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Frozen and refrigerated foods can perish faster than we have time to use them, contributing to food waste and increasing grocery bills. But with vacuum sealers, you can get more out of your grocery purchases by extending the time before the food begins to deteriorate. These handy devices suck the air out of the food storage bag, ensuring they stay fresher longer.

But they aren’t just ideal for food preservation – they’re also great for sous vide cooking. Whether you want to try your hand at a sous vide recipe or extend the shelf life of the food in your freezer, a vacuum sealer is a necessary purchase.

This article explores the best vacuum sealers in Canada to help you select the best fit for your home. So, if you’re debating the merits of a vacuum sealer and don’t know which one to choose, your search ends here because we did the hard part for you.

Best Vacuum Sealers for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine 
  • Best Smart Sealer: Toprime Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • Best for Easy Clean Up: GERYON Vacuum Sealer
  • Best Splurge: Nesco Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer
  • Best Features: MegaWise Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • Best Budget: Wancle Food Sealer Machine
  • Best Low Profile: Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

Why Did We Choose These Vacuum Sealers in Canada?

Vacuum sealers are not created equal, as low-quality options can fail easily and leave you with no way to preserve your food. Because of this, we are bringing you only the best options for long-term use. Hours of research, evaluation, and expert review led us to this list of the best vacuum sealers in Canada for 2024. Here’s why we chose each of these appliances. 

The Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine is the best vacuum sealer in Canada. This option features strong suction, multiple modes for different foods, and all of the accessories you need to get started with preserving your foods.

Toprime’s Vacuum Sealer Machine is the best smart sealer in Canada. It uses an intelligent temperature function to reduce overheating, taking the guesswork out of most of your preservation techniques.

Cleaning up spills and messes in a vacuum sealer can be a hassle, but with the GERYON Vacuum Sealer, it’s never been easier. A detachable tray provides quick and easy cleanup, ensuring you don’t waste precious time cleaning in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Priced higher than other options on this list, the Nesco Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer is our top pick as the best splurge. It’s packed with features, from a powerful double vacuum to a double heat seal for added strength.

When you need a vacuum sealer that does more, consider the MegaWise Compact Vacuum Sealer. Despite the smaller size, it offers features such as a built-in slide cutter, multiple bag sealing, and quick, powerful suction.

The Wancle Food Sealer Machine is our best choice for Canadians on a budget. This vacuum sealer machine is compact and easy to store out of the way. It also features powerful suction and multiple modes for better functionality.

If you want a low-profile vacuum sealer that will look good on your counter, the Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer is a worthwhile consideration. This model features a sleek design and short profile, making it perfect for compact kitchens. It also has numerous handy features for easy operation and convenient usability, including a wine hose and multiple sealing modes.

Best Vacuum Sealers in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine

Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine Powerful 90Kpa Precision 6-in-1 Compact Vacuum Food Preservation System Built-in Cutter, Include 2 Bag Rolls & 5 Pre-cut Bags, Widened 12mm Sealing Strip, Dry&Moist Modes Smart Suction, ETL Listed

It's Great For:

The Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine is the best choice overall for most Canadians. This powerful machine can handle just about any food you need preserved, including wet food, dry food, and foods that require a gentle touch when you are vacuum sealing. This machine helps to keep your food fresh up to 10 times longer because of it way it removes all excess air from each sealed bag, so you won’t waste food.

Six functions are available right from the innovative control panel on top of this machine. These include a Dry&Moist mode, as well as Normal&Soft. While some machines have these features tied together, the Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine separates them, giving you a greater variety for sealing your food. You’ll get the perfect seal every time with the Seal and Vac&Seal modes, which provide less control but a quicker seal than the other options.

This machine comes with a ton of accessories, too. If you are just getting started, this is the perfect machine for you. Besides the machine, you’ll get 2 vacuum rolls, 5 pre-cut bags, an air suction hose, and 2 sealing gaskets. It also comes with a useful manual that will tell you everything you need to know about the machine, including how you can keep your food fresh for longer.

If your old vacuum sealer was lacklustre when it came to heat sealing, this machine can help. The heating strip is extra wide, with a five-layer heating wire that works to deliver higher heat without overheating the machine. The seal won’t break easily, so your food will stay fresh.

