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A showerhead isn’t anything fancy, right? You turn the handle, hop into the shower, and the showerhead sprays you with water. Simple as that, right? Well, yes, but also, no. Some showerheads offer the basics and nothing more, serving their singular purpose beautifully. Others provide a spectacular bundle of features, from fancy spray settings to high-tech displays.

Given the abundance of options, selecting the perfect fit can take time and effort. We did the hard part for you by scouring the internet for highly-rated showerheads and compiling a list to present the best of the best. So, if you’re on an expedition to find the best showerheads in Canada for 2024, you’re in the right place.

Best Shower Heads in Canada for 2024

  • Best Overall: SR Sun Risse 6-Setting Shower Head
  • Best for Pet Households: AquaCare High-Pressure 8-Mode Shower Head
  • Best Budget: Proud Bird High-Pressure Shower Head
  • Best Hose Lenth: Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter
  • Best Dual Model: Tudoccy Rainfall Shower Head
  • Best for Saving Water: Kaiying Chrome High-Pressure Shower Head

Why Did We Choose These Shower Heads in Canada?

Most Canadians would agree that some showerheads are just better than others. You may have a preference for high-pressure handheld shower heads, or you might like a rainfall-style shower head. Some options, regardless of type, handle better and feature more functionality than others. Each of the models we recommend are the best the Canadian market has to offer. After hours of research and expert review, we’ve chosen these options for the best shower heads in Canada for 2024.

Our first pick is the SR Sun Risse 6-Setting Shower Head. This showerhead is packed with handy features, including six spray modes, a durable rust-resistant finish, and a solid warranty. It comes in five finishes, ensuring it matches varying bathroom aesthetics. Given its solid features and price, we chose this model as our best overall pick.

The AquaCare High-Pressure 8-Mode Shower Head is packed with pet-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for busy Canadian households with pets. It has a 72-inch heavy-duty stainless steel hose, a high-pressure Power Wash feature, and eight spray modes to accommodate varying needs.

Next up is the Proud Bird High-Pressure Shower Head, which is our best budget pick. This model is priced affordably yet presents an impressive array of features. From hygienic silicone nozzles to numerous spray settings, this model offers everything one can expect from a showerhead.

The Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter features a 60” hose, which is more than long enough to bathe kids and pets comfortably. This shower head also filters water through a 15-stage system, ensuring that your showers are cleaner than ever.

If you want a showerhead that comes with a fixed and handheld model, the Tudoccy Rainfall Shower Head is a worthwhile consideration. This model offers the best of both worlds, combining the luxury of a rainfall showering experience with the convenience of a handheld showerhead.

The On/Off switch on the Kaiying Chrome High-Pressure Shower Head makes it one of the best options on our list for conserving water. Instead of turning the shower off and on again, you can simply pause the flow with this convenient switch.

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Best Overall

SR Sun Rise 6-Setting Shower Head

Shower Head, SR SUN RISE 6-Settings 5

It's Great For:

The SR Sun Rise 6-Setting showerhead is an excellent model featuring an impressive array of features, earning its place as our best overall pick. While it classifies as a handheld shower, it can remain as an overhead model to accommodate varying preferences and mobility restrictions.

It features six spray modes: rainfall, rainfall + trickle, power massage, rainfall + spray, power spray, and water save trickle. If you want a showerhead that can do it all, whether you want to save water or enjoy a powerful massage, this model is a worthwhile consideration.

Given its variability in water pressure settings, this model is a great choice for homes with multiple pressure preferences. It comes in five finishes, from polished chrome to matte black to gold, so there’s something to match almost any bathroom aesthetic.

The shower is made through an electroplating process, creating a high-last finish that is rust-resistant and wear-resistant. A 96-inch hose allows you to mount the showerhead higher up but still use it as a handheld model. The lengthy hose is also ideal for other tasks, such as cleaning the shower or washing your dog.

It features a tool-free installation, making it a great option for Canadians who don’t want to deal with the hassle of complicated connections. The package comes with everything you need, including Teflon tape, so you won’t need to swing by the store for anything. 

