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Between screeching winds, unrelenting snow, and frosty temperatures, winters in Canada are nothing to trifle with. To keep your home warm, toasty, and an oasis from the biting cold of the outdoors, you’ll need some sort of heating system.

This can look different for many Canadians – some might choose wood-burning stoves, while others opt for heat pumps or furnaces. Heat pumps are an excellent option, as they utilize electricity to produce cozy heat in the winter and icy breezes in the summer.

But which one should you choose? We did the hard work for you and, after meticulous research, curated this list of the best mini-split heat pumps in Canada for 2024. Please note that it’s highly recommended to have the heat pump professionally installed. If you’re looking for optimal performance and safety from your unit, professional installation is a necessity before operation.

The 5 Best Mini-Split Heat Pumps for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Senville SENL-12CD
  • Best for Arctic Temperatures: Senville Aura Series
  • Best for Zoned Heating: Senville SENA-18HF
  • Best for Unobtrusive Design: Senville SENA-12IC-Z
  • Best for Multiple Rooms: Senville SENA-30HF/T

Why Did We Choose These Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Canada?

When compiling this list, we evaluated numerous mini-split heat pumps based on performance, efficiency, and features. Our committed team meticulously researched each product to ensure it performed as best in class, offering exceptional features and surging ahead as a clear winner.

This list is a reflection of these findings. Here’s a quick overview of why we chose these mini-splits.

The Senville SENL-12CD is a clear winner as the best overall. With a strong energy efficiency rating for both heating and cooling, smart capabilities, and a minimalistic design, this unit provides well-rounded features. It performs well in the chilly temperatures of Canadian winters but also exceeds expectations under the sweltering Canadian sun.

If you live in a particularly chilly province or territory in Canada, the Senville AURA Series Mini-Split is a strong contender. This unit can provide up to 75% efficiency at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent choice for frigid regions.

Have multiple rooms that need heat but want isolated temperature control in each space? The Senville SENA-18HF is a formidable pick, as it features two indoor heads, one for each room. You have separated control of each indoor head, allowing you to adjust the temperature to accommodate each occupant’s preferences.

The Senville SENA-12IC-Z is an outstanding option for Canadian homeowners who detest the looks of traditional mini-split units. This model features a recessed ceiling-mount design, and once you tuck it into place, it’s no more intrusive than a regular ceiling vent. If you don’t want to interrupt the theme or decor in your home, this unit might be the perfect fit.

Do you want to use one unit to control multiple rooms in your home? The Senville SENA-30HF/T is a great choice. This tri-zone mini-split heat pump can be set up to change the temperature in multiple rooms individually, so you can keep your space the exact temperature you need.

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Best Overall

Senville SENL-12CD

Senville SENL-12CD 12000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, White

It's Great For:

The Senville SENL-12CD is the best option for Canadians seeking a well-rounded mini-split heat pump. This model comes with all sorts of bells and whistles for ultimate comfort year-round.

For example, it has multiple functions to provide heating, cooling, and dehumidifying capabilities, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the entire year. On top of that, it features several fan settings, including a turbo option, to ensure the heated or cooled it produces enters the space it needs to.

You can effortlessly regulate your mini-split with a simple voice command if you have an Alexa-enabled speaker, such as the Echo Dot. Alternatively, control the system remotely from your phone with the smart app. Since the mini-split is Wi-Fi enabled, you can control the system wherever you are, as long as both devices have a strong internet connection.

This unit doesn’t disappoint in terms of energy efficiency, offering a solid rating of 8.4 HSPF5. This measurement surpasses Canada’s minimum energy efficiency requirement for Region V, which is set at 7.1 HSPF. On the cooling side, this unit remains a superior pick, with a rating of 19 SEER, surpassing the minimum requirements.

The solid energy efficiency ratings are possible courtesy of Senville’s high-efficiency inverter, which is a staple in its HVAC equipment. The inverter can help reduce heating and cooling energy usage in your home by up to 20%, although some homeowners report even higher reductions when switching from outdated technology. The system continues to provide solid efficiency in lower temperatures and will continue to operate in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius.

