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Video doorbells are a rising standard in home security. Many Canadians install these devices to keep watch on their property, deterring burglars and other visitors with malicious intentions. Many video doorbells are simple to set up, easy to use, and won’t fail you when you need them most. When you need to protect your home, cars, and property, a video doorbell is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to catch those who intend to do you and your family harm.

However, you shouldn’t buy just any video doorbell. You only want the best for the security of your home and family. Through rigorous evaluation, we’ve found the best video doorbells in Canada. We looked at features like the available resolution, motion detection and night vision capabilities, and more. 

Best Video Doorbells for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Video Doorbells in Canada?

We recommend these video doorbells because of the features they offer. Our expert analysis and research pinpointed where each of these options could add value to your property. We based our recommendations on the features Canadians value most for their home security, and the results of our research allowed us to recommend the following best video doorbells in Canada of 2023.

For instance, our top overall pick is the Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. It has an industry-leading resolution, motion detection, and night vision. It also allows for real-time two-way responses.

Worried about missing something? If the normal field of view for a video doorbell seems too small for you, take a look at the AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera. This option features a 166-degree field of view and a 4:3 aspect ratio – you can see most visitors from head to toe with this extended field of view.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install product, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 may be your best bet. It has an intuitive design that lets you quickly set up and configure the product. Furthermore, it has terrific video capabilities.

The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual 7 is another fantastic pick for capturing high-quality footage. It comes with a dual camera and motion technology, so you don’t miss any activity in front of your home.

The best camera for deterring theft is the Arlo Video Doorbell. The gadget comes with a smart siren to scare invaders away and help protect your property.

Then we have the KAMEP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera, which is the perfect choice for storing your footage on multiple platforms. You can use your local or cloud storage to access a large number of files anytime and anywhere.

The best doorbell for illuminating your porch is the Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Outdoor Security Camera. It generates powerful LED flashes to improve visibility and help prevent burglary.

Lastly, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is on our list because it has 3D motion detection and wide-angle viewing.

Best Overall

Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees, Local Storage, Human Detection, with Wireless Chime–Requires Existing Doorbell Wires and Installation Experience, 16-24 VAC, 30 VA

It's Great For:

The Eufy Security Wi-Fi video doorbell is easily one of the best video doorbells in Canada. This battery-powered device is easy to set up, as you don’t need to connect it to cables. Installation is easy when you follow the on-screen instructions and the included device manual. 

In addition to the seamless setup, you also get phenomenal video quality. The resolution stands at 2560x1920p (2K), which is higher than most video doorbells in Canada. There’s also HDR processing to ensure you can see your visitors’ faces, even on sunny days. It comes with night vision technology that automatically starts when the light dims.

Another impressive feature of this robust doorbell is that it lets you define activity zones. Depending on your adjustments, you can configure the device to ignore people walking near your driveway or garden. In that case, the gadget won’t send notifications and inform you of everyday events. Furthermore, you can change the sensitivity of your motion detection.

Canadians also appreciate the communication features of this doorbell camera. It enables you to talk to anyone who rings it, whether you’re inside the house or away. There are numerous default responses to choose from if you want to avoid speaking to your visitors, including options like “We’ll be right there”, “Please leave it at the door”, and “Excuse me, can I help you?”. 

The Highlights

With several standout features, it’s easy to see why the Eufy Security video doorbell is one of the best doorbells in Canada. Primarily, it’s head and shoulders above most other gadgets in the country in terms of resolution. The 2K footage allows you to quickly identify the person in front of your house, whether it’s day or night.  It also alerts you of relevant activity, thanks to its sophisticated algorithm and AI technology.  You can talk directly to the person approaching your porch using two-way audio. 

  • Top-quality footage
  • Ignores irrelevant activity
  • Crisp two-way communication
  • Adjustable detection zones

Our Expert’s Take

“The resolution and two-way communication features of this video doorbell puts it head and shoulders above most other video doorbells in Canada.”

