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Robot vacuums aren’t just a trend. They have successfully changed the way we clean for good. Thanks to these robot vacuums, you don’t have to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house, bending over to reach those tough places under the furniture. They can save you time and effort. With intelligent designs and features, robot vacuums have more to offer than ever before.

There are a large number of robot vacuums available on the Canadian market, which might make shopping overwhelming. We’ve hand-picked some of the best robot vacuums in Canada based on features like runtime, suction power, and capacity. These recommendations can help you keep your home clean with little effort! 

Best Robot Vacuums for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Robot Vacuums in Canada?

Each robot vacuum on our list has earned its place among the best robot vacuums in Canada. Choosing any of these entries won’t be a mistake. Each entry stands out for a specific reason that might benefit Canadians shopping for a robot vacuum.

The iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum is ideal for Canadians looking for an efficient floor cleaner without all the bells and whistles. It comes from one of the leading manufacturers in the household robotics industry, and it’s all you need for routine cleaning. This model is our best overall pick since it offers the best value for the money.

As for the Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum, it’s perfect for individuals looking for a powerful robot vacuum in Canada that won’t break the bank. This affordable machine gets the job done with minimal hassle.

The equally budget-friendly Eufy RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum made the list for its incredibly compact design. It allows the vacuum to reach corners whose cleaning has previously required moving furniture.

The self-sufficient iRobot Roomba i3 EVO Robot Vacuum was designed for Canadians who aren’t particularly fond of doing chores in any capacity. This smart device has all the features to complete the job independently from start to finish.

Truthfully speaking, the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni-Black Cleaning Robot is in a league of its own, featuring both vacuuming and mopping capabilities. This beast of a machine is what high-tech is all about, but its steep price prevents it from snagging the number one spot on our list.

Although not the top pick, the iRobot Roomba j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is no less impressive. This intelligent cleaner will take care of a multi-level home with ease, regardless of the room layout and the obstacles that might get in its way.

Best Overall

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum – Self Charging, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Charcoal Grey


It's Great For:

Roomba 694 is the most affordable option from iRobot, one of the leading companies in consumer robotics. This convenient, hands-off device lets you stay on top of your daily vacuuming. It’s easy to use and does its job efficiently, even successfully battling piles of dog hair.

This robot vacuum has no issues transitioning from one surface to another and navigating through door frames and over thresholds. However, it can’t map out the home, so its obstacle avoidance feature isn’t the best among the robot vacuums available in Canada. For this reason, we recommend using this vacuum in homes with less furniture and an open plan.

Roomba 694 has a dedicated iRobot app, allowing you to set the start time, duration, and return time to the charging dock. It also employs iRobot’s signature Dirt Detect technology that allows the vacuum to spot dirtier areas in your home and clean them more thoroughly. You’ll know the technology is working its magic when you notice your Roomba spending more time in a specific spot.

When it comes to cleaning, the machine features dual multi-surface brushes that help loosen the debris, lift it from the floor and suck it in. This three-stage cleaning system allows Roomba 694 to efficiently grab pet hair from carpeted areas. Pet hair removal is also possible thanks to the vacuum’s relatively strong suction power. Although its suction power doesn’t top the list of best robot vacuums, Canadian residents can rely on this machine for most vacuuming tasks.

 The Highlights

The Roomba 694’s navigation skills are impressive for its price point. It has no problems going over elevated thresholds or changing surfaces. This robot vacuum won’t fall down the stairs or trip up on the ledges, making it perfect for multi-storey homes.

Although it’s not self-emptying, the Roomba 694 is pretty low maintenance. To clean the device, you only need to press the Empty button, slide out the bin, and dump its contents into the trash. Thanks to this ease of cleaning, a self-emptying feature seems almost redundant.

  • Cleans the floors with minimal hassle
  • Excellent navigation skills
  • Easy to maintain
  • Allows location-based cleaning

From the Test Lab

“Considering the price point, we were shocked to find that this robot vacuum was extremely efficient.”

