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Canadian kitchens are often where families gather, and for many, this room needs to be nicely designed and highly functional. For those who spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, investing in high-quality appliances and accessories helps to create a space where people are comfortable, welcomed and able to work and cook easily. Canadians who are seeking to upgrade their kitchen may start with a small change, and a new kitchen faucet can immediately change the look of your space. 

Whether you are seeking a modern-looking faucet with sleek lines and minimalist features or a farmhouse-style faucet with extra charm, there are plenty of options on the market. Our team of expert analysts compared hundreds of faucets, comparing features and designs to come up with the best options for you to choose from. Here are our recommendations for the best kitchen faucets in Canada for 2024.

Best Kitchen Faucets for Canadians: Top Picks for 2024

  • Best Overall: Forious Kitchen Faucet
  • Best Stainless-Steel Design: WEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
  • Best Reach: Forious Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
  • Best for ADA Compliance: Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet
  • Best for Saving Water: Appaso Modern Kitchen Faucet
  • Best Finish Availability: Gimili Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer

Why Did We Choose These Kitchen Faucets in Canada?

We select our lists of the best products in Canada based on the combination of great design, high-quality materials, durable construction, and the inclusion of features that save time and make life easier. And that’s exactly what we’ve done here. We chose each kitchen faucet on this list for a specific reason and because we feel they’re the best options for Canadian households. Here’s why we chose these specific kitchen faucets as the best in Canada.

The Forious Kitchen Faucet tops our list as the best overall kitchen faucet in Canada because it offers a sleek, space-saving design, stainless steel construction, a push-button sprayer with three separate spray settings, and incredible reach and flexibility. Plus, this faucet has been leak-tested and will last for up to 5 million uses.

For the best stainless-steel design, we chose the WEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet. It offers a great combination of functionality and durability. Stainless steel stands the test of time and looks great anywhere in your kitchen.

For the kitchen faucet with the longest reach, we recommend the Forious Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. It features a 66 cm pull-down hose and overall, the best reach in every direction, making any cleaning job easier.

Canadians with disabilities need to pay special attention to products made with their needs in mind. The Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet is our pick for the best ADA-compliant kitchen faucet in Canada, with unique features that make it easy to use, and was crafted with disabled individuals in mind.

For eco-conscious Canadians, we chose the Appaso Modern Kitchen Faucet for its great water-saving design. The Honeycomb Aerator design saves up to 30% more water than other kitchen faucets.

While many Canadians like a simple silver or stainless steel faucet, many others want more options to choose from. The Gimili Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer is our choice for the best finish availability in a faucet in Canada. This faucet comes in five different finishes, allowing users to choose the one that will look the best in their kitchen.

Best Kitchen Faucet in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Forious Kitchen Faucet

FORIOUS Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Brushed Nickel, High Arc Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plate, Commercial Modern rv Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

It's Great For:

Our decision to put the Forious Kitchen Faucet at the top of our list as the best overall kitchen faucet was an easy one – because of the combination of design, durability, functionality, and consideration for the health and safety of Canadians. But what really sealed the deal for us was the fact that this kitchen faucet includes an upgraded, 3.0 drip-free ceramic disk cartridge with a diamond coating. That means this kitchen sink will operate leak free and has been tested to last for up to 5 million uses – ten times more than the industry standard. That makes this kitchen sink the best value for your hard-earned money.

We also appreciated the fact that the Forious Kitchen Faucet passes every environmental and regulatory test there is. It’s CEC certified, which means it meets and exceeds environmental requirements for reducing water waste. It’s certified lead-free and meets the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. It’s NSF certified, so it meets safety and sanitation standards in Canada. And it’s CUPC certified, which means it’s designed to resist rust and corrosion. This kitchen faucet protects the environment and your family.

