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If you often buy canned or bottled juice from the store, it might be time to start making your own! Fresh fruit and vegetable juices have a range of benefits, including more nutrients and a denser, fresher flavor. Plus, juicers often allow you to select your pulp settings and other preferences. Juicing at home can save you money, but how do you know where to start?

We’ve arrived at this list of recommendations through weeks of rigorous lab testing. Our amazing team of detail-oriented testers evaluated each juicer based on several key performance areas. We used these results to determine which were the best juicers in Canada, and now we’re passing that wisdom on to you. Here, you’ll find a range of juicers, all of which stood out to us in different ways.

Why Did We Choose These Juicers in Canada?

Each of the juicers that made it onto our list of recommendations for Canadians went through phases of rigorous testing. We tested them with all types of produce, at different speeds, timed their yield, and compared them based on several factors. As we performed our tests, the juicers on our list started to stand out in certain categories. Here’s why we recommended each of the best juicers in Canada to you.

The Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine is the best option overall in Canada. It’s fast and powerful, so it works with most fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. It’s easy to clean and works to get you perfectly extracted juice in record time.

The Homever Masticating Juicer is the best masticating option on our list. This slower juicer helps preserve more nutrients than other juicers might. The cold press also doesn’t create heat as it works, leading to a more vibrant juice.

The Nutri Bullet Juicer is the best option for small kitchens. The small footprint means that it fits in the smallest kitchens, but it doesn’t sacrifice power or yield due to its small size.

If you’d prefer a centrifugal juicer, consider the Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer. This option includes a wider feed chute and two speeds, one of which expertly juices harder fruits and vegetables than most of the options on the Canadian market.

The Ninja JC101C Cold Press Juicer Pro is a slow juicer with different pulp filters. Unlike most of the other machines we recommended, this option has three different pulp filters that are easy to change out for different juices.

Breville’s BJE430SIL Juice Fountain has one of the largest pitchers on our list. This larger capacity almost doubles the capacity of most of the other juicers on our list, so it’s great for long sessions.

On the other hand, the Oster JusSimple 5-Speed Easy Juice Extractor has five unique speeds. If you want to fine-tune your extraction speed, this is the perfect machine. You can change the settings based on how dense your produce is.

Finally, the Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer is the best manual option we found. While this juicer uses a manual juicing setup, it’s also electric. This means that manual juicing is faster and easier than ever.

Best Overall

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine​

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3€ Feed Chute for Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal Extractor, BPA Free, 800W Motor, Black


It's Great For:

The Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine is the best option for Canadians overall. This quick centrifugal juicer uses an extra-large feed chute to reduce your prep time. You can put whole fruits and vegetables into the chute, so you don’t have to prepare them in advance. The 800-watt motor makes quick work of even your firmest vegetables, delivering fresh juice in a matter of seconds.

While some juicers can’t handle both firmer produce and leafy greens, this powerful machine handles both with ease. The large pulp container catches all of the separated pulp. It’s easy to empty when you’re finished juicing your produce.

It’s easy to put this juicer together, and it’s simple to store it as well. It comes with a book of recipes as well as a cleaning brush. Most of the pieces are dishwasher-safe, including the food pusher, juicer cover, strainer, pulp bin, and strainer bowls. It’s simple to use and easy to clean up. With a juicer this quick, you’ll have your favourite juices in no time at all.

The Highlights

This Hamilton Beach Juicer has an extra-large pulp bin, so you can juice more fruits and vegetables before emptying the pulp. Most parts of this machine are dishwasher safe, including the pulp bin, strainer, strainer bowl, cover, and push cover. If you want to juice fast, this is the machine for you! The 800-watt motor produces a glass of juice quickly and quietly. You can use it to juice firm fruits and vegetables, but also leafy greens, whole apples, and handfuls of kale or spinach.

  • Extra-large pulp bin
  • Most parts are dishwasher-safe
  • The 800-watt motor is powerful and fast
  • Juices firm fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and more

From the Test Lab

“This juicer worked quickly on all the fruits and veggies we tried. We loved how it handled leafy greens and hard root vegetables!”