Key Features

  • Complete Setup. The package comes with everything you’ll need to install the shower on an existing shower arm, eliminating the need to buy extra parts from your local hardware store.
  • Solid Warranty. A three-year warranty protects your investment, ensuring you’ll get the most out of your purchase. The warranty terms protect your shower head against common defects and issues.
  • Multiple Spray Modes. Six spray modes with varying water pressure settings adjust to match varying pressure preferences. No matter how you prefer to shower, there’s an option that works for you.
  • Rust Resistant. An electroplating process during manufacturing helps this showerhead withstand the use over time, preventing rust and making it more wear-resistant.

Our Expert’s Take

“Multiple settings and a simple, complete setup package makes this shower head stand out to us. It has everything you need and a solid warranty to keep your investment protected.”

Best for Pet

AquaCare High-Pressure 8-Mode Shower Head

AquaCare High Pressure 8-Mode Handheld Shower Head - Anti-Clog Nozzles, Built-in Power Wash to Clean Tub, Tile & Pets, Extra Long 6 ft. Stainless Steel Hose, Wall & Overhead Brackets

It's Great For:

The AquaCare High-Pressure 8-Mode showerhead is an excellent choice for busy Canadian households with pets. It features a 72-inch heavy-duty stainless steel hose, which is ideal for rinsing grubby pets after an invigorating soak in the mud. Several spray modes are designed to help with pet care, making it simpler than ever.

A high-pressure Power Wash feature helps blaze away dirt and grime left behind after your pet’s bath without requiring you to step foot in the shower. Point Jet provides impressive power to target clean areas, and Wide Fan offers sweeping coverage to remove residual grime quickly.

But while its features work well for pet care, this showerhead works just as well for cleaning you and your family. It features a revolutionary nozzle material designed to protect against degradation, helping to keep your showerhead even cleaner. This GermShield Antimicrobial material restricts the growth of mould, mildew, and other bacteria on the showerhead, ensuring this grime doesn’t end up on your skin when you shower.

It features eight settings, including Wide Rain, Massage, Soft Mist, Mix One, Mix Two, Pause, Wide Fan, and Point Jet, to accommodate all of your pressure preferences. The hose is plenty long enough to reach across most showers, making it a great choice for senior care, child care, pet care, and cleaning.

Key Features

  • Power Wash feature. This built-in feature makes cleaning up residual dirt and grime in your shower or bathtub easier than ever.
  • Antimicrobial nozzles. Showerheads are a haven for bacteria, mould, and mildew, but with this showerhead, they’re less likely to take up residence there.
  • Eight settings. An impressive array of eight settings accommodate even more pressure preferences. Whether you prefer a gentle shower or higher pressure, this shower head delivers.
  • Ideal for pets. A lengthy heavy-duty hose and multiple spray settings make this showerhead perfect for cleaning grubby pets.

Our Expert’s Take

“The AquaCare 8-Mode Shower Head features a longer hose than some of the other options on our list. This makes it ideal for bathing your pets or kids in the tub because you won’t have to struggle with a shorter hose.”

Best Budget

Proud Bird High-Pressure Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head with Handheld - Modern Square Handheld Shower Heads - 6 Settings Detachable shower head with hose, Change Settings Much Easier Than the Twist Ones, Shower Accessories, Chrome

It's Great For:

The Proud Bird High-Pressure showerhead is ideal for Canadians on a budget. Despite its affordable price, this model offers an impressive range of features, making it a great choice all around.

It’s a handheld shower, so you can easily pop it out of its docking place for more accessible washing needs. It features silicone nozzles instead of metal ones, making it resistant to limescale buildup, a common problem with showerheads.

It features a stainless steel leak-free hose that allows you to move around more freely, and an angle-adjustable bracket lets you adjust the height to your liking. Rotate the angle a full 360 degrees to find the perfect spot for full, even coverage.

Toggle between six spray settings with a user-friendly switching button to achieve varying water pressures and spray patterns.

