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Linen is a breathable, crisp material that creates a beautiful fabric. The drape and feel of linen are suitable for most sleepers, especially those who prefer a lightweight experience. Linen’s naturally insulating design allows you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making these options the best linen sheets in Canada.

To recommend these sheets to you, we ran each option through a gauntlet of tests in our test lab. We looked at features such as the materials used, GSM, and available sizes and colours. We compared our notes to the feedback from our detail-oriented home testers. With both pieces of information, we felt confident in recommending the following linen sheets and sheet sets to you.

Why Did We Choose These Linen Sheets in Canada?

Each of the sheets above made it onto our list of recommendations for a reason. During our evaluation period, these sheets started to stand out to us in different categories. Those standout performances are part of the reason we’re recommending them to you. Here is why we chose each of these sets of linen sheets.

The Silk and Snow Flax Linen Bed Sheets are the best linen sheets in Canada. These soft sheets come in 10 different colours and are made with 100% European flax. They are extremely breathable.

Kotn’s Linen Flat Sheet offers the best linen blend on our list. The mix of 65% linen and 35% long-staple Egyptian Cotton makes this sheet breathable and soft, with the texture of linen and the smooth feeling of cotton.

Noa Home’s French Linen Bedding Set is made of soft, breathable French Linen. The pure linen composition makes these crisp sheets comfortable for year-round use.

When it comes to texture, linen sheets are usually the best. The QE Home Aruba Vintage Washed European Linen Sheets offer some of the best textures on the linen market. The vintage wash softens the linen, creating a supple texture that you’ll love feeling against your skin.

Stonewashed linen creates a soft, lived-in feel. Simple&Opulence’s Belgian Linen Sheet Set is stonewashed to create a more vintage, worn aesthetic that leads to softer, more touchable sheets overall.

The Victory Symbol 100% French Linen Natural Bed Sheets are the best pure linen sheets we found. These sheets aren’t blended and are made with 100% crisp, comfortable linen.

The Simple&Opulence Basic Linen Sheet Set is one of the best natural options in Canada. These sheets are crisp and get softer over time because of their natural linen composition. You’ll find plenty of available colours and no additional fibres in this sheet set.

Best Overall

Silk and Snow Flax Linen Bed Sheets

Silk and Snow Flax Linen Bed Sheets


It's Great For:

Silk and Snow’s Flax Linen bed sheets are hands-down the best linen sheets in Canada. These sheets come in a range of 10 different colours, some of the rich and unique when it comes to linen sheets. These fabrics are soft and comfortable, and they only get softer over time. The 100% European Flax construction leads to extremely breathable, lightweight sleep.

At 160 GSM, these sheets are the ideal weight for most sleepers. This means that they breathe extremely well, but still offer great insulation to keep you warmer during the winter months. Even so, these sheets help wick away moisture and keep static down, so you won’t wake up sweaty. You won’t have to deal with uncomfortable static, either.

The crisp linen material makes these sheets feel light and comfortable, ideal for those who don’t want to be weighed down as they sleep. This set is available in Queen and King sizes and comes in a variety of different configurations. The sheet set doesn’t come with a flat sheet, as Silk and Snow say that people often don’t use them. You’ll find a fitted sheet and pillowcase set (complete with two pillowcases). The flat sheet, matching duvet cover, and additional pillowcase set can be purchased separately.

These sheets are simple to care for, and you can have faith in their sustainability. Silk and Snow are incredibly transparent about their manufacturing process, so you can follow your sheets from harvest to stitching. Want to try them for yourself? Each set comes with a risk-free 100-night sleep trial, where you can get a refund if you don’t like the sheets.

The Highlights

The Silk and Snow Flax Linen Bed Sheets offer a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to try the sheets before you decide to keep them. There are 10 rich colour options to choose from, including pinstripes, a lot of neutral options, and other colours like light pink, orange/gold, olive green, navy, and black. You can machine wash and tumble dry these sheets for easy care. They are made with 100% French and Belgian flax.

