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Outdoor security cameras can add peace of mind to Canadian households. The enhanced security they add can protect against theft and allow you to observe what goes on around your home, even when you are away. There are many options to choose from, so you may require some assistance narrowing down the best one.

To help with this challenge, we have compiled a list featuring the best outdoor security cameras in Canada for 2024. Based on features that are most relevant to Canadians, we made sure to extensively evaluate each camera to ensure the quality of its performance. Here are the best outdoor security cameras that can be of interest to you.

The Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Canadians: Best Picks for 2024

  • Best Overall: Reolink 4K Smart PoE Camera System
  • Best Battery Life: eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit
  • Best Detection: WUUK 2K Home Security Outdoor Camera
  • Best Rotating Camera: DEKCO 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera
  • Best for Large Properties: DEKCO 1080P Outdoor Security Camera
  • Best Wired Option: TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD Security Camera
  • Best Multi-Cam System: Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System
  • Best Image Resolution: Reolink 4K PoE IP Camera System

Why Did We Choose These Outdoor Security Cameras in Canada?

When it comes to home security, you deserve the best. Your home security is one area where you shouldn’t choose the option that is least expensive. We’ve scouted the best outdoor security cameras in Canada for 2024 so you can make sure you and your family stay safe. Each option stood out to us in specific ways, which is ultimately why they made our list. Here are the best options for security cameras for Canadians.

Our pick for the best outdoor security camera in Canada overall is the Reolink 4K Smart PoE Camera System. This option comes with a host of features, including 4 cameras, colour night vision, and expandable storage for better coverage.

We chose the eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit as our favourite for battery life. The extra features and 180 days of active battery life set it apart. In addition, it offers wide-range viewing, night vision, and human detection capabilities to eliminate false alerts.

The WUUK 2K Home Security Outdoor Camera offers impressive human detection thanks to the integrated motion sensor camera. This motion sensor analyses movement to detect human figures, and the outdoor system provides efficient night vision capture with high contrast. There is also a possibility to use the spotlight to provide colour capture even in the dark when necessary.

The DEKCO 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera is the best rotating camera we found, with 360- and 90-degree panning capability. Additional features include a siren and strobe light to ward against intruders, 4X digital zoom, full-colour night vision with built-in floodlights, and a 2-way microphone.

The DEKCO 1080p Outdoor Security Camera is the best option in Canada for larger properties. You can purchase more than one camera at once, and each camera pans wide to extend your field of view. You’ll never miss anything with adjustable motion sensitivity levels and more range of motion than other cameras on the Canadian market.

For the best wired outdoor security camera, we picked the TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD Security Camera. It features colour and long-distance night vision that can see for up to 30 metres in the dark. Motion and person detection, 2-way audio, and your choice of local or cloud storage make this wired camera a great choice.

If you’re looking for a multi-cam system to cover all corners of your home, we recommend the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System. With 8 available channels, four included cameras and 1TB of memory storage, this is a fully functional whole-home security system.

Finally, we chose the Reolink 4K PoE IP Camera System for the best image resolution capabilities. This outdoor security camera system comes with four cameras that use 4K Ultra High-Definition which is almost four times as clear as the other cameras on our list. These smart cameras can identify people and vehicles by their shapes to eliminate unwanted alerts and include a simple plug-and-play setup.

Best Outdoor Security Camera in Canada: Quick Menui
Reolink 4K Smart PoE Camera System

It's Great For:

If you have a larger property, finding a kit that comes with enough cameras and storage can be a challenge. Thankfully, our pick for the best outdoor security camera in Canada offers both, along with stunning fidelity, crisp footage, and innovative colour night vision. No matter whether you need 24/7 monitoring or prefer to only capture motion detection events, this camera system delivers exactly what you want.

This system comes with a receiver and 4 wall-mount cameras. Each camera has a viewing angle of between 31 degrees and 105 degrees, allowing for a wide range of coverage over your property. If you set these cameras up strategically, you can get a full view of every possible part of your space. You can set the camera to record continuously, too. With 2TB of on-board storage and the capability to expand up to 12TB, you’ll be able to save more footage than many other cameras offer.