Best for Canadian Bargain Hunters

Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum

Lefant Robot Vacuums, Auto Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Self-Charging, Slim, Quiet, WiFi/App/Alexa Control, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpet (M210)


It's Great For:

The Lefant M210 is a standard robot vacuum that can help you eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from your home daily. With 1,800 pascals of suction power, it can easily win the battle against more stubborn pet hair and dirt residue with almost no effort on your part. Its performance is especially impressive when you consider the relatively low price point.

This machine has a very slim profile and low height, allowing it to easily access harder-to-reach areas in your home. When it comes to surface transitions, it can operate on hardwood flooring and carpets. It performs best on carpets with shorter fibres which are more on the flat side. As for the hardwood floors, the vacuum is equipped with a silicone scraper, preventing it from scratching the surface. As a result, you can rest easy while your little helper gets the job done.

The Lefant M210 is accompanied by an app that offers several cleaning modes, a scheduling option, and the ability to change the robot’s directions. The vacuum is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for a hands-free cleaning experience. When connected to one of these devices, you only need your voice to start or stop the cleaning. On top of that, the Lefant M210 will return to its charging dock on its own, reducing your overall input in the cleaning process to a bare minimum.

The robot contains anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, allowing it to navigate your home without falling down the stairs or bumping into walls and furniture. These sensors will help the machine recognize challenging areas and adjust its cleaning path accordingly.

The Highlights

One of the features that stood out the most for the Lefant M210 is how quietly it operates. The noise level is even more impressive when considering the machine comes with quite the suction power. The machine employs a digital motor with a brushless structure. Since this construction contains no roller brushes, the robot won’t entangle hair but simply sweeps it into the dustbin.

The different modes are another feature worth noting. When operating the Lefant M210, you can choose between auto clean, edge clean, spot clean, and zigzag clean. Just make sure to avoid the final mode on carpets.

  • Impressively quiet
  • Highly affordable
  • Several cleaning modes
  • True hands-free cleaning experience

From the Test Lab

“The cleaning modes on this robot vacuum make it one of the best options for most households.”

Best for Low Furniture

Eufy RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim),Robot Vacuum Cleaner,Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets


It's Great For:

The RoboVac 11S is a prime example of not having to splurge to buy an excellent robot vacuum in Canada. Despite being extremely budget-friendly, this vacuum delivers a powerful cleaning performance. With around 1,300 pascals of suction power, this cleaner can handle most debris that comes its way. It also features a BoostIQ mode that increases the suction on carpeted floors, allowing it to switch between surfaces seamlessly. These characteristics usually come with robot vacuums that cost twice as much as the RoboVac 11S.

This robot vacuum is characterized by a highly compact form that allows it to easily go under low-clearance furniture. From what we could see, the RoboVac 11S can crawl into just about any space – under low couches, coffee tables, and gaming consoles.

Although compact, this machine features a surprisingly large dustbin with a 0.6-litre capacity. In fact, it’s the largest capacity among our top picks for the best robot vacuums in Canada. This dustbin enables the robot vacuum to complete more cleaning sessions before it needs to be emptied. The bottom of the bin includes two spin brushes, one rolling brush, and drop sensors.

The Highlights

The RoboVac 11s is almost silent while working. You can barely notice any noise when the robot is in the same room. If you were to watch TV or play music while it’s vacuuming, you wouldn’t hear it at all. For this reason, it’s perfect for Canadians living in an apartment complex with thinner walls. This quiet operation is even more impressive when considering that the cleaner can easily switch between different surfaces and even overcome slightly raised thresholds.

  • Easily fits under furniture
  • Large dustbin
  • Affordable
  • As quiet as it gets

From the Test Lab

“The larger dustbin was a game changer for this robot vacuum. It did a lot of work without needing any intervention from us.”

Best for Hands-Free Cleaning

iRobot Roomba i3 EVO Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba i3 EVO (3150) Robot Vacuum – Now Clean by Room with Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Woven Neutral


It's Great For:

Self-emptying vacuums have been a game changer in the household robotics industry. Besides offering more convenience, these handy machines substantially limit your exposure to dust and other common allergens. These models are the best robot vacuums for Canadians with allergies.

