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The majority of Canadians take digital photos regularly, and finding a way to print pictures from your phone or computer can be tricky. While mail-order services exist, the easiest way to print photos for framing is right from your home. Choosing a photo printer can be overwhelming, with so many different options on the market.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best photo printers in Canada. The photo printers in our review today are some of the best that you can find, with a great combination of features, ease of use and cost. We took a look at connectivity, printing technology, print speed, and more when deciding what to recommend. With hours of research and evaluation combined with expert opinions, here is our list of the best photo printers in Canada.

Best 6 Photo Printers for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Canon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo Printer
  • Best Compact Option: Kodak Mini 3 Retro Portable Photo Printer
  • Best for Large Photo Quantities: Canon Pixma Wireless MegaTank Photo Printer
  • Best Multifunction Option: Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer
  • Best for Kids: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer
  • Best for Office Use: Epson Expression Premium Wireless Color Photo Printer

Why Did We Choose These Photo Printers in Canada?

Each of the photo printers on our list was chosen because they offer the best options and features that Canadians look for most often. Each recommendation is based on a specific design feature or capability that we thought was most important. So, here’s why we chose these models for our list of the best photo printers in Canada.

The Canon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo Printer is our choice for the best overall photo printer because of its versatility and ease of use. It connects directly to your smartphone or tablet, or you can print directly from USB or your camera’s memory card.

The Kodak Mini 3 Retro Portable Photo Printer is the best compact option on our list. It can fit into your pocket and prints 7.62 cm by 7.62 cm photos, with the choice of printing bordered or borderless photos.

The Canon Pixma Wireless MegaTank Photo Printer is the perfect printer if you want to print large quantities of photos at home. It uses ink efficiently so none goes to waste, it and is easy to maintain even with frequent or intensive use.

The Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer is the best option for a multifunction photo printer that can also scan and copy documents. It will meet all your printer needs while also printing high-quality photos and can connect to your smartphone with ease.

The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is the best digital printer for kids. It features a downloadable app to edit and filter photos. All prints can be turned into shareable stickers.

The Epson Expression Premium Wireless Color Photo Printer is the best printer for office use. It is designed for regular, heavy usage and to print the highest professional quality photos.

Best Photo Printer in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Canon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer with AirPrint and Mopria Device Printing, White

It's Great For:

The Canon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo Printer is our choice for the best overall photo printer in Canada because it combines great options and ease of use. For people who have never used a digital photo printer before or for those who love to print photos every day, this model is a great pick.

This photo printer is perfect for use in the home. Its compact design will fit perfectly on your desk, tabletop, or anywhere you want without taking up a lot of space. It’s water resistant, so spills or leaks will not damage it.

This printer provides many printing options. Print directly from your smartphone or tablet using the Canon PRINT app3. You can also use the USB port to connect to a device or print from your camera using the memory card. No matter where you store your photos, they are easy to print on this compact printer.

The Canon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo Printer has a tilting LCD screen to make it easy to see while you’re working. It prints in a variety of formats. You can print stickers, 5.3cm x 5.3cm photos, or 10cm x 15cm photos. The formats are simple to select, so using this printer is never a challenge.

Key Features

  • Small and Compact Size. At just 18 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm, this photo printer is extremely small and can fit nearly everywhere in your home.
  • Multiple Printing Options. This printer can be used via Wi-Fi, a smartphone app, a USB drive or a memory card, making it incredibly accessible for all users.
  • LCD Display Screen. With a small tiltable LCD screen, you can easily view the printer menu from any angle. This small convenience feature can make a huge difference for your user experience.
  • Multiple Photo Sizes. Whether you want to print standard-size prints or smaller square photos and even stickers, this printer can accommodate multiple types of photos and prints.

Our Expert’s Take

“We loved this photo printer because it is simple to use and prints high-quality photos quickly. You can connect this printer to your devices to print photos from virtually anywhere.”