If you prefer, you can set the cameras up to detect people, vehicles, and pets. With these settings, the cameras will react to motion, turn on spotlights if you choose, and send you monitoring alerts to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

With plug-and-play features and colour night vision, this camera system really stuck out to us. It’s extremely simple to set the cameras up with only a single network cable for each camera. In addition, the 5 built-in spotlights allow for stunning colour night vision, providing a level of detail that can take the standard grainy security footage to the next level.

Key Features

  • Colour Night Vision. Each camera includes 5 built-in spotlights, which can illuminate areas even at night. Colour night vision makes it easy to identify cars, especially.
  • Easy to Install. You won’t need a complicated setup for this security camera system. It can use a single network cable for each camera, allowing for easy plug-and-play setup. 
  • Continuous Recording. The Reolink 4K Smart PoE Camera System can record continuously throughout the day and night, which is critical for recording important events that might not trigger motion detection.
  • Expandable Capacity. While this camera system comes with a 2TB HDD, you can expand the storage up to 12TB to store more footage.

Our Expert’s Take

“This camera system offers some of the best features available on the Canadian market. Four plug-and-play cameras capture extreme video fidelity. Expandable storage and colour night vision make this camera system indispensable.”

Best Overall

EufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee

It's Great For:

Wireless technology allows for the same performance and capabilities as their corded counterparts without needing to wrestle with power cables. If you’re looking for the best wireless outdoor security camera in Canada for 2024, we recommend the eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit to get the job done right.

This outdoor security camera comes equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that has a six-month lifespan. Automatic battery life monitoring alerts you when it’s time to replace the battery so you won’t be caught unaware and risk losing your footage. And the eufyCam 2C integrates with Amazon Alexa from your tablet or smartphone for easy control and 24/7 viewing. The embedded multimedia card can hold up to three months of footage safely and securely.

This security camera allows for 135-degree diagonal viewing for a wide field of view. Included in its capabilities are full colour or infrared night vision (your choice) and a built-in spotlight for easy viewing even in the dark. It also uses AI human detection technology that can recognize the shape of human beings. This technology helps the camera differentiate between people and animals or other moving objects and reduces the chance of false alerts. This camera is waterproof and weather resistant, so it holds up to the elements.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi Capabilities. The wireless features included with this camera kit provide more thorough accessibility and control over the system. 
  • 135-Degree Viewing. The diagonal viewing capability of this camera kit offers a wider field of view for better live monitoring. 
  • AI Human Detection. This cam kit uses AI human detection to analyse movement and quickly recognise human shapes, ensuring fewer false alarms. 
  • Long Battery Life. The EufyCam comes with a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 180 days, making it an even more convenient choice. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This two-camera kit allows impressive system control, a wide field of view, and the ability to detect humans on your footage. The system is full of great perks.”

Best Detection

WUUK 2K Home Security Outdoor Camera

Home Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, WUUK 2K Camera Surveillance Exterieur WiFi with Base Station, No Monthly Fee, Color Night Vision, 32GB Free Local Storage, IP67, Alexa & Google Compatible

It's Great For:

The WUUK 2K Home Security Outdoor Camera offers efficient night vision thanks to the built-in motion sensor designed to detect humans. The 2K enhanced image and the 2-way audio provide comprehensive high quality capture that allows Canadians to keep track of every detail.

The 2-way audio can be used remotely to communicate with people arriving at the front door. The pack includes 2 wireless cameras along with the WUUK Base Station, but those looking for more security can add up to 8 wireless cameras to the system. The cameras included with the system come with a rechargeable battery and with a waterproof design that allows them to be used in any weather.

The Base Station has 32GB of local storage, providing a convenient security experience. This Wi-Fi enabled system can be easily set up by connecting the Base Station to the home internet with an included Ethernet cable. This efficient monitoring does not require a subscription and has long battery life for extra practicality. There is a built-in spotlight that can be turned on to provide color video capture at night.

The system fires up immediate anti-theft alarm messages straight to your phone, making sure you are kept aware of any security alerts any time. The mobile app provides easy access to live view, even when you are away from home looking to check in. For even more convenience, the system is compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can have hands-free access whenever you need it.

The high-contrast night vision included with the system is sharp and detailed. This makes detection very detailed even at night, and even when only using it in black and white night vision without turning on the spotlight.

