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Space heaters can help you keep warm while potentially reducing energy costs, depending on your use. These appliances are easy to use and can be efficient especially when deployed in one particular room or area of a home. There are many different types of space heaters available in Canada, so you might not know which one to opt for.

To streamline this challenge, we have put together a curated list of the best space heaters in Canada for 2024. This tailor-made selection of space heaters is based on exhaustive research and the preferences of Canadians regarding features on offer. Let’s take a look at what these space heaters can do for you this winter.

The Best Space Heaters for Canadians in Winter 2024

  • Best Overall: Senville Tower Ceramic Heater
  • Best Quiet Heater: DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater
  • Best Reliability: Honeywell Tower Electric Space Heater
  • Best Minimalist: Amazon Basics Ceramic Personal Heater
  • Best Radiant Surface: De’Longhi Oil-Filled Space Heater
  • Best Compact: BLACK+DECKER Electric Heater
  • Best Versatility: De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater

Why Did We Choose These Space Heaters in Canada?

We chose each of the best space heaters in Canada for 2024 based on our professional research, with a focus on features that most Canadians value. You deserve only the best options, so we set out to create a list with plenty of variety and versatility. You’re sure to find an option on our list that can accommodate your needs. Here are the reasons these excellent space heaters made our list.

Senville’s Tower Ceramic Heater is the best space heater on our list. This option easily converts from a tower heater to a bar heater, and both can be controlled with the included remote. It’s clearly labeled and simple to operate.

The DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater is the best quiet option when it comes to space heaters. Gentle radiant heat and an impressive heating capacity create a comfortable experience that won’t irritate allergies.

The Honeywell Tower Electric Space Heater offers reliable heating to Canadians. This option is a slim ceramic tower that occupies little space and uses convection heating to provide efficient and steady heat. This space heater has 2 heat settings and plenty of safety features for extra peace of mind.

The Amazon Basics Ceramic Personal Heater is a space heater that features an adjustable thermostat with 3 output levels and convenient safety features. This option has a carrying handle that increases its portability, making it easy to transport from space to space. An ideal choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

The De’Longhi Oil-Filled Space Heater offers 35% more radiant surface that provides increased heat coverage in each space you use it. The exclusive design of the space heater features an integrated handle and a digital control panel that makes quick work of switching from one setting to another.

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Heater is a compact and highly portable option thanks to its lightweight design. This space heater includes a manual adjustable thermostat with 3 settings that go from high heat to fan only. The integrated carry handle makes it even easier to move.

The De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater is a stylish option that offers high performance, versatility, and energy efficiency. This powerful space heater is a great choice for medium to large spaces. It can be used with a floor mount or a wall mount, depending on your preferences, and includes significant safety features.

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Best Overall

Senville Tower Ceramic Heater

Senville 900W/1500W Tower Ceramic Heater with Remote, Digital Thermostat, Overheat Protection

It's Great For:

The Senville Tower Ceramic Heater has the best controls of all the machines we found. They are clearly labeled and easy to follow, with an included remote to make it easier to operate the heater from across the room. You’ll be able to change the temperature based on your comfort without moving to the control panel on top of the unit.

It can also be used vertically or horizontally. This means that while you can use it as a tower heater, you can also turn it on its side (when it’s not in use) and use it as a bar heater. The change in orientation changes how it distributes air, but it still provides equal distribution to the space its in.

This space heater features a 24-hour timer, Eco-mode, and LED display as well. It’s easy to change your settings when you can see them! It’s an extremely versatile heater that is rated to heat up to 500 square feet. That’s plenty of power for your largest rooms, including your living room and master bedroom.

With the simple controls and the versatility of using this heater however you want, it might be the best option for your home. The even distribution of heat can be perfect for smaller rooms, too!

Key Features

  • Easy Controls. This space heater is easy to handle thanks to the streamlined controls and the included remote control. Clear labels on the controls help you change your settings flawlessly.
  • Versatile Design. Canadians can use this heater either horizontally or vertically, as it can be placed on its side and used as a bar heater. This versatile design provides multiple ways to use the heater for different spaces.
  • Eco-Conscious. The heater has four modes, including an Eco-mode which helps keep its use energy-efficient. It’s better for the environment and your utility bills.
  • Even Air Distribution. This Senville space heater offers even air distribution, which will keep the whole space warm according to your preferences.