Like any mini-split, the unit comes with two separate units connected via various cables. The indoor unit features a sleek, minimalistic design, a flat white surface, and small brand logos. The design allows the unit to blend seamlessly into your home without interrupting your home’s decor. Of course, it might be more noticeable on a rich green or deeply-pigmented wall, but it’s fairly design-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Alexa enabled. Convenient control has never been easier, as you can effortlessly control your mini-split with a simple voice command or a quick tap on your smartphone.
  • Multi-functional. This mini-split features air conditioning, heating, dehumidifying, and multiple fanning functions, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of the season.
  • Remote control. Since this mini-split is compatible with Alexa, you can also control it wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. So, if you’re coming home from vacation and want to start heating your home to a comfortable temperature, pre-heat it using your smartphone.
  • Ultra-clean features. This mini-split makes cleaning easier with an anti-dust filter to clean dust and pollen from the air and a self-cleaning feature to ensure the system’s interior remains sparkling clean.

Our Expert’s Take

“This well-rounded unit impressed us with its solid energy efficiency, multi-function design, and built-in cleaning features. On top of that, it comes at a great price!”

Best for Arctic Temperatures

Senville AURA Series

Senville AURA Series Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 12000 BTU, Works with Alexa, Energy Star, White

It's Great For:

Senville’s AURA series models are built for the cold. These units are designed specifically for arctic temperatures and can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius! While some areas of Canada, like Victoria, B.C., don’t get quite that chilly, many places do. If you live in a region that experiences extreme winters, the Senville AURA mini-split heat pump might be the perfect tool to cut the cold.

The system offers up to 75% efficiency at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, which is remarkable. Many models begin to taper considerably when temperatures get this low, so the maximum efficiency at these temperatures is spectacular. 

This unit features many of Senville’s staples, including its powerful inverter. The inverter offers ultra-high efficiency ratings, allowing you to save the most on your energy bill. This unit provides an impressive heating efficiency rating of 10.5 HSPF5 or 13 HSPF4, both of which surpass Canadian minimum standards. On top of that, this unit offers an outstanding cooling efficiency rating of 25.5 SEER, which rivals industry-leading brands.

Aside from energy efficiency, this unit has several other notable features. For example, the system has a built-in diagnostics and leak detection system. Since these systems use refrigerant, this feature is excellent for safety, as refrigerant leaks can pose a significant health risk.

The diagnostics and leak detection system offers several features, including leak detection, a diagnostic display, and self-cleaning to ensure your system provides peak performance. If problems arise, your system will notify you, so no guesswork is involved.

The warranty is another important consideration when choosing a mini-split for your home. This unit comes with a strong warranty extending ten years for the compressor and five years on all other parts.

Key Features:

  • Energy Star certified. This unit carries an Energy Star certification, which guarantees that it won’t run up your power bill. Even when you need it to work overtime, it remains extremely efficient.
  • Built-in safety features. With a built-in diagnostics and leak detection system, you’ll never need to worry about undetected problems. These features can help you stay on top of maintenance and repairs if you have issues.
  • Strong warranty. A 10-year warranty covers the heart of this system (the compressor), ensuring you’ll get the most out of your purchase. This is great for extra peace of mind.
  • Designed for cold climates. This unit features an arctic heat pump that is designed to perform beautifully in icy temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

Our Expert’s Take

“The ultra-efficient heating capabilities of this unit are impressive. Our research team also applauded the energy efficiency capabilities at such low temperatures.”

Best for Zoned Heating

Senville SENA-18HF

Senville SENA-18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 18000 BTU, Works with Alexa, White

It's Great For:

The Senville SENA-18HF is an excellent option for Canadians who need zoned heating and cooling capabilities. You might need to heat your bedroom and your living room, or maybe you need dual-zone heating for two bedrooms. Either way, this unit has you covered.

It has two heads, allowing you to place one in each room for ultimate comfort and control. You can control each head separately, ensuring your room is always at the desired temperature.

This feature is ideal for homes with two individuals who appreciate different temperatures. For example, one might prefer warm, cozy comfort for sleeping, while another might prefer a chillier room. Since you can control each head individually, you’ll always have the perfect temperature in your space.

Like many Senville units, this unit offers remote control via an app or voice control via Alexa. It’s Wi-Fi compatible, so you can control it remotely from virtually anywhere. This is ideal for saving money, as it eliminates the concern of forgetting to set the thermostat before leaving on vacation.

