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Uh oh! You got sidetracked by a wayward child or unexpected phone call, and now your coffee is cold. Or, maybe you’re in a rush and want to heat last night’s leftovers before heading out. But reheating the coffee or dinner on your stove will take more than a few seconds, and you’re on a time crunch.

So, now what? Enter the microwave. This handy appliance can do all of that and more, keeping you right on schedule and zapping your food or drink to the perfect temperature in mere seconds. But how do you know which one to choose?

We researched all sorts of microwaves in Canada to weed out the sub-par models and elevate the outstanding models. Our careful consideration led us here, where we have compiled a list of the best microwaves for Canadians. So, if you’re stumped about which model to choose, look no further. We’re here to help!

The 5 Best Microwaves for Canadians – Top 2024 Picks

  • Best Overall: Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven
  • Best Eco-Conscious Model: Toshiba ML-EM31P(SS)/CA
  • Best Preset Options: Comfee CM-M201K(WH) Countertop Microwave Oven
  • Best Mid-Range Model: Panasonic NNSG448S
  • Best Power Levels: Panasonic NNST67KS Mid-Sized Microwave Oven

Why Did We Choose These Microwaves in Canada?

This list encompasses the best microwaves in Canada to help consumers like you choose the right fit. We developed our list of recommendations with extensive research and deliberation to examine all aspects of each model, leaving no stone unturned. Our quest to find the best microwaves in Canada led us to a few select models. Each option on this list earned its spot for a unique reason, which can help with narrowing down your options. Here’s a quick overview of why we chose each of the best microwaves for Canadians in 2024.

The Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is the best microwave in Canada overall. This simple option features a retro design, multiple simple options, and ten auto reheat modes that allow you to cook just about anything. 

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly microwave, look no further than the Toshiba ML-EM31P(SS)/CA. This model features an ECO mode, which allows it to consume less power while completing the same tasks. It also comes with all sorts of handy features, from a soften and melt function to various pre-programmed sensors.

While most microwaves have preset options, the Comfee CM-M201K(WH) Countertop Microwave Oven features six presets that cover a wide range of common foods. Popcorn, potatoes, and dinner plates are all covered by these useful options.

The Panasonic NNSG448S Microwave is a great mid-range model that features a ton of functionality for its middling price. You’ll get a ton of features, presets, and benefits from this microwave without the hight price tag of some of the other options on the Canadian market.

The Panasonic NNST67KS Mid-Sized Microwave is a powerful option that features a maximum power of 1200W. There are 11 different power options, allowing you to cook your favourite foods to perfection every time.

Best Microwave in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Galanz GLCMKZ07RDR07 Retro Countertop Microwave Oven with Auto Cook & Reheat, Defrost, Quick Start Functions, Easy Clean with Glass Turntable, Pull Handle,0.7 cu ft, Red

It's Great For:

As an inexpensive pick, the Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is a strong contender for Canadians on a budget. It offers an abundance of features in a compact package, so it’s also suitable for smaller kitchens, kitchenettes, apartments, and dorm rooms.

Despite its smaller size, this microwave doesn’t disappoint in its features. A defrost button allows you to thaw your food by weight or time, and a quick start button adds 30 seconds to the cooking time.

Seven auto-cook programs, including popcorn, potato, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, oatmeal, corn on the cob, and rice, make it easy to cook your food effortlessly. Ten auto reheat modes simplify reheating last night’s leftovers, including beverages, dinner plates, frozen entrees, pizzas, soups or sauces, chilis, pasta, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and rice.

The control panel features just five buttons and a dial, making selecting the option you want and starting the clock simple.

The microwave comes in four glossy colours, including midnight black, electric blue, fire engine red, and snowy white. Each option features stainless steel components and a smoky black screen.

A one-year limited warranty protects your investment, ensuring you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

Key Features

  • Retro Design. This adorable little microwave features design trends of years gone by, making it the perfect addition to traditionally-themed kitchens.
  • Compact. At just 0.7 cubic feet, this microwave is compact enough to fit in snug spaces, making it an excellent choice for small kitchens.
  • Glass Turntable. An included glass turntable spins as your food cooks, helping to minimize hot and cold spots. It’s removable for easy cleanup.
  • Multiple Auto Settings. Featuring seven auto cook settings and ten auto reheat programs, this microwave has plenty of options to get the job done conveniently.

Our Expert’s Take

“This retro microwave has a ton of features, but it comes with a small footprint that doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen. Canadians on a budget will love the wealth of features it provides.”