Best Compact Option

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Portable Photo Printer

KODAK Mini 3 Retro (68-Sheet Bundle) 4PASS 3x3 Portable Photo Printer – White

It's Great For:

Sometimes you want to take your technology with you, whether it’s on vacation, for a weekend outing, or to Grandma’s house. If you can’t get enough of printing photos from home (or you can’t wait until tomorrow to see your pictures), then the Kodak Mini 3 Retro Portable Photo Printer could be perfect for you.

This pocket-sized photo printer uses built-in 4Pass Technology, meaning each photo is printed using layers of ribbon and laminated. This makes your photos fingerprint-proof and water-resistant. You can choose to print smaller photos with a border, so you label your pics or write memories around the outside. Or choose borderless printing for bigger photos. For a bit of extra fun, download the Kodak Photo Printer app, which comes with augmented reality options so you can add filters, frames, and more to your photos before printing!

This photo printer is the most affordable option on our list for printing high-quality photos in an instant. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Bluetooth devices, so you can print from almost anywhere. The versatile design allows you to keep your memories close!

Key Features

  • Compact Size. This portable printer has the ability to take this printer anywhere, making it perfect for vacations, college students or going between work and home. 
  • Augmented Reality Options. Connect to the Kodak app and use the augmented reality option to add fun filters, stickers and frames to your photo.
  • Wireless Printing. No cords are needed, with the ability to print your photos through the Kodak smartphone app, which is easy to download and use. 
  • 4Pass Technology. Unlike other printers that print photos that can get smudged or ruined, this small but mighty printer uses a unique technology that laminates the photos with a special coating that is fingerprint-proof and water-resistant. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This photo printer is one of our top choices because of its affordable price and compact size. This printer is extremely portable, making it easy to print photos on the go right from your phone.”

Best for Large Photo Quantities

Canon Pixma Wireless MegaTank Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA G620 Wireless MegaTank Photo Printer

It's Great For:

Some Canadians might need a printer that can handle printing a lot of photos at once.  The Canon Pixma Wireless MegaTank Photo Printer is perfect if you are looking for a printer that can print high quantities of photos at your home or office. It is cost-effective and able to give you more photo prints without you having to spend lots of money on expensive ink. Just how many photos can this beast handle? How about 3,800 10cm x 15cm photos on a full set of ink? The large quantity capability of this photo printer means it only costs around 2.5 cents per photo using colour photo print paper.

This printer can be operated over Wi-Fi, making it easy to print from virtually anywhere. You can also access the free downloadable app on your smartphone or tablet. From the app, you can print photos, copy and scan them from your mobile device, and much more. This gives you versatility and options for how you want to print.

Tired of messy refills? This photo printer makes it easy to fill up each ink tank without spilling any ink. Each bottle of new ink is keyed so that it only fits into the matching tank. This means you will never put the wrong ink into the tank, and it is specifically designed to eliminate spills.

Key Features

  • Easy Ink Refills. This printer has user-friendly ink cartridges that are mess-free, quick, and easy to install without confusion or hassle. 
  • App Operation Feature. You can customize print settings and controls from the easy-to-use, free Canon smartphone app right from your phone. 
  • Cost-Effective Printing. At only 2.5 cents per print, this printer is extremely cost-effective for at-home colour printing. No matter how much you need to print, this option offers an inexpensive way to get it done.
  • High-Capacity Ink Cartridge. This Canon printer can print up to 3800 prints with one ink cartridge, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly with less overall waste.

Our Expert’s Take

“The ink in this mega-capacity photo printer lasts forever! Save money and hassle on replacing ink cartridges with this model.”

Best Multifunction Option

Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer

Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer (White)

It's Great For:

Canadians who are looking for a printer that can do more than just print photos should consider the Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer. This all-in-one printer is our choice for the best multi-function photo printer in Canada and has some great features that really make it stand out among other options. 