  • A 100-night sleep trial gives you risk-free access to the sheets
  • 10 rich colour options, including neutrals, blue, green, and orange
  • Machine wash and tumble dry for easy care
  • Made with 100% French and Belgian Flax

From the Test Lab

“These sheets are so crisp and comfortable! Our testers loved how they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.”

Best Linen Blend

Kotn Linen Flat Sheet

Kotn Linen Flat Sheet


It's Great For:

The Kotn Linen Flat Sheet offers one of the best linen blends on our list. This sheet uses a combination of 65% linen, as well as 35% long-staple Egyptian Cotton to create a unique texture and feel. The linen offers a crisp, textured feel. Meanwhile, the cotton content creates a smooth, soft feel. Together, this combination creates some of the best-feeling sheets on our list.

These sheets are extremely breathable and moisture-wicking as well, creating a comfortable feel for those who sleep hot. Throughout the year, you’ll feel cooler when using these sheets. They are naturally light and help wick away heat and moisture, leaving you cooler when it’s warm but keeping you warm when it’s colder.

Most of Kotn’s sheet sets only come with fitted sheets and pillowcases. That’s because Kotn noticed that most users didn’t use a flat sheet or top sheet. Instead of including a sheet, you won’t use in the set, they offer it separately for those who will use it. If you have a sheet set you don’t love, this can be a great addition to your bedroom. They match perfectly with the rest of Kotn’s linen sheets and even match up in the same colours.

You can purchase this sheet in three sizes (double, queen, and king). It’s available in five neutral colours, including white, natural, mustard yellow, capers (a greenish-brown colour), and raven (black). Each colour matches perfectly with the linen fitted sheet set and linen duvet cover. You can match up every part of your bedding with these coordinating sets.

The Highlights

The Kotn Linen Flat Sheet offers five neutral colours to choose from, including white, natural, mustard yellow, capers (which is a brown colour), and raven black. This sheet is ethically crafted in Egypt using non-toxic dyes that are certified by OEKO-TEX. This sheet is soft and well-textured as well, making it comfortable and breathable. The blend of linen and cotton makes it great for those who usually sleep hot.

  • Five neutral colours to choose from
  • Ethically crafted in Egypt with non-toxic dyes
  • Soft and well-textured
  • A blend of linen and cotton creates a breathable, comfortable flat sheet

From the Test Lab

“This linen flat sheet was the perfect blend of textured linen and smooth, soft cotton. Our testers loved how they felt.”

Best French Linen

Noa Home French Linen Bedding Set

Noa home French Linen Bedding Set


It's Great For:

Noa Home provides some of the best bedding on the Canadian market, and this French linen sheet set is no different. Noa is dedicated to providing the finest products, and their French linen sheets are made from only the best flax. These stonewashed sheets are comfortable and soft, and you can get them in two colours: pure white and neutral sand colour.

These sheets are sourced from Norway, with a weight of about 160 GSM – perfect for a mix of softness, breathability, and strength. Noa says that their sheets are Heirloom-quality, which means that they are extremely durable and become softer over time. While cotton sheets usually last up to 7 years, linen sheets can last for decades if taken care of properly.

The care instructions for these sheets are a little more complicated than some of the other options on our list. Noa recommends line drying, though you can also tumble dry your linen sheets on low. Machine washing is ideal, as long as you do so on a delicate cycle with cold water.

These sheets have a lovely subtle texture and a relaxed drape, which helps them feel more comfortable for year-round use. They are made in Portugal by expert craftsmen and certified to be free of all harmful chemicals, too!

The Highlights

Noa Home’s French Linen Bedding Set is stonewashed for a subtle, lived-in texture and beautifully natural feel. These sheets are crafted in Portugal in a textile factory that is over a century old, run by those who know what they’re doing. The feel of these sheets only gets softer over time. This set also includes a quilt cover for your quilt or comforter.