The showerhead features standard-sized connectors that are compatible with most showerheads featuring G1/2” ends. You can swap out your old, poorly performing showerhead for this one in mere minutes, with no need for a plumber.

Key Features

  • Affordable. Despite its wealth of features, this showerhead is affordable and won’t break the bank. If you need a less expensive option, this is one of the best.
  • Multiple spray modes. Six spray settings allow you to adjust the showerhead to your liking, ensuring there’s something to accommodate varying preferences.
  • Silicone nozzles. By switching traditional metal nozzles for silicone, this showerhead offers excellent resistance against limescale buildup.
  • Easy installation. Designed to thread onto standard shower setups, this showerhead is easy to install in a matter of minutes.

Our Expert’s Take

“This high-pressure rainfall showerhead is a great option for Canadians on a budget. It’s easy to install, has multiple spray modes, and offers higher pressure at a price that won’t break the bank.”

Best Hose Length

Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter

Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter, High Pressure 6 Spray Mode Showerhead with 60

It's Great For:

The Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter is the perfect choice for those who live in areas with hard water, or those who want to ensure that their shower water is clean. A 15-stage filtration system keeps heavy metals, chlorine, and other substances off your skin and out of your hair, leading to softer skin and better showers. Between these filtration features and the long hose, this versatile shower head is a must for Canadian families.

The flexible hose is 60” long. If you have a larger shower or frequently bathe kids and pets, this hose length is perfect. The additional reach allows for more in-depth rinsing, especially for pets. There are six different spray modes, including rain, massage, and pulse modes (as well as combinations of these three features). The large panel on the shower head offers better water pressure across all different plumbing situations, even if you usually have lower water pressure.

The filtration system uses 15 different layers of materials to purify your shower water. This helps remove chlorine from water treatment plants, as well as harmful heavy metals like lead, mercury, and chromium. Your hair and skin will be softer because of limiting these chemicals, improving your shower experience overall. You can easily install this shower head yourself without the need for a professional, so you’ll be up and running in no time!

Key Features

  • 60″ Hose Length. The hose on all versions of this Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter is 60” long. This means you can easily wash your kids, pets, or accommodate larger shower spaces in handheld mode.
  • 15-Stage Water Filtration. The filtration system helps remove impurities, such as chlorine, heavy metals, and other substances you don’t want on your skin.
  • High Pressure. Despite its filtering system, this shower features satisfying high pressure. It uses boosting technology that won’t impact how your showers feel, even if your water pressure is usually low.
  • Six Spray Modes. Six spray modes or functions include a rain mode, pulse mode, massage modes, and combinations of all three to create the perfect pressure after a long, hard day.

Our Expert’s Take

“The longer hose on the Cobbe Handheld Shower Head with Filter makes it a great choice for those who value handheld use. Users who need extra length for washing kids or pets will love how easy it is to use this shower head.”

Best Dual Model

Tudoccy Rainfall Shower Head

Shower Head, 8 Inch High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo with 11 Inch Extension Arm, 9 Settings Adjustable Anti-Leak Shower Head with Holder/Hose, Height/Angle Adjustable

It's Great For:

The Tudoccy Rainfall showerhead is a phenomenal two-in-one showerhead. It features a handheld model off to one side, plus a fixed adjustable rain showerhead. The combination provides a full shower experience, from convenient washing with the handheld apparatus to a relaxing rinse under the fixed head.

The handheld showerhead features a whopping nine spray settings to adjust to your preferences. Whether you prefer a soft, low-pressure rinse or an intense, gully-washing downpour, this showerhead has you covered. It even offers a rain and mist combination for an outdoor-like showering experience.

The fixed showerhead is adjustable with an 11-inch adjustable extension arm and two feet of vertical movement range. Simply adjust the height to your liking and tighten it at the joint.

Installation is quick, easy, and requires no tools to complete. The setup is compatible with all standard ½ inch pipe threads, so you can quickly thread it into place in mere minutes.