Whether you work remotely or are always doing home projects, the Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer is a great solution for all your printing needs. Not only can it print high-quality photos, but it can seamlessly toggle to a document printer, scanner and copier. Those more limited on space will love not having to have more than one device taking up room. Canadians wanting easy controls will appreciate the wireless setup and ability to print from a smartphone and laptop via a Wi-Fi connection.

This printer has unique photo options and can print standard size photos as well as square photos from social media sites. It can accommodate up to seven different paper sizes and prints nearly five pages per minute in colour, much quicker than many other printers on the market.

Those who need to connect their devices to the printer manually can do so via a USB port. The Canon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet Printer has only two different ink cartridges, making refilling easy and low-cost compared to having to buy multiple cartridges. In addition to photo printing, this printer is also great for scanning and copying and can produce high-quality document printing at super quick speeds. Those working from home will find this printer a great all-around option that can do everything you want.

Key Features

  • Minimal Ink Costs. While many inkjet photo printers use up to five or six different ink cartridges, this printer uses just two, saving money and installation time. 
  • Fast Printing. With colour photo printing speeds of nearly five pages per minute, you can quickly print all of your favourite memories without waiting around.
  • Unique Paper Size Options. With seven different paper sizes, including a square size that is popular on social media, you can print photos that will work in any frame or location in your home.
  • Multi-Function Capability. Despite this professional quality photo printing that this Canon printer has, it also has superior performance in scanning, document printing and copying, making it incredibly versatile for home users. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This printer is perfect for Canadians who work from home needing professional and cost-effective document printing, as well as great photos right from their phone.”

Best For Kids

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (2nd Edition) – Instantly print 2x3

It's Great For:

Photo printers can be fun for users of all ages. Kids love the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. It is small and easy to use and can be used on the go as well as at home. And it connects to multiple devices simultaneously, so your children’s friends can all print their photos together at the same time! It features a personalized LED light with each print, so you know exactly whose photo is currently printing.

Like some styles of cameras, it can print photos instantly, so it is easy to share and swap photos. The downloadable app lets you use augmented reality, allowing users to try out filters and edit photos. You can add decorations and custom designs directly to your photos before printing! Kids will love the ability to print all their photos themselves.

The small photo printer paper even has a sticky back function, so all your photos can become stickers. We all know that kids love stickers. The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer uses HP ZINK photo paper, which you can load 10 sheets at a time. You can choose from four different colour options for the photo printer, allowing you to customize how your printer looks to fit your aesthetic.

Key Features

  • Portable Design. This small and compact printer can be taken on the go and plugged in anywhere for easy to use access.
  • Multiple Device Printing. Multiple devices can be used at the same time for photo printing, with unique LED lighting to signal whose picture is being printed.
  • Smartphone App with Augmented Reality. With the easy-to-download app, you can select filters, stickers and unique frames to customize each photo. 
  • Multiple Colour Options. Each printer comes in various colour options, making it easy to tell the difference between them if you have more than one in your home.

Our Expert’s Take

“This is the perfect photo printer for every member of your family, but your kids will love the design options and sticky-backed photos the most.”

Best for Office Use

Epson Expression Premium Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson Expression Premium Xp-7100 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Adf, Scanner and Copier

It's Great For:

The Epson Expression Premium Wireless Color Photo Printer is perfect for office use or an extra elevated and professional photo printing experience at home. Epson ink ensures the highest professional quality of printing.

This photo printer does more than just print photos – it prints, scans, and copies too! It comes equipped with an automatic document feeder that can handle 30 pages at once. It has a two-sided print option to save your paper and your cash. As for your photos, you will love this photo printer’s ability to produce high-quality photos up to 20cm x 25cm in size.