Our Expert’s Take

“This space heater offers intuitive controls, as well as versatile functionality. The Eco Mode is a great option for those who want to save power and stay warmer during the winter.”

Best Quiet Heater

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat 3 Heat Settings, Energy Saving, Safety Features, Light Gray, TRH0715

It's Great For:

If you’re looking for a quiet, radiant option that helps keep your smaller rooms toasty and warm, the DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater might be the perfect option for your home. With a heating capacity of 250 square feet, you’ll be able to keep most of the rooms in your home warm. If you want to save money, consider bringing this radiator heater with you from room to room. Heating only the room you are in can help reduce heating costs overall.

This heater features a sealed oil reservoir that never has to be changed or refilled. The oil inside heats time after time, ensuring that you can do as little maintenance as possible. This heater is extremely durable. There are very few parts that can fail, so it will last you a long time.

Because of the way that this space heater works, it’s silent. It doesn’t produce any sound as it works because it doesn’t blow air. This means it’s the least likely to disturb you or the members of your household. Safety features include a thermal shut-off and an antifreeze setting. This setting heats the unit just enough to prevent the pipes from freezing in your home.

The thermostat features three heating options so you can choose the level of comfort you prefer. This heater also has smooth wheels, which make it easy to move the heater from one room to the next.

Key Features

  • Quiet Operation. This space heater has a low noise output, making it a great choice for bedrooms. You’ll stay warm without being disturbed by any blower noise.
  • Adjustable Thermostat. The adjustable thermostat comes with 3 settings that can be used to personalize the heating experience. 
  • Transport Wheels. The transport wheels included with the heater make it easy to move from space to space. They roll smoothly over most floor surfaces.
  • Easy Maintenance. The oil in the space heater doesn’t need to be replaced or refilled, adding to the overall convenience. The reservoir is sealed, so you never have to worry about spilling it.

Our Expert’s Take

“This radiant heater is extremely quiet. It offers seeping heat to keep your spaces warm, with adjustable thermostat settings and extremely smooth rolling wheels. It’s great for standard-sized rooms.”

Best Reliability

Honeywell Tower Electric Space Heater

Honeywell HCE317BC Slim Ceramic Tower Electric Space Heater for Bedroom, Office, Home, Oscillates, 2 Heat Settings, Portable, 2-8H timer, Quiet, 1500W/750W, Overheat & Tip-Over protection, Black

It's Great For:

The Honeywell Tower Electric Space Heater is a stylish slim design option. This space heater features wide area oscillation and powerful heat output that can be used in a variety of areas, from bedrooms to offices and living rooms. Canadians shouldn’t use this space heater in areas with high humidity such as laundry rooms. The space heater has 2 heat settings, as well as an adjustable thermostat and a timer that increase the personalized control over the appliance.

This reliable option has features that enhance the overall safety of the appliance. It includes 360º tip-over protection, along with 2x overheat protection, and thermal insulated wiring. The space heater also has cool touch plastic housing that makes transport from room to room safe, and the reinforced wire connections add to the integrity of the design. There are convenient digital controls located at the top of the space heater, granting easy access to the features it offers.

The sturdy base of the space heater contributes to the practical design, keeping the appliance well-balanced no matter the area it’s in. There is an automatic shut-off timer that can be programmed between 1 hour and 8, so you can enjoy warm nights even as you sleep, without worrying about energy efficiency.

Key Features

  • Slim Design. The slim tower design of the space heater makes it more portable and easy to use. You won’t have to clear out a large area in your room to place the heater safely.
  • Enhanced Safety. There are various safety features included with the space heater, from 360º tip-over protection to reinforced wire connections. 
  • Convenient Timer. The automatic shut-off timer ranges from 1 hour to 8, allowing you to control the process. You can program the heater to shut off when you aren’t home, making it more energy-efficient.
  • Easy-Access Controls. The controls can be found at the top of the space heater so you can easily access them whenever you wish. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Those with children, pets, or safety concerns will appreciate the enhanced safety features for this heater. The controls make it easy to get to the settings you want, so you don’t have to struggle with difficult options or hard-to-find buttons.”