As for the design, there’s so much to love here. The sprayer is built into the faucet and provides 360-degree movement, so you can clean all parts of the sink. There’s a push button right on the faucet head that changes the water stream between three separate settings: an aerated stream, a power spray, and even a pause setting to make saving water easier and more convenient. Now you don’t have to turn the faucet handle on and off between uses or return the sprayer hose to its docked position to stop the flow of water – you can do it with the push of a button and turn it right back in the same way.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Functionality. With a 360-degree movement of the faucet sprayer, you can clean all areas of your sink with ease. This also allows for more comfortable use as you rinse dishes and larger pans.
  • Push Button Settings. Three separate settings of the sprayer, including aerated, power and pause, are all controlled by an easy-to-reach button.
  • Eco-Conscious Design. This faucet is incredibly environmentally safe, passing multiple inspections and certifications to ensure clean water and less waste.
  • Mounting Options. You can choose the mounting option that best fits your kitchen sink, as this option comes in both single-hole or three-hole deck mounting.

Our Expert’s Take

“This kitchen faucet is the most durable on our list, and we love the unique sprayer settings, which make washing dishes and cleaning your sink a breeze.”

Best Stainless Steel Design

WEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet,Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer

It's Great For:

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available. All you have to do to understand why stainless steel is so durable and highly useful in and around your home is to check the name itself. The “stainless” descriptor says it all. That’s why we included a kitchen sink with a stainless-steel design on our list: the WEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet.

This kitchen faucet is attractive, and sleek, and fits perfectly with virtually any kitchen décor. It features a space-saving “tulip” design that provides the perfect angle for cleaning. And it’s designed to make the job easier. It uses a single handle to control the water temperature and flow and has a convenient 60.96 cm pull-down hose built into the faucet head. A push button right on the sprayer head changes your spray settings to match your needs. Use the powerful stream setting for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. Choose the spray setting for everyday uses, like rinsing dishes or washing your hands. And use the pause feature to avoid splashing in between uses and to save water in the process.

The sprayer on this kitchen faucet has a full-range 360-degree reach that makes cleaning so simple and automatically retracts back into the faucet after use. But for us, it’s the stainless-steel design and brushed nickel finish that makes this faucet the perfect choice for Canadians. It resists rust and corrosion, so you know your water is safe for your family, and it makes the job of cleaning and maintaining the faucet faster and easier. Just wipe it with a clean cloth once a day and it will stay looking fabulous.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation. Those worried about complicated installation will love the pre-installed parts, which make inserting it into your sink easy. You don’t have to be a professional to install this faucet.
  • 360-Degree Sprayer. This long-reaching sprayer hose can reach all the areas inside your sink, but it also helps with rinsing larger pans and other items after you wash them.
  • Stainless Steel Design. Made of stainless steel with a nickel-brushed finish, this WEWE kitchen faucet won’t rust or corrode over time. 
  • Multiple Mount Options. No matter how you want to mount this faucet, you will be able to make it work with a single-hold or three-hole deck mounting option. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This stylish stainless steel faucet will look great in any kitchen space and features one of the easiest installation processes we have seen.”

Best Reach

Forious Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

FORIOUS Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Stainless Steel Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet, 360° Swivel Modern Pull Down Commercial Faucet with Deck Plate, Brushed Nickel

It's Great For:

Sometimes you just need a little more. When it comes to kitchen faucets, that might mean a little more reach to make cleaning and doing dishes easier and more convenient. If this sounds like you, then we suggest the Forious Pull Down Kitchen Faucet for use in your kitchen. It provides that little bit more you might be looking for.

It starts with the height of this kitchen faucet, which is 42 centimetres. The spout reach, which is how far the faucet head extends from the back of the sink, is over 21 centimetres. And finally, the retractable, built-in sprayer hose reaches over 66 centimetres when fully extended. The faucet swivels 360 degrees, making it super easy to reach any part of your sink, even those hard-to-reach areas behind the faucet fixture.

The Forious Pull Down Kitchen Faucet has three separate spray modes: a stream mode for fast, strong water flow, a spray mode for a slower, aerated spray, which is great for washing dishes or cleaning your hands, and a convenient pause mode, so you don’t accidentally spray water everywhere.