Key Features

  • Powerful Suction. The Mesliese Vacuum Sealer is a powerful machine, with up to 90Kpa suction that uses all of its 120 watts to perfectly preserve your foods.
  • Tons of Accessories. This vacuum sealer comes with a host of accessories, including two vacuum rolls, 5 pre-cut bags, a user manual, an air suction hose, a power cable, and two sealing gaskets. This is everything you need to get started.
  • 6-in-1 Functions. There are six functions available on the control panel, including the Dry/Moist modes, the Normal/Soft modes, Seal, and Vac & Seal. All of these functions perform differently based on the food you are sealing. which perform differently based on the food you are sealing.
  • Different Modes for Softer Foods. When you don’t want to crush your softer foods out of shape, you can use the ‘Soft’ mode to preserve without ruining your more delicate meals.

Our Expert’s Take

“When you need a powerful machine that will get you started with preserving foods and cutting down on space in your freezer, look no further than the Mesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine.”

Best Smart Sealer

Toprime Vacuum Sealer Machine

Toprime Vacuum Sealer Machine VS6612, 80kPa Powerful Food Sealer Built-in Cutter with Sealing Bag and Hose, Vacuum Air Sealing System for Seal a Meal and Sous Vide

It's Great For:

The Toprime Vacuum Sealer is our top pick for vacuum sealers in Canada. This well-rounded model is packed with features for straightforward operation, making it easier than ever to seal and preserve food.

Multiple selection modes, including moist/dry, seal/vac-seal, and pulse, allow you to seal various types of food. The pulse function lets you seal bags of fragile items, like fresh fruit, chips, or bread, without squishing them by removing the oxygen. It allows the sealer to function like a chamber sealer while offering the sleek, low-profile design and benefits of an external sealer.

It features a built-in cutter for the roll of bags, allowing you to quickly and easily customize bag sizes based on the food you want to seal. The stainless steel panel boasts just four physical buttons and a LED indicator light for effortless and straightforward operation, ensuring there’s no confusion involved.

The vacuum and seal function is complete within a mere 30 seconds, while the seal-only function takes just 11 seconds to get the job done. An exterior vacuum system allows you to siphon air from other containers, such as wine bottles, jars, and storage containers.

A safety protection system ensures the system never overheats by utilizing an NTC intelligent temperature protection function and thermal cutoff. The machine automatically switches into protection mode when the temperature climbs too high.

A three-year warranty protects your investment, and 24-hour online customer support ensures you’ll always have the help you need when you need it.

Key Features

  • Multiple modes. Four modes allow you to seal various types of food, from potato chips to frozen fruit. There’s a mode for every food you want to save.
  • Safety protection system. A safety protection system turns the system off if it gets too hot, helping to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Quick operation. The pump vacuums and seals food within just 30 seconds, while the heat strip can seal food within just 11 seconds.
  • External vacuum system. An external vacuum system allows you to seal foods and drinks in other containers, such as wine bottles or food storage containers.

Our Expert’s Take

“If you’re unsure which features you want from a vacuum sealer, this model is an excellent choice. It features everything you might expect from a vacuum sealer plus a few extras, making it suitable for various situations.” 

Best for Easy Cleanup

GERYON Vacuum Sealer

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer Starter Kit|Led Indicator Lights|Easy to Clean|Dry & Moist Food Modes| Compact Design (Sliver)

It's Great For:

The GERYON Vacuum Sealer is a great choice for Canadians who don’t want to deal with complicated cleanup. The sealer features a detachable tray, which allows you to quickly and easily clean up messes before storing the device.

A lengthier design makes the sealer compatible with larger sealer bags. It works with 12-inch-wide GERYON vacuum sealer bags, although it’s also compatible with other brands and smaller bags.

Multiple sealing modes work with you, allowing you to choose the option that best fits the type of food you want to seal. For example, one mode allows you to seal items filled with air, like bread, or fragile items, such as potato chips. The other mode works for solid foods, like cuts of meat and frozen vegetables.

The multi-layer heating design provides extra protection against freezer burn and premature spoilage. The kit comes with a sealer, five heat-seal bags, one roll, and an air suction hose.