Best Minimalist

Amazon Basics Ceramic Personal Heater

Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Personal Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Black

It's Great For:

The Amazon Basics Ceramic Personal Heater is an affordable option with minimalist features and design that still delivers on performance thanks to its maximum 1500-watts power setting. This space heater features an adjustable thermostat that can be used to add easy warmth to a desired space. There are 3 output options included with the space heater: low heat, high heat, and fan only. The fan only option adds more practicality to this option from Amazon Basics.

There is an indicator light on the heater that always lets you know when the appliance is running. If it tips over, the heater automatically shuts off, and the same occurs when the unit starts overheating. These convenient safety features add peace of mind to the use of this space heater. If you want to move the heater from one area to another, you can use the practical carry handle to do so. This space heater is ideal for use in smaller spaces, and can be a great choice either under or next to a desk. This option can keep you cozy during the long Canadian winters.

The unit has a low noise output, keeping you warm without distractions. You can use this heater in small to medium rooms, while avoiding areas with higher humidity like laundry rooms or bathrooms. This compact heater has easy to use controls, with only 2 dials to adjust during use, one for the thermostat and one for the output options.

Key Features

  • Affordable. Despite the inexpensive design and budget-friendly price, this personal space heater offers impressive performance for small spaces, desktops, and more.
  • 3 Output Options. You can switch between low heat, high heat, and fan only mode with a quick flick of a control dial. These options make it easy to heat your space however you like.
  • Minimalist Design. The streamlined design of the unit creates a no-hassle heating experience in your home. It won’t take up too much space, and it’s convenient to move around it safely.
  • Compact Size. The compact size of the heater makes it a good choice for under desk areas. If your home office is often chilly, this heater can make a difference.

Our Expert’s Take

“This budget-friendly space heater offers practical output options, a streamlined design, and the perfect size for smaller spaces. This personal heater is great for your office or bathroom.”

Best Radiant Surface

De'Longhi Oil-Filled Space Heater

De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat, 3 Heat Settings, Digital Timer, ECO Energy Saving Mode, Safety Features, Light Gray, Radia S TRRS0715ECA

It's Great For:

The De’Longhi Oil-Filled Space Heater has an exclusive design that offers 35% more radiant surface. This creates more heat transfer and distribution to the space you use the heater in, adding to an overall efficient experience. Energy saving is the focus for this space heater. It includes Real Energy technology, which provides continuous heat. According to the chosen setting and temperature, Real Energy will keep consistent heat in the space. There are 3 heat settings available to choose from, along with a gentle heating system that can be very useful to those suffering from allergies. This gentle heating system reduces the amount of dry hair, which keeps dust and pollen particles to a minimum.

The space heater comes with a built-in carry handle that makes it easy to move, along with smart snap wheels that are pre-assembled. There is a digital control panel on the heater that streamlines the process of changing settings or turning on the timer. One of the available heat settings is the Eco mode, which can make the unit more energy efficient by up to 20%. This setting automatically adjusts heat and power according to your needs. It takes the size of your space into account.

In the colder Canadian months, you can enjoy the anti-freeze setting of the heater that reduces the risk of frozen pipes. The 360º corrosive-resistant finish can keep the heater in better condition for longer.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Design. The design of the heater contributes to creating up to 35% more radiant surface. This means it radiates more heat than other radiant options.
  • Real Energy Technology. This provides continuous and consistent heat in any space, creating more energy efficiency. You won’t have to think about the settings at all.
  • Eco Mode. Eco-conscious Canadians can use this setting and enjoy the unit becoming up to 20% more energy efficient. This mode accounts for your space and needs to create more efficient heating.
  • Anti-Freeze Setting. The anti-freeze setting contributes to keeping the heater in better shape for longer and making it more efficient by reducing the risk of frozen pipes. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The exclusive design of this heater makes it one of the most unique options on our list. It also offers premium technology and increased radiant surface, both of which make it more efficient than other radiant models.”