Best Field of View

AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera

Doorbell Camera Wireless, aosu 5MP Ultra HD, No Monthly Fee, 3D Motion Detection Video Doorbell with Homebase, Enhanced (2.4/5 GHz) WiFi, 180-Day Battery Life, Work with Alexa & Google Assistant

It's Great For:

The AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera features the best field of view on our list. Between the higher resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio, and the 166-degree field of view, you’ll be able to see more of your porch. This doorbell camera gets a larger picture of the area, meaning you’ll get a head-to-toe view of your visitors. This is extremely helpful if you need to refer to the footage to identify someone who means to do you harm, or someone who is acting suspiciously. 

This doorbell camera works in most weather conditions, with a range of -20° C to 50° C. Most locations in Canada regularly stay within this temperature range, so you won’t have to unmount your camera to protect it. It’s also water resistant, so most rain, snow, and sleet won’t affect how it works at all. 

This wi-fi based camera is cordless and can go up to 180 days on a single battery charge. Of course, it only records when it catches motion. If you have frequent visitors, the battery life may be reduced. With advanced human body detection, motion alerts for your smartphone, and passive infrared to catch even the smallest movements outside, this doorbell camera helps keep you safe. 

Of course, some may prefer a wired doorbell camera. While this option can be used with the included rechargeable battery, you can also install it with existing wires to provide continuous protection. Two-way communication helps you vet potential threats before you open the door. With the 4MP UHD night vision built right into the camera, you can see who’s at the door even when it’s dark.

The Highlights

The AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera features a larger field of view and an aspect ratio that helps you watch more of your porch. The 166-degree field of view shows more of your visitors, often catching a head-to-toe view of whoever is at your door. The 180-day battery life comes from a single charge, so you’re always covered when someone is at your door. The 4:3 aspect ratio is different from some of the other doorbell cameras on the Canadian market, which allows for a wider view overall. Finally, the camera features human body detection with motion alerts, which are delivered in real-time to your smartphone.

  • 166-degree field of view
  • 180-day battery life on one charge
  • The 4:3 aspect ratio shows more of your porch
  • Human body detection with motion alerts

Our Expert’s Take

“It’s always useful to see more of the area around your door, especially when you don’t know your visitors.”

Best for Easy Installation

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4 – improved 4-second color video previews plus easy installation, and enhanced wifi – 2021 release

It's Great For:

Canadian homeowners can benefit a lot from the Ring Video Doorbell 4. Both of the previous entries are easy to mount, but this gadget offers the simplest installation. Just insert the rechargeable battery into the product and connect your device to your Ring App. Finally, follow the steps on your smartphone to customize the settings and secure the system with the provided screws.

Other than its effortless installation, the Ring Video Doorbell is one of the best video doorbells in Canada due to its pre-roll previews. It lets you start your recording before receiving a motion notification and gives you up to four extra seconds of footage, which can come in handy in various situations. For example, you may want to know what happened before the delivery person brought your package.

This video doorbell also has high video quality. It captures footage using a full-HD lens in real-time, so you can recognize faces in most conditions. The equipment comes with night vision, notifications, and security controls.

Another fantastic feature of this video doorbell is that it gives you total control of its functions. Whether you use a phone or tablet, you receive real-time notifications, audio, and video using the Live View button. Plus, you can customize your settings and share photos and videos by subscribing to a premium plan.

The Highlights

It’s hard to find fault with one of the best doorbells in Canada. The Ring Video Doorbell 4 has many impressive features, including a straightforward setup. The controls are intuitive, and you can activate the product quickly, even if this is your first time using a doorbell camera.  Canadian homeowners appreciate the HD pre-roll previews. It allows you to investigate crucial events by revealing what happened shortly before they occurred. There’s also advanced motion detection coupled with full-HD video and crisp audio.

  • Easy setup for anyone
  • Intuitive controls
  • HD previews
  • High-quality video and audio

Our Expert’s Take

“It’s easy to see why this doorbell camera is widely recommended. It’s extremely easy to set up and can help you track anything that happens at your door.”

Best for Advanced Footage Capabilities

Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera

eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase, Wireless Doorbell Camera, Dual Motion and Package Detection, 2K HD, Family Recognition, No Monthly Fee, 16GB Local Storage

It's Great For:

The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual brings a lot to the table. As the name indicates, it has two cameras to help you overcome the limitations of traditional devices. There’s low-angle technology to eliminate blind spots and provide a full view of your doorstep.

Another reason this is one of the best video doorbells in Canada is enhanced motion detection. It features robust sensors that can distinguish between far and near objects to prevent false alarms.