  • Stonewashed feel for a subtle, lived-in texture
  • Crafted in Portugal by a century-old textile factory
  • Completely natural feel that gets softer over time
  • Includes a quilt cover for your quilt or comforter

From the Test Lab

“These sheets have a nice, relaxed drape. Our team of testers loved the way these sheets felt!”

Best Texture

QE Home Aruba Vintage Washed European Linen Sheets

QE Home Aruba Vintage Washed European Linen Sheets


It's Great For:

When it comes to texture, nothing feels quite like the smooth, soft vintage-washed surface of QE Home’s Aruba Vintage Washed European Linen Sheets. These sheets are made from 100% French flax, and they are completely resistant to damage. They’ll last forever if you take care of them properly, and they’ll get softer with every wash – and they’re already extremely soft, to begin with!

Each piece of this sheet set is sold separately. This allows you to choose the pieces that you want, which is particularly helpful when coordinating with other pieces in your bedroom. You can choose the linen pillowcase sets (which include two), a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a duvet cover. All are beautifully heathered indigo grey, though there are other options available in separate listings.

The sheets themselves have a fresh feel, partly because of the breathability of the 100% French flax linen. This linen is only going to get better over time, no matter which pieces you buy. These are some of the smoothest linen sheets we’ve ever felt, so they don’t often stay wrinkled or crisp. If you want the benefits of linen sheets without the telltale crispness, these are the sheets for you!

We loved that a matching duvet cover was included in the listing. If you want to pull the whole bedroom together, choose the QE Home Aruba Vintage Washed European Linen sheets! They are available in either Queen or King sizes.

The Highlights

QE Home’s Aruba Vintage Washed European Linen Sheets are sold separately. Each piece must be purchased individually, making it easy to create your own set. Options include the fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase set (includes two pillowcases), and a duvet cover. There are additional colours available in other listings, so you don’t have to settle with this dark grey option. Either way, these sheets are extremely durable and get softer with each wash.

  • Each matching piece is sold separately (including fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase set (2 pillowcases), and a duvet cover
  • Other colours available across other listings
  • Extremely durable
  • Gets softer with each wash

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the look and feel of these sheets. The matching duvet cover is a nice touch!”

Best Stonewashed

Simple&Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set

Simple&Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set Solid Color - 4 Pieces (1 Flat Sheet & 1 Fitted Sheet & 2 Pillowcases) Natural Flax Cotton Blend Soft Bedding Breathable Farmhouse (Navy Blue, King)


It's Great For:

Simple&Opulence’s Belgian Linen Sheet Set features a cotton blend. 55% of the fibres are Belgian (or European) linen, while 45% are soft cotton. As a result, these sheets feel unique even when it comes to cotton blend linen sheets. There are a few things that allow this set to stand out, including the soft stonewashed texture and the ruffles on the edges of the flat sheets.

This set comes with four pieces, including one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Only Queen and King sizes are available, and there are 13 different colour options. These options include Dark Grey, Forest Green, Grey, Linen, Navy Blue, Rust, and White. Uniquely, you can purchase a ruffled version of this sheet set, which adds a new design element to the edges of your flat sheet. If you’re a fan of ruffles, these might be the one-of-a-kind sheets for you. Ruffled colour options include Dusty Blue, Grey, Linen, Navy Blue, Rust, and White.

Because of the cotton and linen blend, these sheets help reduce heat and absorb moisture. The cotton adds a little bit of weight but helps maintain breathability so you aren’t going to wake up sweaty in the middle of the night.

It’s simple to care for these sheets, as you can wash them at home and tumble-dry them on medium. The cotton parts of the sheet make it easy to care for, too. The stonewashed design and treatment are beautifully realized in these sheets, which become softer with each subsequent wash.