Best Compact

BLACK+DECKER Electric Heater

“BLACK+DECKER Electric Heater, Portable Heater with 3 Settings, Ceramic Heater for Office, Home or Bedroom, Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Control, Black”

It's Great For:

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Heater is a mini option that is also very mighty. This highly portable space heater is lightweight and includes a built-in carry handle for extra convenience. It is an ideal space heater to use in dorm rooms, around desks, and in basements, smaller indoors areas that it can efficiently warm up at any time.

This space heater includes a fan that can deliver additional power. There are manual adjustable thermostat controls with 3 easy to use settings: low heat, high heat, and fan only. The high heat option uses the full power of the 1500 watts.

This 2-in-1 space heater has great safety features, from the automatic shut-off in case of tip-over to the overheat protection that also triggers an automatic shut-off. Canadians can use this powerful mini heater with peace of mind. This compact option is easy to place anywhere thanks also to the 1.8m power cord.

The heater can also be used efficiently in garages, especially around worktables, or even in RVs to make life on the road cozier. This ceramic option has a sturdy build and it pushes a lot of heat despite its mini size. The easy portability and convenient performance can make this a great choice for many Canadian households.

Key Features

  • Highly Portable. This small but mighty space heater has a sturdy yet lightweight build that includes an integrated carry handle.
  • Versatile Use. The mini size of the heater makes it a good choice for smaller spaces that need to become warmer and cozier, from RVs to garage worktables. 
  • Convenient Safety Features. The heater automatically shuts off in case of tip-over or overheating. You can use it wherever you need without worrying about overheating.
  • Fan and Heater Combo. This heater can be used in fan only mode or by combining the fan and the heating settings. This gives Canadians plenty of options to keep your rooms warm.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sturdy, reliable mini option is safe to use and extremely portable. You can take it wherever you need, so it’s convenient for all of your rooms.”

Best Versatility

De'Longhi Convector Panel Heater

De'Longhi Convector Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Freestanding / Easy Install Wall Mount, LED Digital Display, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, Eco Energy Saving Mode, White, Slim Style HCX9115ECA

It's Great For:

The De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater is an efficient option that can be ideal to use in medium to large spaces. This stylish space heater delivers high performance and high functionality. It also offers versatile mounting options, including a wall and a floor mount that you can use to get the most out of your space heater.

This quiet option includes an anti-freeze setting that will automatically trigger when the surrounding temperature falls under 5º Celsius. If you are using it in a vacation home or in a basement, this can increase your peace of mind by reducing the risk of frozen pipes without having to constantly check on it.

Canadians can relocate this space heater with ease whenever they wish, as it has Cool Touch controls that keep the casing from being too warm to handle. The space heater features improved heat distribution thanks to the premium dual lateral fan system design. This creates better and quicker warm air movement. The easy to use digital controls and the adjustable thermostat allow you to personalize your heating experience according to your preferences.

There is also a delayed on/off 24-hour timer, along with various practical heating settings. This lightweight unit comes with a carrying handle that makes transportation from room to room even easier.

Key Features

  • Versatile Mounts. There are 2 mounts included with this space heater, which gives you the option to mount them on the floor or on the wall.
  • Anti-Freeze Setting. If the ambient temperature drops under 5º Celsius, the anti-freeze setting kicks in, preventing the risk of frozen pipes. 
  • Cool Touch Controls. This lightweight unit is easy to move from room to room thanks to the Cool Touch controls keeping the casing from being too warm. 
  • Adjustable Thermostat. The adjustable thermostat lets Canadians set their preferred heating settings easily. It isn’t difficult to find the heating option that works best for you.

Our Expert’s Take

“This stylish space heater features versatile mounts and practical heating settings, all of which are ideal for Canadians who need more heat in smaller spaces. This larger heater isn’t like some of the other options on our list.”