Key Features

  • Efficient Detection. The detection included with the system is very comprehensive, offering efficient movement analysis that easily keeps track of humans in the perimeter. 
  • Anti-Theft Alarm. When the system detects intrusive motion around your house, it immediately sends alerts straight to your phone, keeping you aware of what is going on. 
  • Built-In Motion Sensor. The motion sensor included with the system keeps easy track of what is happening, recording movement and making use of the convenient local storage to keep everything filed.  
  • Easy Setup. This wireless system can be easily installed and hooked up to the local internet with an Ethernet cable so Wi-Fi can be used with the cameras. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Night vision is important when it comes to security cameras, so the night vision and extra detection on this camera makes it stand out on our list.”

Best Rotating

DEKCO 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera

DEKCO 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera with 360 Degree Pan-Tilt Motion Tracking,Home Camera Surveillance Exterieur, WiFi Security Camera, Full Color Night Vision, Sound-Light Alarm, 2-Way Audio, Waterproof

It's Great For:

When you need to see every detail of what’s happening around your home, we recommend choosing a rotating camera. The best rotating option we found in Canada is the DEKCO 2K HD outdoor security camera. It can pan 350 degrees from side to side and 90 degrees up and down, for the widest field of view possible. You can also access 4X digital zoom to get a closer look. You’ll never miss a moment with this camera.

The DEKCO 2K HD outdoor security camera is fully equipped with the features that you want the most, including motion tracking and mobile alerts. It integrates with the DEKCO app on your smartphone or tablet, and even allows for sharing with friends and family. 24/7 recording and event monitoring allow you to check up on things at home whenever you want. And DEKCO allows for local storage via a Micro SD card (up to 126G) or via the Cloud.

This security camera allows you to choose from full-colour or infrared night vision. It also comes equipped with built-in floodlights and an alarm option for those times when you want to startle unwanted trespassers away from your front door. Use the two-way audio option to converse with delivery drivers and guests in real-time.

Key Features

  • Fully Rotating. Canadians can use this outdoor security camera to customize their preferred pan and tilt angles to get the best view. The camera can be panned 350 degrees from side to side, and tilted 90 degrees up and down. 
  • 3 Night Vision Settings. This camera offers comprehensive night vision thanks to the 3 settings included to personalize it according to your preferences. 
  • Storage Options. You can choose to store your footage locally or in the cloud, which opens up more practical possibilities. 
  • Digital Zoom. The camera offers up to 4x digital zoom that allows you to close in on specific details to get the most detailed security coverage. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This HD outdoor security camera offers 3 different night vision settings, along with full rotation. You’ll be able to see each angle of your property no matter what time of day it is.”

Best for Large Properties

DEKCO 1080p Outdoor Security Camera

DEKCO Outdoor Security Camera - 2K Pan Rotating 180 degree Wired Camera Surveillance Exterieur with Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, 2.4G WiFi, IP65, Motion Detection Alarm (2 Pack)

It's Great For:

If you own a larger property or need to cover more ground, the DECKO 1080p Outdoor Security Camera might be the best option for you. This camera features a 180-degree pan, so you can move to capture more of your property with fewer cameras. With this panning feature, each camera can survey up to 270 degrees around the mounting point. However, you can also choose packages with one, two, or four cameras to supplement your existing security system. If you need more than one camera to ease your mind, you can purchase multiple cameras at once.

These cameras install easily with a wall mount. It takes about 10 minutes to install these cameras, and they quickly connect to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. Unlike similar cameras, you don’t need a subscription to store your footage. You can insert a micro SD card into the camera, which will record up to 128 MB of video. Once the storage limit of this memory card is reached, the camera will begin recording over the existing footage.

If you prefer a cloud-based storage system, you can pay a small subscription fee to hold your important footage without the risk of losing it. If you worry about your camera recording all the time, you can rest easy. The camera will only record footage when it detects movement. There are three adjustable motion sensitivity levels, so you can capture only what you want to see. Turn it down to ‘low’ to capture large movements such as people walking up to your front door. The higher motion sensitivity options capture far more, including cars coming and going and any animals that may come into your yard.