The Highlights

The Simple&Opulence Belgian Linen Sheet Set is made with a soft, breathable cotton blend that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. This means that the sheets are free of any harmful chemicals and safe for use. The stonewashed feel helps the sheets get softer after every wash, so they continue to get more comfortable. These sheets are also available with ruffles, a unique twist rarely found in sheet sets.

  • Soft, breathable cotton blend
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • Stonewashed feel that gets softer after every wash
  • Available with ruffles

From the Test Lab

“We love how these sheets get softer and softer. The breathable cotton blend is great for those who usually sleep hot.”

Best Pure Linen

Victory Symbol 100% French Linen Bed Sheets

S VICTORY SYMBOL 100% French Natural Linen Bedding Ultra Soft Stone Washed 4 Pieces Sheets Set(Creamy-White,Queen)


It's Great For:

If you’re looking for a set of natural linen sheets, look no further than the Victory Symbol 100% French Linen Bed Sheets. These sheets come in most standard sizes (except for Twin XL) and are available in 6 different colour options, so you can find a set that works for your bedroom décor. There are some standard neutral options, as well as caramel orange, navy, rose pink, and yellow. They also come in a natural linen colour if that fits your style.

This set is comfortable and crisp. The natural linen has a beautiful texture that feels great on your skin, even if you usually have sensitive skin. It creates a soft sleeping environment that also helps keep you cool. The temperature-regulating properties of natural linen are great for those who wake up sweating or overheating in the middle of the night.

These sheets also have great moisture absorption properties, meaning you’ll stay cool throughout the night. They are colour-fast and shrink-proof, so they’ll stay as good as new for longer. They get softer with every wash! The stonewashed linen is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, meaning it’s also free of harsh chemicals.

When you order these sheets, they come in a linen bag that is perfect for storage. If you want to keep your linen sheets safe when you aren’t using them, you can pack them into the linen bag so they’re ready for your next sheet rotation.

The Highlights

Victory Symbol’s 100% French Linen Bed Sheets are easy to care for. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried (even if it’s better to line-dry them). The sheet set comes in a beautiful linen storage bag, so you can keep them neat when you aren’t using them. These sheets are made of 100% crisp, comfortable French linen. They are available in 6 unique colours for bedrooms of all designs.

  • Machine washable with preferred line drying
  • Sheets come in a linen storage bag
  • 100% crisp, comfortable linen design
  • Available in 6 different unique colours

From the Test Lab

“These sheets were surprisingly crisp and comfortable. We loved how well they worked for our night sweats.”

Best Natural

Simple&Opulence Basic Linen Sheet Set

Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Basic Sheet Set 4 Pieces - Flat Sheet & Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet & Pillowcases - Breathable Soft Flax Bed Sheet (King, White)


It's Great For:

The Simple&Opulence Basic Linen sheet set is made with pure, natural linen. While other options might use a blended fabric, these sheets use natural linen sourced from France. The sheets have a GSM of 160, meaning they are soft and comfortable. They are airy enough to keep you comfortable, especially if you sleep hot.

These sheets come in an impressive 49 colour options. While the option you want might not be available in the size you need, there are plenty of options to keep your bedroom looking great. This sheet set is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King, so make sure to check that the size you need comes in a colour you like.

While most linen sheets are cooler than cotton, these sheets have a uniquely breathable feel. They help to wick away heat and moisture to leave you more comfortable, especially if you usually wake up sweating in the middle of the night.

In addition, these sheets are also prewashed and preshrunk. This means that they won’t shrink when you wash them. The care instructions are mostly simple to follow. You should wash on a gentle, cold cycle without using bleach. You can tumble dry these sheets on medium heat and iron them flat with a warm iron if needed. These sheets become softer with every wash, so you’ll love them even more over time.

The Highlights

The Simple&Opulence Basic Linen Sheet Set is available in a full suite of 49 colours, so there’s always an option for your bedroom. The soft, crisp natural linen fabric feels great when it first arrives and gets softer over time. These sheets have a GSM of about 160, which allows for some variation due to the pre-shrinking process. It’s also simple to care for these sheets, as they require a few extra steps or special care procedures.