This kitchen faucet is lead-free and crafted from durable 304-thickness stainless steel. It resists rust and corrosion and is easy to clean with just a damp cloth. The ceramic cartridge prevents leaking and is tested to last 500,000 opens and closes. Like all Forious products, it meets all the requirements for environmental, sanitary, and safety standards: CEC certified to protect the environment, lead-free, and NSF certified.

Key Features

  • Swivel Faucet. This Forious faucet has a 360-degree swivel faucet, which means it can reach all areas of the sink with ease.
  • Long Sprayer Reach. With a longer reach than most on the market, it’s incredibly easy to wash dishes and fill pots without straining.
  • Multiple Install Options. You can choose between a single-hole or a triple-hole mount, ensuring anyone can use this faucet. 
  • Eco-Conscious Design. This kitchen faucet meets all environmental and safety standards, giving you peace of mind that it is one of the healthiest faucets on the market. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This high-quality faucet is one of our favourites, and we love the extra long reach that it offers, making it ultra easy to wash dishes, clean and fill pots without straining.”

Best for ADA Compliance

Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Moen 87233BL Adler One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Power Clean, Matte Black

It's Great For:

Those with disabilities or limited mobility may face challenges with some faucets, as the reach of many sprayers is often short and hard to access. We chose the Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet as the best ADA-compliant kitchen faucet in Canada. While any Canadian can use and love this faucet, it is the only model that is compliant with ADA requirements.

The built-in sprayer of this faucet is extra long, at an astounding 172 cm. Those who struggle with reach will find that this spray is extremely flexible and easy to use, and those with mobility challenges won’t strain to easily use it. Canadians with larger sinks will also love the long hose of this sprayer, as it can easily reach every nook and cranny of your sink and can easily fill pots on the counter or stove without needing to lift them into the sink. The sprayer has an automatic retract, so it goes back into place after every use.

The sprayer has two unique settings: a regular aerated spray and a power clean that uses more pressure to clean more effectively. The faucet comes in multiple finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, black matte and bronze, and one will nicely complement any existing kitchen aesthetic. The stainless finish includes a spot-resistant finish, which prevents unsightly water spots. It can be mounted in multiple ways, and assembly can be completed in minutes without complicated instructions.

Key Features

  • Multiple Finishes. Coming in four different finishes, there is sure to be one that will work the best in your kitchen. The stainless steel finish also includes a water-spot-resistant treatment.
  • ADA Compliant. Specifically designed for disabled Canadians or those with limited mobility in mind, the extra long reach of the hose makes this accessible to anyone.
  • Easy Installation. Installation can be done in just minutes, and there are options to install with one or three holes that can be placed on the sink or on the counter.
  • Power Spray Setting. With 50% more spraying power than the normal mode, this sprayer can tackle more cleaning in less time.

Our Expert’s Take

“This kitchen faucet is a superior choice for all Canadians, but especially those with disabilities or limited mobility due to its extra-long hose, reach and easy-to-use sprayer. ”

Best for Saving Water

Appaso Modern Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Modern Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Multi-Flow Sprayer Brushed Nickel, Single-Handle High Arc Swan-Neck Kitchen Sink Faucet with Optional Deck Plate, Stainless Steel, AP-APS209-BN

It's Great For:

Saving water has become more important in today’s world. Clean water is a precious commodity that costs money and time, and saving as much water as possible is important for sustainable living in Canada and around the world. That’s why we love the Appaso Modern Kitchen Faucet. It was designed to reduce water waste and protect the environment Canadians love so much.

Exactly how does this kitchen faucet reduce water usage? Well, it features a pull-down sprayer head built right into the faucet, with two separate spray settings: a powerful stream for pre-rinsing and heavy-duty cleaning jobs, and an aerated spray setting for everyday cleaning. It’s the Honeycomb aerator design that makes the difference – reducing the water flow and saving as much as 30% more water than other kitchen faucets. It also uses a leak-free ceramic valve, to help save even more water and extend the life of your kitchen faucet.