Best Eco-Conscious Model

Toshiba ML-EM31P(SS)/CA

TOSHIBA ML-EM31P(SS)/CA Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode, and Sound On/Off, 1.2 Cu. ft, Stainless Steel

It's Great For:

This Toshiba microwave is an exceptional choice for Canadians seeking an eco-friendly option. It has an ECO mode that helps conserve power, allowing you to save electricity by consuming less power.

In addition to its eco-friendly mode, this microwave is teeming with helpful features to keep things running smoothly. Its pre-programmed sensor menu offers optimized heating modes for popular foods, including pizza, potatoes, and vegetables.

A soften/melt function allows you to effortlessly soften or melt certain foods without overdoing them. Since softening butter for baking can be tricky, as there’s a fine line between perfectly soft and too melted, this is a great feature for bakers.

A one-touch popcorn button quickly cooks your snack to perfection, and two defrost settings allow you to customize the time based on weight or by one-pound increments. A child safety lock helps keep your home safe by preventing your child from using it when you’re not around.

This microwave comes with a handy option enabling you to mute its buzzer. This is a handy feature since excessive, incessant beeping can quickly become irritating as you try to complete another task. It’s also ideal for when your child is sleeping, as constant noisy beeps can easily wake them up.

Additionally, this microwave features a one-year warranty. However, you need to keep the packaging for contacting the company for after-service support and product returns, so be sure to hang onto the box.

Key Features

  • ECO Mode. This mode conserves power, saving you more on your energy bills. It’s also more environmentally conscious than some other microwaves you’ll find on the Canadian market.
  • Child Safety Lock. This microwave comes with an option to lock the function to prevent children from using it, making it a safe choice for households with small children.
  • Muteable Buzzer. Keep your child sleeping peacefully while you work, or preserve your sanity by muting the microwave’s buzzer.
  • Two Defrost Settings. Multiple defrost settings allow you to customize the time or use one-pound increments to thaw your food easily.

Our Expert’s Take

“Worried about how much power your microwave uses? The eco-conscious Toshiba ML-EM31P(33)/CA features an ECO mode that conserves power without reducing how effective it is.”

Best Preset Options

Comfee CM-M201K(WH) Countertop Microwave Oven

COMFEE' CM-M201K(WH) Countertop Microwave Oven with Express Cook, 6 Preset Menus and Kitchen Timer, 0.7 cu.ft. (20L), 700W, White

It's Great For:

The Comfee CM-M201K(WH) Countertop Microwave Oven is a smaller option that fits the needs of most Canadian households. Its smaller footprint allows it to take up less space on your countertops, while its six presets and five power options give you the ability to cook or prepare whatever you need. This microwave is available in a white or black finish, so you can choose the option that works best with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

This 700W microwave features 5 different power options, some of which are extremely low. Instead of melting your ice cream entirely, you can set it to the lowest power setting to soften it enough to comfortably eat. There are also options ideal for defrosting foods, softening butter, and keeping your coffee warm.

Aside from these power options, there are six preset cooking options. These options represent a wide range of functionality that is ideal for most Canadians. These include popular programs like popcorn, potatoes, frozen vegetables, pizza, beverages, and dinner plate. The defrost option is a separate function. You can choose to defrost by weight or time, so you’ll have the flexibility to choose the right options to quickly defrost your foods. 

A 255mm turntable rotates 360 degrees for even heating, so you won’t have parts that are burned and parts that are underdone. You can safely rely on this microwave to produce safe and delicious meats, seafood, and vegetables without hotspots. The control panel, which uses a touch interface that is simple to operate, includes a child safety lock. When activated, your children can’t change settings or accidentally turn the microwave on.

Key Features

  • 5 Adjustable Power Levels. Five different preset power levels allow you to keep your food warm or boil water, depending on the option you choose. You can soften or melt butter, defrost, and even make ice cream softer without melting it.
  • 6 Preset Options. Six preset options include popular dishes, including popcorn, potatoes, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverages, and dinner plates. This last option allows you to reheat your dinner, resulting in less food waste.
  • Easy Defrost. The defrost option allows you to defrost by time or weight. This flexibility allows you to defrost anything you need to prepare without the hassle.
  • Child Safety Lock. You can engage a child safety lock on the control panel, which keeps your children from changing your settings or starting the microwave accidentally.

Our Expert’s Take

“If you prefer to use presets to cook your food, the Comfee CM-M201K has plenty. Five different power levels and six presets cover almost anything you need to cook great foods.”

Best Mid-Range Model

Panasonic NNSG448S

Panasonic NNSG448S Compact 900 W High Power Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

It's Great For:

The Panasonic NNSG448S is an outstanding option for Canadians who want a well-rounded pick. This model features more than just the basics but isn’t so fancy that it requires a learning curve to use.

