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Living in Canada often means dealing with some extreme seasons and harsh winter weather. For those who see snow on a regular basis, investing in a good pair of winter boots is crucial. Winter boots in Canada can offer many different features, including extra warmth, waterproof outer shells and even fur-lined coziness. It can be overwhelming when shopping for a new pair of winter boots to figure out which styles and brands are the best available.

We took a look at a wide variety of winter boots in Canada and compared factors like materials, insulation levels, soles and degree of waterproofing. After examining the data, our team of experts compiled their opinions to form a solid list of recommended products. Let’s take a look at our list of the best winter boots you can buy in Canada for Winter 2024.

Best Women’s Winter Boots for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boots
  • Best Low Shaft: Ziitop Women’s Snow Boots
  • Best Non-Slip Sole: Todaysunny Fur Lined Snow Boots
  • Best Warm Boots: Dream Pairs Women’s Monte Snow Boots
  • Best Fur Lined: Hobibear Women’s Snow Boots
  • Best Colour Options: Dream Pairs Women’s Faux Fur Snow Boots

Best Men’s Winter Boots for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Nortiv 8 Men’s Snow Boots
  • Best for Snow: Columbia Men’s Liftop III Snow Boots
  • Best Waterproof: Nortiv 8 Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots
  • Best for Extreme Temperatures: Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boots
  • Best Insoles: NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Snow Boots
  • Best for Hiking: Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Why Did We Choose These Winter Boots in Canada?

As we evaluated each of these winter boots, they started to stand out in unique ways. We recommended each of the best winter boots in Canada for a reason. These standout features make these boots some of the best available in Canada, and there are options available for everyone.

The Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boots are the best winter boots in Canada for women overall. These boots feature deep insulation, 16 different colours, and a range of sizes. They are extremely warm and have advanced traction technology as well.

Whether you want a shorter boot for comfort or for fashion, the low shaft of the Ziitop Women’s Snow Boots is a great choice. These chic winter boots are ankle length, look great with jeans or leggings, and are easier to get on and off compared to taller boots.

Our pick for the best non-slip winter boots in Canada is the Todaysunny Fur Lined Snow Boots. These boots have a rubber sole with unique anti-grip technology that prevents users from slipping on ice and other terrains.

Those who are often cold and are looking for the warmest boots you can get in Canada should consider the Dream Pairs Women’s Monte Snow Boots. These boots feature faux fur and 200g insulation, which can keep your feet warm in even the coldest climates. 

Those looking for the most fashionable fur-lined boots should consider the Hobibear Women’s Snow Boots. These boots not only keep your feet warm and dry in the snow and rain but look great with every outfit with their velvet faux fur and great colour options.

For Canadians who want boots in more than one colour or are seeking a great option with a specific shade in mind, the Dream Pairs Women’s Faux Fur Snow Boots are a great choice. These boots are taller than average, offer great snow and ice protection and come in twelve great colours.

The Nortiv 8 Men’s Snow Boots are our choice for the best winter boots for men overall. These boots are incredibly lightweight, with no added bulk, yet are still incredibly warm and water-resistant. 

Canadians who deal more with snow than ice or rain will love the Columbia Men’s Liftop III Snow Boots, which we think are the best option for snow. These boots feature waterproof materials, great non-slip grip and excellent insulation, making for a perfect snow boot for cold winters.

For the wettest weather, like slushy melted snow or rain, the Nortiv 8 Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots are an ideal choice. These boots have superior waterproofing, ensuring that your feet will stay dry no matter how long you wear them.

When you need to be out in extreme temperatures, you should choose the Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boots. These waterproof boots are rated for extremely low temperatures, and your feet will stay warm and dry no matter what.

When it comes to winter boots for men, the NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Snow Boots are the best option. These boots are completely waterproof, with a warm and comfortable interior. The drawstring closure helps keep moisture out of your boots for a more comfortable experience.

For cold-weather hiking, you’ll want the Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots. These leather boots are well-cushioned and waterproof. They keep your feet warm enough during mildly cold hikes, and you can use them in the spring and summer as well.

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Best Winter Boots in Canada for Women

Whether you ski, hike, or want to move around easier when the Canadian winter snow hits, these winter boots for women can help you stay dry, comfortable, and on your feet. 