Comparing the Best Space Heaters for Canadians

CategoryHeaterTypeSizeWattageHeating Capacity
Best OverallSenville Tower Ceramic HeaterCeramic57 x 20 x 18 cm900 Watts or 1500 Watts500 sq ft
Best Quiet HeaterDe'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space HeaterOil-Filled, Radiant35 x 23 x 64 cm1500 Watts250 sq ft
Best ReliabilityHoneywell Tower Electric Space HeaterCeramic, Radiant22.2 x 17 x 55 cm1500 Watts250 sq ft
Best MinimalistAmazon Basics Ceramic Personal HeaterRadiant7.5 x 6.3 x 9.5 cm1500 WattsN/A
Best Radiant SurfaceDe'Longhi Oil-Filled Space HeaterRadiant6.3 x 14.5 x 25.2 cm1500 Watts250 sq ft
Best CompactBLACK+DECKER Electric HeaterForced Air, Radiant27.69 x 21.08 x 21.08 cm1500 Watts170 sq ft
Best VersatilityDe'Longhi Convector Panel HeaterConvection21.6 x 81.8 x 55.4 cm1500 Watts250 sq ft

How We Selected These Space Heaters in Canada

For years, we’ve kept up with household trends and lifestyle products to help keep up with your busy life. We’ve looked at mattresses, exercise equipment, and even kitchen appliances. The products we recommend are the very best.

We find our recommendations based on our experts’ opinions. We thoroughly evaluate each product and use that information to send you recommendations for products you’ll love. When evaluating products for our list of the best space heaters in Canada, we looked for the following performance features.

  • Type of Heat. The way that the space heater produces heat is one of the most important things to consider. Different types of heat can change your experience with a space heater. We tried to include as many types of heat as possible so you have a lot of options.
  • Size. The size, weight, and dimensions of the space heater are important, too. Space heaters are made to be portable, so you want one that you can easily move around when you want to change rooms. Most of our options are easy to move around.
  • Safety Features. We’ve found space heaters with the most important safety features to ensure that your new space heaters don’t present any hazards to your home. 
  • Heating Capacity. We kept a close eye on heating capacity so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. We’ve given you a quick look at how much each heater can keep warm, so you can check immediately.
Why Use a Space Heater in Canada

Why Use a Space Heater in Canada?

A space heater can be used for multiple different reasons. Your main heating system may need repair or be expensive to operate. You may want to keep only the room you’re in warm, while the rest of the house is just warm enough that the pipes don’t freeze. Whether you’re attempting to save money or stay warm in the Canadian winter, a space heater could be the perfect solution.

A space heater can offer localized heat for just one room or space. A personal space heater may provide enough heat to keep one person warm, which can be handy if someone in your home gets cold easier than everyone else.

Larger heaters can be used for spaces like the bedroom or living room. Some may be large enough for multiple connecting rooms. The effectiveness of a heater depends on the heating type, heating elements, and wattage. Each heater may function slightly differently.

How to Choose a Space Heater for Canadians

How to Choose a Space Heater for Canadians

Unlike standard heaters, space heaters require a bit of research. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about purchasing a space heater that will work in your space. The following features, options, and tips can give you a solid starting point as you start to shop for the best space heaters in Canada.

Type of Heat

There are a few different types of heaters that you might encounter. The type of heat can determine how the heater works, as well as how quickly it works. Here is a quick list of the different types of heat you can choose.

  • Radiant Heaters. Radiant heaters use infrared rays to heat everything directly in front of them. They don’t use air like the other types of heaters, so they work best for those who have allergies. Radiant heaters are also better for those immediately around and in front of the heater. 
  • Ceramic Heaters. Ceramic heaters use ceramic plates, which warm rapidly. These heaters mostly use blowers to distribute the heat throughout the room. Most space heaters use ceramic heat to warm rooms of varying sizes. 
  • Oil-Filled Heaters. Oil-filled heaters often look like radiators. They use electricity to heat oil in sealed containers. The oil never needs to be replaced. They are great for heating spaces quickly. They won’t dry out the air. Oil-filled heaters are radiant heaters as well – though the heating method is different, they radiate heat rather than blowing it. 

Most type of heat will work well for most types of spaces. However, there are some considerations about the type of output you’ll get, the effectiveness of each type of heat, and more. Consider all options before you decide on the best space heater in Canada for you.