Key Features

  • Fixed spray head. The fixed spray head is adjustable and extendable, which can help accommodate Canadians of various heights. 
  • Handheld spray head. An integrated handheld spray head provides convenient cleaning and better accessibility. It’s great for pets, kids, and better cleaning.
  • Multiple spray modes. Nine spray modes provide plenty of options to ensure there’s something for everyone. You are sure to find a spray pattern that works for you.
  • Solid warranty. A one-year warranty protects your investment and ensures you’ll get the most out of your new showerhead.

Our Expert’s Take

“If you don’t want to choose between a fixed and handheld showerhead, the Tudoccy Rainfall Shower Head is a great choice. The dual heads give you plenty of options.”

Best for Saving Water

Kaiying Chrome High-Pressure Shower Head

KAIYING High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with ON/Off Pause Switch, 3 Spray Modes Shower Wand with Shut Off Button, Removable Camper Shower Head with Hose and Adjustable Angle Bracket

It's Great For:

If you want to save more water while you shower, consider the Kaiying Chrome High-Pressure Shower Head. This option’s standout feature is the on/off switch, which allows you to pause the stream during your shower. It uses less water and is more convenient than turning the entire shower on and off when you need to lather up or shampoo your hair. This option allows for less waste. Plus, you won’t have to work to find your perfect settings again when you turn the shower back on. 

Three spray modes give you a wide coverage for various tasks, including a jet for deep cleaning, a massage feature for working out stiff muscles, and rainfall for standard cleaning. You can easily switch between the different modes with the button on the handle. A total of 344 pinholes offer great pressure no matter which setting you choose, so you’ll always get the best showering experience possible. 

This shower head is available in four different finishes, including black, white, chrome, and brushed nickel. There’s an option for every bathroom. It’s easy to install this shower head, too. After the tool-free installation, you can detach the shower head and disassemble it at any time. This allows you to clean each part of the shower head deeply, avoiding the build-up of hard water, minerals, and other debris that may cause performance issues or skin and hair problems.

Key Features

  • Simple Installation. It’s simple to install this shower head. You don’t even need tools to get it working properly, making it great for those with little to no experience.
  • On/Off Switch. The built-in On/Off Switch allows you to stop the flow of water when you need it. Instead of turning off the entire shower, you can pause the stream to conserve water.
  • 3 Spray Settings. Three spray settings make this shower head suited for Canadians with a range of preferences. Options include rainfall, massage, and jetting. 
  • Easy to Clean. Unlike many shower heads, this option can be disassembled so you can clean each individual piece. This prevents hard water build-up and ensures the longevity of the shower head.

Our Expert’s Take

“The On/Off button on this shower head allows you to conserve water during your shower. You can pause the spray so you can lather up with soap, which is especially handy when you don’t want to try and find your perfect heat setting again.”

Comparing the Best Shower Heads for Canadians

CategoryShower HeadTypeSpray ModesSetting TypeFinish
Best OverallSR Sun Rise 6-Setting Shower HeadHandheld6RainChrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, Gold, Brushed Nickel
Best for PetAquaCare High-Pressure 8-Mode Shower HeadHandheld8Rain, MassageChrome
Best BudgetProud Bird High-Pressure Shower HeadHandheld6MixedStainless Steel
Best Hose LengthCobbe Handheld Shower Head with FilterHandheld6RainChrome or Matte Black
Best Dual ModelTudoccy Rainfall Shower HeadHandheld, Fixed9RainChrome
Best for Saving WaterKaiying Chrome High-Pressure Shower HeadHandheld3MistBlack, White, Chrome, or Brushed Nickel

How We Selected These Shower Heads in Canada

With millions of household products available online and in stores, choosing the perfect fit for your home can be complicated. There are dozens of products in the same category, each featuring slightly different feature lineups. So how do you know which one to pick?

Enter us. We’re committed to helping consumers like you pick the best products in Canada for your household needs. We cover all sorts of items, from the best water flossers to keep your teeth and gums healthy to the best heat pumps to keep your home comfortable year-round.

We follow a careful process to ensure we suggest premier products that exceed expectations. It starts with extensive evaluation and analysis for each shower head.