The energy efficiency ratings of this unit also lend well to savings, with an impressive cooling efficiency rating of 22.5 SEER and a heating efficiency rating of 8.5 HSPF5 or 10.6 HSPF4. It continues to perform well in cold temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, offering up to 75% efficiency.

One of the most notable perks of this unit is its quiet operation. The outdoor part of this unit operates at just 58.5 decibels, and the indoor unit is even quieter. For comparison, the noise level of a regular conversation sits at about 60 decibels. This is ideal for people who work from home, have kids, or don’t want to be interrupted every time their mini-split kicks on or off.

Key Features:

  • Quiet operation. This unit is extremely quiet, ensuring it won’t disrupt your day as it cycles to heat your home. You can work, sleep, and enjoy your favourite shows while it runs.
  • Larger capacity. With 18,000 BTUs of heating and cooling capacity, this unit has plenty of power to keep larger spaces comfortable year-round.
  • Dual-zone heating. Complete with two indoor heads, this unit allows you to heat and cool two rooms in your home. Use it in your two most-occupied rooms for best results.
  • Solid energy efficiency. This unit features strong ratings of up to 22.5 SEER and 8.5 HSPF5. That’s extremely efficient for the size and power of the unit.

Our Expert’s Take

“We love the multi-zone capabilities of this unit, as it allows you to have ultimate control over the temperature in multiple rooms to ensure you don’t have to heat an unused space and save the most on your energy bills.”

Best for Unobtrusive Design

Senville SENA-12IC-Z

Senville SENA-12IC-Z 12000 BTU Ductless Ceiling Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

It's Great For:

If you hate the look of a mini-split mounted on your wall, throwing off the Feng Shui of your home, then the Senville SENA-12IC-Z might be the perfect fit for your home. This unit features a seamless ceiling mount design, so instead of resting on your wall and creating an eyesore, it’s tucked away in the ceiling.

When installed, the indoor unit looks much like a ceiling vent. The outdoor unit features a standard appearance, but since it doesn’t sit atop the wall, its looks usually aren’t a concern for most folks. 

This unit also has a strong energy efficiency rating, making it an excellent choice for Canadians who want to reduce their electricity bills. Heating your home in the icy grips of winter can be expensive, so energy efficiency is an absolute must.

This unit is Energy Star certified and doesn’t disappoint, offering an impressive heating efficiency rating of 8.8 HSPF5 or 10.6 HSPF4. Its cooling efficiency rating of 21.5 SEER is also solid, ensuring you’ll get the best energy efficiency out of your system and excellent savings on your electric bills.

This unit’s easy installation is another perk, as it can usually be installed with minimal labour. It’s typically compatible with existing electrical breakers, so you won’t need to worry about any fancy or complex electrical work. It’s as simple as connecting the setup to an existing breaker, making the entire installation a breeze.

Like other Senville units on this list, this model features highly efficient inverter technology, multiple functions, and a built-in refrigerant leak detection system. While it isn’t compatible with Alexa, it has Senville’s Follow Me Function. With this feature, you can tell the unit to heat or cool based on the remote’s location. The feature will also tell you the temperature of the room.

This unit can operate in extreme cold, providing up to 75% efficiency in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

Key Features:

  • Seamless design. The integrated ceiling design allows this model to blend seamlessly into your home, looking more like an air vent than an air conditioner or heater.
  • Strong efficiency ratings. This unit delivers highly efficient capabilities with a cooling efficiency of 21.5 SEER and a heating efficiency of 8.8 HSPF5 or 10.6 HSPF4.
  • Whisper technology. Senville’s whisper technology allows this unit to operate quietly, ensuring it won’t disturb your day.
  • Follow Me function. This feature makes it easier to heat and cool your home based on the temperature throughout the space.

Our Expert’s Take

“This model offers solid features for such a small, ceiling-mount design. Our researchers enjoyed the integrated design, as it doesn’t clash with any surrounding decor.”

Best for Multiple Rooms

Senville SENA-30HF/T

Senville SENA-30HF/T Tri Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 28000 BTU, Works with Alexa, White

It's Great For:

Homes with multiple rooms need a powerful mini split heat pump to help control the temperature throughout their spaces. A smart option like the Senville SENA-30HF/T uses multiple indoor air handlers and Alexa compatibility to give you complete control over every room in your home. This mini split heat pump is also great for businesses, especially when serving multiple meeting rooms or offices with the same machine. 