Size and Dimensions

The size of your space heater can make a big difference in how it works. The size, dimensions, and weight of the heater can also tell you how portable it will be. If you plan on moving your space heater throughout your home often, choosing one that is smaller and lighter can be beneficial.

Choose a heater that fits the size of the room you’re trying to heat. A personal space heater, for instance, isn’t going to work for a bedroom or other larger room. Most heaters should tell you all about their heating capacity, which we will talk about in a moment.

Heating Capacity

Multiple different metrics determine the heating capacity of your space heater. Heating capacity is usually determined by a combination of wattage and BTUs, which are sometimes linked. The BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a measure of how much heat is required to raise the temperature of water by one degree. How does this figure into heating your air?

A space heater with a higher BTU rating will produce more heat. Therefore, a unit with more BTUs will have a higher heating capacity.

Most space heaters will tell you the size of the room they can adequately heat. This is down to the method of heating as well, so two heaters with the same wattage may have a different heating capacities. This is measured in square feet, usually. Most medium-sized space heaters can heat rooms up to 500 square feet, so they are suitable for most living rooms or bedrooms.


There are two reasons to track wattage when it comes to space heaters. First, wattage can tell you how much heat the unit can produce. Space heaters with a higher wattage will produce more heat than lower-wattage models.

However, the wattage will also tell you how much power the space heater will use. A higher-wattage model will use more power, and therefore cost more to run. Space heaters with a higher wattage will produce more heat but cost more to run. Before you make a purchase, consider the additional costs of running the space heater. 

Safety Features

Safety is important, especially when dealing with space heaters. Most modern space heaters have multiple safety features to reduce hazards and ease your mind. Here are a few of the most common safety features you’ll find in modern space heaters.

  • Automatic Shutoff and Overheat Protection. These features essentially fulfill the same purpose. The thermostat sensor will immediately shut the unit off if it overheats. If it begins to get too hot, the machine will automatically cut all power to avoid fires. 
  • Tip-Over Protection. Heaters with tip-over protection have a sensor located inside the heater, sometimes located on the underside. This sensor immediately cuts power to the unit when it detects that it has tipped over. When the sensor is tripped, it will stop heating. This means that if your ceramic space heater falls over, it will stop heating and cool down rapidly to avoid fires.
  • Thermostat Monitoring. Some heaters monitor the temperature closely with a thermostat. If this is the case, you can expect the heater to maintain the temperature you set. If the temperature increases past this point, it will shut the heater down until the temperature drops again.
  • Fire-Retardant Materials. The casing on a space heater can get quite hot if it’s not made with the right type of materials. You should choose a space heater that is made with materials that won’t catch fire after long periods of use. Most will state if they are made with fire-resistant or flame-retardant materials. 

Thermostat Features and Heat Settings

Space heaters handle thermostat features and different heat settings in different ways. Some space heaters have temperature dials or a digital temperature display. If you want your room at a very specific temperature, you should always choose a space heater with clear temperature settings.

On the other hand, some have a few different number settings on a dial. The higher the number, the hotter it gets. This can be handy if you want to control the temperature based on what you find comfortable.

The most basic thermostats have one or two options. Each option has a different wattage and different heating capabilities. Some of these options have a ‘low’ option and a ‘high’ option, which don’t come with a temperature rating. Adjust these based on your comfort level.


The controls on your space heater should be simple to understand and easy to use. You should be able to quickly tell what each button does, either with clear pictures or labels. Some space heaters use a digital screen to display your settings. This can help a lot, particularly when setting a timer or the thermostat.

If you want to be able to change the settings from anywhere, you should choose a space heater with a remote. A remote can simplify the process, allowing you to change the settings without having to get close to the heater. If you are sitting across the room, you’ll be grateful that you don’t have to get up every time you feel a bit chilly.

Overall, you should choose a space heater that you feel comfortable operating. Most are simple, but it’s worth it to take a look at the control panel and options available for each model.


Some space heaters come with a timer. You can set the timer for several hours (up to 24 hours most of the time). At the end of this time, the space heater will automatically shut off. While most heaters can be left on all the time, most Canadians want to prioritize safety. Setting the heater to turn off at a certain time can ease your mind.