Other environmentally friendly features include the choice of materials, which are designed to resist rust and corrosion, and the lead-free design. This kitchen faucet is safe for the planet and for your family. Plus, it has a spot-free nickel finish, uses nanomaterials, and a physical vapour deposition (PVD) process, which makes the finish three times harder and ten times more scratch resistant.

Key Features

  • 4-Step Install. With a 4-step installation process that takes just four minutes, this faucet is perfect for those who may be intimidated by more complicated installs. 
  • Eco-Conscious Design. This sprayer uses less water but more water pressure, equating to a perfect, environmentally friendly faucet. 
  • Brushed Finish. The brushed nickel finish of this Apasso Modern kitchen faucet has a spot-free finish, which means less wiping down and is incredibly scratch-resistant.
  • Leak-Free Valve. The ceramic valve of this faucet helps prevent leaks both inside and out. This saves water, but it also prevents hassle when you don’t have to worry about random leaks.

Our Expert’s Take

“Canadians who want to conserve water to save money, as well as help the planet, will love this kitchen faucet, which is powerful and eco-friendly..”

Best Finish Availability

Gimili Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer

GIMILI Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer,Commercial Single Handle Spring Kitchen Sink Faucets, Robinet de Cuisine Noir

It's Great For:

With so many different types of kitchen faucets on the market, it can be tricky to figure out which material and finish are the best for your kitchen. We chose the Gimli Kitchen Faucet With Pull Down Sprayer as our favourite option with the best finish options in Canada. This faucet is made from incredibly strong and durable brass and comes in five different finishes that are sure to match your kitchen perfectly.

Made of solid brass with ceramic cartridges, you can be sure that this Gimli faucet will not rust, corrode or leak. Designed to match your existing hardware and appliances, this faucet comes in five different finishes, including Brushed Nickel, Brushed Gold, Matte Black, Matte Black/Gold and Matte Black/Silver. The unique aesthetic of this faucet includes a visible coil that wraps around the top, creating a modern look that is sure to be a focal point.

The installation of this kitchen faucet can be completed in just 30 minutes and doesn’t require the help of a professional. It can be installed whether you have a one-hole or three-hole deck, making it work for most Canadian kitchen sinks.

The sprayer of the Gimli Kitchen Faucet is fully retractable and features a long reach, which makes cleaning large sinks easy. There are two different power settings, including a stream feature for filling pots and a spray feature for rinsing. Switching between the two is super easy, with a slight switch located on the nozzle head. It has a 360-degree swivel design, which means it can reach all areas of the sink with ease.

Key Features

  • Brass Construction. Made from durable brass, this long lasting faucet won’t rust or corrode over time. The materials are extremely durable, too.
  • Multiple Finish Options. Available in five different finishes, you can easily find a faucet that will match your existing kitchen hardware and appliances. 
  • Easy to Use Pull-Down Sprayer. For quick rinsing and cleaning, the spray has an easy-to-use pull-down design, which retracts back into place when done. 
  • Quick Installation Process. Installation can be done in just 30 minutes and doesn’t require any previous plumbing experience. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This kitchen faucet has the best availability of different finishes in our review, and we love the unique pull-down sprayer with exposed coil design, perfect for modern Canadian kitchens.”

Comparing the Best Kitchen Faucets for Canadians

CategoryFaucetSpout HeightSpout ReachMaterialFinish
Best OverallForious Kitchen Faucet37.49 cm21 cmStainless SteelBrushed Nickel
Best Stainless Steel DesignWEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet21.59 cm21.59 cmStainless SteelBrushed Nickel
Best ReachForious Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet42 cm21.21 cmStainless SteelBrushed Nickel
Best for ADA ComplianceMoen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet36.99 cm19.17 cmMetalChrome, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Bronze
Best for Saving WaterAppaso Modern Kitchen Faucet38.1 cm20.32 cmStainless SteelBrushed Stainless Steel
Best Finish AvailabilityGimili Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer41.40 cm20.98 cmBrassBrushed Nickel, Brushed Gold, Matte Black, Matte Black/Gold, Matte Black/Silver

How We Selected These Kitchen Faucets in Canada

Our mission is to provide educated recommendations to help Canadians find the very best products to use in their homes. We have evaluated products of all kinds, from appliances, mattresses, cameras, printers, and more. Our goal is always to provide honest, upfront information about the products we choose to help Canadians make the best choices for their lives, their homes, and their families – because that’s what really matters to us.