The air suction hose is compatible with GERYON containers, which feature a small hole in the lid. You can insert the hose attachment into the lid and siphon out the air, ensuring your food remains fresher for longer. It also works with wine bottles, allowing you to preserve a partial bottle of wine for more time.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Tupperware. The hose attachment is compatible with this brand’s food storage system, allowing you to remove the air from these containers to preserve freshness.
  • Easy Cleanup. A removable tray makes cleanup quick and easy. You’ll no longer need to worry about meticulous cleaning inside the system, as it’s simple to provide a sanitary clean without the hassle.
  • Large Capacity. This model is compatible with larger food items. This is due to its larger sealing capacity. You can seal up to 12-inch wide sealing bags when you use this sealer.
  • Multiple Sealing Modes. Two sealing modes provide variability for vacuum and seal or seal-only functions. The multiple sealing modes are difficult to find, making this model unique.

Our Expert’s Take

“Fixed vacuum sealers may be difficult to clean, but the GERYON Vacuum Sealer is simple. The detachable tray can be removed for deep cleaning, so you never have to store the machine while it’s dirty.”

Best Splurge

Nesco Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer

Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts, Kit Bags & Viewing Lid, Compact, Silver

It's Great For:

The Nesco Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer is a great choice for Canadians with larger capacity needs and ample budgets. Priced considerably higher than other models on this list, this model isn’t ideal for budgets.

However, an abundance of features accompanies its higher price. A 130-watt double vacuum pump helps siphon out the maximum amount of air, even when sealing larger food items, to ensure the food remains at optimal freshness levels for longer.

An optional double heat seal mode allows you to seal each bag in two places for added strength, and tab guides on either end of the device provide positioning references. Built-in storage keeps the rolls and bags in the back of the unit, ensuring they’re always there when you need them. A built-in bag cutter makes it quick and easy to create custom bag sizes.

Multiple vacuum and sealing settings allow you to select the perfect setting based on the type of food you’re working with. Two vacuum pressure settings – normal and gentle – allow you to adjust based on the fragility of the food item. Three seal settings, including dry, moist, and double, are customizable based on your sealing preferences.

The sealer is compatible with a larger 11.8” bag width, so it works perfectly for larger food items.

Key Features

  • Double vacuum. A powerful 130-watt vacuum siphons the air out of each bag, even those containing larger food items. You won’t have any issues sealing even the bulkiest bags.
  • Built-in bag cutter. A storage section and bag cutter make it easy to prep custom bag sizes. This means it’s easy to get the size you need, even for larger food items.
  • Double heat seal. An optional double-seal function allows you to seal your bag at two points for an added layer of protection and strength.
  • Large capacity. This sealer is compatible with bags up to 11.8″ in width. This makes it a great option for sealing larger food items.

Our Expert’s Take

“Users who are serious about sealing with love this deluxe option. It has a host of features that can help you seal larger-capacity food items, and the built-in bag cutter is the icing on the cake.”

Best Features

MegaWise Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine

MegaWise 80kpa Powerful but Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine, Bags and Cutter Included, One-Touch Automatic Food Sealer with External Vacuum System for All Saving needs, Dry Moist Fresh Modes

It's Great For:

MegaWise’s Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine is small but mighty. This machine features multiple modes, quick operation, and a few extra features that will elevate your experience. Among these is the built-in slide cutter, as well as the wide sealing wire that allows you to seal multiple bags at once. These quality-of-life features reduce the hassle associated with vacuum sealing your food, allowing for more time to deal with the other things in your kitchen.

There are a few different features on the control panel that you can activate for different foods. You can choose whether the food is wet or dry, allowing for a more delicate sealing process when necessary. You can choose the standard vacuum seal option, as well as an option that only seals the bags inside. There’s also a Vac Pulse function, which delivers small bursts of suction to reduce air in the bag slowly.

Before you seal your bags, you can use the built-in slide cutter to cut off the excess plastic. This handy feature is embedded right into the top of the machine, allowing for quick and easy access. With the wider sealing wire allowing for up to 5 bags at once, you can quickly seal all of the foods you need. 

Powerful 80kPa suction is ideal for most foods, including nuts, cookies, fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Using the different modes, you can take the guesswork out of preserving all of your favourite foods.