Best Overall

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Snow Boots

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II, Black/Columbia Grey, 8.5

It's Great For:

The Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boots are the best snow boots in Canada for women. With a cozy, comfortable midsole, furry collar, and long shaft length, these boots are ideal for any woman who will conquer the outdoors during the coldest Canadian winters. These boots feature 200g of textile insulation (mostly cotton) to keep your feet warm, and they use some unique Columbia technologies to help keep you comfortable in the cold.

First, the Omni-HEAT reflective lining works to keep your body heat inside the boot. It reflects heat well, so your feet keep themselves warm. Meanwhile, the thick insulation stops any heat from escaping. These boots will serve you well in the worst weather, including rain and snow. Inside is a seam-sealed waterproof bootie that helps your feet stay comfortable while preventing any water from getting to your socks.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the boot, the Omni-GRIP technology helps keep you from slipping and sliding around on the ice. This rubber sole technology provides better traction overall, so you can stand your ground. Comfort technology like Techlite midsoles also keeps your feet comfortable over long periods of use.

The Ice Maiden II Snow Boots are available in 16 different colours, including black, buff, grey, red, and white. There are a ton of different shades and options to help you stay stylish even in the coldest winters.

Key Features

  • Techlite Technology. The Techlite midsole technology offers better cushioning and comfort than many other boots on the market.
  • Thick Insulation. With 200g of textile insulation, these boots are warm and comfortable. While this thick insulation keeps your feet warm, it doesn’t make the boots snug on your feet.
  • Multiple Colour Options. These Columbia Ice Maiden II Boots come in 16 different colours, ensuring you will find a perfect shade no matter your fashion preference.
  • Adjustable Fit. Making for a better fit than slip-on or zipper boots, this option allows you to change the lace-up closure for the perfect fit.

Our Expert’s Take

“Those seeking a comfortable and well-insulated winter boot will love this option, which comes in a large range of colour choices.”

Best Low Shaft

Ziitop Women's Snow Boots

Womens Snow Boots Winter Fur Lined Ankle Boots Ladies Side Zipper Warm Lightweight Booties Outdoor Anti-Slip Girls Walking Boots

It's Great For:

Many women prefer shorter boots, whether due to fashion or comfort preferences. The  Ziitop Women’s Snow Boots are our choice for the best low-shaft boot in Canada. While they won’t be suitable for extra deep snow, they are perfect for minimal accumulation and cold weather. They have a waterproof Oxford exterior, and inside, you’ll find a fuzzy wool insulation lining in each boot. 

Not only do these boots look great, they are also supremely warm. They feature a quilted waterproof outer with an angled zipper that looks great with any outfit. The interior is cozy and warm and made from a fur lining created from wool. Those who need protection from moderately cold temperatures will love how warm feet will stay in these boots. For longer walks, the Ziitop Women’s Snow Boots are comfortable and won’t hurt your feet after a long time of wear.

Those concerned about slips and falling on the ice will appreciate the high level of traction these boots provide. Featuring a thick rubber sole with deeper grooves, you can be sure that you will stay safe and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Non-Slip Soles. The soles of these Ziitop Winter boots are made from rubber and feature non-slip traction that keeps you from slipping on ice. 
  • Wool Fur Lining. Made from wool, the faux fur interior of the boots is fuzzy and insulated and will keep your feet warm in cold weather. 
  • Waterproof Outer. The exterior of these winter boots is created from waterproof Oxford material and will keep you dry and comfortable in shallow snow.
  • Multiple Colours. Available in five colours, sizes 5 to 9.5, most Canadians will find a hue that goes great with their current wardrobe.

Our Expert’s Take

“These boots are great for those who get minimal snow and want a fashionable boot that is easy to take on and off.”

Best Non-Slip Sole

Todaysunny Fur Lined Snow Boots

Snow Boots Womens Men Waterproof Slip on Winter Anti Slip Women Ankle Boots Warm Fur Lined Man Outdoor Shoes Booties

It's Great For:

If you’re headed out into icy conditions, Todaysunny Fur Lined Snow Boots are the best option for you. The rubber soles on these winter boots are non-slip and have a powerful grip, helping ensure safety and preventing slips and falls. Canadians who tend to wear shoes inside the house can have peace of mind that they feature non-marking soles, which won’t damage or mark your floors. The soles of these boots won’t wear down, so they won’t lose traction over time.