Best Masticating

Homever Masticating Juicer​

Slow Juicer Machines, HOMEVER Masticating Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables, Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, Easy to Clean Cold Press Juicer Machine with Juice Cup and Brush, High Nutrient Juice Reducing Oxidation, Easy to Use


It's Great For:

Slow juicing with a masticating juicer can often produce more juice from your favourite fruits and vegetables. Plus, a slower juicing method helps to preserve certain vital nutrients. That’s the philosophy behind the design of Homever’s Masticating Juicer. This machine has a small, quiet motor that helps produce juice slowly. Patience is key because this juicer also produces more vibrant juice than some other juicers might.

It’s easy to clean this machine, as most of the parts that can be removed are dishwasher safe. The reverse function can help prevent clogging, especially when it comes to harder veggies. The improved spiral design on the extractor helps to remove pulp better than ever before. Further, pulp removed from the juicer is often dry, meaning it’s easier to clean. That’s how you know you’re getting the most from this juicer.

The Highlights

The Homever Masticating Juicer helps preserve more nutrients than centrifugal juicers might, giving you more bang for your buck when it comes to your fruits and vegetables. It also yields more juice than similar centrifugal juicers. The improved spiral design in the extractor has multiple benefits, but it helps to perfectly separate your pulp. Instead of wet, lumpy pulp, you’ll get a drier yield that’s easier to remove. It’s easy to assemble the machine, and it’s just as easy to take it apart to clean. This juicer operates quietly, so you can get your morning juice ready while the rest of the family is sleeping.

  • Yields more juice with preserved nutrients than quicker models
  • Improved spiral design helps perfectly separate pulp
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Quiet motor

From the Test Lab

“In a world of fast juicers, this slow-and-steady machine wins the race. It creates juice that just tastes better, so waiting for it isn’t so hard.”

Best for Small Kitchens

Nutri Bullet Juicer​

Nutri Bullet Juicer, Grey 27oz., medium


It's Great For:

The Nutri Bullet Juicer is smaller than some of the other options on our list, making it perfect for small daily batches of juice. It’s streamlined, making it perfect for your smaller kitchens with limited counter space. Regardless, the two speeds ensure that you can make the most out of your favourite fruits and vegetables.

This juicer produces juice with less pulp and froth, making it easy to use when you need juice quickly. The powerful 800-watt motor allows it to easily juice even your toughest vegetable. The pulp basin is surprisingly large for the size of the machine, and the pitcher holds up to 27 ounces of fresh juice.

The interior sieve, pulp basin, and pitcher can be washed in the dishwasher. The extra-wide feed chute allows you to work with larger fruit sections at a time, so you can save on prep time and get what you need fast.

The Highlights

The Nutri Bullet Juicer offers two precise speed controls for different types of produce. You can choose the lower option for softer fruits and vegetables or the higher option for firmer produce. The large pulp bin can hold up to 1.5 liters of pulp, making it easy to collect a large amount at once and dispose of it. At the same time, the 27-ounce pitcher helps you collect a larger yield in one juicing session. The sieve, pulp basin, and pitcher are dishwasher-safe, so it’s simple to clean up.

  • Two precise speed controls for different types of produce
  • Large pulp bin to easily remove pulp waste
  • 27-ounce pitcher to help collect a lot of juice at once
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for quick clean-up

From the Test Lab

“This machine is small but powerful! Our testers loved how quiet and efficient the Nutri Bullet juicer was.”

Best Centrifugal

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel, JE98XL


It's Great For:

If you’re looking for a centrifugal juicer, why not go with the best? The Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer is compact, but it’s powerful enough to juice firmer fruits without the need to cut them beforehand. The feed chute is extra wide to accommodate larger foods, with a width of 3 inches in total. This helps you feed more foods as well as larger foods. 

You’ll find two speeds on the small electronic control panel on the front of this machine. The low speed processes softer fruits and leafy vegetables. Anything you would normally juice without worrying about the power of the machine can be processed on this speed. The second speed option is used for harder vegetables and fruit that is dense or difficult to juice. As we mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about cutting most fruits before you place them in the feed chute. 

