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Cooking rice the manual way can be a pain. It’s hard to make good rice without a rice cooker, specifically if you want consistent rice every time. If you’re tired of burned, clumped, or mushy rice, a high-quality rice cooker might be the perfect solution. These machines make perfect rice every time, allowing you to focus on your main dishes. 

Fortunately, we’ve located some of the best rice cookers in Canada, so you won’t have to spend hours researching your options. We put each rice cooker for Canadians through the usual gauntlet based on extensive data collection and comparisons to identify their strong suits. 

Best Rice Cookers for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Rice Cookers in Canada?

Each rice cooker on this list has a solid reason for earning a spot. Our recommendations stood out in different ways, highlighting specific perks that may benefit Canadians shopping for a rice cooker. To understand why we compiled this list the way we did, here are the reasons we picked the following as the best rice cookers in Canada.

The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Rice Cooker is our top overall pick. It comes from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry and has superb build quality, materials, and performance.

The Tiger’s JBV-A18U-W Rice Cooker is the most satisfying option we identified for meal planning tasty and healthy one-pot dishes for busy Canadians with limited time in the kitchen.

If you want the best rice cooker in Canada to cook your lunch and breakfast, the Hamilton Beach Rice and Cereal Cooker is a solid choice. Its name, design, and predefined programs tell you everything you need to know.

Then we have the Black+Decker RC506 Rice Cooker. This is the best rice cooker we could find for Canadians on a tight budget who cook for more than one mouth.

The Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB Rice Cooker is one of the most exciting finds and one of the best rice cookers in Canada for creating varied menus. If you’re afraid that a healthy diet will get boring, the versatility of this rice cooker will change your mind.

Finally, we knew we needed something for the lone Canadian wolf, college students, or people who cook rice once in a while. That’s why our top pick for individual users is the compact but well-designed Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1Ngr Rice Cooker with dual-cooking functionality.

Best Overall

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 5.5 cups, Uncooked, Stainless Brown


It's Great For:

The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 is one of the best rice cookers for Canadians for many reasons. It has a midrange inner pot capacity of 5.5 cups, making it a solid choice for singles and couples. The cooker uses microcomputerized (Micom) Fuzzy Logic technology to deliver an array of programs and functions that puts it beyond the capabilities of a standard rice cooker.

You may appreciate the built-in retractable power cord and stainless steel exterior. These two features make it easy to clean and store. The appliance also has a thick cooking pan with superior heating properties and supports fast cooking.

Because it’s a Micom (Microcomputerized) rice cooker, the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 might be one of the best rice cookers available to Canadians with little to no cooking experience. The appliance comes with multiple cooking functions and programs for white, mixed, and sushi rice varieties, to name a few. It can steam ingredients, make porridge, and even bake.

Furthermore, the NS-TSC10 model features extended keep warm and reheating cycles and audio and visual indicators to let users know when their food is ready to eat.

The appliance comes with a special basket for steaming and a cake setting for all baking purposes to make things easier for novice Canadian rice cooker users. Its versatility, easy-to-read LCD control panel, and precise cooking make it a strong contender.

The Highlights

The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 rice cooker has a lot going for it. However, some features stand out more than others. For example, its microcomputerized Fuzzy Logic technology gives it superior versatility in the kitchen and enables users to benefit from automatic warming and reheating, along with expertly programmed cooking times.

  • Delay timer with two settings
  • Extended keep warm cycle and automatic reheating
  • Nine settings for different rice varieties and baking
  • Thick pot with even heat distribution

From the Test Lab

“The features on this rice cooker really elevated our meal preparation. The rice was perfect every time!”

Best for Meal Planning One Pot Dishes

Tiger JBV-A18U-W Rice Cooker

Tiger JBV-A18U-W 10 Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer & Slow Cooker, White


It's Great For:

The plastic Tiger JBV-A18U-W rice cooker may seem like an ordinary kitchen appliance to the untrained eye. But this white rice cooker available to Canadians is more than a light, heavy-duty device, ready to cook hefty rice portions.

The JBV-A18U-W can cook rice and protein simultaneously thanks to the Synchro-Cooking function. Families with limited time to spare and inexperienced home cooks can use this feature for cooking entire main dishes and keeping them warm for hours.