If you want the heater to turn off after a certain amount of time, choose an option with a timer. You won’t have to remember to turn the space heater off, meaning you’ll be more comfortable leaving it while you sleep or do other things.


Space heaters can be noisy. Just like air conditioners or fans, they usually deliver heat by blowing air through the room. Radiant heaters, of course, are silent because they don’t blow air. If noise is a concern, a radiant heater might be the better option for you.

Keep the noise level in mind. You don’t want your space heater to be so loud that it bothers you as you sit in the same room. Some heaters will specify how loud they are using a decibel rating. This will tell you how loud they are in decibels. Look for a heater that is quieter than about 45 decibels. You’ll still be able to hear your TV over the heater at this level. A heater that is louder than 45 decibels might disturb other members of your household, especially if they are sleeping.

How to Safely Use a Space Heater in Canada

How to Safely Use a Space Heater in Canada

Space heaters are usually safe, especially when they have multiple safety features. Modern space heaters shouldn’t cause any issues, but there are a few steps you can take to minimize the risk of using a space heater.

  • Always ensure that your space heater is on a level surface. The surface must be hard, and it’s usually best to place them on the floor. Make sure the surface isn’t fabric or wooden, as these surfaces can easily catch fire. 
  • Keep your space heater out of the range of your children and pets. Usually, the casing of a space heater can get hot enough to burn or singe the hair, so keep it away from those you care about.
  • Turn the heater off when you leave the house or move to another room for a long period. Some Canadians don’t like to use a space heater while they sleep. However, you may not have a choice if a space heater is your only heat source. Make sure to exercise caution when using your space heater at night.
  • Don’t use a heater near flammable substances, such as paint or gas. You should also keep the heater well away from curtains, bed linens, and other furniture. Anything that can catch fire should be kept well away from all sides of the heater. 
  • Don’t use your heater with an extension cord or surge protector, as it can overheat. Plug the heater directly into the wall. Unplug the heater when you aren’t using it. 

Many heaters come with safety measures to prevent fires and other hazards. However, observing these steps whenever possible can reduce the risk associated with using a space heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

A space heater can provide an easy way to warm up a space and make it more cozy either in addition to another heating system or as a sole heating system, depending on its performance. Those who do not have central or baseboard heating will find that a space heater can quickly warm up a cold room. Users who have poor circulation and are often cold may like the ability to use space heaters in specific rooms rather than heating up the whole house.

Yes, space heaters use a lot of electricity. Even energy-efficient ceramic heaters use more electricity than you might think. If you choose to use a space heater, you can expect a small bump in your power bill. However, space heaters use less electricity than central heating.

If your space heater has certain safety features (such as auto shut-off, tip-over protection, adjustable thermostat, and overheat protection) you can leave it on all night. Most space heaters don’t need to be supervised, even for longer periods. Always turn off a space heater when you leave your house, though, to help prevent house fires.

Most space heaters available in Canada do not take up a lot of space, but where you place them can be just as important as the size. Some space heaters can be set on a table, and most all can be set on the floor. While some space heaters are small and wide, others may be tall and narrow, so always look at your room capacity before buying. In addition to looking at the size of the space heater, keep in mind that you need to have generous clearance on all sides to prevent fires.

Space heaters can introduce a lot of hot, dry air to your home. You should use a space heater at the same time as a humidifier for the best results. This can help balance out your air and prevent health issues associated with the air being too dry.

Space heaters are smaller than your central heating unit, but they can provide adequate coverage if placed correctly. Depending on the heater you choose, the size of your rooms, and how warm you want to keep things, a space heater can do a better job at keeping spaces warm than central heating. This varies by home and situation, so be aware that your results may vary.

Each type of space heater has plenty of benefits to offer to Canadians, so it ultimately depends on the dimensions of the area that needs heating and on specific preferences such as adjustable options and energy efficiency. Those looking to heat smaller rooms will be happy with a less expensive compact option. Users who solely rely on space heaters for warmth in their homes will want to choose more full-featured, larger options to effectively heat their houses.