This juicer uses a unique extraction system when compared with other models on the Canadian market. It uses a titanium reinforced disc and a micro-mesh filter to provide you with the best high-quality juice possible. This also helps extract more of the nutrients from your favourite fruits and vegetables, so you can feel good about your juices and smoothies. 

While other juicers don’t try to prevent froth from making its way into your juice, the Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer separates froth. If you regularly juice foods that create more froth than you like, this system will help remove most of the froth from the finished product. 

This juicer comes with a 35.2 fl oz juice jug, froth separator parts, and a cleaning brush to ensure that you can keep your juicer ready to go the next time you need it.

The Highlights

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer features a froth separator that helps ensure that froth doesen’t make it to your juice. The extra-wide feed chute is great for larger fruits and vegetables, and easily accommodates foods without the need for pre-cutting. This juicer’s unique extraction system helps create high-quality juice and better nutrient extraction than other juicers on the Canadian market.

  • Froth separator for better quality juice
  • Extra wide feed chute for larger fruits and vegetables
  • No pre-cutting required
  • Unique extraction system helps retain more nutrients than other types

From the Test Lab

“We loved being able to juice larger, harder fruits with this juicer. It was perfect for smaller foods, too.”

Best Pulp Filters

Ninja JC101C Cold Press Juicer Pro​

Ninja JC101C, Cold Press Juicer Pro, Compact Powerful Slow Juicer with Total Pulp Control and Easy Clean, Graphite (Canadian Version)


It's Great For:

Most of us have a pulp preference for our juice. For those who want to change it up (or families with different pulp preferences), there is the Ninja JC101C. This cold press juicer works slowly to produce more juice, with cooler processing to ensure that most of the nutrients in your favourite fruits and veggies are preserved.

The juicer includes three different pulp filters, including an option that allows no pulp, some pulp, or lots of pulp. These filters are extremely interchangeable, so you can change how much pulp you want without taking the entire machine apart. Every part of the juicer can be washed in the dishwasher, except for the base. You can also use the included cleaning brush to make sure the machine is clean.

There are two speeds, including the base speed and a reverse option, which can help extract more juice. If you’re looking for a quieter juicer, this is one of the best options in Canada for you.

The Highlights

The Ninja JC101C comes in three pulp filters that you can easily change between, adjusting the amount of pulp you want in your juice. Though this machine has a smaller capacity, it often has a higher yield for your produce. That’s because of the slower extraction method. It’s got a small footprint, so it can fit in most smaller kitchens. Compared to most of the other juicers on the market, this juicer is extremely quiet. It’s perfect for making juice in the morning as you get ready for work.

  • Three pulp filters to choose from
  • Higher yield due to a slower extraction
  • Compact size to fit in smaller kitchens
  • Quieter than most of the other juicers on the market

From the Test Lab

“This juicer produced juice of an entirely different quality than most of the others we tested. We loved the interchangeable pulp filters.”

Best Large Capacity

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain​

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer, Silver


It's Great For:

The Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain has one of the largest capacities on our list. This 70-ounce pitcher and large pulp container work together to allow large batch juicing. If you often make a lot of fresh juice to store in your fridge, this is the machine that can help you do that. The pitcher can be sealed and stored, so you don’t have to move the juice to another container, either.

This juicer also works to reduce the temperature that normal juicing processes can create. This means that more nutrients are preserved from the process. Juice produced in this way is better quality than juices produced with warm methods. This juicer also includes a large feed chute to handle larger, whole fruits, as well as leafy vegetables. Overload protection keeps the machine from overheating, making it a safer option as well.

The juice nozzle is custom-designed for this machine. Instead of making a mess, it helps deliver juice straight into the pitcher without a fuss. Two speeds make it easy to juice firmer produce as well as softer options. Plus, the juicer cover, filter bowl, puree disc, and jug are all dishwasher-safe.

The Highlights

Breville’s Juicer includes a large, 70-ounce seal-and-store juice jug. When you want to make lots of juice in bulk, this is the perfect machine. The large chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without any prep time at all. There are two speeds, including a faster option for firmer fruits and vegetables and a lower speed for leafy vegetables and softer produce. The cold extraction system helps reduce the heat generated by the juicing process, preserving more nutrients than some other juicing machines.