The cooking menu has four key settings – plain rice, brown rice, Synchro-Cooking, and slow cooking. The latter two programs are fantastic in a kitchen without a pressure cooker or Instapot, especially when cooking for a large family. It eliminates the guesswork and enables Canadian families to throw in the ingredients, start the appliance and go about their day until everything is done.

The inner pot has a non-stick coating to make the deal even sweeter. It’s easy to clean and makes it hard to burn anything. In addition, users get a non-stick spatula, a measuring cup, a cooking plate, and a helpful cookbook created for the Synchron-Cooking function.

Although this rice cooker for Canadians isn’t as feature-loaded as similar Micron rice cookers, it caters to large families. It delivers beyond the capabilities of your average electric or stovetop rice cooker.

The Highlights

The Synchro-Cooking function is the main feature. It’s a Tiger brand exclusive program that requires little preparation to create a flavorful meal. The cooking plate separates the rice from the rest of the dish and prevents flavours and ingredients from mixing. The even heating inside the pot allows users to make a wide range of Canadian dishes.

  • Syncro-Cooking and a special plate to cook rice independently
  • A slow cooking program is excellent for dealing with tough meat
  • Non-stick 10-cup capacity pot
  • Active cooking temperature monitoring

From the Test Lab

“We make a lot of rice throughout the week, and this machine delivered with superior capacity and great results.”

Best for Cooking Rice and Breakfast

Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker

Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker, 7-Cups uncooked resulting in 14-Cups (Cooked), with Steam & Rinse Basket (37548), Silver


It's Great For:

The Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker is a programmable kitchen appliance that bears all the trademarks of a Hamilton Beach product. It has a rugged stainless steel exterior despite not weighing a lot and has a classic black and stainless steel exterior design that should fit into any kitchen décor.

Users get a simple LCD control panel with six programs, an adjustable timer, and a startup delay feature. Although you can start and stop this rice cooker at any time, it will automatically swap to the keep-warm setting when your food is cooked. It’s a great option for Canadians who have a busy schedule.

Its 7-cup capacity makes it an interesting choice. You can get up to 14 cups of cooked rice in a single use with the right type of rice- not too fluffy. It should be enough for small and medium-sized families. However, thanks to its affordable price, we can see it as an excellent appliance for couples looking for deals. The capacity is sufficient to help prepare meals for dinner parties.

You can cook cereal, whole grains, and steamed vegetables in this Hamilton Beach rice cooker available in Canada. Although affordable and not loaded with features, it’s still a versatile addition to any small kitchen. Besides, the rounded design can be a big countertop space-saver.

The rice cooker comes with a rice rinser that doubles as the steam basket and detailed instructions for every cooking program to make things even easier.

The Highlights

What makes the Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker one of the best rice cookers for Canadians? It’s designed to save time in the kitchen without compromising food quality or a healthy lifestyle. The delayed start function allows you to tell the appliance to start cooking up to 11 hours later. It’s great to prepare breakfast or ensure you have a one-pot main course dish ready to serve when everyone comes home from school and work.

  • 11-hour delayed start
  • Steaming function and five additional preprogrammed settings
  • Automatic keep-warm cycle
  • Quality steam basket for perfect, healthy vegetables

From the Test Lab

“When we needed various foods ready for the next day, this rice cooker was a great choice. We loved setting it up with the easy cooking settings.”

Best for Canadian Bargain Hunters

Black+Decker RC506 Rice Cooker

BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Cooked/3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, White


It's Great For:

Using a rice cooker in Canada doesn’t get easier than throwing rice and water into a traditional rice cooker like the Black+Decker RC506. It’s a minimalist appliance designed for a clear purpose that does its job well.

The Black+Decker RC506 has a 6-cup capacity that should cover a young couple living together. Its plastic construction is light and has a small footprint. This allows the manufacturer to offer the rice cooker at a very affordable price.

Rated at 300 watts, the RC506 won’t add much to the energy bill but may need slightly more time to heat up and cook a pot of rice. That said, it can switch automatically to the keep-warm setting. That means you don’t have to worry about leaving it on longer.