Key Features

  • Powerful Suction and Sealing. A high-quality heating wire and 80kPa suction power allow for quick, powerful sealing. You’ll be done in no time.
  • Built-in Sliding Cutter. When the sealing process is complete, you can slide the cutter along the machine to quickly remove it, cutting down time spent fiddling with the sealing mechanism.
  • Seals Multiple Bags at Once. The sealing wire is 12” long, allowing you to seal multiple bags at once. You can seal between 3 and 5 bags quickly with this feature.
  • Dry or Moist Mode. Depending on the food you need to seal, you may want to use dry mode or moist mode. Dry mode protects your solid foods, while moist mode works best for foods that are steamed or simmered.

Our Expert’s Take

“Features like quick, powerful sealing, a built-in slide cutter, and the ability to seal multiple bags at once make this one of the best options on the Canadian market.”

Best Budget

Wancle Food Sealer Machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine, Wancle Food Sealer Vacuum Packing Machine, 4 In 1 Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide and Food Storage, with 10 Vacuum Sealer Bags (Black+Black)

It's Great For:

The Wancle Food Sealer Machine is one of the best options available for Canadians on a budget. If you want to extend the life of your foods without breaking the bank, this compact vacuum sealer will get the job done. Though it is a smaller option than some of the others on our list, it features powerful suction and multiple modes. 

This vacuum sealer uses four different modes to treat your food right. There is a separate button for sealing, which is ideal if you need to use the manual controls to vacuum a bag for longer than the other settings allow. You can use the Normal Vac option for dry food, while the Gentle Vac works well for moist foods that are a little more delicate. 

It’s easy to clean this vacuum sealer, and it doesn’t take more than a few moments to get the job done. You can wipe the entire machine with a wet rag and light dish detergent to remove any food residue from the surface. It’ll look good as new in no time. When you are finished using it, it stores away quickly and easily due to its compact size. 

This machine comes with 10 vacuum sealer bags and a user manual to get you started. You’ll have nearly everything you need for your first journey into food preservation. Beginners and Canadians who don’t plan to use the machine often will love the convenience and affordable price offered by the Wancle Food Sealer Machine.

Key Features

  • Easy to Clean. When it’s time to clean the machine, you can wipe it down quickly with soap and water. It isn’t difficult to clean, so you can spend more time doing what you love.
  • Compact Design. This extremely compact sealer is great for smaller kitchens. Canadians who don’t plan to use their vacuum sealer daily will love how easily this option stores.
  • Vacuum Options. There are a few different vacuum options available for this machine. There is a dry setting, a moist setting, an option for sealing only, and a way to manually control the time spent vacuuming each bag. There’s also an automatic stop option.
  • Simple Design. While there are multiple modes available for this compact vacuum sealer, it’s simple to use. It’s not at all confusing for first-time users.

Our Expert’s Take

“Canadians looking for a smaller machine that won’t break the bank will love this option. It’s inexpensive and works well for dry foods, wet foods, and sealing.”

Best Low Profile

Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

It's Great For:

The Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer features a low-profile design that fits into snug spaces, making it an excellent choice for smaller kitchens with limited storage space. It features a sleek, stainless steel design that can match nearly any kitchen aesthetic, so you can also store it on the counter.

Two sealing modes provide practical operation by allowing you to adjust based on the type of food you’re preserving. The dry indication works well for solid food items, while the moist indication works perfectly for poached, simmered, or steamed foods.

A soft touch digital panel with a handful of buttons and LED indicator lights guides you in the right direction, providing easy operation in a smart package.

The package comes with a complete bundle to get you started, including a vacuum sealer, air suction hose, wine stopper cork, a vacuum bag roll, and five medium vacuum bags. The air suction hose allows you to pull air out of other storage containers, including wine bottles, plastic or glass food storage, and jars.

Key Features

  • Included wine hose. An included wine hose helps you keep your wine fresh and tasty for much longer. If you often drink wine, this vacuum sealer might be the perfect option for you.
  • Low profile design. A low-profile design allows this model to fit in snug spaces, saving space in compact kitchens. It’s easy to store away in your cabinets when you aren’t using it.
  • Multiple sealing modes. Two sealing modes allow you to choose the best option based on the type of food you want to seal. The multiple modes make it a versatile machine for those who want to use the vacuum sealer often.
  • Easy operation. Using this sealer is straightforward. A few buttons on the soft touch display help reduce the need for in-depth instructions.