Our team of experts evaluates each of the products that might make our lists. These products are analyzed and researched until the experts can create an informed opinion. We trust that we are recommending the very best of the best for Canadians. When putting together this list of the best kitchen faucets in Canada, we considered the following design features.

  • Materials. The materials used in the manufacturing of a kitchen faucet are incredibly important. Kitchen faucets must be able to resist the wear and tear that daily contact with water can cause – and that means resisting rust and corrosion. For our list, we looked for kitchen faucets that were crafted from durable, high-quality materials that are known to be rust-resistant and able to withstand moisture contact without corroding.
  • Size. Different-sized sinks require different-sized faucets. We included a variety of kitchen faucets of varying sizes, from the height of the faucet itself to the reach from front to back. That way, there’s a faucet on our list that will perfectly fit your sink and meet your needs.
  • Functionality. Today’s kitchen faucets are designed to be super convenient. They feature an all-in-one design that includes an extendable sprayer built right into the faucet head. These sprayer heads are intended to make cleaning faster and easier. They include multiple spray settings that you can change simply by pushing a button on the sprayer head and are designed to automatically retract after use. The faucets we chose for our list include the very best features for easy and convenient use.
  • Safety and Sanitation. Kitchen faucets must meet a range of requirements to ensure that their design not only protects the environment but protects your family as well. The faucets on our list were chosen because they do both. They are lead-free, rust-resistant, and meet all the requirements for safe use. They also meet environmental regulations that are designed to reduce water waste.
Why Upgrade Your Kitchen Faucet in Canada

Why Upgrade Your Kitchen Faucet in Canada?

If you still use the standard kitchen faucet that came with your home, you might be missing out. It used to be simple to replace your faucet, and there were very few options for upgrades. Now, however, there are many more options in the Canadian market.

It’s easier to install and upgrade your faucet than ever before. With multiple installation methods, most faucets are universal. Additionally, most faucets are quick to install and don’t require any additional plumbing expertise.

Over the years, the features available for kitchen faucets have become more appealing. You can choose extendable sprayer options, different spray strengths and settings, and multiple accessibility features to make your time in the kitchen a little easier.

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet for Canadians

Choosing the right kitchen faucet can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not particularly handy around the house. Most of us don’t spend a lot of time under the kitchen sink, and when it comes time to replace fixtures in and around the kitchen, we feel at a bit of a loss.

That’s why we’ve considered installation as well as materials, aesthetics, and more for the best kitchen faucets in Canada. We’ve chosen our options with the average Canadian in mind, so there’s no need to worry about a lack of experience. If you keep the following features and options in mind, you’re sure to choose the best kitchen faucet for your home. 

Measure for Your Needs

or your kitchen faucet to work properly in the space available and for your particular kitchen sink, you will want to take some measurements first. Otherwise, you could be left with a faucet that doesn’t fit your sink or doesn’t fit your kitchen space. Here’s what you will want to measure before purchasing a kitchen faucet.

Measure the distance between the back wall and the deck where the faucet sits. This ensures there is enough space for the faucet to swivel around and for the handle to operate fully.

There will be pre-drilled holes in your countertop where your previous kitchen faucet was installed. Measure the distance between the holes (from the very center of each hole) and measure the diameter of the holes themselves.

Consider the depth of your sink and the height of the faucet. You will want to ensure that the faucet you choose is tall enough to provide ample space underneath so that you can fit large pots and pans beneath the water flow for cleaning. The space needed will depend on the depth of your sink. Also, ensure that if there are any cabinets or obstructions above the sink area, the faucet you choose will fit underneath.