The RC506 comes with a quality tempered glass lid that does a good job of keeping the steam and heat inside the pot. You will notice that the control panel is as simple as it gets. It doesn’t have preprogrammed settings and doesn’t allow the creation of custom recipes. But it comes with bright LED indicators that show whether the rice is cooking or keeping warm.

Despite its low price, the RC506 has plenty of standard features like a non-stick dishwasher-safe cooking bowl, a safe-to-use spatula, and a steaming basket. Given the even temperature and reliable cooking times, it shouldn’t take long to learn to make more recipes using the standard cooking setting.

The Highlights

The removable tempered glass lid is probably the most important feature of the Black+Decker RC506. It makes it easier to check on the rice and allows Canadian home cooks to make tasty risottos, soups, and other dishes. In addition, removing the lid is safe because this rice cooker doesn’t rely on creating steam pressure to cook the rice.

  • Quality tempered glass lid
  • Even cooking on a tight budget
  • Non-stick pot and non-scratching utensils
  • Simple controls and interface for the least tech-savvy users

From the Test Lab

“Controlling this rice cooker was simple and easy. For those who need a little extra help figuring out complicated appliances, this rice cooker is a great option.”

Best for Varied Menus

Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB

Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB Digital Rice, Food Steamer, Slow, Grain Cooker, Stainless Exterior/Nonstick Pot, 10-cup uncooked/20-cup cooked/4QT, Silver, Black


It's Great For:

It’s rare to find a multipurpose rice cooker for Canadians at a low price. But the Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB is the exception. This programmable professional rice cooker for Canadians holds up to 10 uncooked cups and can blend into any kitchen décor.

The stainless steel build is durable, despite not being as thick and bulky as similar rice cookers in Canada. Still, it has a plastic lid to qualify for a lower price range. The rice cooker has an output of up to 20 cups under optimum conditions and still works fine even if you only add four cups of uncooked rice.

The ARC-5000SB is one of the best rice cookers in Canada regarding menu variety. It offers standard rice cooking programs, slow cooking, and a sauté-then-simmer (STS) function that can work wonders on chilli and other hearty one-pot meals.

Canadian home cooks can prepare nutrient-rich meals for the entire family and perhaps a couple of dinner guests. There are almost no limits when it comes to what ingredients you can combine or what dishes you can attempt.

Although this is one of the cheaper rice cookers in Canada, it allows in-depth programming and features a user-friendly control panel. A non-stick cooking bowl and safe-to-use utensils are included. Whether you’re talking about cleaning, cooking, or programming the appliance, this is one of the easiest rice cookers for Canadians to manage.

The Highlights

Two features stand out the most – the 15-hour delayed timer and sauté-then-simmer program. You can take your meal planning to the next level with the ARC-5000SB by Aroma Housewares and unlock many more recipes thanks to the ability to sauté and simmer your ingredients.

  • 15-hour delayed start
  • Sauté and simmer ingredients to seal in the flavour
  • Excellent recipe variety for families
  • Affordable residential solution for Canadian kitchens

From the Test Lab

“We used this rice cooker for nearly every meal we made at home. It made perfect rice, but also offered cooking options and slow cooking features.”

Best for Individuals

Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1Ngr Rice Cooker

Aroma Arc-743-1Ngr 3-Cup, Uncooked 6-Cup, Cooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Red


It's Great For:

The Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1Ngr is one of the best rice cookers in Canada for people living alone. Its compact size and 3-cup capacity make it an ideal choice for cooking rice in small kitchens.

Users can add as little as one cup of uncooked rice without worrying that it might damage the cooking pot’s interior. Despite the low price point, the ARC-743-1Ngr comes with a non-stick interior. That means it pretty much adheres to the gold industry standard.

Using the appliance is straightforward. You have a single button to touch. Add the ingredients, hit the button, and wait until the keep-warm light comes on.

This quality rice cooker for Canadians comes with a bunch of accessories, like a measuring cup and spatula. It also comes with an aluminum tray that can separate ingredients.

If you want to stick to a more traditional rice recipe, you can do it while still cooking your veggies and protein in the same pot. The tray prevents your ingredients from mixing. Thus, you can isolate the flavours and cook your rice as intended by not overshadowing the rice with seasonings.