The models that emerge are the best in class, excelling for varying reasons and earning a place on our best picks list. We conclude our process by compiling a guide that lists our top picks, why we picked them, and a handful of factors to look for as you evaluate your options.

As we searched for the best showerheads in Canada, we kept an eye out for a couple of key features, including the following:

  • Usability: The best showerheads in Canada offer superior usability with straightforward features and user-friendly designs.
  • Pressure: Since many Canadians have varying water pressure preferences, we looked for both high-pressure and normal-pressure showerheads.
  • Spray settings: Multiple spray settings aren’t a must-have, but they can be helpful in households with varying spray preferences.
  • Aesthetics: The best showerheads come in a couple of finish options to accommodate varying bathroom aesthetics. We looked for models that met this expectation to ensure there is something to meet varying preferences.
  • Cost: We understand that each Canadian has a different budget they’re working with, so to ensure we covered all budgets, we looked for options on both ends of the price spectrum, plus a few in between.

Factors to Look for in a Shower Head in Canada

Factors to Look For in a Shower Head in Canada

Despite the seemingly straightforward purpose, a showerhead can offer quite a bit, so there’s impressive variation from one model to the next. While this is ideal for accommodating varying preferences, selecting the perfect fit for your home can make it tricky.

To help you choose the best option, we compiled a list of factors to look for, including the following.


Consider the type of showerhead you want for your home. Do you want a fixed showerhead that remains permanently out of the way? Do you want a handheld model with a hose for easier washing and cleaning? Do you want the luxurious feel of a gentle rain shower every time you take a rinse?

Your answers to each question will help you determine the perfect option for your home. If space in your shower is limited and you don’t want to deal with a hose, a fixed or rain showerhead might be a great choice for you. In contrast, a handheld model might be a better pick for those with disabilities or limited mobility, as you can pick them up and move them around for easier washing.

Now, consider a shower system if a single showerhead doesn’t appeal to you and you want a full, luxurious spa-like experience. While we don’t cover shower systems in this article, as they feature multiple jets, side sprays, and showerheads, they can be a worthwhile solution for Canadians who appreciate the glorious relaxing nature of a spa shower.


When shopping for a showerhead, comfort is a key consideration. Look for something that accommodates your preferences and unique situation. Consider the factors you want from the showerhead. Do you want a gentle flow of water or something powerful enough to help you scrub away the day’s grime? Do you want specific controls for the shower (digital, manual, etc.)? How high do you want the showerhead to sit?

Each question will help you determine the best showerhead for your comfort needs. Finding something that matches your comfort preferences is crucial as it’s something you’ll use frequently.


A complicated, overly techy showerhead can be a nuisance, creating a puzzle you need to solve before hopping in for a relaxing shower. However, high-tech features can be a must-have for some folks, so this is something else you should keep in mind as you search.

If you want something without bells and whistles, look for a straightforward model that does what it promises and nothing more. A single-handled model is often the better option, as many folks find it easier to use than a double-handled one.

Conversely, if you prefer the lap of luxury, keep your eyes peeled for high-end models with advanced technology, such as a display panel to control temperature and pressure. The best showerhead for you will hinge on these factors, so ensure you choose a model that will be easy for you to use.


Water pressure is a touchy topic for many folks, as each person has varying preferences. Some Canadians prefer powerful water pressure with toasty water pelting down to cut through caked-on grime. In contrast, others prefer a calm experience with a soft, gentle spray gliding over them.

Others prefer a happy medium, enjoying just enough pressure to clean off grime and soap suds without being overly powerful or too gentle to do the job.

If you enjoy strong water pressure, look for a high-pressure showerhead. These showerheads use specific designs to improve pressure, creating a more powerful feeling flow without requiring more water through the system.

In contrast, look for a normal showerhead if you prefer a soft to medium water pressure. If you enjoy a more soothing experience, a rain showerhead might be the perfect option, as these models tend to provide a gentle spray.


A showerhead contributes to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, so this is another thing to consider as you shop. This might not be a primary concern for some Canadians, but for others, it’s an essential step in shopping for new fixtures and decor.