It comes with seven auto-cook programs: beverage, pizza, potato, frozen vegetables, dinner plate, fresh vegetables, and frozen entree. This makes it much easier to quickly heat your food in the perfect setting with a single tap, with no guesswork involved.

An auto-defrost setting takes the stress out of defrosting your food, quickly defrosting it to the perfect point. It can easily handle fruit, meat, and other frozen items, so it’s a helpful addition to nearly any kitchen.

It’s relatively compact, making it an excellent choice for smaller kitchens like those in condos and apartments. If you have limited counter space, pop it into an open cabinet or on an empty shelf.

This model features a midnight black stainless steel finish with a sleek smoked glass door for a modern look that complements almost any kitchen. The buttons are flat, and the 4-digit white LED digital display makes reading the timer, clock, or cook settings easy.

Key Features

  • Compact. This model is more compact than some of the other options at the same power level, making it an excellent choice for smaller homes with less counter space.
  • Multiple Auto Cook Programs. Complete with seven auto cook programs, this microwave offers more than the basics to get the job done.
  • LED Display. The four-digit white LED display makes it easy to quickly read the timer, clock, or auto cook setting. You won’t struggle to figure out your settings with this display.
  • Glass Tray. The microwave comes with a round glass tray to rotate your food as it heats for even heating. It’s easy to clean and heats your food without any issues.

Our Expert’s Take

“This Panasonic microwave comes packed with features, but it’s still simple to use. Even though it has 7 preset options, it doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that can make appliances difficult to operate.”

Best Power Levels

Panasonic NNST67KS Mid-Sized Microwave Oven

Panasonic NNST67KS Mid-Size 1.2 cft. 1200W Genius Inverter Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

It's Great For:

If you need a microwave that goes above and beyond the common options, the Panasonic NNST67KS Mid-Sized Microwave Oven. This option offers the best power levels on our list and some of the best technology you’ll find on the Canadian market. If you want a microwave that allows you to cook foods to perfection without oversight or a host of options to choose from. 

That’s because this microwave uses inverter technology to cook your food. The inverter automatically adjusts the temperature, cooking time, and a host of other features to cook evenly, reducing overcooking and undercooking (which can sometimes occur in the same food during normal microwave use). This feature uses variable power levels to deliver perfect results every time.

You can also activate the genius sensor cooking mode, which helps the microwave adjust power and heating to make sure that no matter what you are cooking, your food comes out perfectly every time. If you aren’t sure about the genius sensor technology, you can still activate one of the 15 automatic programs. These include sensor reheat, oatmeal, potatoes, soup, breakfast sausage, omelet, fresh vegetables, white rice, quinoa, pasta, fish filets, frozen entrees, frozen dinners, frozen vegetables, and frozen pizza. 

These options are fine-tuned to provide the perfect cooking experience every time. Other options include Turbo Defrost, which uses the inverter technology to perfectly thaw your foods based on their weight. The power level varies to ensure that your food is only thawed and that you won’t accidentally cook parts that might turn out poorly later. With a sleek stainless steel design and a host of features to make your life easier, you’ll love the way this Panasonic microwave improves your cooking.

Key Features

  • Genius Sensor Cooking. When you activate the sensor cooking button, the microwave automatically adjusts power and heating levels to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection. It monitors progress and heat to reduce overheating and undercooking.
  • 15 Auto-Cook Programs. There are 15 auto-cook programs programmed into this microwave, including sensor reheat, oatmeal, potatoes, soup, fish, rice, and more. 
  • Inverter Technology. This microwave uses inverter technology to cook food evenly. This feature uses variable power modes to allow for precise heating, avoiding burnt edges and cold centres.
  • Turbo Defrost. The turbo defrost option uses the weight of your food to provide quick defrosting for meats, fruits, and frozen vegetables. You can thaw quickly while maintaining great flavour.

Our Expert’s Take

“The inverter options and 11 different power levels help create a microwave that cooks every food perfectly. This powerful machine delivers great results no matter what you need it to do.”

Comparing the Best Microwaves for Canadians

CategoryMicrowaveSizeDimensionsMounting TypePrograms
Best OverallGalanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven0.7 cubic feet35.9 x 44.6 x 24 cmCountertop7
Best Eco-Conscious ModelToshiba ML-EM31P(SS)/CA1.2 cubic feet43.3 x 52.1 x 32.5 cmCountertop12
Best Preset OptionsComfee CM-M201K(WH) Countertop Microwave Oven0.7 cubic feet33.5 x 43.9 x 25.9 cmCountertop6
Best Mid-Range ModelPanasonic NNSG448S0.9 cubic feet37.5 x 48.5 x 29.3 cmCountertop7
Best Power LevelsPanasonic NNST67KS Mid-Sized Microwave Oven1.2 cubic feet15.8 x 20.7 x 12.2 cmCountertop15

How We Selected These Microwaves in Canada

With the oversaturated market teeming with dozens of microwaves and combination microwaves, selecting the best option can be overwhelming. They come in varying colours, capacities, sizes, and brands, making it hard to narrow them down to just one option. This is especially tricky if you’re unsure what to look for in a quality microwave.