One thing worth noting is that the lid is a standard glass lid. It doesn’t have tempered glass and isn’t sealed, but it does a good job of not letting too much steam escape. It also manages to keep the food at a serving temperature for hours.

If you’re only cooking for one or two people, don’t have much kitchen skills, or lack time, the ARC-743-1Ngr is the best solution.

The Highlights

The one-touch operation dual-cooking process is what makes the ARC-743-1Nrg one of the best rice cookers in Canada for individual users. The design comes without bells and whistles, a fancy lid, and programmable recipes. But it will let you cook a rice side dish and a main dish simultaneously, as long as you like steaming your protein and vegetables. Cooking everything in one pot will make the cleaning process even easier.

  • Can cook one or more main course servings
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Supports dual-cooking
  • Prevents flavour mixing with included tray

From the Test Lab

“This simple, fast rice cooker was great for making smaller portions or rice when we needed it. We loved getting it set up for quick meal solutions.”

Why Trust Us?

Our main mission hasn’t changed in years. We strive to stay on top of household trends and appliances that enhance the quality of life, save people time and money, and can help Canadians cook tastier and healthier foods.

We only give recommendations based on in-depth evaluations, rigorous data collection, and comparisons. Every product is analyzed based on numerous considerations regarding build quality, performance, perks, and how each caters to our fellow Canadian consumers. Once we have enough information to determine a product’s quality, we will send you our recommendations.

When creating our list of the best rice cookers in Canada, we looked at a few key indicators.

  • Type. Not all Canadians need the same kind of rice cooker. Each type serves a specific purpose or could add more flexibility to the kitchen.
  • Pot. The cooking pot’s quality often dictates the end product’s quality. If you don’t have the best rice cooker inner pot, having the best appliance won’t save your rice and maximize its flavour.
  • Capacity. The capacity is a key indicator of whether you may pay for more than you need. Unless cooking for a big family, smaller rice cookers can cook your favourite carbs just as well as a larger appliance in the average Canadian household.
  • Functions. Some functions are must-haves for quality of life and getting the best flavour and value for your money. And depending on how much flexibility you want, sometimes a long list of functions and programs could be the only viable solution for your kitchen.

Why Use a Rice Cooker in Canada?

There are many YouTube videos on how to make fluffy rice in a pot or creamy risotto in a saucepan. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do without enough practice. You need the right pot, the best pan, and plenty of trial-and-error to avoid burning or undercooking your rice.

Can you give up rice and not worry about it? Rice is a healthy source of carbs, and as Canadians, we need our carbs during the winter. The solution to perfect rice and less hassle is to use a rice cooker.

Using a rice cooker in Canada ensures you don’t have to worry about not having a good portion of carbs to go with your protein. There’s no guesswork, no stirring, and no time or ingredients wasted.

Besides, a rice cooker can be more versatile than you think and can cook other hearty Canadian one-pot dishes.

How to Choose a Rice Cooker for Canadians

If you decide to ditch the saucepans and pots to make perfect rice every time, you need to find the best option. Rice cookers may seem like simple appliances designed for a single purpose, but they’re more complex than many believe. Understanding the dos and don’ts of buying a rice cooker in Canada will spare you from bad experiences, especially as a first-time user.


Rice cookers help cook rice efficiently, but that doesn’t mean all machines are equal in functionality and performance. And not all Canadians need or want the same type of rice cooker.

Choosing a rice cooker for a Canadian family requires understanding how these appliances work and what they can do.

For example, traditional rice cookers are as straightforward as they come. They’re cheap and do a decent job of evenly cooking rice but lack bells and whistles.

Jar-o-mat rice cookers come with extra heating elements that ensure proper cooking on all sides and minimize the risk of burning. These might be the best for you if you want fluffy rice every time.

An induction rice cooker is an interesting alternative. It can cook rice fast and uniformly, using electromagnets to heat the inner pot. But unless you’re a bodybuilder or someone going through pounds of rice weekly, you may not need the best rice cooker in Canada using induction technology.