Robot vacuums with a self-emptying function typically cost upwards of $1,000. That makes the Roomba i3+ EVO even more appealing, since the price of this robot is far below four figures. It’s the most affordable self-emptying model from the robotics giant iRobot. The bin will hold approximately 60 days of debris. After that, it will deposit all its contents into an AllergenLock bag in the charging dock.

The bottom of the Roomba i3+ EVO features anti-drop and floor-tracking sensors that facilitate cleaning in neat rows. Thanks to this filter, the Roomba i3+ EVO doesn’t bounce around the room, allowing it to never miss a spot while cleaning. It tackles the center first and then moves toward the edges. Suppose the robot encounters a particularly dirty area. In that case, it will spend more time on it, thanks to the built-in Dirt Detect function.

This robot vacuum comes with an accompanying iRobot Home app that offers various possibilities. One of the most valuable features allows you to create a cleaning schedule, down to the exact days and times you want your Roomba to vacuum your home.

You can even integrate it within event-based automation, causing specific actions to trigger the operation. For instance, you can set it to turn on when your smart lock engages, or your garage door closes. It depends on whether you want to be present for the cleaning. You can connect your robot vacuum to an Alexa or Google Assistant. This way, you can control it solely by using voice commands.

The Highlights

What sets the Roomba i3+ EVO apart from other listed robot vacuums available in Canada is its level of autonomy. Besides multiple hands-free avenues for controlling the machine, this smart cleaner will also return to the base automatically when it detects a low battery. It will resume the job as soon as it’s charged, returning to the point where it left off in its previous session.

Keeping with the low-maintenance theme, even the device itself consistently looks clean. Unlike some robot vacuums in Canada, it doesn’t have a shiny mirror cover. Instead, it has a textured matte finish that resembles fabric and minimizes dust residue and fingerprints.

  • Self-emptying dustbin
  • Impressively autonomous
  • Supports scheduling and area cleaning
  • Low maintenance

From the Test Lab

“We loved not having to manually empty the dustbin on this robot vacuum. The automatic emptying worked well for our busy schedules.”

Best Vacuum and Mop Hybrid

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni-Black Cleaning Robot

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo with Self-Empty and Auto-Clean Station, 5000Pa, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance, Built-in YIKO Voice Assistant, Black


It's Great For:

The DEEBOT X1 is by far the most expensive entry on our best robot vacuums in Canada list. To be fair, it’s also the most advanced piece of technology. This beast of a machine boasts as much as 5,000 pascals of suction power. This figure blows even the best robot vacuums Canada has to offer out of the water.

This feature-rich robot vacuum also boasts a mopping function, making it a hybrid model. But unlike most hybrid robot vacuums in Canada, DEEBOT X1 has equally strong vacuuming and mopping functions. In most cases, the latter function leaves something to be desired. Besides being efficient, DEEBOT’s mop is also self-drying, self-refilling, and self-cleaning.

This cleaner features AI-powered obstacle avoidance, adding to its self-sufficient nature. It can navigate even the biggest and most cluttered homes with relative ease. This is made possible by the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) laser technology that mimics a drone’s behaviour. The DEEBOT X1 learns and maps your home’s layout in record time, allowing it to find its way in almost any situation.

In a rare feat, this robot vacuum can avoid most objects that stop other robot vacuums available in Canada in their tracks. These include power cables, chairs, fabrics, shoes, socks, and other smaller household objects.

The robot starts the cleaning session around the room’s edges and moves row by row until it covers the entire space. It takes around 60 minutes to vacuum 1,000 square feet, making it ideal for larger homes. It will only consume around 30% of its battery to achieve this. Once it reaches carpeted areas, it will increase suction power, thus also using more battery.

The Highlights

Unlike most robot vacuums for Canadians on our list, this high-tech cleaner comes with an integrated voice assistant called Yiko. This helpful addition allows you to control the device by voice using a separate smart speaker.

The vacuum features a camera that doubles as a home security camera and goes as far as capturing two-way audio. This incredible feature allows you to monitor your home remotely using your phone and talk to your children or other household members.

  • Entirely self-sufficient
  • Built-in voice assistant
  • Superb AI-powered obstacle avoidance
  • Features a powerful mopping component

From the Test Lab

“This vacuum offered all of the extras we wanted from a robot vacuum. It was extremely efficient, worked well to avoid the furniture, and didn’t require much supervision.”