The Delivery Guard feature is also admirable. The device immediately notifies you when a package is delivered to your house. It also sends pick-up reminders, so you can collect your item before any thieves target the package. The system also tells you when your children return from school or your relatives visit you using Family Recognition.

Last but not least, the video doorbell comes with 2K surveillance to help you identify potential intruders more easily. Even if intense sunlight blocks their faces, you shouldn’t have problems making them out due to a high dynamic range.

The Highlights

The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is perfect for most Canadian households. The Dual Camera technology works great and covers a larger part of your porch. Coupled with streamlined motion detection, it facilitates accurate identification. There are instant notifications and remarkable video quality too.

  • Elevated home security due to Dual Camera
  • First-class motion detection
  • Real-time notifications
  • A larger viewing area for better surveillance

Our Expert’s Take

“We love the delivery guard feature, as many companies don’t ring the doorbell anymore. Your packages won’t sit on the porch all day.”

Best for Stopping Theft

Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell | HD Video, Weather-Resistant, 2-Way Audio | Motion Detection and alerts | Compatible with Alexa | (AVD1001)

It's Great For:

The best video doorbells in Canada are great for stopping burglars, but the Arlo Video Doorbell might just be your best option. It has an integrated smart siren you can activate automatically or remotely during potential invasions.

This doorbell also allows visitors to leave voice messages if you can’t get to the door. If you’re available, you can use several ways to answer with two-way audio or pre-recorded messages. If you aren’t ready to talk to your visitors, the pre-recorded messages can be a great way to get a feel for the situation.

The device instantly notifies you upon detecting motion. Once you receive the message, you can watch the live stream of your video doorbell from a tablet or smartphone. 

The gadget features night vision, full-HD footage, and a 180-degree viewing angle, making it an excellent overall pick.

The Highlights

The most appealing aspect of this video doorbell is the smart siren. It’s a robust security measure that can make a world of difference when dealing with criminals. The video quality is exceptional too. There’s night vision, 1080p resolution, and wide viewing angles to help you take a closer look at visitors. Finally, your friends and family will appreciate the voicemail functionality of this well-made video doorbell in Canada.

  • Powerful crime deterrent
  • High-quality video
  • Convenient voicemail feature
  • Pre-recorded messages for enhanced protection

Our Expert’s Take

“We wish more video doorbells had the voicemail feature!”

Best for Multiple Types of Storage

KAMEP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

[2022 Upgraded] Wireless Wifi Video Doorbell Camera With Chime HD 1080P Waterproof Home Security Doorbell Camera Battery Powered With 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection ,IR ,Wide Angle,Cloud Storage, KAMEP

It's Great For:

This Wi-Fi camera is a remarkable product from KAMEP. Due to its tremendous storage capabilities, it’s one of the best doorbells in Canada. You can save your files on a local SD card or encrypted Cloud service, so you don’t run out of space any time soon.

The device uses a full-HD lens and a 166-degree wide-angle viewing to help ensure first-class motion detection. There’s also a 120-degree human detection range to help prevent invaders from accessing your home undetected.

This gadget comes with an intuitive smartphone app that sends push notifications when someone approaches your doorbell. If you’re away, you can call the police if it’s an unwanted visitor or respond with 30-second voice messages.

If there’s no motion for a certain time, the doorbell enters low-power mode to extend battery life. Fully charged, the battery can last for months.

The Highlights

The KAMEP camera is a fantastic video doorbell for Canadians. The multi-form storage allows you to save more files than on standard models. Plus, you can use the Cloud service to access your video history from anywhere. You also get a wide viewing angle to help make your property less vulnerable. If invaders are familiar with this model, they’ll know they’ll be detected if they use the front door. In addition, there’s a loud electronic chime you can hear clearly throughout your home. The battery is another highlight. It has a long lifespan and is designed to save power.

  • Dependable storage for accessing footage at critical moments
  • Wider viewing angle than most other video doorbells in Canada for precise detection
  • Loud electronic chimes
  • Smart long-lasting battery

Our Expert’s Take

“The footage storage system was a standout for this product, as it allows you to keep track of multiple events quickly.”