Microcomputing (Micom) rice cookers are arguably the most versatile. These can be the best rice cookers for Canadians who want to cook more than rice. A multi-function rice cooker can switch temperatures based on recipes, detect measurements, and perfectly cook more ingredients.


Every appliance comes with a wattage rating, including rice cookers. But how much power do Canadian rice cooker users need to cook their rice?

Rice is easy to burn. While a high wattage rating can indicate faster heating and a quicker cooking process, that’s not necessarily the best thing. Besides, maybe you’re more environmentally conscious and don’t want appliances that consume too much.

In that case, the power and wattage ratings could help you decide which rice cooker in Canada best fits your kitchen.


Every appliance that cooks food, rice cookers included, has different capacities. Knowing how much food you can cook in one go is essential. A rice cooker for Canadian families should have at least a 6-cup capacity. Some may prefer to make even more than 10 cups simultaneously.

However, if you live alone or are a young Canadian couple looking for a rice cooker, 3 to 5 cups are enough for the inner pot.

Naturally, getting a rice cooker capacity slightly higher than your maximum estimate is okay. You can make as little as you want, but you can’t increase the capacity. Make sure to consider the other functions the rice cooker performs when looking at the capacity. If you want to steam vegetables in the rice cooker, for example, you’ll want to look for an option with a slightly larger capacity than you might think you need.


A rice cooker’s outer shell plays a big part in its overall durability. A stainless steel appliance can easily make the list of the best rice cookers in Canada. Stainless steel is easy to maintain, doesn’t rust, and can help minimize the amount of radiant heat.

That said, a thick plastic housing isn’t necessarily bad. It can help you save money and still performs similarly to the best rice cooker in Canada. You can invest the money you save in other appliances.

But a stainless steel rice cooker is preferable in most cases. It’s slightly safer to use because it may not overheat as much as a plastic one.

Programs and Functions

Some rice cookers available in Canada come with must-have features, and others have too many bells and whistles. Here are some ideas of what you might see on a rice cooker in Canada.

  • Steaming
  • Reheating
  • Delayed start
  • Express cooking
  • Sushi, brown, wild rice, and other predefined programs
  • Dual cooking

A warm function or a reheating program can offer many advantages, especially if you want your meal ready when you get home. But steam functions aren’t for everyone. It can be an expensive and unnecessary feature for someone who doesn’t want to steam meat or vegetables or already has a similar appliance.

If you’re a foodie and love to experiment, white rice is probably one of the many types you cook. A rice cooker with separate programs for brown rice, black rice, sushi rice, wild rice, and other varieties might be more appropriate for your kitchen.

Express rice cooking is a nice option to have. But a low-end rice cooker could burn or undercook the rice.

Dual or synchronous cooking is an exciting option found in the best rice cookers in Canada. These features are available in entry-level and high-end rice cookers. They might be worth a few extra dollars because they make rice cookers more versatile.

With a proper design, a dual-cooking feature allows you to separate the rice at the bottom of the pot from other ingredients. You can put those on a plate or tray and steam them at an even temperature. This is a great way to cook fish, vegetables, soya chunks, and other ingredients without altering the taste or consistency of the rice.

Balancing rice cooker features and programs based on your priorities and favourite Canadian rice dishes is important.

Inner Pot Material

The appliance itself doesn’t have to be the best on the market. But a poor quality inner pot can make rice cookers available in Canada yield disappointing results.

Ideally, a rice cooker in Canada will have a dishwasher-safe pot made from durable materials. Both stainless steel and ceramic pots can do an excellent job. However, a non-stick inner pot makes cooking rice and cleaning the pot even easier.

It’s important to understand that some rice cookers available to Canadians feature proprietary material lining compositions that give their inner pots extra “oomph.” Every rice cooker manufacturer can claim they make the best pot. But you should still look at the materials list to determine if it’s a good combination for you.

For example, a blend of mainly stainless steel layers can cook rice unevenly or eventually succumb to rust.

Lid Quality and Materials

A rice cooker is only as good as its lid. The rice can cook unevenly if the cover doesn’t maintain the temperature and keep the steam inside the pot.

Unsealed lids are great if you want to save money as a Canadian rice cooker user. But they can be messy and eliminate too much steam during the rice cooking process.