  • Large seal-and-store juice jug
  • Large chute feed for whole fruits and vegetables
  • Two speeds, including a low option for leafy vegetables and softer fruit
  • Cold extraction system helps reduce processing heat to preserve nutrients

From the Test Lab

“This juicer worked seamlessly for large batch juicing. It worked perfectly for leafy greens and hard veggies, and we loved how simple it was.”

Best Speed Options

Oster JusSimple 5-Speed Easy Juice Extractor​

Oster JusSimple 5-Speed Easy Juice Extractor


It's Great For:

Oster’s JusSimple 5-Speed Easy Juice Extractor offers a variable speed mechanism to help fine-tune the way you extract juice across the board. This unique control scheme pairs well with the large feed chute, making it possible to juice whole apples and larger vegetables without preparation. Ramp up the power for firmer options, or keep it low for juicing those leafy greens.

The included pitcher can hold up to 32 ounces of juice, and the machine itself can produce up to 1,000 watts. This easily makes this juicer the most powerful option on our list. A large pulp bin makes composting easy, and you can juice for long sessions without pausing. Ready to clean the machine? Remove the Rinse ‘n Ready filter and run it under the faucet while you throw the rest of the components in your dishwasher.

It’s easy to use this juicer, and it works well for most home kitchens. If you’re looking for a versatile juicer that fits all of your needs, this machine is the best option in Canada.

The Highlights

This Oster juicer features five-speed options, more than just about any other juicer on our list.  These five options allow you to fine-tune your extraction settings based on your produce. The extra-large pulp collector and 32-ounce juice pitcher allow you to juice more fruits and vegetables at once. The powerful 1,000-watt motor helps juice the firmest produce, and you don’t have to worry about power. Finally, a Rinse ‘n Ready Filter allows you to quickly rinse out debris, getting your juicer ready for your next session easily.

  • Five-speed options for fine-tuning extractions
  • Extra-large pulp collector and 32-ounce juice pitcher
  • Powerful 1,000-watt motor for high-powered juicing
  • An easy-clean filter can be rinsed in moments

From the Test Lab

“Oster’s powerful juicer handled every fruit and vegetable like a champ. We would 100% recommend this to Canadians who juice a lot!”

Best Manual

Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer​

Proctor Silex Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine and Squeezer (66331), 34 Oz, Yellow


It's Great For:

Proctor Silex’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer is unique on our list. This manual and electric juicer work for citrus fruits only. It uses two different reamers to juice fruits from the smallest of key limes to the largest grapefruits and navel oranges. While you hold the fruit manually on top of the reamer, the electric mechanism rotates the reamer to make manual juicing easier.

The pitcher beneath the reamer can hold up to 32 ounces of juice. This means you can juice an entire bag of oranges at once. You can adjust the pulp level using the simple lever on the side of the strainer. This lever opens and closes the straining holes, allowing more or less pulp to slip through the strainer.

If you need a juicer to make fresh orange juice, lemonades, or lime juice, this is the perfect juicer for you. It’s affordable and easy. You can make enough juice for yourself or a party without wasting precious time. Plus, there’s very little prep involved – you simply have to cut the fruit in half. This simple juicer may only work in one capacity, but it’s perfect for those who love fresh citrus juice and want to make it quickly.

The Highlights

Proctor Silex’s Citrus Juicer offers nesting reamers for citrus fruits of all sizes, from the smallest limes to the largest grapefruits. The pulp control dial on the side helps you easily control your pulp level. The large 32-ounce pitcher helps you juice a lot of citruses quickly, great for making fresh lemonade or orange juice for entertaining. Though this is an electric juicer, it only works to make manual juicing faster and simpler.

  • Nesting reamers for larger or smaller citrus fruits
  • The pulp control dial helps control the amount of pulp in your juice
  • Large 32-ounce pitcher capacity
  • Makes manual juicing fast and easy

From the Test Lab

“For a manual electric juicer, this one did great. We were able to get more juice than ever before in half the time, thanks to the electric mechanism in the reamer.”