These cameras include two-way talk. You can share your camera information with multiple family members as well through the cloudEdge app. This allows anyone in your home to view your security feed when needed.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Motion Sensitivity. With this camera, Canadians have access to 3 adjustable motion sensitivity levels. This level can be changed at any time, so you can go from low detection to high detection as needed. 
  • Various Options. Depending on your needs, you can choose between just one camera, a 2-pack, or a 4-pack. This can help keep your home protected no matter the surface area. 
  • Infrared Night Vision. There is 2K infrared night vision included with this camera, providing sharp and clear images while recording at night. This can help keep you better protected and more aware of what’s going on around your home at all times. 
  • Wide Pan. The camera can pan up to 180 degrees, so you can get a wider view of your property. You can pan towards any anomalies with ease.

Our Expert’s Take

“The adjustable motion sensitivity sets this camera apart. The infrared night vision leads to better footage overall, allowing for better peace of mind at night. The larger pan and viewing range is best for larger properties.”

It's Great For:

Wireless technology is great for many things, but when it comes to something that requires 24/7 recording without fail, some Canadians prefer to rely on the old-fashioned power cord for peace of mind. If that’s the case for you, we recommend the TP-Link Tapo 2L 4MP QHD Security Camera.

This camera offers 2K 4MP resolution for crystal-clear video recording. This resolution helps you see the details of people and vehicles so you can identify who is coming and going from your property. And the Starlight Sensor provides high-quality full-colour night vision up to 30 metres even in the dark. Included are fully integrated dual spotlights which only activate when motion is detected, which can help save you money on energy costs.

This camera is IP66 waterproof and weather resistant so it can withstand rain, snow, and sleet, as well as the low temperatures that Canada is known for. 24/7 recording and event monitoring send real-time alerts directly to your smart device. And you can choose between local storage capabilities (with a microSD card of up to 256GB) or cloud storage. Also available with a subscription is Tapo Care, which lets you save up to a 30-day recording history, event notifications with snapshots, manual recording, and video-sharing capabilities.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Video. The crystal-clear picture provided by the camera is a great asset for Canadians looking for great resolution. This creates better monitoring through the day and night.
  • TV Integration. The camera can be linked with Chromecast or Amazon Echo and play on your TV. This allows you to easily monitor your properties at critical times.
  • Event Monitoring. The 24/7 recording keeps you in the loop, with real-time alerts sent to your phone whenever something is detected.
  • Dual Spotlights. There are 2 built-in spotlights that are automatically triggered when motion is detected. This helps keep you more protected while also saving on your utility bills. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Dual spotlights and clear video quality make this option great for use during the day and even at night. The ability to choose storage methods allows you to store a ton of footage for later use.”

Best Multi-Cam System

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

【2K,Two Way Audio】 Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System,1TB Hard Drive,4Pcs 3MP Cameras 10Channel NVR,Mobile&PC Remote,Outdoor IP66 Waterproof,Night Vision,Motion Alert,Plug&Play,7/24/Motion Record……

It's Great For:

When one camera simply isn’t enough, we recommend upgrading to the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System. Unlike other systems, this one is designed for every Canadian to set up and use quickly and easily, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. The plug-and-play design means all you need to do is mount and plug in the cameras, power on the included Wi-Fi-capable NVR, connect to a network, and install the Eseecloud app on your smartphone or tablet. The intuitive setup does the rest. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

The Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System is a great starter system and is perfect for scaling up your security system in the future. It comes with a 1TB Hard Drive pre-installed, with the ability to upgrade to 6TB. It comes with four cameras but has 8 channels so you can add four more if you choose. And everything is managed through the Eseecloud app, for easy upgrading and management.

Included in the functionality of this outdoor security camera system is human and motion detection with built-in alarms. The cameras are IP66 waterproof and can withstand temperatures as low as –25 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Add in night vision and 2-way audio capabilities and you’ve got a fully rounded security system that can cover every inch of your property with ease.

Key Features

  • Scalable System. This option comes with 8 channels, allowing you to expand the system at any time from 4 to 8 cameras.
  • Large Hard Drive. The system comes with a 1TB hard drive, making local storage easily accessible and very convenient.  The hard drive can be upgraded up to 6TB. 
  • Plug-and-Play Setup. Easy installation is guaranteed by the plug-and-play design, so it’s simple to get your cameras set up in minutes.
  • Powerful Performance. The system provides powerful performance in one easy to use setup. It doesn’t take long to get it going, and once it does, it delivers the security you need.