Alexa functionality means you can control the pump with your voice or via an app on your phone. You’ll be able to adjust each room separately, view the temperature in each space, and adjust accordingly. These features can help save you money and electricity, as you can easily control where the climate control features are running and where they are shut off. 

This heat pump requires professional installation, but it comes with everything you need to get the job done. This includes indoor air handlers for each room, an outdoor condenser, and an installation kit with 16 feet of line and communication wires. While you should attempt to install this unit yourself, the person who comes to install it won’t need any additional parts or kits.

This heat pump does more than just heat your spaces. It can also cool and dehumidify your rooms, so it’s great for all seasons. Regardless of what temperature you like to keep your home, this heat pump works great throughout the year. The smart features help you save energy, so your electric bill will be lower even though you are staying comfortable in your home.

Key Features

  • Works with Alexa. This smart pump can be controlled with your voice or the app when you connect it to Alexa. You can set up routines and adjust temperatures individually right from your phone.
  • Multiple Rooms. If you have multiple rooms that need to be cooled or heated, this option is great. It comes with multiple indoor air handlers, so you can control the temperature in each room and see them all at once.
  • Multi-Function. This heat pump also works as an air conditioner and dehumidifier. You can completely control the air inside of your home no matter the season when this mini split heat pump is installed. 
  • Great for Home or Business. The high-efficiency DC inverter compressor allows this mini split heat pump to take on anything you throw at it, including multiple rooms or larger spaces. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Senville SENA-30HF/T is a great choice for heating or cooling multiple rooms at once. This mini split heat pump comes with multiple indoor air handlers, so you can set the individual temperature per room in your home or business.”

Comparing the Best Mini-Split Heat Pumps for Canadians

CategoryMini-Split PumpDimensionsSizeVoltageWarranty
Best OverallSenville SENL-12CD10.4 x 26 x 21.3 centimetres12,000 BTUs110 volts5 years
Best for Arctic TemperaturesSenville AURA Series9 x 37 x 12 centimetres12,000-24,000 BTUs220 volts10 years
Best for Zoned HeatingSenville SENA-18HF31.8 x 84.3 x 68.6 centimetres18,000 BTUs230 volts10 years
Best for Unobtrusive DesignSenville SENA-12IC-Z22.44 x 22.44 x 10.24 centimetres12,000 BTUs230 volts10 years
Best for Multiple RoomsSenville SENA-30HF/T23.3 x 84.8 x 29.9 centimetres9,000 BTUs220 volts10 years

How We Selected These Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Canada

Our team is dedicated to helping consumers like you choose the perfect products for their homes. We closely monitor household trends and lifestyle products, offering insight into our top picks to help you keep up with the chaos of daily life. We examine various types of home products, from the comfiest mattresses to the most effective exercise equipment.

Our commitment to thorough research us recommend the best of the best. As we evaluated mini-split heat pumps in Canada for this list, we looked for a few key features, including the following:

  • Sizing: Mini-split heat pumps aren’t one-size-fits-all products. Instead, each home has different needs due to varying sizes, insulation quality, temperatures, and other factors that can impact the best size for your home. We looked for models with varying outputs to ensure there’s something to accommodate multiple space sizes.
  • Temperature range: When considering a heat pump for Canadian winters, choosing one capable of operating in low temperatures is essential. Each model on this list meets these expectations, working in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Safety features: While mini-splits are relatively safe, features to protect users are essential. We looked for various features, including leak detection, filtration, and diagnostics, as these features can help promote the health of occupants in the home by notifying them of dangerous leaks, filtering pollutants, and alerting them of potential complications.
  • Smart features: High-end features, including Alexa and Wi-Fi compatibility, are handy additions to a mini-split heat pump. While technically unnecessary, they can significantly affect control and performance. For example, you can control a Wi-Fi-compatible unit from virtually anywhere, ensuring you don’t waste any money producing excess heat when you’re not home.