  • Available in 49 colours
  • Soft, crisp natural linen
  • 160 GSM, with some variation due to the pre-shrinking process
  • Simple care instructions

From the Test Lab

“These sheets get so much softer over time! Even in our testing period, we noticed a comfortable difference.”

Why Trust Us?

We’ve been in the sleep industry for years, evaluating different types of bedding, testing new mattresses, and keeping our eyes out for new sleep trends. Each of the products we recommend goes through extensive testing in our test lab. We use the information from our test lab evaluations and compare it with the notes from our team of dedicated testers. Products are recommended based on both of these pieces of information.

Here are some of the things we looked for when choosing linen sheets.

  • Materials. What are the sheets made of? Most are made of pure linen, but others may have blended fabrics to help add certain features. We took a look at what each sheet set was made of before recommending it.
  • GSM. GSM (or Grams per Square Meter) measures the weight of your fabrics. A lower GSM is more lightweight and breathable, whereas higher options are dense and extremely soft. we looked for options that were closest to the recommended GSM for most sleepers. 
  • Colours. Colour is important to use. We wanted to choose sheets that were colourful and fit with every home décor across the country.
  • Sizes. We want you to find the perfect sheets for your bed, and that includes sizes. We tried to include sheet sets that offer a wider range of size options so you can get the best for your bed. 

Benefits of Linen Sheets

Linen is just one of the many materials you can choose for your bed sheets. However, linen has some unique properties that make it a better choice for temperature regulation than some of the other options on the market. Here are some of the reasons you should choose linen sheets.

  • Great year-round. The linen is uniquely insulating. This means that you’ll be cool during the hot summer nights and warm in the winter. It’s also breathable and absorbent, so you won’t sweat too much while using linen sheets.
  • Great for sensitive skin. Linen is soft, even in the lower GSM weights. It’s also hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant, so those with allergies and sensitive skin will sleep more comfortably. 
  • Sustainable. Linen is made from flax, an extremely strong and durable textile material. It lasts for a long time, and if you take care of it properly, it might last decades. 
  • Textured. Linen has a great texture. Each type of linen has a different ‘feel’, and the texture is determined by the GSM and the blend of fabrics that create the linen. Either way, it feels great on your skin.

How to Choose Linen Sheets in Canada

Once you know that you want to try linen sheets, there are options and features to consider. Before you purchase a set of linen sheets, you should consider the following tips.


Linen sheets usually come in three varieties. You’ll find French linens, Belgian linens, and cotton blends.

  • French Linen. French linen is made from flax sowed in France. The climate here is ideal for linen. This type of linen is prone to softening with age and use. It’s also easier to care for. 
  • Belgian Linen. Belgian linen is an umbrella classification, as the flax that creates Belgian linen can be found all over Europe. It has the same properties as French linen, with a slightly different texture. It softens with washing but at a slower rate than French linen.
  • Cotton Blends. A cotton blend usually contains mostly linen (either French or Belgian), but also a fair helping of cotton blended into the fibres. Cotton creates a heavier fabric, but it’s softer and maintains breathability. Cotton blends can create a more comfortable fabric, especially if you don’t like a crisp feel for your sheets. 


While other types of sheets can be measured by thread count, linen sheets are usually measured by weight. In this case, linen is measured in GSM, or ‘grams per square metre’. Lightweight fabrics weigh less than 150 GSM, and medium fabrics are between 150 GSM and 350 GSM. Any fabric with a rating of over 350 GSM is considered heavy fabric.

The best linens measure around 150 to 160 GSM. These fabrics feature a comfortable vintage weave, with plenty of breathability. However, linen is also naturally insulating. This means that no matter how breathable the GSM is, linen will still keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Temperature Control

Linen sheets are known to be breathable and cool, especially when compared to denser options. However, some might have better temperature control properties than others. This is down to the GSM, the weight of the sheets, and more. If you sleep hot, choosing cooler linen sheets helps reduces the chance of overheating throughout the night. 