Our Expert’s Take

“One of the best things about the Hisseu Wireless Security Camera System is the ability to scale. If you need more cameras later, or need to expand coverage on your property, it’s easy to make this system work for you.”

Reolink 4K PoE IP Camera System, H.265, Smart Person/Vehicle Security Detection, 8MP 8CH NVR w/ Pre-Installed 2TB HDD for 24/7 Recording, RLK8-800D4

It's Great For:

The Reolink 4K PoE IP Camera system is designed for Canadians who want a multi-camera system that provides the highest-quality recording and image capture capabilities. These cameras have 4K Ultra HD resolution, which delivers 4,000 pixels and is over 4 times the resolution of typical 1080p cameras. The picture remains clear even when using the digital zoom feature.

This camera system has person and vehicle detection capabilities, so you won’t get false alarms from passing vehicles or a random squirrel passing by. You can also personalize the detection algorithms to tell the system when to alert you. The cameras have night vision capabilities up to 30 metres.

This system comes with four cameras with 8 available channels, allowing you to upgrade the system if you choose. A pre-installed 2TB Hard Drive allows for plenty of storage space, with the ability to install an external hard drive with up to 6TB if needed. And this system is designed for plug-and-play operability, meaning the setup is quick and easy even for beginners. It integrates with your smart devices for real-time event alerts and 24/7 live streaming ability, plus you can share access with friends or family for free.

Key Features

  • Sharing Options. You can easily share footage captured by the camera system for more convenient viewing and access options. 
  • 4K UHD Resolution. The impressive 4K resolution reveals the finest details on your footage, which is imperative when it comes to catching important evidence.
  • Spacious Storage. The pre-installed 2TB hard drive offers ample local storage that can be upgraded up to 6TB whenever necessary. 
  • Real-Time Event Monitoring. This keeps Canadians aware of everything going on around their property at all times, with alerts popping up when anything is detected. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This Reolink system offers superior 4K UHD resolution and ample local storage. You’ll always be able to recall the high-definition footage you need if something happens.”

Comparing the Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Canadians

CategoryCameraResolutionMemoryMountingNumber of Cameras
Best OverallEufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit1080p3 Months, 16GB EMMCWall Mount2
Best DetectionWUUK 2K Home Security Outdoor Camera2K32 GBWall Mount2
Best RotatingDEKCO 2K HD Outdoor Security Camera1296pMicro SD up to 128G or CloudWall Mount1
Best for Large PropertiesDEKCO 1080p Outdoor Security Camera1080p128mb (SD Card) or Cloud (Subscription)Wall Mount1, 2, or 4
Best Wired OptionTP-Link Tapo 2K 4MP QHD Security Camera1440pMicroSD Card up to 256 GB or CloudWall Mount1
Best Multi-Cam SystemHiseeu Wireless Security Camera System1080p1 TB Hard DriveWall Mount4
Best Image ResolutionReolink 4K PoE IP Camera System4K Ultra HD2TB Hard DriveCeiling Mount4

How We Selected These Outdoor Security Cameras in Canada

We’re in the business of helping Canadians find the very best options in household trends and lifestyle products. Our goal is to do the hard work of research and analysis so you don’t have to. We have evaluated and rated products of all kinds, including appliances, electronic equipment, household goods, and more.

We choose our recommendations based on evaluations made by our team of experts. Each product is thoroughly researched and analyzed. Based on this information, we are certain that we are sending you recommendations for the products that will serve you the best. When evaluating the best outdoor security cameras in Canada, we looked for the following features:

  • Number of Cameras. Some Canadians are looking for a whole-home outdoor camera system that provides coverage of all corners of their property. Others just want one or two cameras to cover the front entrance or driveway area. We looked for a variety of options when it comes to the number of cameras included, and even offered options that provide a scalable system with up to eight integrated cameras.
  • Resolution. A camera’s resolution is what determines the quality of the video that is recorded. A higher resolution means a greater number of pixels. Cameras with a high resolution provide a clearer picture that is less grainy and harder to define. We looked for cameras that provide a high-resolution and high-definition recording.
  • Memory Storage. Outdoor security cameras in Canada must have ample memory storage capacity so that you can access previously recorded data, even months later. We looked for a variety of memory storage options, including pre-installed hard drives, memory card options, and even cameras that allow for storage via the cloud.
  • Weatherproof. Outdoor cameras need to hold up against the Canadian elements, and that means withstanding extreme temperatures. It also means we looked for cameras that are rain and water-proof, and able to withstand precipitation of all kinds.
Why Use an Outdoor Security Camera in Canada

Why Use an Outdoor Security Camera in Canada?