Sealed leads are harder to clean and pricier but preserve the optimum temperature during and after the cooking process. These are preferred when cooking a one-pot rice meal overnight or while you’re at work.

Additional Factors

With the basics down, it’s time to check out some additional features that may influence your decision. The following factors can make a difference when choosing a rice cooker, so keep them in mind as you shop. 

  • Brand. Some brands consistently create high-quality rice cookers available to Canadians. Others make cheaper appliances, while some excel at specific types of rice cookers. Comparing brands and manufacturers can give you a better idea of what machine to buy.
  • Warranty. If you plan to use a rice cooker in Canada more like a commercial appliance instead of a residential one, a better warranty policy could be an attractive perk. Heavy use causes wear and tear and may require more frequent repairs. Make sure to check the warranty policy on your rice cooker thoroughly. Some are void with commercial use, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • User Reviews. Don’t be afraid to look at what other people say about a rice cooker. Many Canadians probably want the same thing you want. Finding like-minded buyers and reading about their experiences can help you make a faster and more informed decision.


Here’s an interesting fact about rice cookers available in stores across the Great White North and rice cookers in general. The size of the appliance isn’t always proportional to its capacity.

You might not need the biggest rice cooker in Canada to make up to 10 cups of rice or more per use. Besides, you should try to get a rice cooker that easily fits your countertop and won’t be difficult to store or clean.

How to Safely Use a Rice Cooker in Canada

Rice cookers for Canadians are generally safe to use if you follow a few simple rules and ensure you use an appliance compatible with your wall socket.

  • Avoid placing the rice cooker under shelves and curtains. Escaping steam can damage objects in your kitchen or create condensation. The condensation can cause water to drip onto the rice cooker or reach the wall outlet.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended water-to-rice ratios. Overflowing the inner pot with either rice or water can cause spilling, undercooking, and more severe problems when using the steam function.
  • Avoid developing an overreliance on the keep-warm feature. Even if designed to maintain food at an optimum temperature to avoid spoiling, leaving the rice cooker unattended for too long isn’t a good idea.
  • Don’t clean or move the rice cooker until after unplugging the appliance. Likewise, use oven mitts if your rice cooker doesn’t come with always-cool handles.
  • Always check if the lid and pot are dishwasher-safe. Cleaning the appliance itself should be easy enough with a damp cloth when unplugged.
  • Don’t use the rice cooker if you hear buzzing or crackling sounds or if it heats up more than usual. Try plugging it into a different outlet. If the problems persist, use your warranty and send it for repairs.
  • Although rice cooker bowls are made to withstand high temperatures and can take some abuse, it’s best to avoid using the inner pot as a food storage container. Let it cool naturally before washing it, and transfer the remaining food to other containers. You’ll get a better seal for your food and spare the pot from unnecessary abrupt temperature changes contributing to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the inner pot material. Scratched stainless steel rice cooker pots are unlikely to ruin the quality of the food. However, scratched aluminum inner pots could alter the taste if you add acidic ingredients.

When buying a rice cooker in Canada, stainless steel is always superior to aluminum as a cooking bowl material. Stainless steel doesn’t leech into food and is non-reactive to salty and acidic ingredients. Although many aluminum cookers respect the highest safety standards, stainless steel remains the safer choice.

The quality of the end product depends on the quality of the ingredient. Sushi rice can turn out great in an electric rice cooker if you rinse it properly, at least twice, before placing it in the inner pot. Otherwise, sushi rice cooks at the same temperature and at similar times as long grain, wild rice, and other varieties.

Some of the best rice cookers in Canada come with plastic housings. They are no different from other appliances with plastic shells that heat food or beverages. Although sometimes trickier to handle, finding a thick plastic rice cooker from a reputable brand isn’t challenging or impossible.

With rice being a staple in Asian cuisine, it’s no surprise that Asian chefs and home cooks are pickier regarding brands. That said, those who use electric rice cookers agree that Zojirushi rice cookers do a great job of preparing rice for various recipes. Michelin-star chefs and high-end restaurants may use more traditional tools like Donabe and iron Hagama rice cookers.