Terms to Know About Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Canada

Terms to Know About Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Canada

As you browse through this list for the best heat pump in Canada, you might come across a few words or terms you’re unfamiliar with. It’s important to have a foundation of understanding to ensure you select the best option, so here’s a quick overview to help you as you read through this list:

  • SEER: The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio tells you the ratio of the cooling output of a heat pump over a typical cooling season, divided by its total energy use in watt-hours. In essence, this tells you how efficient your system is. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit.
  • HSPF: The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor tells you how well your unit will perform throughout the heating season. It measures the heating output throughout the heating season to the electricity consumed. Like SEER ratings, higher HSPF ratings translate to more efficient units. Sometimes, a number will follow the acronym (HSPF5). This indicates the rating based on the zone, as the number indicates the climate zone.
  • BTUs: This is the shortened version of British Thermal Units and is a measurement that displays the amount of energy your system uses to do its job.

Why Choose A Mini-Split Heat Pump in Canada?

Mini-split heat pumps can be an excellent choice for Canadians. Firstly, they don’t require ductwork, so they’re suitable for homes without it. Since installing ductwork is expensive and often requires an extensive remodel to access the necessary points, mini-splits are a solid alternative.

Secondly, these units are small, so they don’t consume an excessive amount of space in your house or yard. Instead, they have a compact footprint that enables them to remain conveniently out of your way. So, if you’re short on space, a mini-split can be a suitable alternative to conventional central heating solutions.

On top of that, mini-splits are usually highly efficient and offer zoned temperature control, allowing you to save on your energy bills. You can control the temperature of each room, ensuring you only spend money on heating the rooms you’re in. While the upfront cost is somewhat steep, the long-term benefits can make this a worthwhile venture for many Canadians.

What to Look For in Mini-Split Heat Pumps for Canadians

What to Look For in Mini-Split Heat Pumps for Canadians

When searching for your next (or first) mini-split heat pump, it’s important to understand what to look for. Otherwise, you may end up with a unit that doesn’t match your needs and performs poorly. So, to help you select the best fit for your home, review these tips:


Size is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a heat pump, so pay attention to the output of each heat pump. You’ll need to select a heat pump that is large enough to accommodate the size of the room but not overly large.

Generally, heat pump sizing is expressed in BTUs, but you might also see it expressed in tons. You can easily convert one to the other as long as you know the equivalents: 12,000 BTUs equals one ton.

So, let’s say you need an 18,000-BTU heat pump but are considering a model that expresses output in tons. Using the above measurements, we can determine that 18,000 BTUs is equivalent to 1.5 tons.

We’ll take a deep dive into sizing after evaluating the factors to consider.


Consider the number of zones you want to heat, as this will tell you what type of system you need. If you have multiple rooms you want to heat, consider a dual or multi-zoned heating system.

These systems usually have numerous indoor heads that connect to a single outdoor head. If you have an extensive home and need more than a handful of indoor heads, you might need to invest in a few outdoor units. Investing in zoned heating will allow you to control the temperature in each space independently, so this might be an excellent solution for some folks.

It’s particularly handy for homeowners who have drastically different temperature preferences. For example, maybe you run hot and prefer to keep the temperature in your room slightly lower, but your roommate runs cold and prefers to keep their room hotter. With multiple indoor heads, you can regulate the temperature in each room independently, ensuring each individual is always comfortable in their space.


Energy efficiency is another essential consideration, as this will determine how high your electricity bills are. Generally, it’s best to choose a more efficient option, as you’ll save more on electricity. Remember, the higher the HSPF rating, the more efficient your unit is.

However, highly efficient models are often pricier, so if you’re working with a budget, we recommend selecting a model that meets minimum efficiency requirements in your area while still remaining within your budget.

If you’re unsure what the minimum efficiency requirements are in your area, we recommend consulting your local building authority or your government site, such as this resource on heat pumps.


While this isn’t a crucial consideration for everyone, it doesn’t hurt to evaluate your style expectations. Ask yourself the following questions to select a suitable fit for your needs:

  • Do you have room for a wall-mounted heat pump?
  • Would you prefer a concealed, vent-style heat pump?
  • Do you like the looks of a floor-mounted heat pump?

Once you have your answers, you can narrow down your search. For example, if you want a concealed model or one that doesn’t sit high on a wall, you could consider the Senville SENA-24HF or the Senville SENA-12IC-Z.