Our team understands how difficult it can be for consumers to choose highly-rated products without a well-rounded understanding of the qualities to look for. We have made it our mission to scour the market for all sorts of home products to bring you the best of the best, from luxurious mattresses for great sleep to high-quality dashcams to protect your belongings.

We do the hard work for you, pouring hours of careful research for each and every product. We start by combing through best-selling models to find highly-rated options with excellent features. After extensive deliberation and compiling our findings, we present the best products in each class.

In our quest to find the best microwaves in Canada, we kept a watchful eye out for a handful of key features, including the following:

  • Sizing: Every home has varying needs – some families need larger units to service more than a handful of people, while others require compact units to save space. As we sifted through industry-leading models, we looked for options to match different spaces and capacity needs.
  • Mounting type: While some folks have space for a large countertop microwave, others need something that will slide into the integrated slot in their cabinetry. We searched for options that can accommodate varying mounting type needs to ensure there’s something for everyone.
  • Programmed settings: Many of the top microwaves in Canada have an array of pre-programmed settings, although some have more than others. We looked for models that cover the range, some with a few and others with an abundance.
  • Cost: We recognize the drastic variations in budget from one Canadian household to the next. To ensure there’s something to match almost any budget, we hand-selected a couple of options spanning budget-friendly to splurge.

Why Buy a Microwave in Canada

Why Buy a Microwave in Canada?

Microwaves are convenient tools designed to help you quickly heat leftovers and drinks or cook instant meals. From popping a bag of popcorn for something to munch on while you watch a movie to heating last night’s leftovers for a quick and easy dinner, a microwave is a handy addition to any kitchen. You can even cook entire meals in the oven when you’re short on time!

Unlike ovens, a microwave doesn’t require any preheating. On top of that, it heats your food in mere minutes (sometimes seconds), eliminating the need to wait half an hour for your food to warm in the oven.

They usually rest atop your counter or suspended over your cookstove, conveniently out of the way. All it takes is a few quick steps and a minute or two to heat your food to perfection.

The ultra-convenient nature of these appliances makes them an excellent choice for Canadians, particularly those on a time crunch. For example, if you regularly find yourself scrambling in the morning to cook breakfast or need a quick way to reheat your dinner before you head out the door, a microwave can be an ideal solution.

Factors to Look for in a Microwave in Canada

Factors to Look for in a Microwave in Canada

Microwaves come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, some decked out with multiple bells and whistles and others complete with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Given the abundance of options, selecting the perfect fit can be daunting. Here are a few factors to consider to help simplify your search.


The size factor is a critical consideration when searching for a microwave for your home. Consider both the dimensions of the box and the internal capacity. You’ll want to select a model that matches the space available.

For example, if you have a built-in recession for a microwave above the range or in the cabinetry of your kitchen, look for an option that closely matches those measurements. Remember to leave a bit of wiggle room for mounting hardware.

If you plan to park the appliance on your countertop, ensure you select a model that will fit in the space you want to place it in.

Additionally, consider the internal capacity and the number of people who will be using the appliance. If you have a smaller family of three or four people, you may not need a large model. However, if you have a larger family with more than five people, you might want to purchase a larger model with an increased internal capacity.

Mounting Type

Many microwaves are designed to rest on the countertop, constantly remaining in sight and readily available. You can get creative with the placement of these microwaves if you don’t have much counter space. For example, you could tuck it into a spare cabinet, angled corner cabinet, or even on a shelf above or below the countertop.

Generally, the second most popular alternative to a countertop model is to mount the microwave above the range.

These microwaves often double as a range vent, helping to filter smoke, steam, fumes, and odours from the food you cook on the stovetop. They sit conveniently out of the way, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice counter space in exchange for a microwave.

Of course, this isn’t the only placement option. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, you can leave an empty spot in the upper cabinets to place your microwave. The gap will need to fit the microwave’s measurements to a tee, as extra space around the appliance can seem tacky.

Select the placement option that works best for your needs. If you’re slim on counter space, choose a suspended option that sits above your stove or countertop. Or, if your kitchen doesn’t have a built-in spot for a microwave, pop the microwave in a cabinet or atop an open shelf.