So, pay attention to the finishes and styles of showerheads available. Various models available today have specific designs and aesthetics, such as a traditional look with designs popular in years gone by. Others feature sleek, modern designs with clean, sharp lines.

Most showerheads come in at least a couple of finish options, with the most popular including stainless steel, chrome, matte black, and nickel.

Spray Settings

A showerhead serves a fundamental purpose: to spray water down on you for washing. Some showerheads complete this singular function with a simple, unchangeable setting. However, others offer an array of settings, such as mist, rain, and massage, to accommodate varying preferences.

If there’s some disparity in your household about the perfect spray setting and pressure, consider a showerhead with multiple spray settings. This way, each individual can adjust the shower to their preferences, making for an all-in-one pick that keeps everyone happy. Plus, you can adjust the settings based on your mood at the moment, whether you want to have a main character moment and stand in the mist or relax under a massage-like flow.

Water Consumption

Showers consume quite a bit of water, especially for lengthier soaks. Your water bill can quickly climb, especially if multiple people take long showers in the same household. Consider a water-saving showerhead if you’re concerned about water consumption or prefer to conserve water to help the environment.

These models usually use less than two gallons per minute, helping to limit water usage in your home and save on your water bill. These showerheads are often labelled with the WaterSense certification, especially if you purchase the faucet from an American brand.

If you’re unsure whether they conserve water, check the water consumption (expressed as GPM or gallons per minute). If it’s less than two gallons per minute, the showerhead uses less than many standard showerheads.

Installing a New Shower Head

Installing a New Shower Head

Once you select a new showerhead for your home, you’ll need to install it to begin enjoying the benefits. With some showerheads, this process is easy. All it takes is a few steps to unthread your old showerhead and pop the new one into place.

But for others, the process isn’t quite as simple. For example, if you have a standard showerhead jutting from the wall high up in your shower but want to switch to an overhead rain showerhead, you’ll have some adjusting to do.

This process requires rerouting the plumbing in your bathroom to accommodate the new setup, which can be tricky for inexperienced individuals. If you’re unfamiliar with plumbing projects, we recommend hiring a professional.

The cost of the installation varies drastically based on the difficulty of the installation. If your plumber needs to reroute or repair the plumbing before installing the new showerhead, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars. Conversely, quick swaps usually take less than an hour and cost less than $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

A stellar showerhead doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, you can find surprisingly affordable models with exceptional features. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 and $150 for a new showerhead. Luxury models usually cost considerably more, so you can expect a higher cost if you want something with extra features.

Many showerheads are marketed as high-pressure options that create a powerful spray, ideal for those needing back pain relief and relaxation. The Proud Bird High-Pressure Showerhead is a great option for any Canadian wanting a high-pressure shower. Not only is the pressure adjustable, it can rotate 360 degrees, has varying heights, and costs less than many other options on the market.

Some say you should replace your showerhead every six to eight months. The reasoning for this is the heat and moist environment in a showerhead that creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. However, if you clean your showerhead properly, replacing it is unnecessary after just a few months. Most showerheads can last much longer than that, holding up well over several decades.

Showerheads are in nearly every single Canadian household, and cleaning them regularly is important for their longevity and health. There are many tips and tricks you can find online on the best way to clean a showerhead, but always follow the care instructions that come with it. Many showerheads can be taken apart into multiple sections, ensuring a deeper clean and soaking to reduce calcium and water deposits, as well as dirt and grime.

When choosing a new showerhead, you should first ensure that it is compatible with your shower setup and plumbing. Most showerheads are compatible with a standard shower arm, so as long as you select a model that works with the existing plumbing in your bathroom, you should be good to go. Besides the basic setup, look for features like adjustability, pressure settings and ease of use.

With many Canadians concerned about conserving water, not just for environmental reasons but also for saving money, there are many new showerheads that are energy efficient. The Kaiying Chrome High-Pressure Shower Head on our list is a great choice and has a switch to stop the flow of water during your shower, helping to further conserve water. With multiple options of finish, this showerhead is easy to clean and simple to install.