Your location and climate are critical considerations in the heat pump purchasing process. Take note of the average temperatures your area experiences throughout the coolest part of winter. This is important because your heat pump doesn’t actually produce heat.

Instead, it transfers heat from outside to inside your home. It absorbs heat from the outside air and uses it to raise the temperature inside your home. Although it seems illogical, heat pumps can continue to siphon heat out of outdoor air, even when it’s cold outside.

However, at a certain point, your heat pump will stop working. Most heat pumps are unable to pull heat from the air when outside temperatures dip below -10 degrees Celsius. However, cold climate heat pumps in Canada can continue operating beyond that, continuing to pull heat in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

When temperatures drop below -30 degrees Celsius, even cold-climate heat pumps can’t do their jobs. So, this is why it’s so important to evaluate the average winter lows in your area. If it regularly gets below -30, a heat pump might not be the best option for you.

Instead, you may want to consider wood heat, including pellet and wood-burning stoves, or an electric or gas furnace. Since those heat sources don’t rely on outdoor temperatures to supply heat, they can keep your house warm and cozy throughout the chilliest winter months. Of course, the best option for your home will depend on factors specific to your home, such as the resources available to you.

If you live in a more temperate area, where temperatures rarely get close to or dip below -30 degrees Celsius, a heat pump might be perfectly suitable for your home.

How to Choose the Best-Sized Mini-Split Heat Pump in Canada

How to Choose the Best-Sized Mini-Split Heat Pump in Canada

The size of your home plays a key role in determining the best mini-split heat pump size for your home. As a general rule, you’ll need approximately 30 BTUs of heating output per one square foot of living space. This ensures your heat pump can produce enough heated or cooled air to keep the area comfortable.

If the system is undersized, it may be unable to keep up with demands, resulting in drastic temperature swings, inconsistent temperatures, and excessive energy use. So, it’s important to select an appropriate system size.

For example, if you have a 1,000-square-foot space you want to heat, you would need approximately 30,000 BTUs of heating output. Or, if you’re going to heat a 300-square-foot master bedroom, you would need around 9,000 BTUs of heating output.

However, it’s important to note that various factors may impact the best heat pump size for your home. For example, if your home’s insulation quality is poor or you have numerous drafty doors and windows, you’ll likely need a larger heat pump to compensate for lost heat.

Given the potential complexity of determining the proper system size, it doesn’t hurt to consult a local HVAC technician for help with sizing. This way, you’ll ensure you get the best size for your home’s unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mini-split heat pumps do work in Canada. They can be an excellent choice for Canadian homes without ductwork, as they provide heat without an extensive network of ducts. However, they may stop working at a certain temperature, so they might not be suitable for the extreme cold in Northern Canada.

Mini-split heat pumps are designed to keep all Canadian households healthy and safe when using. You can expect that most mini-split heat pumps have leak detections, excellent filtration and diagnostic systems in place for the safest use. Some high-tech mini-split heat pumps can even connect to home smart devices, where you can easily control the system and see when and if filters need to be changed.

Most heat pumps stop working when the temperatures drop below -10 degrees Celsius. However, cold climate models can continue working, often at reduced efficiency, until around -25 to -30 degrees Celsius. Those living in colder climates of Canada will want to ensure that the heat pump will work correctly for your typical winter weather.

The exact lifespan of a mini-split heat pump for your Canadian home will vary based on multiple factors, including usage, quality, and maintenance. They usually last between 10 and 15 years on average, although they may continue to function for several years beyond this range with reduced efficiency. Choosing a heat pump with an extended warranty will ensure it will last as long as possible in case it breaks down or has issues.

While it seems counter-intuitive to let your mini-split heat pump run all night long, doing so can save you money. Allowing the system to cycle throughout the night prevents the temperature in your home from dropping drastically. This eliminates the need for your system to work overtime to heat your home again in the morning. On top of that, it keeps your home cozy 24/7, so you won’t wake up to a frigid house.

Mini-splits are designed for continuous operation. They’ll consistently run to ensure the temperature in your home remains constant, helping to avoid drastic temperature increases or drops.

Unlike a central air conditioner, these systems don’t cycle intermittently. Instead, they continue to operate even when the temperature in your home is at the set number, using inverter technology to run at varying speeds and keep your home comfortable.