Why Trust Us?

We’ve spent years evaluating all different types of home and lifestyle equipment, including all types of small appliances. During that time, we’ve developed a tried-and-tested method for determining which options are best for you. First, we run a gauntlet of tests in our test lab, evaluating every aspect of the appliance. Next, we send the products to our team of dedicated, detail-oriented testers. We compare their feedback to our tests to determine which products performed best. We evaluated the juicers on our list for Canadians based on the following performance areas:

  • Type of Juicer. The type of juicer you choose can impact what you can juice, how much you can juice per day, and how your juice is processed. We looked at all types of juicers that were readily available for residential use and considered how useful each would be for your life.
  • Juice Capacity. How much can the juicer yield per session or per day? Depending on how much juice you want to make at once, the juice capacity can make a big difference. We looked at the capacity of each juicer when we evaluated how efficient they were.
  • Power and Speeds. How powerful is the juicer? How many speeds does it have? These options are tied together and can determine how well the juicer works with firmer produce. The more power and the more available speeds, the more your juicer can do (and the faster it can do it!). We evaluated each speed on each juicer to determine how well they worked on different fruits and veggies.
  • Feed Chute Size. The size of the feed chute is important, as it can determine how much prep you have to do before juicing. A larger feed chute means you can juice whole fruits and veggies, while a smaller option requires you to cut up produce before putting it into the machine. We took this into account as we tested each of the options on our list.

Why Do You Need a Juicer?

There are many benefits to juicing your fruits and vegetables. But do you need a juicer? Here are a few reasons you might decide to purchase a juicer.

  • It can help you save money. Do you overbuy produce, or find yourself blending several fruits and veggies for a pitiful amount of juice? A juicer can increase your yield, lead to less pulp waste, and make the most of your fruits and veggies.
  • Juicing preserves more nutrients than blending. Blending your produce can help you extract the juices, but the friction and high speeds can often destroy much of the nutrients found in your favourite fruits and vegetables. Juicing, especially slow juicing, preserves those vital nutrients.
  • Ever worried about your diet becoming stale? A juicer can help add variety to your life by introducing a range of fruit and vegetable juices to your diet.
  • Easier on your body. Fruit and vegetable juices deliver essential nutrients that are simple for your body to digest. Breaking the nutrients down like this increases the rate at which your body absorbs them, so you’ll get a boost faster and with less energy.
  • Simple process. While blending your fruits and veggies to extract the juice is an option, you’ll also need additional equipment to remove the pulp. You’ll have to drain the contents yourself, which can lead to less juice and more mess. A juicer does all of this work for you, so you only have to empty the pulp bin and enjoy your juice.

Choosing a Juicer in Canada: Basics

Before you can choose the right juicer for your kitchen, you need to understand a few basic things about juicing machines. Here are some of the basics that can help you choose the right juicer for your lifestyle.

Type of Juicer

Most juicers in Canada perform the same basic functions, but there are a few different types of juicers to choose from. You should select the one that addresses your needs.

  • Centrifugal Juicers. Centrifugal juicers use motion and force to shred fruits and vegetables. The resulting juice and pulp are strained through a screen, so the juice comes out of the spout and the pulp is held back inside the container. This is the most popular type of juicer for residential use, and they are the fastest.
  • Masticating Juicers or Cold Press Juicers. Masticating juicers are also called slow juicers or cold juicers. They use a slow gear to push fruits and vegetables slowly through an extraction gear. They yield more juice and may create a drier pulp than centrifugal options.
  • Manual Juicers. A manual juicer is used for citrus fruits, for the most part. Manual juicers require you to grind your citrus fruits against a reamer, which creates less juice than the other options. The manual juicer on our list uses electricity to make the process easier and more efficient.

Juicing Capacity

The juicing capacity of a juicer refers to how much the container, or pitcher, can hold. Some options feature built-in pitchers, while other juicers deliver their final product through a spout at the side of the machine. Consider the juicing capacity before making your decision, but know that it’s not always wise to choose the largest capacity.

