether a particular kayak is the right fit for Canadian waters.

Recreational kayaks like inflatable ones are usually shorter and wider than their hardshell counterparts. This is why they are better suited to beginners or kayakers who wish to enjoy a casual time on the water.

The usual size of an inflatable kayak explains its stability and easy handling. It also requires no prior experience in handling a kayak. The increased maneuverability afforded by the size of inflatable kayaks is a good fit for various waterways, so it allows more options when it comes to planning kayaking trips.

When picking an inflatable kayak, look at the size to determine what you should expect when on the water. If you are used to hard shells, you may be taken aback by the different dimensions of the inflatable kayak, but once you get to experience them, you’ll understand the reasoning behind the size.

In general, a shorter kayak will be easier to handle, while a longer one will give you more speed. A wider kayak will give you more stability, while a narrower one will give you more agility.

Kayak Weight

The kayak’s weight will determine how portable it is. This is why inflatable kayaks are generally much lighter than hard shells, and why it is an influencing factor. The lighter the kayak, the easier it will be for you to carry around and store.

A heavier kayak can also be harder to steer. The heavier a kayak is, the slower it will accelerate, and the harder it will be to keep it on course. Most inflatable kayaks featured in this guide are between 9 and 21 kg. Hardshell alternatives can go up to 30 kg and beyond. When you are ready to purchase an inflatable kayak, you should always look at the weight of the kayak.

This can mark the difference between your options. Depending on the type of recreational kayaking you want to do, you may want to opt for a lighter or heavier option. Lighter kayaks will be very easy to handle and carry, but you may want to opt for something with more weight for increased stability.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a kayak will determine how much gear you can bring on it, as well as how many people. It isn’t just a matter of how much space there is in the kayak, but how much it can withstand. The best inflatable kayaks in Canada can lead you on many adventures, and knowing the right weight capacity for you will help you choose the right one.

Knowing the weight capacity can help you in more than one way. If you intend to use your inflatable kayak in Canada’s waterways by yourself, you might want to opt for one with a lower weight capacity. A kayak with a lower weight capacity will have less volume, which will make it much easier to handle on your own, especially if you have a smaller build and if you don’t plan on bringing much gear with you.

If you do intend to have more gear or to bring a child, a friend, or a pet, you should opt for an inflatable kayak with a larger weight capacity. This will come with increased volume and may require extra handling and steering. As long as you are aware of what you need and how this might affect performance, you will be ready to make the best decision when it comes to the perfect inflatable kayak for your adventures.


The accessories that come with an inflatable kayak can help you make the right decision when purchasing one by narrowing the selection. Some kayakers prefer lots of accessories, while others prefer the bare minimum. Depending on what you want, knowing what’s included in the package can help steer you the right way.

Most of the selections featured in this guide include the essentials for a successful kayaking experience. A high-output hand or foot pump will usually be included, as well as at least one oar, depending on the type of kayak. Many inflatable kayaks will also come with a carry bag for extra convenience, as well as with a repair patch.

Those looking for more extras can opt for inflatable kayaks with drink holders, deluxe seats with comfortable backrests, and adjustable mounts for cameras or phones. Choosing the right kayak for you will involve knowing exactly what you would like your kayak to include, and investing in that option.

Beginners can start with the basics and then explore other options. Reading up on everything included with the kayak can lead to having the most successful personalized adventures in Canada’s many bodies of water.

Water Conditions

Inflatable kayaks are a great choice for Canadian waterways, but you should always know what conditions they can face. For the more casual kayakers, an inflatable option that is wider and shorter will provide more stability. That type of inflatable kayak will help you get used to the activity, and will generally be easier to handle. A shorter kayak is ideal for quick-moving streams, and for areas where you might have to dodge submerged objects. This increased maneuverability can be a great plus for kayakers at any level of experience.

If you are looking for better tracking, a longer inflatable kayak can be the right choice. Longer kayaks will have more streamlined movement and usually increased speed. If you plan on spending a longer time on the water, you can choose a kayak with scupper holes or self-bailing valves. These additions can help drain water from inside the inflatable kayak, which is great for wavy conditions too. 

Pump Types

Most inflatable kayaks you get in Canada will come with an included manual hand or foot pump. If you want to have a more effortless experience when inflating or deflating a kayak, you can opt for a different pump. Here are the most popular pump types for kayaking Canadians.

  • Electric pumps. These are the quickest pumps available, but you will usually have to purchase them as an extra. While the electric pumps are very convenient, they are also noisy and you will usually need to power them up somewhere while inflating.
  • Hand pumps. These are the most common pumps, and will usually be included in the package with your inflatable kayak. Hand pumps take a bit more time and effort, but can frequently be the most practical choice overall.
  • Foot pumps. Like hand pumps, foot pumps are manual pumps that can be used anywhere. These pumps can be more convenient for some kayakers, especially those with back problems.
How to Safely Use an Inflatable Kayak in Canada

How to Safely Use an Inflatable Kayak in Canada

Inflatable kayaks provide safe adventures in Canadian waterways, but it’s always good to err on the side of caution. Here are some tips on how to ensure to get the safest experience with an inflatable kayak in Canada.

  • Make sure to wear safety gear at all times while you’re in the kayak. Regardless of how experienced you are with kayaking or watercraft in general, you and everyone else in the kayak should wear a life jacket at all times. While this may seem like repetitive advice, but it’s essential for you and your passengers.
  • Be aware of what your inflatable kayak can handle. Due to how they are built, inflatable kayaks are best suited to calm waters. Some can withstand waves and windy conditions, but you will have to make sure that the one you have can face choppier waters. 
  • Keep the correct inflation levels. Some inflatable kayaks come with a pressure gauge to help with this, but you should always make sure that you have the right inflation. This may take some experience with the kayak to establish how the right pressure feels. The instruction manual that comes with the kayak should list the correct inflation levels for your model, so make sure to stick to this when inflating your kayak.
  • Know how to react to punctures. While most inflatable kayaks are puncture-resistant, you should be aware of how to react in case a puncture happens when you’re out on the water. The easiest solution is to always have the included repair patch on hand. Read the instruction manual to find out more options, as well as how to repair punctures in different conditions with the included repair kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Canadians may wonder if an inflatable kayak is safe to use, but they are incredibly safe for lakes and calmer rivers. They are all made from durable materials, and many have multiple air chambers for extra safety. Always carry a repair patch while kayaking, just in case of an emergency.

Inflatable kayaks in Canada tend to be very durable. They are usually made from PVC and reinforced with other materials that are resistant to punctures, such as tarpaulin. While you should always take care of your inflatable kayak to avoid punctures, many of them are built with durability in mind. 

Yes, inflatable kayaks are getting increasingly popular in Canada. Their versatility and ease of use appeal to all types of kayakers, especially to beginners or casual enthusiasts. When you’re out on the water in Canada, you will see inflatable kayaks on a regular basis.

Inflatable kayaks in Canada need to be inflated and deflated after each use. Traditional kayaks are made of solid material and framing. The benefit of an inflatable kayak is the ability to pack one with you anywhere you go without having to attach it to the roof of your car or in a truck.

Most inflatable kayaks available in Canada hold two people safely and easily. Some have adjustable seating options that can be adjusted to hold a solo kayaker and their gear. Occasionally, an inflatable kayak will only hold one person, so always make sure before purchasing that it will hold the number of people you wish.