It’s important to choose sheets that keep you comfortable, and linen sheets are no exception. Make sure to look for options with special cooling features or a lightweight feel to reduce heat while you sleep.


You should choose sheets that match the size of your mattress. If you aren’t sure, each sheet set should include dimensions for the fitted sheet (which is the most important part of your sheet set when it comes to size).

There are six standard mattress sizes. These sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. Some sheets come in Split King as well, which is usually used by those with split king adjustable frames.

If you know the size of your mattress, do your best to buy sheets of the same size. Sheets that aren’t perfectly matched to the size of your mattress can become uncomfortable or loose.


How many colours do the sheets come in? You should choose options that match your décor perfectly. There are many sheet options available, though the colour options for linen sheets are somewhat limited. For the most part, you can find lots of neutral colours and some richer tones. Most of the sheet sets on our list, for example, come in a limited palette of rich, beautiful colours that can match just about any bedroom colour scheme.

Colour might not be the first thing you look for when you come to sheets, but it is something you should consider when purchasing a sheet set.

Texture and Drape

Linen sheets are known for their beautiful textures and different drapes. The drape has a lot to do with the GSM rating (as mentioned above).  However, each set still has a unique texture and drape, especially when it comes to linen.

Linen is a crisp fabric and may have a crinkled texture, a wrinkled texture, or a stonewash. Stonewash creates a lived-in feeling, which is a soft, gentle texture that feels great on your skin. The texture depends on the type of flax used, the blend of other materials, and more.

Drape refers to the way the sheets fall over the edges of the bed or over you as you sleep, which can impact how comfortable they are. Some sheets have a heavier drape, while others are light and airy. 

Take a look at the picture of each sheet set, and examine the texture and drape they advertise.

Set Includes

What comes in the set? A standard sheet set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one or two pillowcases. However, some sets include different configurations of fabrics. For instance, some sheet sets won’t include a flat sheet. Bedding companies justify this because some consumers don’t use the flat sheet.

Some sets may include a duvet cover. At the very least, duvet covers are available to purchase separately. There are even sheet sets where each piece is sold individually. Make sure to pay attention to which pieces come in the set before you order, as you may have to purchase additional pieces to complete your bedding set.

Mattress Depth

Each mattress has a different depth or height. When looking for fitted sheets, pay close attention to their ideal mattress depth. When a sheet set advertises the depth it can handle, it means that any mattress up to that depth will be okay.

However, try to avoid using a fitted sheet without deep pockets on a taller mattress. The sheets will not fit, and they may become damaged as a result.

Most twin-sized sheets are okay for mattresses up to 13”, while larger sizes (like Queen and King) can usually handle mattresses up to 15”. If your mattress is particularly tall, you may need to find specific sheets. Don’t forget to include the height of any mattress toppers or pads in your calculations.

Care Instructions

It’s important to pay attention to the care instructions for your sheets. Taking care of your sheets properly can increase their lifespan and improve your experience with them. If you want your sheets to last, the best way to ensure that they do is to follow the correct care instructions.

You should also make sure that you are comfortable performing the care instructions often. Some fabrics can only be washed professionally, or taken to the dry cleaner for proper care. If you aren’t interested in taking your sheets to the dry cleaner every time you wash them, look for sets with simpler care.

However, even sheets with simple care often have specific instructions. Make sure to look for the cycle temperature, intensity, and whether or not the sheets can be tumble dried.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best GSM for Flax Linen is between 160 GSM and 170 GSM. This weight is soft and comfortable immediately and stands up well over years of use and wear.

Linen sheets can last for decades, especially if they have a higher GSM. While cotton sheets should be replaced every 7 years or so, linen sheets are much more durable!

Many agree that you should wash your linen sheets just as often as you wash your other sheets. When in use, washing them weekly should keep your sleeping space clean and fresh.