Best for Multi-Level Homes

iRobot Roomba j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550) Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum – Identifies and Avoids Obstacles Like Pet Waste & Cords, Empties Itself for 60 Days, Smart Mapping, Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Graphite


It's Great For:

The Roomba j7+ is iRobot’s most advanced offspring on our best robot vacuums Canada has to offer list. This high-tech machine is fully equipped to tackle multi-level homes. For starters, this vacuum takes a few runs to fully map your floor plan. It creates a Smart Map that features multiple rooms, each of which can be further subdivided and labelled. The Smart Map allows the cleaner to target specific rooms, schedule area cleaning, and enforce virtual boundaries.

Regardless of the room it cleans, the j7+ model will efficiently avoid almost all obstacles, including common pitfalls like toys and shoes. This is made possible by a camera placed on top and AI software that helps identify hazards and reroute itself to avoid them. The cleaner even avoids pet waste, which probably means the world to any Canadian who has had to deal with the consequences of a close encounter between the two.

The manufacturer is so confident in this feature that it offers a Pet Owner Official Promise guarantee. Judging by the acronym, you can probably guess where this is going. The manufacturer promises to give a new model to any user whose Roomba fails to avoid solid pet waste for a year.

Unlike pet waste, the Roomba j7+ won’t avoid other heavily soiled areas. As a matter of fact, it will spend more time cleaning them, thanks to the Dirt Detect mode. The robot will move back and forth over the area until the integrated sensor detects fewer particles. This robot vacuum has no issues traversing different flooring types and cleaning them in orderly rows. When it runs out of battery, this intelligent cleaner will return to its charging dock independently. After it’s charged, it will resume the cleaning session in the same place it left off.

The Roomba j7+ works well with Alexa and Google Assistant and doubles as a home security camera, allowing you to get the most out of this invaluable helper.

The Highlights

The j7+ model’s integrated camera will snap pictures and ask if it should avoid the pictured objects in the future. With your permission, all these images go into a shared database that allows this robot vacuum to identify and avoid many obstacles that confound other similar machines. This list includes long curtains, phone cords, and power cables, to name a few.

  • Pet waste avoidance guarantee
  • Superb mapping abilities
  • Excellent adaptability to different rooms and flooring types
  • Superior obstacle avoidance technology

From the Test Lab

“This high-end robot vacuum brought everything we needed and then some. We loved the expert way it avoided obstacles while cleaning around the house.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve stayed on top of household trends and kept up with new lifestyle product releases with a clear goal – to help Canadians make better buying decisions. The products we recommend are the best options the Canadian market offers and will make your life easier.

When it comes to robot vacuums, we evaluated the machine’s performance considering the following:

  • Runtime. The runtime gave us an idea of the home sizes a robot vacuum can clean. Most standard devices can run up to 70 minutes, enough to clean a smaller house or apartment. Bigger surface areas require a vacuum that can run for at least an hour and a half. This way, it can hit every room before it runs out of juice.
  • Ease of Navigation. The ease of navigation is one of the most crucial aspects of a robot vacuum. If the robot vacuum stops each time it hits a new surface, it defeats the purpose of owning a hands-free cleaning device.
  • Suction Power. Suction power is another essential factor in choosing the best robot vacuum. We found that most machines had no problem sucking up standard household debris, such as dirt, lint, and hair. However, only the more powerful machines had no issues dealing with thicker pet hair and more elusive allergens.
  • Smart Features. It’s important to analyze how a robot vacuum’s smart features compare to its price tag. Surprisingly, some entry-level machines proved to be worthy opponents to their much costlier counterparts. We mostly paid attention to how the robot vacuum is controlled, if it can be scheduled, and how independent the machine truly is.

Why Use a Robot Vacuum in Canada?

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a robot vacuum, here are some advantages to using this seemingly magical machine.

It Saves Time and Energy

Vacuuming is a tedious and laborious task that few Canadians find appealing. Depending on your home size, it can also be rather time-consuming. Purchasing a robot vacuum will allow you to keep your home clean without dedicating too much time and effort to this chore.