The Epson Expression Premium Wireless Color Photo Printer uses USB connectivity and has an SD card slot, so you can print from your favourite devices easily. It has an extra-large touchscreen so you can easily view and edit your photos before printing. You can also download the companion Epson app for easy printing from your smartphone or tablet. You can even use a variety of specialty papers to print DVD labels, large borderless photos, and more. It’s a hassle-free experience that gives you full creative freedom.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Ink. The Epson ink used in this photo printer is extremely high quality. While other printers may produce grainy prints due to poor ink quality, this printer’s images are always clear and crisp. 
  • All-in-One Feature. While some printers specialize in just photo printing, this Epson model also produces professional-quality prints. You can also scan and copy existing documents and images using this photo printer.
  • Fast Printing. With extra fast speeds of almost 16 pages per minute in black and white, this printer is great for anyone running a home business.
  • Specialty Paper Settings. With options for labels, cardstock and oversized photos, this printer handles much more than standard document paper.

Our Expert’s Take

“For a printer that handles printing the highest-quality photos, is easy to use, and functions as an all-in-one office tool, this is a great option.”

Comparing the Best Photo Printers for Canadians

CategoryPrinterConnectivityPrinting TechMaximum SpeedRecommended Use
Best OverallCanon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo PrinterWi-FiDye Sublimation1 ppmHome
Best Compact OptionKodak Mini 3 Retro Portable Photo PrinterBluetooth, USBDye Sublimation1 ppmOffice, Home, Travel
Best for Large Photo QuantitiesCanon Pixma Wireless MegaTank Photo PrinterWi-FiInkjet3.9 ppmHome or Office
Best Multifunction OptionCanon PIXMA TS3420 Wireless Inkjet PrinterWi-FiInkjet4.4 ppm colour, 7.7 ppm monochromeHome
Best For KidsHP Sprocket Portable Photo PrinterWi-FiThermal1 ppmHome
Best for Office UseEpson Expression Premium Wireless Color Photo PrinterUSBInkjet1 ppm colour, 15.8 ppm monochromeHome or Office

How We Selected These Photo Printers in Canada

We strive to bring the best of the best products to the attention of Canadian consumers. We evaluate hundreds of items, including electronic devices, appliances, household goods, lifestyle products, and the newest gadgets on the market. You can trust we will only recommend products we truly enjoy and benefit from using.

We compile our list based on evaluations made by our experts. After we have thoroughly researched every product, we choose the best of the best for each category before sending those recommendations to you. For our list of the best photo printers in Canada, we looked for the following features.

  • Size. Some Canadians are looking for a photo printer that is small and portable enough to fit right into their purse or pocket. Others may be looking for a photo printer that can handle printing full-sized photos – and plenty of them. When compiling our list, we looked for a variety of sizes to suit different needs.
  • Connectivity Options. There are a lot of different ways that Canadians can print photos using a photo printer. Some use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to print directly from their smartphone or tablet. Others use USB technology to connect to a variety of devices. And some are compatible with SD or memory cards like you find in a typical digital camera. We tried to include a variety of options with varying connectivity abilities so you can find the photo printer that works best for you.
  • Multi-function. For our list, we included a variety of photo printers and even some that do more than just print photos. Some Canadians may enjoy having a multi-function device that doubles as a printer, copier, and scanner – as well as a photo printer.
  • Quality and Speed. We looked for photo printers that are best-sellers and got great reviews for printing high-quality, smudge-free photos. And we tried to include options that are well-known for printing very quickly, so you won’t be waiting around for your photos to print.
How to Choose a Photo Printer for Canadians

How to Choose a Photo Printer for Canadians

Before you begin shopping for a photo printer in Canada, there are a few things you should consider. You should know what to look for for your lifestyle, as well as consider how you plan to use your photo printer. These factors and more can help determine which printer works best for you. 

Number of Photos

If you want to print many photos, you want to be sure your photo printer can handle a high quantity of prints. A larger printer with more ways to connect and print may be a good option for someone printing a lot of photos. If you want a lot of photos printed at once, consider a photo printer that Customers who want to print smaller quantities might enjoy a more compact style.