Best for Powerful Lighting

Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Outdoor Security Camera

Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Outdoor Security Camera | Person Detection & Color Night Vision | Ultra-Wide Angle Lens & Two-Way Talk | Incl. 32GB MicroSD Card [Requires existing doorbell Wiring]

It's Great For:

You’ll hardly find a better video doorbell in Canada for shooting in adverse conditions than the Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi security camera. It features impressive resolution and LED lighting that can be activated at a selected time. For instance, you can use the lighting once the gadget detects motion to make intruders think the house isn’t empty. It shines brightly, allowing the lens to record high-quality footage at night.

Another feature that makes this camera one of the best video doorbells in Canada is free storage. It comes with a free WD Purple microSD card that gives you enough storage for years to come. There are no hidden monthly fees.

Moreover, the gadget features accurate person detection. It distinguishes people from pets and vehicles to reduce the chances of false alarms. After picking up motion, it sends a notification to your Lorex app.

The product also allows you to record custom messages for greeting visitors at your doorstep. Alternatively, use the built-in quick responses if you’re busy.

The Highlights

Some Canadian manufacturers charge a lot of money for storage services. Lorex isn’t one of them. The free microSD card gives you enough space to save any file and access it within seconds. You also get an LED light that works fantastically well in various scenarios. Whether you want to alert others to your presence or light up your porch at night, you’ll be able to do so with just a few taps. Coupled with high-tech person detection and notifications, it makes for a fully functional security system.

  • No-fee ample storage
  • LED lighting for higher security
  • Minimal risk of false alarms
  • High-quality footage at night

Our Expert’s Take

“The extended storage is a great way to keep track of your home. Any footage you have to review is always ready to go.”

Best for 3D Motion Detection

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 – Best-in-class with cutting-edge features (existing doorbell wiring required) – 2021 release

It's Great For:

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a hi-tech gadget you can mount onto your existing wiring system. It comes with installation tools and detailed instructions to activate the device within minutes.

Once it starts recording, it lets you set large motion perimeters and know precisely where and when someone enters your property. Plus, there’s Bird’s Eye View technology that provides an aerial perspective to help you observe your visitors in greater detail. It also comes with improved HD+ video and night vision.

If you want to answer your friends or family, you can use the integrated Alexa greetings. You can also use them to tell delivery drivers where to leave the package if you’re not home. The device records detailed messages to help your visitors understand you more easily.

The manufacturer of one of the best video doorbells in Canada offers a Ring Protect Plan. Subscribe and you’ll be able to record any video, share photos, and revisit any footage missed in the last 180 days.

The Highlights

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 has a few unique features. There’s 3D motion detection to ensure accurate face recognition, even from a distance. You also get Bird’s Eye View to scan your visitors from head to toe and track their movements in real-time. Canadians will appreciate the built-in Alexa greetings. They’re perfect for answering visitors quickly when you’re busy or away. Lastly, the Ring Protect Plan gives you access to valuable perks.

  • State-of-the-art motion detection
  • Enhanced facial recognition
  • Convenient greetings
  • Ability to share videos and check out footage history

Our Expert’s Take

“Installing this doorbell is extremely easy, so you don’t have to be extremely tech-savvy to know what you’re doing.”

Why Trust Us?

Our goal is to help people have a safer, more convenient life. We’ve covered the best home products in a variety of categories, including sleep, appliances, and health and fitness. A good security system is an extension of this. The best video doorbells in Canada are a great starting point. Regardless of the product you install, it’ll make a world of difference.

Here are the factors we considered when creating the list:

  • Type. Some houses are compatible with wired video doorbells, whereas others only work with Wi-Fi systems. We found plenty of high-quality cameras of all types for our list.
  • Resolution. You need your doorbell to produce high-quality videos. The only way it can do so is if it has high resolution. We looked for video doorbells with the highest resolutions for our list.
  • Motion Detection. The more motion detection features, the more reliably a doorbell will work. You should choose a video doorbell with accurate motion detection, and we’ve selected some of the best.
  • Chimes and Greetings. A well-made video doorbell in Canada should produce sounds when detecting motion and allow you to answer your visitors with greetings. These sounds can help with visitors, but also deter those with bad intentions.

Why Use a Video Doorbell in Canada?

Installing one of the best video doorbells in Canada can help ease your mind when it comes to the security of your home. The following benefits are great reasons to purchase a video doorbell in Canada. 