It Creates a Cleaner and Healthier Environment

Canadians with allergies will love having a robot vacuum. They won’t have to vacuum their homes daily, yet they will remain clean and allergen-free. The best robot vacuums for Canadians with allergies have stronger suction power, allowing them to effortlessly eliminate all debris that might harm the owner’s health.

It Outperforms the Traditional Vacuum Cleaner in Several Aspects

Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, their robot counterparts operate much more quietly. Higher-end machines can regulate the noise level they produce, allowing them to do their job without creating a nuisance and waking up all household members.

Robot vacuums are much easier to store and carry. Unlike most traditional machines, going up the stairs with one won’t be a struggle.

Finally, most smart robot vacuums available in Canada can sense the surface change and adapt their suction power accordingly. Therefore, there’s no need for manual changes or extra caution around certain surfaces.

It Is Self-Charging

Keeping with the hands-free cleaning theme, robot vacuums are self-charging. Most devices will return to their charging dock on their own once their battery gets critically low.

It Can Be Controlled Remotely

Imagine lounging and watching your favourite TV show while getting your home clean. Well, with a robot vacuum, you don’t have to imagine this fantastic scenario. All robot vacuums can be controlled remotely, allowing you to use the time you would spend cleaning for more exciting pursuits.

The best robot vacuums in Canada will have an accompanying app for controlling the device. Alternatively, you might use a remote controller. Whatever the case, you’ll use your hands to push the buttons instead the vacuum.

It Can Fit in Tighter Spaces

Vacuuming under low furniture and around hard-to-reach places can be such a hassle. The process usually involves three phases – trying to clean another way, failing miserably, and finally moving the furniture around. With robot vacuums, there’s only one phase – slipping under and getting the job done.

How to Choose a Robot Vacuum for Canadians

Robot vacuums are, perhaps unsurprisingly, very complicated to shop for. There are so many different models with a host of different features and options to keep your floors clean. How do you know which is best for you? The following features and options can help you choose the right robot vacuum for your spaces. 


Like most smart devices, robot vacuums don’t always go easy on the wallet. The most advanced robot vacuums available in Canada come with a price tag of a few thousand dollars. On the lower end, you can find machines around $200 but keep in mind that you’ll probably lose some of the premium features.

The best course of action is to list the must-have features and try to find a robot vacuum in Canada that fits the description and your budget. You don’t need to spend top dollar to get a decent device. The most important thing is that it checks all your boxes and performs its job well.

Home Size and Floor Plan

Your home’s size and floor plan significantly contribute to what constitutes the best robot vacuums. Canada has some pretty big houses, so make sure the device you choose can handle larger environments. This means the robot vacuum can run long enough to clean most of your home in a single session.

Furniture Construction

If you have a lot of low furniture and tight spaces in your home, look for vacuums under 8 cm tall. As this isn’t the standard height for robot vacuums available in Canada, you’ll benefit from checking the desired device’s specifications before the purchase.

Floor Type

Higher-end machines will perform equally well on hardwood floors and carpets. These robot vacuums ramp up the power quickly, allowing them to adapt to the surface without hiccups. The same can’t be said for all Canadian robot vacuums. Some more affordable pieces will stick to a single flooring type. Therefore, factor the floor types in your home into your buying decision. Keep in mind that most vacuums will work well for hardwood, vinyl, and tile floors. Carpet (especially high-pile carpet) requires special power and may only be included with more expensive options.

Pet Hair

If pets run rampant around your home, you’ll need a powerful robot vacuum to clean up after them. Thick fur and stray litter can be very tricky to pick up and require a machine with strong suction power. These machines will be worth the splurge if you suffer from allergies. Besides eliminating pet hair, these advanced devices have efficient filters that eliminate allergens hanging in the air.

Smart Features

Similar to most smart devices, seemingly endless features can be added to a robot vacuum. Your budget will typically dictate how smart a robot vacuum is. There are some more affordable robot vacuums available in Canada that boast impressive smart features.