Suppose you have a designated space in your kitchen for a microwave, like a hole above your stove or in the cabinetry. In that case, we recommend searching specifically for models that match those measurements. Since these measurements can vary from one home to the next, it’s usually easiest to start your search with them.

Remember, if you decide to go with an over-the-range microwave, ensure you select a model that is designed for this. The undersides of these microwaves are designed with fans and lights for over the stove, whereas a typical countertop microwave doesn’t have them. Plus, regular countertop microwaves aren’t designed to withstand moisture evaporating from pots on a stove beneath them, so selecting a model specifically intended for this situation is important.

Programmed Settings

Pay attention to the programmed settings the system offers. Many microwaves come with an array of pre-programmed settings for ultra-convenient usage. For example, many microwaves feature an auto defrost button to easily thaw meats and other foods.

Some feature more advanced settings, including various auto cook programs. Options for cook programs often include frozen dinners, popcorn, and pizza. However, more advanced microwaves come with even more settings to make cooking even easier.

While these pre-programmed settings might not be a must-have for everyone, they can be a helpful feature for quick and easy usage.

Power Capabilities

The power consumption is another consideration to think about as you search for your next microwave. Generally, you’ll find options ranging from 600 watts to over 1,000 watts. Smaller, more compact models, like those you might find in a hotel room, usually consume between 600 and 800 watts.

The average residential model usually consumes between 800 and 1,000 watts. The largest models consume over 1,000 watts and are typically standard in restaurants. However, they can also be a popular pick for busier homes with large families or multiple families under one roof.

If you want a more compact model, which is usually suitable for one to three people, look for a model that consumes around 700 watts. The mid-size options consuming about 900 watts are ideal for a typical single-family household, and the largest options pulling over 1,000 watts are typically best for multi-family homes and commercial settings.


A microwave is a fairly straightforward appliance. Many models are equipped with standard features to complete the intended function of heating food and drinks. However, if you have a small kitchen or limited counter space, you may want to consider a multi-functional microwave.

Some microwaves come with numerous functions, creating a two-in-one (or more in-one) appliance. For instance, some double as convection ovens, allowing you to bake your favourite cookies without turning on the behemoth resting beneath your cooktop. Others include toaster functions, rotisseries, and other handy additions to minimize the number of appliances you need in your kitchen.

While you can expect to pay more for a microwave with extra functions, this option can be cheaper than purchasing each appliance separately.


Many of the best microwaves come with some semblance of warranty coverage. A strong warranty displays the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, which generally bodes well for the consumer.

While microwave warranties rarely last longer than a year, the layer of protection allows you to rest assured your investment is covered. However, not all microwaves come with warranty coverage, so if this is an important aspect for you, we recommend eliminating models based on the coverage they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microwaves are a staple in many Canadian homes, offering a convenient way to thaw, cook, and reheat food. They’re widespread nationwide, appearing in millions of homes and restaurants. They’re also common in many commercial and industrial facilities.

Canadians who invest in a microwave can expect to get about seven to ten years of use out of them. The lifespan of these appliances is highly variable, as factors like usage and maintenance can drastically increase or decrease the actual lifespan. Those who take good care of their microwave by regularly cleaning and maintaining it will find it will last longer. 

Like many products, the cost of a microwave hinges entirely on the model you choose. A simple, compact microwave with fewer preset options will cost less than a full-size model filled with the newest tech. On average, microwaves cost between $80 and $350, although some models tip the scales in both directions.

Those who are concerned about purchasing products that are better for the environment will appreciate that many newer microwaves are created with eco-friendly designs. The Toshiba ML-EM31P(SS)/CA is a perfect option for those wanting to save energy, with its energy-saving feature that helps save money and is better for the planet. Like other eco-friendly microwaves, this model is ultra-quiet and great for those with babies or who are sensitive to loud noises.

Canadians with smaller kitchens may be concerned about how much space a microwave will take up, but there are many compact options. Those with limited space who are interested in a full-size microwave can look into a cart to store their microwave on if they do not have a built-in cubby or a countertop for one. Some microwaves are multi-function and can work as a toaster oven as well, which can help declutter your kitchen.

Like other kitchen appliances, it is important to regularly care and clean your microwave. You can expect to need to wipe down the outside of the microwave daily, as food and grease can easily accumulate on the surface. Inside, the cooking plate can usually be dishwasher washed or hand washed to remove stuck food, and the interior walls should be wiped clean to remove residue and odours. Besides cleaning, you should inspect the cords on a regular basis and ensure that the microwave is stored away from water and heat.