The reasoning behind this is simple. Though some juicers can only make a cup of juice at a time, you can always replace the cup under the spout and continue to juice. However, it’s going to take a while to get the amount of juice you need this way, particularly if you need a larger yield.

A larger juicer can help you get more done in a single session, and without constantly emptying the pitcher or container. Some of these options even come with storage pitchers, meaning you can put a lid on the pitcher and put it into the fridge for the rest of the day.

While juicing capacity is something you should keep an eye on, it’s not one of the final factors that should decide which juicer you ultimately decide to purchase.

Power Capabilities and Speed Options

A more powerful juicer can work with firmer produce. If a juicer is rated at 800 watts, for instance, it should work for most firm produce, roots, and more. A higher wattage is better if you’re going to juice carrots, beets, or ginger roots. However, if you’re only juicing citrus fruits, apples, or softer vegetables, you likely won’t use higher wattage options.

If you want a more versatile juicer that can handle most fruits and vegetables, you should choose one with speed options. Speed options allow you to control the power, so you can fine-tune how you extract the juice from your favourite fruits and vegetables. If you want to juice some leafy greens, for example, you should choose the lower speed options. The higher-speed options can quickly extract juice from harder fruits and veggies.

Most juicers with speed options only have 2 options. However, some can have up to 5 different speeds so you can further control how you extract your juice.

Feed Chutes

Most centrifugal and masticating juicers have a feed chute. This is where you put the fruits into the juicer and press them down into the machine. There are two main feed chute sizes. The smaller, more standard size is made for prepared fruits and vegetables. Instead of putting the entire fruit or vegetable into the juicer, you have to cut it into smaller pieces first.

On the other hand, a wider feed chute is better for whole produce. Some of the largest options are about 3 inches wide. This is large enough for most whole fruits and vegetables, meaning there’s less prep time for you. Knowing the type of product you plan on juicing (as well as how much time you’ll have for prep) can make choosing a feed chute size a little easier.


How big is the juicer? Most Canadians will choose a juicer that is large enough for their needs, but you should consider the size carefully when choosing a juicer. This is especially true if you have a smaller kitchen or limited countertop space. Juicers that can produce a cup of fresh juice at a time can be better for smaller spaces, though using them may take longer than larger models.

You should choose the juicer that best fits your kitchen and your life. Consider how fast you need juice and how much you need at once before deciding how large your juicer should be.

Choosing a Juicer in Canada: Special Features

The following special features should be considered as you choose your juicer. Keep these options in mind before you make your final decision.


Juicers are notoriously difficult to clean. Between the pulp and the extracting equipment, it can be difficult to get the entire machine perfectly clean. Thankfully, most juicers have addressed these issues by making most components dishwasher-safe. If you have a dishwasher, choose a juicer with parts that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Of course, not every part of the juicer can go in the dishwasher. The power base and some components need to be cleaned by hand. Your juicer may include cleaning brushes or other easy-clean surfaces or options to help make your juicer ready for your next juicing session.


All juicers are going to be on the louder side. However, some are quieter than others. Because of the way juicers work, most function with a loud mechanical sound. You can expect juicers to disturb other members of your household, especially if you are using them early in the morning.

However, some special models are a little quieter. Some slow juicers can be quieter than centrifugal options. If you need a quiet juicer, make sure to look at user reviews. Search for juicers that advertise a low decibel rating, too.


What accessories are included with your juicer? Some juicers may have sealable pitchers, recipe books, cleaning brushes, and more. A few premium options even have pulp filters, sieves, and more. You should look for a juicer that has accessories you’ll use, as well as additional options that you might consider once you really get into juicing your own produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

While blenders are more versatile, a juicer is your best option in Canada for getting concentrated juices. If you want juices for recipes or to use in smoothies (with or without the pulp), one of the best juicers in Canada can be a good first step.

Bananas are one of the only fruits you shouldn’t use with your juicing machines. On average, they contain much less water than other types of fruits. As a result, they may clog your juicer.

Yes, you can juice your favourite frozen fruits in your juicing machine. Wait for them to thaw first, then use them with the juicing machine as normal.