The most common smart features that a robot vacuum can come with include the following:

  • Scheduling abilities
  • Mapping abilities and no-go zones
  • Hazard detection
  • Optical sensor guidance
  • Built-in cameras for monitoring the home
  • Monitoring abilities
  • Self-emptying ability
  • Remote controlling

These features are usually controlled via an app, which allows you to fully customize the route, method, and monitoring abilities of your robot vacuum. The full list of capabilities can really improve the cleanliness of your home.

How Canadians Can Get the Most Out of a Robot Vacuum

For all intents and purposes, robot vacuums are supposed to take over this chore entirely. If you don’t follow certain guidelines, you might end up assisting the machine more frequently than you’d like. Here are several tips to ensure the robot vacuum works for you and not the other way around.

Perform a Test Run

When you first purchase a robot vacuum, don’t forget to take it for a few test runs around your home. Each Canadian home has a different layout, so these initial sessions are vital for the vacuum to configure your space, allowing it to navigate easily. Plus, it lets you see where the vacuum might get stuck repeatedly. Then, you can use the accompanying app to exclude that area from the vacuum’s route.

Remove Cables and Curtains

Even the best robot vacuums in Canada frequently lose the battle against long curtains and messy power cords and cables. These will either stop your vacuum dead in its tracks or worse, go along for the ride. So, it’s in your best interest to tie up longer curtains and clear the floors of any troublemakers like cords or small objects.

Set Boundaries

If there are specific places you want the robot vacuum to avoid, find a way to wall them off. Depending on how advanced your machine is, you might be able to do this using the accompanying app. Otherwise, use provided or DIY boundary strips to cordon off the unwanted area.

Tidy Up Tables

Robot vacuums in Canada might have a hard time navigating under the dining room table since it’s usually surrounded by multiple chairs. For this reason, you might benefit from flipping the chairs upside down before the vacuuming session starts. Alternatively, you can pull the chairs away from the table, allowing the vacuum sufficient space to move freely.

Place the Charging Dock in the Open

Most robot vacuums available in Canada can find their way back to their charging docks independently. Still, you don’t want to make this journey unnecessarily challenging, so keeping the charging dock out in the open would be best. Besides keeping the path clear of obstructions, ensure the dock is always plugged in and laid on even ground against a wall.

Regularly Clean Your Vacuum

Some Canadian robot vacuums have a beneficial self-cleaning feature. If this isn’t the case with yours, make sure to regularly clean your machine manually. This entails emptying the dustbin, removing dust off the filters, and cutting away hair tangled on the brushes. Also, you should occasionally clean the charging contacts and the anti-drop sensors to ensure your vacuum keeps doing its job safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robot vacuums typically cost more than traditional vacuums. Even on the lower end, they’re still a sizeable investment.

A robot vacuum allows you to save upwards of several hours a week and the trouble of doing this pretty mundane task. Robot vacuums have almost become as effective as regular vacuums, allowing you to thoroughly clean your home without lifting a finger. Thanks to their compact shape, they don’t take up too much space. They can easily fit under most couches and tables, eliminating the need to rearrange furniture when vacuuming.

Robot vacuums are well worth it if you value your free time and are not particularly fond of chores.

Most robot vacuums are manufactured with rubbery wheels and soft brushes, allowing them to travel across hardwood floors without scratching or damaging them. These vacuums manoeuvre on hardwood floors more easily since this even surface has fewer crevices for trapping dirt and debris.

Still, like any vacuum cleaner, small objects can get stuck underneath the machine and scratch the floor while running. For this reason, you should occasionally take a peek at your robot vacuum while in use over sleek surfaces.

Robot vacuums can clean pet hair. Many Canadian pet owners who don’t have time to vacuum daily invest in these machines to keep their homes free of pet hair. Robot vacuums with stronger suction power are better at dealing with pet hair. Keep this feature in mind if you have a pet that sheds significantly.

Most robot vacuums can effortlessly transition onto and clean carpets, increasing their suction power in the process. However, few machines can successfully tackle extra-plush carpets like sheepskin rugs. Even if they manage to climb over the edge, they’re more likely to just pull at the carpet instead of sucking up dirt. So, you’re better off removing chunky carpets when using a robot vacuum.