Security cameras allow Canadians the ability to always keep an eye on their home and property, whether they’re home or not. With a great outdoor camera system, you can capture video and audio recordings twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, so you never miss a moment of activity.

Outdoor security cameras have evolved since their first introduction, and now include a variety of features as well as high-resolution video recording capabilities. Some of the benefits of using an outdoor security camera in Canada include:

Deter Theft and Criminal Activity

With a visible outdoor security camera, you can deter criminal activity and potential theft of your property before it even happens. When criminals or individuals with bad intentions spot that security camera in front of your house, they know that you’re watching them and might be less brazen about trying something nefarious.

Also, many of today’s cameras come with real-time alerts, so if someone comes onto your property uninvited, you will immediately know. Many cameras have spotlights, sirens, and alarms to further scare away unwanted visitors. You can even choose a camera with two-way audio so you can personally tell criminals to get lost.

Feel Secure in Your Home

With a security camera, you get peace of mind because you know that even when you’re not watching, the cameras are. If anything happens that threatens your home, your family, or your property, you will be the first to know, which means you can alert law enforcement immediately and potentially catch the person in the act. And you will have a permanent record of the event, including a clear image of the person in question, any vehicle they may be driving, and even the sound of their voice – all of which can be passed along to law enforcement in the event of a crime.

Keep an Eye on Visitors

With so many Canadians shopping online today versus visiting a physical store in person, there is a high likelihood that delivery drivers will be visiting your home with packages intended for you. However, porch pirates and package thieves are very adept at snatching those packages right from your front steps without you even knowing it. With an outdoor security system, you can get a real-time motion-activated alert as soon as a package arrives, and as soon as a thief steps onto your property to steal that package. With two-way audio and security sirens, you can easily scare those package thieves away.

Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Many Canadians don’t realize that installing an outdoor security camera or camera system can save them money on their homeowner’s insurance. It can also help support your story in the event of a claim because you will have access to a clear recording of the incident as it happened.

How to Choose an Outdoor Security Camera in Canada

Now that you know why you should have an outdoor security system, we should look at how you can choose the best option for you. You should keep the layout of your home in mind, as well as the area you want to cover with your security cameras. The perfect outdoor security cameras in Canada should be easy to install, link together easily, and cover your entire property.


We’ve all seen grainy security footage from stores or other venues. If you’ve ever thought that this quality just wasn’t good enough for your home, you may want to choose a camera with a higher resolution. A higher resolution means the camera captures more pixels at once, which can lead to a detailed image that helps you identify criminals, cars, and license plates easily. Don’t settle for a camera that shows you moving blobs! A clear image needs many pixels to present details, so look for the largest pixel count or resolution available. The larger, the better. Current cameras might be able to record in up to 4k resolution.

Memory and Storage

There are a few ways that your security cameras can store footage. Sometimes, the footage is stored on an SD card or other memory device in the camera system. While this is a fine method for most users, some cameras can record over important footage as it uses the memory space. Plus, SD cards can fill up quickly, so you’ll need to change them or address constant memory issues.

You might want a camera that stores footage via a cloud service on the internet. This allows for more footage storage and better cataloguing. Others may store via an app on your phone, with allows you to keep important footage and remove what you aren’t going to need for the future.

Other cameras, particularly options that don’t connect to Wi-Fi, use separate real-time monitoring systems. These systems may not use an app or storage service but allow you to keep an eye on your property with a separate screen. This can be great if you need occasional monitoring or don’t want to keep large volumes of security footage.

Mounting, Installation, and Setup

We’ve all seen ads for professional security system installation. If you purchase your security cameras, you should be able to set them up yourself. Many of the best outdoor security cameras in Canada feature simple setup options, with plug-and-play functionality and simple mounts for the front of your home.

When shopping for a security camera setup, make sure to look for options that don’t require professional installation. Simple methods are best, especially for those who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. 