Potential Users

Customers of varying ages may enjoy different functions in a photo printer. Young people and children may enjoy a printer that allows photos to be edited and turned into stickers. Professionals may want to look for the fastest and most high-quality photo printing. Consider who will be using your photo printer, as well as the people who will be using it.

Printing Technology

The way a printer works can determine the quality of your photos, the depth of colour you can expect, and more. Here are a few of the most popular printing technologies. Most of the best photo printers in Canada use one of these methods.

  • Inkjet. The standard, inexpensive printers you purchase for your home or small office are usually inkjet printers. They can print high-quality images with the right settings, though they print somewhat slower than other models. The ink is usually inexpensive but needs to be replaced frequently. Inkjet printers can also handle specialty papers, including labels, transfers, and special types of photo paper.
  • Dye Sublimation. Dye Sublimation printers are made to print on surfaces other than paper. These printers can print on plastic or other solid materials without fading or smearing, as the ink is embedded into the material rather than sitting on the surface. Thermal printers are a type of dye sublimation printer. Both options provide high-quality, professional results with a high cost of entry.
  • Laser. Laser printers can print documents and some photos quickly, but the quality of photos might suffer as a result. These printers are typically used for high-volume printing, especially in an office setting.
  • SuperTank. SuperTank printers are inkjets that use multiple large, refillable tanks rather than replacement cartridges. You might choose this option for low-cost printing, as each ink refill can print more pages than a cartridge might. Expect a high entry cost but reduced maintenance costs. These printers are also sturdy and durable, with high-quality performance.

Choose the type of printer that will work best for your purposes, including how frequently you print photos, the photo quality you need, and how fast you need your photos to print. Consider how you plan to use your printer, as well as how often you plan to print photos. Asking yourself these questions can take some of the mystery out of shopping for a photo printer.

Printing Speed

How fast do you need your photos printed? Do you want them immediately, or do you prefer a slower, more accurate process? It all comes down to how you plan to use your photos. Are you printing photos for use at home in your scrapbook or photo album? A slower printing speed might be fine for you. However, if you are printing photos on the go or need to print photos quickly, you’ll need a printer with a higher ppm (‘photos per minute’) rating.

This is a personal choice. The speed of printing will not affect how your photos look in most cases, so you should choose a printing speed that works best for you.

Ink and Paper Requirements

Some Canadians might not want to bother with the ink cartridges or toners that are required for some photo printers. If this sounds like you, then you should look for a photo printer that uses inkless or thermal technology to print photos. This will save you both time and money because you won’t have to worry about replacing the ink when it starts to run low.

You also need to consider the cost of the photo paper itself. Photo paper comes in different styles, thicknesses, and varieties, not to mention different sizes. If you’re looking for a photo printer that is the most cost-effective, you might want to consider a smaller model that uses smaller-sized photo paper to save money. However, if money is not an issue and you want to print lots of high-quality photos in larger sizes, then opt for a full-sized photo printer that can handle full sheets of photo paper for the largest options.

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering the ink and paper requirements is that you should always choose ink and paper that is compatible with your photo printer. Your user manual or manufacturer’s website should fill you in on the specific type of ink and paper you’ll need to get the best results from your photo printer. If you use ink and paper that are not compatible with your printer, you might face adverse results.


You want your photo printer to be as simple as possible. If it’s difficult to use, you’ll be less likely to reach for it. Look for a photo printer that comes with its own editing apps, as well as simple controls. Some printers use buttons on a standard control panel. Others will use a large touchscreen interface that allows you to select your options. Many modern printers can be controlled exclusively through their connected app or computer software, too. Consider the type of controls you’ll be most comfortable with before purchasing a photo printer.

Photo Quality

If you are interested in a photo printer, it means you’re probably interested in capturing your memories. You want your photos to be of the highest quality. It’s important to choose a photo printer that can produce high-quality images. So how do you know which printer will produce the highest quality?