These snow boots have a water-resistant Oxford exterior, which helps to block out all moisture and cold. The material looks fashionable and will look great with any winter outfit. Inside the boot, the faux fur lining is soft and provides comfort for longer periods of wear. They offer 360-degree thermal insulation to keep your feet extra warm in the snow.

These boots have a low shaft, perfect for shallow snow acclamation and ice. The toe area of the boots has an anti-collision toe cap, which prevents stubbing your toe on rocks or obstacles while walking in the snow. They are extremely lightweight and have a simple, easy on-and-off closure, ideal for those who dislike laces. They come in a large size range, from 5.5 to 13.5 and are available in six different colours.

Key Features

  • Non-Slip Sole. The rubber soles of these snow boots feature extra traction, especially around the toe area, to prevent slips and falls.
  • Large Size Range. With a larger size range than many other boots on the market, these come in sizes 5.5 to 13.5. Most women will find an option that works for them.
  • Faux-Fur Interior. Your feet will stay cozy and warm with the faux fur lining that will keep you dry and comfortable while walking outside.
  • Water-Resistant Outer. Canadians won’t need to worry about their feet getting wet with these water-resistant Todaysunny boots, which keep socks and feet dry even in the snow and rain.

Our Expert’s Take

“These boots are perfect for those worried about slipping on the ice and snow, as it has extra traction and grip on the rubber soles.”

Best Warm Boots

Dream Pairs Women's Monte Snow Boots

DREAM PAIRS Women's Monte_01 Black Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots Size 10 M US

It's Great For:

The Dream Pairs Women’s Monte Snow Boots is our choice for the best warm boots for women in Canada. These waterproof boots will keep your feet incredibly cozy and feature  200g insulation, faux fur lining, and a thermoplastic elastomer sole. The interior faux fur and insulation blend is perfect for any Canadian living in extremely cold areas of Canada. The soles of the boots are non-slip, making walking in the ice and snow much safer. 

The exterior of the boots is made from waterproof material up to 2”, and the rest of the boot is made with a 4H water-resistant material. They are completely windproof and don’t allow cold air to get inside the boot. For those on their feet for long periods of time, the cushioned footbed is extremely comfortable. These Dream Pairs boots are slightly taller than some other boots on the market and are great for those needing more ankle support. 

Inside the boots, the faux fur and 200g of thermolite insulation can keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -31 Celsius, which is ideal for those who have extra cold winters. These boots lace up and have a fashionable cuff at the top. They are available in many different colours, which will work great for most Canadians seeking a fashionable winter boot.

Key Features

  • Thermolite Insulation. With an interior blend of faux fur and 200g of thermolite insulation, you can be sure that your feet will stay dry and warm even in the coldest of temperatures.
  • Multiple Colours. Available in six colours, these Dream Pairs Monte boots look extremely fashionable and have cuffs and laces that complement the boots.
  • Waterproof Construction. The bottoms of the boots are made from waterproof thermoplastic elastomer soles, which prevent water for 2”, and then are water resistant for the remainder of the boots.
  • Lace Up Closure. The lace-up closure on these boots ensures a perfect tight fit and is better at protecting feet from snow and wind than a zipper or pull-on closure.

Our Expert’s Take

“These boots are ideal for Canadians who have extremely cold winters. They are incredibly insulated and warm, as well as being very fashionable.”

Best Fur-Lined Boots

Hobibear Women's Snow Boots

HOBIBEAR Women's Snow Boots Anti-Slip Waterproof Outdoor Shoes Winter Snow Boots Warm Fur Lined Comfortable Shoes for Women(White Size 8 Women)

It's Great For:

Canadians looking for a cozy snow boot with the best fur lining will love the Hobibear Women’s Snow Boots. These super fashionable boots look great with any outfit and come in great neutral colours. Those wanting a taller boot will enjoy the design of these Hobibear boots. 

The outer shell of these winter boots is made from water-resistant materials that keep out snow, rain and wind. The soles are ultra-wear resilient, so the traction and grip never break down or lose their effectiveness. The sides of the boots are quilted for a more high-quality aesthetic. They lace up, ensuring that you can get a nice snug fit that won’t allow the elements in or a loose feel while walking. 