Our Expert’s Take

“Canadians with smaller kitchens can enjoy this compact, low-profile sealer. It comes with a full starter kit and stores easily when you aren’t using it.”

Comparing the Best Vacuum Sealers for Canadians

CategorySealerDimensionsWeightColourOperation Mode
Best OverallMesliese Vacuum Sealer Machine36 x 15 x 7.8 cm1 kgSilverManual
Best Smart SealerToprime Vacuum Sealer Machine38.2 x 6.2 x 10.4 cm0.8 kgBlackAutomatic
Best for Easy CleanupGERYON Vacuum Sealer43.2 x 20.8 x 9.9 cmN/ASilverAutomatic
Best SplurgeNesco Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer43.2 x 38.1 x 22.9 cm2.7 kgBlack and SilverAutomatic
Best FeaturesMegaWise Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine38.1 x 11.4 x 6.4 cm1.04 kgBlackAutomatic
Best BudgetWancle Food Sealer Machine37.5 x 12.2 x 6.7 cm1.29 kgBlackManual
Best Low ProfileNutrichef Vacuum Sealer15.4 x 36 x 7.6 cm1.3 kgSilverAutomatic

How We Selected These Vacuum Sealers in Canada

A vacuum sealer can be a handy addition to your arsenal of kitchen appliances. They serve a basic function and usually boast basic features – just enough to complete the job. But while their job is simple, choosing the perfect model for your home isn’t quite as easy.

So, to help consumers like you select the best vacuum sealer for your home, we scoured the internet in a quest to round up the best of the best. Our team is dedicated to conducting thorough, extensive research on all types of home products, from the most powerful smoothie blenders for crafting your favourite smoothie to the best heat pumps to keep your home cozy year-round.

After meticulous research and analysis, we emerge with our top-rated options. These models earn their places as the best in various categories, which can help narrow the best picks list to the perfect model for your home.

Lastly, we concoct a helpful guide that walks you through our top picks, why we chose them, and a few useful tidbits to ensure you select the best-suited option. As we searched for the best vacuum sealers in Canada, we kept an eye out for a few key factors, including the following:

  • Size: Some Canadians may need larger vacuum sealers for frequent use on larger items, while others might be okay with smaller models for occasional use. We looked for models to accommodate each need.
  • Usability: The best vacuum sealers are easy to use. They don’t entail hours of reading to determine which buttons do what, nor do they require a complicated learning curve. We looked for models that do their jobs simply but well.
  • Cost: Budget varies from one household to the next, so while some Canadians may have ample resources to splurge on a high-end pick, others might have restricted funds to purchase a more budget-friendly option. We looked for models across the price range.
  • Features: Some Canadians may prefer simpler models, while others might want an all-in-one model. We included various models that can qualify as both to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Types of Vacuum Sealers

Types of Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers come in two primary types: chamber and external. Chamber vacuum sealers are more common in commercial settings, but they can be used at home. With this type of sealer, you can seal liquids and other wet foods, as it simply trades air for inert gas.

Conversely, external vacuum machines are more common in residential settings. These models are compact, strip-style vacuum sealers with suction and heat functions. Since they’re more common in residential settings, this type was our priority on this list.

How Does a Vacuum Sealer Work?

Vacuum sealers are designed to remove air from the space inside a bag of food. This helps preserve the food and allows you to store it longer in the fridge or freezer before use. They complete this task using suction and heat, each part serving a critical role in the sealing process.

The small models designed for residential use function much the same as larger industrial models but on a smaller scale. These models are called edge vacuum sealers, featuring a lid that snaps over the open end of the vacuum bag.

Once you fit the open end of the bag in place and select the correct setting, the vacuum sealer starts pulling air out of the bag, similar to how a vacuum works.

After it sucks the air out of the bag, a bar inside the machine heats up just enough to melt the plastic bag and create an airtight seal. And tada, just like that, your food is sealed and ready for the fridge or freezer!

What to Look for in a Vacuum Sealer in Canada

Factors to Consider When Shopping For a Vacuum Sealer in Canada

Vacuum sealers are simple devices with a straightforward function. However, when shopping for one, you should consider a couple of things, including the following.


Consider how frequently you want to use the vacuum sealer. If you plan to use the sealer frequently year-round, choose a sealer with rapid seal times and compatibility with larger bags.