Number of Cameras

How many cameras do you need in your setup? This depends on how many areas you want to keep an eye on. It’s always good to have a camera at the front of your home for visitors or intruders. You could also watch your driveway, your backyard, and the perimeter of your home. No matter what you choose to watch, select the right number of cameras from the beginning. While you can always add additional hardware, it can be a pain to include new cameras in an existing setup. Choose as many cameras as you think you need before getting started.

Field of View

How much can your camera see from a single angle? For the highest levels of security, you’ll want a camera with a larger field of view. Cameras that present a larger view may eliminate the need for additional coverage via other cameras. They can also give you a wider look at your property, particularly the areas you want to protect.

When searching for an outdoor security camera in Canada, make sure to consider the field of view in relation to your property. Think about where you can place the camera to cover the most area without obstructions, and how much area will need to be covered by another camera. 

Special Features

When it comes to additional features, outdoor security cameras have a lot to choose from. We looked for cameras that included a variety of the features that Canadians value the most, such as full-colour night vision, two-way audio, 24/7 remote monitoring and live streaming, integrations with smart assistants, security spotlights and alarms, and more.

Here are some of the most common special features you may find as you shop for an outdoor security system.

  • 2-Way Audio. Most security cameras record audio as they record footage, which can be invaluable for keeping your home safe. Cameras with 2-way audio features allow you to hear the audio in real-time as you monitor the footage. You can also speak through the microphone on the camera to communicate with delivery people and visitors.
  • Night Vision. Night vision is critical for monitoring your property at night. Most cameras have automatic night vision, but you should check to make sure that this feature is included with your camera. Some options allow you to choose which type of night vision you would like to use, including a full-colour spectrum night vision mode and standard night vision.
  • Rotation. What if you want to survey an area larger than your camera’s viewing range? A rotating camera allows you to check out a larger area without mounting multiple cameras. Controls in your app or monitoring system may allow you to change the orientation of the camera, allowing you to pan around the area for better coverage.
  • Alarms and Other Deterrents. As we mentioned above, keeping intruders and those wishing to do you harm away from your home is important. Some cameras use automatic alarms and other deterrents to scare off potential nefarious visitors.
  • Zoom. Need to see something in the background of your camera system closer? A zoom feature might be essential. Real-time zoom is a different feature than the zoom on your recorded footage and can help you catch potential threats before they get close enough to set off an alarm. If something happens, you’ll be able to give law enforcement authorities a clearer picture of the perpetrator when you can zoom the cameras and footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants extra peace of mind outside their home will benefit from using an outdoor security system. An outdoor security camera can help deter theft, see who is visiting you, and even accept packages remotely. With easy-to-use controls, you can monitor your home while at work, school and on vacations. Outdoor security cameras come in a range of costs and operating systems, ensuring every Canadian can find one that works for them best.

While purchasing an outdoor security camera is an initial investment, in the long run it can save you money. By deterring theft and home break-ins, you are protecting your valuables on a daily basis. Owning a home security camera can also reduce your rental or home insurance costs.

Many of the most popular outdoor security cameras on the Canadian market use Wi-Fi to record footage and connect through an app for controls. Nearly all the options on our list today are battery-operated, making them easy to install. Some of the security cameras do not use Wi-Fi, which may make some users more comfortable.

Canadians who live on large properties or have large houses will want to choose an outdoor security camera system that comes with multiple cameras. Having multiple cameras ensures that all doorways and sides of the home, as well as the yard, are covered. The DECKO 1080p Outdoor Security Camera is our pick for the best option for large properties, with its multiple cameras and easy-to-use app.

Where to place an outdoor security camera comes down to personal preference, and there are many options that will work best. For those concerned about package theft and break-ins, always place a camera at doorways. Canadians wanting to survey more of their home should consider a wide scope of their yard, garage and darkly lit areas around their house. With easy installation and low costs, it can be beneficial to have multiple cameras for extra peace of mind.

Outdoor security cameras available in Canada are very easy to install. These home camera systems do not require a professional installation and can be done in just minutes. You can expect to need to use simple tools like a screwdriver or hammer and a step stool or ladder if you intend to place the cameras at a high location. Connecting them to your Wi-Fi or other network is easy and can be completed through the system app or website.