Powerful Visual Deterrent

When criminals approach your Canadian property and see a video doorbell, they’re less likely to invade your house. Burglars typically pick easy targets first. Homes with robust security measures are rarely top of their list, giving you additional peace of mind.

You can get even better results if you use the best doorbells in Canada to supplement other security features. For instance, they complement video cameras mounted in multiple locations since they let you examine your property from various angles. Also, don’t forget to install a security alarm and lock your bike or other possessions.

Capturing Deliveries

Suppose you’ve ordered a package that never arrived. However, your delivery service claims they made the delivery, but you weren’t home when they visited you.

Installing a video doorbell eliminates the guesswork by telling you if the delivery service showed up at your address or not.

You can also use this technology to record packages left at the doorstep. For instance, your model may have remote monitoring features you can control from your phone or other gadgets. This way, you can verify whether the package has arrived and get home before someone steals the item.

Invaluable Video Footage

Even if you have the most advanced video doorbell, you can’t always prevent burglary. Invaders may break into your house and steal valuable possessions. In this case, you might be able to help the police track down the criminals by providing footage from your video doorbell. It may well have captured their faces or license plates, both of which are critical pieces of evidence. Plus, the footage may help you file a successful insurance claim.

Seamless Two-Way Remote Conversations

If you’re busy or home alone, you can utilize your video doorbell to have two-way conversations with outside callers with your door closed. Alternatively, you can speak remotely with your smartphone without the visitor realizing you’re away. This feature comes in handy on several occasions, whether you’re out of town, jogging around the block, or working out.

Additionally, it further lowers the risk of invasion because thieves rarely break into homes that don’t look empty. Answering someone when they ring the doorbell gives criminals the impression you’re inside your house.

Screening Visitors

Say you’re making dinner or enjoying a hockey game on a Sunday afternoon and don’t want unsolicited visitors bothering you. The best video doorbells in Canada can be a game changer in this scenario. By hooking up your gadget to your phone, you can get alerts when the doorbell detects motion or when someone rings it. This enables you to screen visitors and save time otherwise spent answering strangers or salespersons. Likewise, it ensures you don’t miss visits from friends or family.

Keeping Detailed Visitor Logs

If someone visits your Canadian property when you’re away, a reliable video doorbell can take shots of the person. It can also record the time and date of their arrival, allowing you to keep accurate, continuous logs of the people who stop by your place.

Lowering Insurance Bill

Insurers in many countries provide homeowners with discounts if they install cutting-edge home security systems. Canada is one of them.

Multiple providers partner with leading video doorbell manufacturers to incentivize homeowners to purchase these systems. Besides serving as an additional security layer, they can help you reduce your insurance premium.

Exceptional Video Quality

There have been numerous advancements to video technology, but not just for your laptop or smartphone camera. Video doorbells come with state-of-the-art chips to provide excellent video quality. They capture faces and other important details in high definition, so you’re never in doubt about who you’re talking to. This technology offers superb footage, even at night.

Adding Value

Canadians look for various features when purchasing properties. Besides high-quality construction and an attractive design, they may also want a robust security system.

Consequently, you can make your place more appealing to prospective buyers by mounting the best video doorbells in Canada. You’ll be able to sell the property more easily while enjoying a high level of security and convenience.

How to Choose a Video Doorbell for Canadians?

Video doorbells hit the market relatively recently, but their popularity is skyrocketing. Many consider them a must in terms of security features.

With an increased number of video doorbells on the Canadian market, it can be difficult to find the best option for your home. To find the best video doorbell for your home, consider the following factors.


Before you buy a video doorbell, you’ll need to figure out whether the camera is compatible with your abode. In other words, be sure the equipment doesn’t interfere with other security measures.

You can choose from two types of video doorbells in Canada: wireless and hardwired models.

Wireless video doorbells are generally powered by batteries. As the name suggests, they include no wiring, which is why they’re portable. You can easily detach them from your front door and move them around your house. They’re also easy to mount and usually feature cutting-edge technology:

  • Sirens
  • Two-way conversation functionality
  • Night vision
  • Video recording

Hardwired video doorbells are more complicated since they’re comprised of wires that connect them to your current doorbell. Setting them up is even more challenging if you don’t have a doorbell. Additionally, you might need to hire professionals to install the gadget if you’re not handy with tools and electrical wiring.