Canadians who are considering these Hobibear boots due to the fur lining will not be disappointed. Made from velvet faux fur, these boots not only look high-end but are cozy and warm as well. The fur lines the entire inside, as well as cuffs the tops of the exterior for a fashionable look. These snow boots come in black, grey and white and come in sizes 6-10.

Key Features

  • Velvet Fur Lining. This ultra-cozy velvet faux fur lining keeps your feet warm and dry while giving the boots a fashionable upgrade. 
  • Non-Slip Soles. The rubber soles prevent slipping on ice and snow and won’t wear down over time. You can walk confidently through winter weather with these boots.
  • Neutral Colour Options. Available in grey, black and white, these Hobibear snow boots will match or complement any outfit.
  • Water-Resistant Outer. Canadians who want to be able to go in the rain and snow will benefit from the water-resistant outer shell, which will keep socks and feet dry.

Our Expert’s Take

“The velvet fur lining of these water-resistant lace-up snow boots make them stand out amongst others, and will look great on any fashionable Canadian,”

Best Colour Options

Dream Pairs Women's Faux Fur Snow Boots

DREAM PAIRS Women's DP-Avalanche Grey Faux Fur Lined Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots Size 9 M US

It's Great For:

While many winter boots come in just a few simple colours, the Dream Pairs Women’s Faux Fur Snow Boot has multiple choices to choose from. These winter boots are taller than most snow boots on the market and hit mid-calf, or about 15”. The laces are just for fashion, and there is a hidden side zipper for easy on and off. The seams of these boots are sealed, though, so there is no need to worry about water or wind sneaking in. 

Inside these Dream Pairs boots is a thick and warm lining made from 200g of faux fur thermolite insulation. Even Canadians living in extremely cold areas will find that warmth with these winter boots. The soles are made from rubber that is especially non-slip and has extra grip to help prevent slipping on the ice. 

These tall snow boots are ideal for any Canadian who wants a boot that is fashionable and will complement their wardrobe. The fur interior also cuffs around the top and has a unique buckle that adds detail to the boot. This boot is available in twelve colours, ensuring that no matter what colour palette is your favourite, you will find a Dream Pairs boot that will be perfect.

Key Features

  • Multiple Colour Choices. Available in twelve different colours, these boots are perfect for any Canadian looking to enhance their wardrobe.
  • Water-Resistant Exterior. Made from water-resistant man-made material, these boots won’t let in snow, rain or even wind, keeping your feet extra dry while out walking. 
  • Faux-Fur Lining. With 200g of faux fur thermolite insulation, the lining of these Dream Pairs boots ensures comfort and warmth, even in the harshest of winters. 
  • Tall Boot Shaft. These snow boots are 15” tall and hit mid-calf on most Canadians, giving extra protection to the elements compared to shorter boots.

Our Expert’s Take

“These snow boots are extra tall for snow and wind protection, have fashionable fur lining and have the most colour options of any boots we reviewed.”

Best Winter Boots in Canada for Men

Men have a large selection of the best winter boots in Canada, too. These options are designed to keep men warm and comfortable in all types of cold weather.

Best Overall

NORTIV 8 Men's Snow Boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Winter Snow Boots Grey/Black Avenue Size 10 M US

It's Great For:

The Nortiv 8 Men’s Snow Boots are the best snow boots in Canada for men. These boots are made for multi-purpose uses like hiking, skiing and mountaineering. With a very comfortable inner sole, your feet won’t become uncomfortable after wearing them for hours at a time.

The lower half of the boot is made from a water-resistant exterior material that works hard to keep your feet dry no matter the conditions outside. All of the seams are water-sealed and won’t let melted snow or rain through. Inside the boot, a linen cushioned insole provides excellent arch support and protection from sweating and overheating. The lining of these Nortiv boots is made from 200g Thinsulate material, which keeps your feet warm without added bulk or fur. These lightweight boots can still keep your feet warm in temperatures down to -25°F or -32°C. 

Canadians worried about slipping on ice will love the added traction that the rubber soles offer, which won’t break down over repeated wear. With a large size range and seven different colour options, most users will find these boots to be an excellent choice no matter how severe their winters are.