Printers with more ink colours (and therefore more ink tanks) provide the best depth of colour for your photos. If you want your pictures to be true-to-life, choose a printer with a larger number of photo tanks. Most budget photo printers come with between 2 and 5 tanks, while more professional options can exceed 10 different ink tanks.

Paper and ink quality are important, too. We looked at these options earlier. The final thing you should look for is how the printer produces images. Inkjet printers can produce a higher quality, while laser printers might be able to produce a higher quantity of photos. Sublimation is a newer technology that can produce more durable photos but may be lacking in quality overall.

All these options are important considerations when you need high-quality photos for your scrapbook or photo album.

Connectivity Options

Which devices do you own, and where are your photos stored? If you keep them on your computer’s hard drive, you should look for a printer with Wi-Fi or USB connectivity. If you want to print photos exclusively off your phone, Bluetooth can be a great option, too. Each printer will be able to interface differently with your devices.

We’ve featured a few smaller photo printers that are ideal for printing right from your smartphone. There are also options on our list that are meant to be used with your home or office computer instead. Choose how you want to connect to your printer wisely, as it might impact how simple it is to print all of the photos you need.

Photo Printer Additional Features

Photo Printer Additional Features

While you can find photo printers that exclusively print your photos, it’s common to find options that can perform multiple functions. Some photo printers can also print labels, specialized paper sizes, and more. Still, others may copy or scan in addition to printing photos and documents.

Consider how you want to use your photo printer. Do you already have a home or office printer for documents, scanning, or copying? If you already have access to these features, you can choose a printer that doesn’t offer them.

Additionally, connected applications often have expanded features that allow you to customize your photo prints. You can sometimes customize your photos with filters, borders, and other fun additions. This can be great for teens or scrapbookers. Apps may provide an editing suite that allows you to make the most of your memories before you print them out. Others allow for the use of specialized paper, such as sticky-backed paper that can be used to make your photos into stickers.

Photo printing doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive. With a host of additional features available in many different photo printers, it’s easy to find an option that works for all of your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canadians looking to use their photo printer for more than picture printing should consider a high-quality printer that has extra features. Those with home businesses will want a multi-function printer that has easy-to-replace ink and fast printing specs.  Canadians with small businesses should look for a photo printer with all-in-one capabilities that can print documents as well as scan and copy.

Some photo printers can be set up via an app or on wifi within minutes, making it a breeze to get started. A few printers still use a USB cord, but most printers have Wi-Fi capability. It’s important to check the printer ahead of time to ensure it is compatible with your desired connection. 

Each printer in our list today has slightly different ways of refilling the ink cartridges when they get low. While some smaller portable photo printers use just one or two cartridges that snap in and out, others use many cartridges for more complex colour printing. When comparing the costs of a printer, you should also see how many ink cartridges it takes, as well as their costs, in order to get accurate pricing.

Those on the hunt for a photo printer that is great for kids and teens will want to choose an option that is small, easily connects to smartphones, and comes with an app filled with useful filters and augmented reality. The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is a great choice from our list and can fit into a backpack or purse for on-the-go printing. You can choose from multiple paper types, as well as stickers, making this a top choice for younger users.

Canadians looking to buy a photo printer for a gift or are on a tight budget may wonder how affordable they are. Photo printers come in a range of costs, typically averaging between $75 to multiple hundreds of dollars. In addition to the printer, users should factor in items like photo paper and ink refills when deciding which photo printer best suits their budget. Luckily, with some great, inexpensive options out there, most Canadians will be able to choose a photo printer at a cost they are comfortable with.

When choosing the best paper for your photo printer, you need to first fully read the included instruction manual that came with your purchase. Often, photo printers, especially compact and unique models, will only be compatible with their brand of paper. Other larger, all-in-one printers can usually use a variety of papers from any manufacturer. For realistic photos, glossy photo paper is best, whereas printed documents are best printed on office paper.  Some printers can even print on cardstock or sticker paper, but you should always see what paper your printer recommends.