The good news is that hardwired cameras are generally more consistent than Wi-Fi models. They’re less prone to breakdowns and faulty connections. Choose the type of camera that fits how you choose to use your video doorbell.

Home Ownership

Many home security systems are shipped with doorbell cameras, whereas others must be purchased separately. The status of your home is a determining factor – are you a tenant or homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner, you have limitless options when choosing the best video doorbells in Canada. You need only decide what features you need. Plus, you’ll be able to drill holes freely because you don’t have a landlord.

Conversely, your choices are limited if you’re a tenant. You can only use wireless models if the landlord doesn’t allow you to mount a wired camera. If you obtain their permission, be sure it’s in writing to avoid legal issues. You can also consider asking the owner to buy a wired camera if the property is in a high-crime area.

Otherwise, stick to wireless video doorbells. They boost the security of the place and eliminate the need for drilling and paying for any damage when you move.

Smartphone Alerts

Most video doorbells in Canada come with mobile apps that enable you to remotely access and control the features. Check with the manufacturer if your model has this functionality.

Once the doorbell detects motion, it notifies you about the activity in real-time. In turn, you should be able to access the app with your credentials and check out the live feed from the device. This lets you proactively respond to potential threats.

Some motion-detection video doorbells have advanced features, like setting monitoring zones. You can use it to prevent the gadget from notifying you about people walking down the street or passing cars.

Moreover, some video doorbells can distinguish between objects, pets, and specific people. They can be configured not to react when a family member or pet enters or leaves the house.

If you’re considering a gadget with these features, ask the representative to test it. The last thing you want is to mount a device that doesn’t work correctly or fails to load on time. It would stop you from reacting quickly, giving burglars plenty of time to invade your property.

High Resolution and Night Vision

Another essential feature of video doorbells for Canadians is the resolution. You can find a wide array of lenses, but most devices range from 360p to 2K. The better your resolution, the higher the quality of your footage.

Furthermore, check the ability of your device to adjust to different light levels. Some are more adaptable than others, which can make all the difference when scanning visitors at night.

Speaking of nighttime visitors, consider purchasing a doorbell camera with night vision to observe any activity in front of your house more clearly. The feature also works great in various conditions, such as overcast weather or detecting potential burglars behind thick foliage.

If you select a device with night vision, check if it’s compatible with other smart security features, like timed lighting.

Field of Vision

The field of vision is a vital consideration when purchasing a doorbell camera. It dictates the width of the angle your device can monitor.

For instance, devices with a 90-degree field of vision can only observe the area in front of them. This allows intruders to enter your house from different places (e.g., the porch) without being seen.

Cameras with 180-degree fields of vision are much better. They not only cover the area in front of them, but they also capture the sides. Consider this option if you want to maximize protection from burglars.

Weather Resistance

Most Canadians only think about weather resistance after they purchase a video doorbell. This can be a huge mistake.

You need to buy a high-quality doorbell camera that can endure the weather in your area:

  • Downpours
  • Heavy snow
  • Freezing rain
  • Ice accumulation
  • High winds
  • Freezing temperatures


Most doorbells in Canada use one of the following types of storage. You should consider how quickly you want to retrieve your data, as well as how long you need to keep your footage.

  • Local storage. These video doorbells have internal storage and typically let you expand the capacity with a microSD card. Memory cards are sometimes shipped with your device. If you buy a system with this type of storage, adjust your preferences before your first recording. For example, you can use event-based recording if you only want the device to capture video when it picks up a sound or motion. Alternatively, continuous recording is active 24/7, but you can run out of space pretty fast.
  • Cloud. Cloud-based video doorbells are convenient because you don’t need to worry as much about your capacity. You get tons of available space, and it can be years before you need to upgrade your platform. The only downside is that this solution comes with fees.

One of these options might work better for you, so consider how you want to retrieve your footage before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best video doorbells in Canada can provide better security for your home and family. It helps deter invasions and provides accurate recognition.

A good video doorbell should have high resolution, motion detection, night vision mode, and a user-friendly design.

Video doorbells are typically mounted onto door frames or walls. Most products come with installation tools.