Key Features

  • Thin Insulation. The lining of these Nortiv 8 boots is made from 200g Thinsulate material, which can keep you warm even in extreme cold and isn’t bulky like faux fur boots can be.
  • Cushioned Insole. The inner sole is cushioned and breathable and helps to reduce sweating while providing maximum comfort.
  • Water-Resistant Outer. Even in harsh snow and ice, these boots will keep out the moisture and ensure your feet stay dry. 
  • Many Colour Choices. These snow boots come in seven colours, allowing Canadians to be able to match their wardrobe more effectively. 

Our Expert’s Take

“These warm and insulated boots are lightweight and water-restraint and come in more colours than many others on the market.”

Best for Snow

Columbia Men's Liftop III Snow Boots

Columbia Men's Liftop III, Dark Grey/Black, 10

It's Great For:

Columbia’s Men’s Liftop III boots are great boots to use in the snow. These ankle-height boots feature waterproof leather and breathable mesh, meaning that your feet will be warm and dry. The breathable mesh helps prevent sweaty feet from becoming uncomfortable, wicking away moisture and leaving your feet dry. These boots also use a lightweight midsole for comfort and the lightweight properties of the materials.

The metal hardware helps create a durable feel for these boots. The seams are sealed against moisture and the cold, making these hiking boots ideal for snow, rain, and mud. If you often find yourself walking outside in the winter, these boots could be the perfect companion.

With Columbia’s signature reflective lining, you know that your feet will never get uncomfortable. These shoes work best in the winter, but you can wear them in the fall and early spring as well. The breathable nature of the boots ensures that you’ll be able to wear them even if the weather gets a little warmer.

Key Features

  • Waterproof Upper. These boots feature waterproof leather to keep feet extremely dry, even in deeper, wet snow. Your socks are safe and your feet stay warm.
  • Lightweight Midsole. With a lightweight midsole that has insulated lining, your feet will stay warm and comfortable, even after hours of wear.
  • Breathable Fabric. The breathable mesh fabric interior helps to disperse moisture and prevent sweating. Even on your busiest work days, your feet will stay dry and comfortable.
  • Durable Materials. The metal hardware and sealed seams of these Columbia boots increase the boot’s durability and overall lifespan.

Our Expert’s Take

“Canadians who need a great pair of winter boots for the snow will love these boots. They feature waterproof material and leather and are so well made they will last winter after winter.”

Best Waterproof

NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Snow Boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Winter Snow Boots Insulated Waterproof Construction Hiking Shoes 160443-M Black Size 9 M US

It's Great For:

These Nortiv 8 Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots are our picks for the best waterproof winter boots in Canada. With a 100% leather upper that is completely waterproof, these boots are perfect for areas that see a lot of rain and snow. They are extremely durable and well-made and are ideal for anyone needing a great pair of winter boots to wear to outside jobs like construction or landscaping. 

The waterproof upper is also windproof and features an enforced toe cap, ensuring your sock will never get wet. Inside, the lining is made from thin 200g Thinsulate material, which keeps your feet dry and warm even when temperatures drop to -25°F or -32°C. Its thin lining helps keep these boots lightweight and easy to walk in.

Those who often walk on uneven terrain or on ice will appreciate the thick rubber outsole, which helps to prevent slips and falls. The bottom sole is flexible and helps when walking on even ground or gravel. These boots come in multiple colours and have a large size range, including wide sizes, ideal for most Canadians.

Key Features

  • Warm Interior Lining. Made from 200g Thinsulate material, your feet can stay warm and cozy without bulky fur or fleece.
  • Ultra Non-Slip. The rubber outer soles are great at providing traction, so you can walk safely on snow and ice. You’ll slip less, even on fresh ice. 
  • Waterproof Outer. Made from waterproof leather, rain, snow and wind will stay out of the boots and keep your feet dry.
  • Flexible Soles. Canadians who walk on uneven terrain will be able to keep their footing with the flexible rubber bottoms. 

Our Expert’s Take

“These extra warm and highly durable winter boots are perfect for Canadians needing extra protection from rain and snow and have some of the best waterproofing on the market.”