Installation Type

Most kitchen faucets are deck mounted, meaning the faucet is installed on the top surface of the sink or countertop. These decks can either have one, two, or three pre-drilled holes. Kitchen faucets can require one, two, or three holes for installation, depending on their design. Make sure that the deck holes in your sink are equal to or greater than the number of holes needed for the kitchen faucet you choose.

To ensure that you choose a faucet you can easily install, make sure to read up on the proper installation method prior to purchasing a faucet. You need an option you can install yourself, or one that is simple to work with. If you choose a faucet that you are not prepared to install yourself, you may have to hire a professional to take care of the job for you. 

Thankfully, most options are simple to install and only require some common household tools.

Design Features

Kitchen faucets come in a wide variety of designs and configurations. Some, like the ones on our list, are intended to be functional and space-saving – and include the sprayer and faucet in a single fixture. Others have a side sprayer. Consider which design features are most important for you and choose a faucet that meets those needs.

Range of Motion

You want to choose a kitchen faucet that makes life easier. The best way to do that is to guarantee that cleaning and washing dishes are simpler and more convenient, and that’s what a wide range of motion provides. From super-long spray hoses to 360-degree swivelling faucets, there are many considerations that make a kitchen faucet more convenient for daily use.

It’s important that your new kitchen faucet fits appropriately in your sink and countertops. That means measuring to make sure faucets with a 360-degree swivel design have enough clearance to swivel all the way around so that they’re the most useful. For the sprayer head, make sure you choose a faucet that includes a sprayer hose that is long enough for your needs.

Colour and Finish

Of course, you will want to make sure your new kitchen faucet matches the décor of your kitchen space. The good news is that kitchen faucets come in a spectrum of colour choices and with a variety of different finishes. You can choose a shiny, stainless-steel finish for that sleek, metal look. Or you can go with a matte black finish for a more modern feel. The most common choices of finishes for kitchen faucets are stainless steel, copper, chrome, and brushed nickel. These materials are durable and can resist rust, corrosion, and scratches.


If you or anyone in your household needs a more accessible faucet, consider features that make the faucet easier to use. There are a host of features that can help your sink’s accessibility, including things like an extended reach on the hose. You may also want to look into a touch-on faucet, which can turn on or change spray settings with a single touch. You may also consider faucets that include multiple spray settings, as it may be easier to work with lower spray settings. 

These are just some examples that may be helpful for those who need more accessibility at the sink. Consider who will be using your kitchen faucet and how you can help make their lives a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the most part, yes. Kitchen faucets in Canada come with all the parts you will need to install yourself, including the hoses for connecting your water lines underneath. Many are designed to be easily installed without the use of tools, although others may require a set of pliers to get the job done. When purchasing a kitchen faucet, you should keep track of everything that is included in case you need to buy any parts or tools prior to installation.

No, you won’t need special tools for installation, though it may require the use of some basic household tools like a screwdriver. Often, though, kitchen faucet sets come with their own small tools in the installation kit, just in case you happen to not have one. Those feeling nervous about having the right tools for a new kitchen faucet installation can always call a plumber or handyman for help.

Inside your kitchen faucet is a valve that stops and starts the flow of water when you manipulate the handle and control the temperature of the water. There are several different valve types, including ball valves, disk valves, cartridge valves, and compression valves. Each faucet will have its own valve specifications and work slightly differently depending on the model.

The finish of a kitchen faucet is very much left to user preference. Many Canadians like to purchase a kitchen faucet that has the same finish as cabinet hardware or appliances that are already in their kitchen for a more seamless look. Most kitchen faucets come in multiple finishes in order to be more widely appealing to shoppers.

Some kitchen faucets are labelled as eco-friendly or environmentally conscious. These faucets typically use less water in their spray or stream options and generate more power during use. This can make the faucet and accompanying sprayer just as effective, even when using less water.