For instance, you might decide to prep easy dinners each week and seal them in a vacuum bag for later use. Or maybe you want to preserve the excess fruit and vegetables from your spring and summer garden. Either way, the larger capacity, and quicker operation will be helpful features.

Conversely, if you think you’ll use the sealer in specific seasons, a smaller sealer is likely your better option. For example, perhaps you like to prep and freeze specific amounts of freshly-harvested fruit in the height of the season. In these cases, your sealer will likely sit unused for the majority of the year, so a smaller model will help save space. 


Think about the type of foods you plan to seal. Are you planning on sealing delicate items, like fresh raspberries or similar fruits? In this case, a chamber sealer might be the better option for you, especially if you don’t plan to freeze the items.

A chamber vacuum sealer eliminates most of the oxygen from the bag. It replaces it with an inert gas to prevent deterioration and rot, so this option is usually best suited to delicate items you don’t plan to freeze.

On the other hand, a regular external vacuum sealer will do the trick for most other situations. This type of sealer sucks the air out of the bag, causing the bag to collapse in on the item inside. This shouldn’t be an issue if the food is frozen or solid. For example, you can use this type of sealer for prepped dinners, cuts of meat, frozen fruits or vegetables, and similar items.


Consider the size of the bags you want to use. Do you want to seal larger cuts of meat? Certain sealers might be too small to effectively handle sealing larger cuts of meat and other similarly sized items. So, ensure you select a model that can adequately handle the size of bags you want to use.

Are you planning to stick to small items? If you’re planning to seal fruits, chopped vegetables, and other small items, size isn’t as much of a concern.

How much food do you want to store per bag? For example, you might choose to pre-measure a few cups of fruit per bag to streamline your pie-making assembly line when the time comes. If you want to do something like this, ensure your sealer can handle the bag size that best fits your needs.

Ease of Use

Complicated vacuum sealers with confusing controls and intricate steps can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to using these handy devices. While they serve a basic purpose, some models feature extra bells and whistles that can complicate operations.

Of course, you can always look for a model with dual function if that works best for your needs. However, many Canadians may find that a simpler model does the trick just as well (and without the hassle or learning curve).

Frequently Asked Questions

Expensive vacuum sealers can be a worthwhile investment, as some have extra features to make the process easier. You’ll likely save money in the long run, as vacuum-sealing refrigerated and frozen food helps prolong its lifespan and prevent waste. However, you don’t need to buy an ultra-expensive vacuum sealer to maximize the benefits, as budget models can provide the same basic functions at a more affordable price.

For larger Canadian families, finding a heavy-duty vacuum sealer that can accommodate sealing large quantities of food at a time will love the Nesco Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer. This vacuum sealer works with extra large bags and has a double heat sealing, preserving your food longer. While it is more expensive than others on our list, many users will find it to be worth it for the extra time it will save.

Vacuum sealing your food can prolong its shelf life considerably. Refrigerated vacuum-sealed foods can last up to two weeks, which is a considerable increase from the typical few-day timeline. Frozen food can last two to three years, which is impressive compared to the 6-12 month average life expectancy of non-vacuum-sealed foods.

Vacuum sealers can cost anywhere from $70 to $400, although some models tip the scales in either direction. Smaller, manual sealers with more limited functionality will cost less, while more tech-heavy vacuum sealers will cost more. You can find great models at nearly any price point, so there’s something to accommodate any budget.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to protect frozen food and prevent freezer burn. This phenomenon occurs due to moisture escaping from the product and freezing, causing ice crystals to develop. Since vacuum packaging eliminates air exposure, it effectively prevents freezer burn.

With proper care and cleaning, a vacuum sealer will last for many years, even with regular use. To maximize the lifespan, always follow the care instructions that come with the sealer. Always store your vacuum sealer away from high heat, and keep it away from water to avoid electrical issues. Some vacuum sealers may even come with a limited warranty, which will protect them for a short time against breakage or faulty parts.

Many Canadians may be interested in purchasing a vacuum sealer but don’t want to spend the money or have the storage space for a large sealer. For those seeking a portable and budget-friendly vacuum sealer for occasional sealing, MegaWise’s Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine is a wonderful choice. This vacuum sealer is tiny but mighty and has great features without costing a lot of money and taking up valuable cupboard space.