Best for Extreme Weather

Sorel Men's 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boots

SOREL Men's 1964 Pac Nylon Waterproof Boot - Collegiate Navy, Black - Size 13

It's Great For:

The Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather Boots are the best options for men who are often outside in extreme weather. These boots are tall enough to handle large snow drifts, with a shaft that rises to mid-calf (and higher on some users). The rubber shell keeps them waterproof, while the ripstop nylon uppers are durable and entirely impervious to water and moisture. When you wear these boots, snow and ice aren’t getting in.

These boots are rated for extremely low temperatures, with the lining said to hold up down to -40° C. The interior liner can be removed and washed when it gets dirty, so these boots will last a long time. The interior is made of felt with a sherpa cuff to keep out the weather, including the cold, snow, and rain.

These boots are available in 7 different colour options and a large range of sizes. Inside the midsole, frost plugs keep your feet from getting old even when the temperatures are well below freezing. The bonded felt plugs are larger than other options, making them perfect for Canadian winters. There’s an option for everyone when it comes to these boots.

Key Features

  • Easy-On Tabs. These boots feature pull tabs, which help you get the boots onto your feet and legs without struggling. This is a unique feature you don’t often find in winter boots.
  • Ripstop Upper. Specially designed for snow, the upper material of the boots is made from ripstop nylon. This material is rainproof and durable for all weather conditions.
  • Waterproof Exterior. Sealed seams and waterproof exteriors help keep rain, snow, ice, and other types of moisture out of your boots.
  • Removable Interior. It’s rare to find winter boots with a removable liner. The interior liner on these boots can be removed and washed to reduce dirt and odours.

Our Expert’s Take

“Canadians seeking an all-around great choice for extreme snow and rain will love these boots, which are easy to get on and also have a washable interior lining.”

Best Insoles

NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Snow Boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Winter Snow Boots Insulated Fur Liner Lightweight Outdoor Tall Booties Black 11 M US Quebec-m

It's Great For:

The mid-calf Nortiv 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Snow Boots are the best snow boots in Canada for men. These boots are completely waterproof, with a tall profile and advanced traction design that helps you find purchase no matter what the terrain looks like. The drawstring closure and ankle strap make the boots easy to pull on, but they also provide a barrier to moisture, rain, and snow. These are some of the best boots to wear when you’re traversing deep snow drifts, on long winter hikes, skiing, or snowboarding. It offers comfortable, thick insoles.

The waterproof TPR exterior helps keep your feet completely dry. In addition to these barriers, water can’t be absorbed through the sealed seams and rubber shell. The lining and a 200g high-quality cotton lining help keep your feet dry and warm in temperatures down to -25°F or -32°C. Further, a cushioned, faux-fur insole helps cushion your feet, making them comfortable for wear all day long.

These durable anti-slip winter boots also include reflective stripping, which is ideal for situations where you might be in the snow or wilderness. There are two versions of the boots available – one features the ankle strap and the other features laces in the same location. Whichever you choose, these snow boots will serve you well for the most extreme Canadian winters.

Key Features

  • Taller Boot Design. Those who live in extra snowy areas will appreciate the taller boot shaft, which covers up to mid-calf for deeper snows. 
  • Removable Insole. This unique cushioned faux fur insole is removable and washable and ensures extra warmth and comfort for long days on your feet.
  • Non-Slip Soles. For Canadians who need to walk on uneven ground and ice, these boots have extra traction that ensures you won’t slip and fall.
  • Cold Weather Approved. Even in temperatures as low as -32° C or -25° F, feet will stay warm and comfortable. 

Our Expert’s Take

“These boots are perfect for those who are on their feet all day and have a cushioned, faux fur lining that provides long-term comfort throughout the day, even in deep and cold snow.”

Best for Hiking

Timberland Men's Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Timberland Men's Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Black, 10 M US

It's Great For:

The Timberland Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are perfect for all-season hiking. They hold up well in the cold, but they aren’t exclusive to winter. They’ll keep your feet comfortable for long hikes in the summer and keep your feet warm and comfortable on your colder winter hikes. These versatile hiking boots are a great choice for someone who hikes year-round and wants the best option for all terrain.

The traction on the bottom of the boot helps you keep your grip on uneven terrain as well as slippery surfaces. You’ll be able to stand your ground no matter what the weather is like with these boots. They are completely waterproof due to the leather uppers (treated with special waterproofing techniques) and the sealed seams. A gusseted tongue helps keep debris, snow, rain, and more out of your boots.

The midsole is molded EVA, meaning it’s comfortable and helps absorb impact well. After a long day on the trail, you’ll be loving these shoes. They can help make your hikes a little easier and a lot more comfortable, no matter the season.

Key Features

  • EVA Midsoles. With cushioned EVA midsoles, your feet will stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • Shock-Absorbing Footbed. Canadians who wear these winter boots all day will find that it has an excellent shock-dispersing footbed, perfect for long hikes and activity. 
  • Waterproof Seams. Keeping rain and snow out of the interior of the boots, these sealed seams keep your feet dry during all weather.
  • Gusseted Tongue. A unique gusseted tongue ensures rocks, gravel, and debris stay out of your boots while hiking.

Our Expert’s Take

“Canadians who love to hike and spend winters outdoors should highly consider these boots, which are waterproof and have a great shock-absorbing footbed.”

Comparing the Best Women's Winter Boots for Canadians

Best OverallColumbia Women's Ice Maiden II Snow Boots200gSeam-Sealed Membrane15 OptionsLeather, Textile, and Rubber
Best Low ShaftZiitop Women's Snow BootsWool LiningWaterproof Oxford UpperGrey, Black, Blue, Brown, RedRubber, Wool, Oxford
Best Non-Slip SoleTodaysunny Fur Lined Snow BootsFaux FurWaterproof-Resistant OxfordBlack, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, Black MultiWaterproof Oxford, Rubber, Faux Fur
Best Warm BootsDream Pairs Women's Monte Snow Boots200g Termolite InsulationWaterproof MembraneBrown, Grey, Black, Tan, Beige, Black/GreyFabric/Textile, Rubber, Faux Fur
Best Fur-Lined BootsHobibear Women's Snow BootsVelvet Faux FurWater-Resistant MaterialBlack, White, GreyVelvet Faux Fur, Water-Resistant and Man-Made Materials
Best Colour OptionsDream Pairs Women's Faux Fur Snow Boots200g Thermolite InsulationSeam-Sealed and Water-Resistant12 Colour OptionsRubber, Faux Fur, Water-Resistant Material

Comparing the Best Men's Winter Boots for Canadians

Best OverallNORTIV 8 Men's Snow BootsLinen and 200g Thinsulate MaterialSeam-Sealed Water-Resistant ShellBlack, Grey, Black/Grey, Dark Brown, Khaki Brown, Brown, Terrey Black, Felton BrownOxford Fabric, Linen, Cotton, Rubber, Suede Leather
Best for SnowColumbia Men's Liftop III Snow Boots200gWaterproof Leather ExteriorBlack and GreenLeather, Textile, Rubber
Best WaterproofNORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Snow Boots200g Thinsulate InsulationSeam-Sealed, Waterproof and Toe CapBlack, Grey, BrownLeather, Microfibre, Rubber
Best for Extreme WeatherSorel Men's 1964 Pac Nylon Cold Weather BootsSherpa LiningRipstop Nylon, Leather, Sealed Seams7 OptionsLeather, Ripstop, Rubber, Textile
Best InsolesNORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Snow BootsFur Liner and 200g InsulationSeam-Sealed TPR Outsole and Toe CapBlack and GreyOxford Fabric, Faux Fur, Cotton, TPR
Best for HikingTimberland Men's Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking BootsNoneSealed Seams and Waterproof LeatherDark Brown, BlackSynthetic Leather, Rubber, EVA

How We Selected These Winter Boots in Canada

We’ve always tried to find the best products to help improve your life. Over the years, we’ve looked at the newest emerging trends in various home and lifestyle categories, from mattresses to kitchen appliances and beyond. Winter boots are important for our cold Canadian winters, so we’ve tried to provide recommendations for the best options for you.

To evaluate the best winter boots in Canada, our experts evaluated each option. With hours of research, analysis, and expert opinions, we were able to determine which boots were best for Canadians throughout the winter. We looked at categories like the ones listed below. 

  • Materials. The materials on the exterior of your shoes are very important, especially in the snow and ice. We looked at all the materials that make up the boot so your feet can stay warm and dry no matter where you take them. 
  • Soles. The soles of your winter boots help keep you from slipping on the ice, so you need the best. We looked at the sole materials for each boot to help choose options that would keep you safest.
  • Insulation. Insulation helps hold in your body heat, keeping your feet from getting too cold. We looked for shoes with the best insulation to help keep your feet toasty on all of your winter adventures. 
  • Waterproofing. Waterproof materials are important if you’re walking in the snow and ice. You want winter boots that keep your feet dry, so we looked for the best waterproofing on the boots we recommended. 
How to Choose Winter Boots for Canadians

How To Choose Winter Boots for Canadians

There are so many different types of winter boots available in Canada. How do you choose the one that works best for you? In order to choose the perfect boots, you’ll need to consider a variety of factors. The following features, options, and factors may influence which winter boots you choose, so make sure to consider them closely!


If you can only look for a single thing when looking for your winter boots, you should be looking at the materials. The exterior materials, interior insulation, lining, and soles all contribute to the quality of the boots. These materials can tell you how comfortable the boots will be if they will keep your feet dry, and whether they’ll be suitable for colder weather.

Let’s break down the best materials for each part of your winter boots.


The sole of your boot provides cushioning, but it also provides you to grip the terrain. The sole must be made of anti-slip material if you want to use it in cold, slippery conditions. A rubber sole with anti-slip tread, including some type of strategic placement of the lugs (the parts of the sole that allow for extra grip) is essential.

While other materials may work for short-term use, you’ll want a rubber sole with a lot of traction, particularly if you’re going to run into the ice while you’re outdoors.


The lining on your winter boots helps keep your feet comfortable, but it also provides other benefits. A lining can help the insulation work better. There are a few different types of lining, including:

  • Wool or sherpa lining. Wool and sherpa are comfortable and warm. Wool has natural moisture-wicking properties as well, allowing it to keep your feet dry as well as warm.
  • Reflective lining. A reflective lining (such as Columbia’s Omni-HEAT) reflects your body heat to you. In the long term, this means that your body heat stays in your boots. The cold can’t get in, so your feet are warmer. In conjunction with insulation, this is one of the best types of liners you can get.
  • Felt lining. Felt lining is an inexpensive alternative to wool or sherpa linings. Felt can provide comfort, heat, and more. However, it’s more fragile than these other options and may not provide much breathability. 
  • Cotton or textile lining. Cotton lining provides a comfortable cushion for your foot and provides additional breathability. Cotton linings are rarely used in winter boots, but it’s not unusual to see them occasionally.

Some boots use proprietary lining or insulation, which is usually created to provide the most warmth possible. Make sure to look into proprietary lining materials and methods if offered by the boots you want.


Most of the time, insulation is measured in grams per square meter. The most common type of insulation is 3M’s Thinsulate. It’s so common that most winter boots don’t advertise that they have it. The only indication is the measurement system they use for discussing their insulation.

Thinsulate is a synthetic insulation that is extremely durable. It can get wet without breathing down. It’s not bulky, and it can be washed often. Most boots that advertise an insulation weight (100g or 200g, for example) use Thinsulate.

Other insulation options include cotton, which is not as effective, and mixed textile insulation which doesn’t work as well. Both of these options can break down easily over time, limiting the use you’ll get out of your winter boots. If you want the best possible outcomes, select winter boots that come with Thinsulate insulation.


The exterior of your winter boots provides waterproofing and durability. You’ll want an exterior made of durable material. Some winter boots use rubber shells to create excellent waterproofing with a few sealed seams. Others use nubuck, treated leather, or even ripstop nylon (the same material used in camping tents). Whenever you’re choosing a pair of winter boots, make sure to take a look at the external fabric.

While the boots might have waterproofing on the inside, it’s difficult to see that as you shop. Instead, look for materials like nylon, treated leather, and suede, all of which can repel water and keep your feet dry.


Rain, snow, ice, and sleet can all affect how your boots work. The best winter boots in Canada should be completely waterproof. That’s because you don’t want the snow to melt on the boot and soak through to your foot. If this happens, your socks can get wet, your feet will get wet, and you’ll start to feel cold and uncomfortable. If you are out in the deep snow with wet feet, you can even begin to succumb to frostbite and other serious issues.

Keeping your feet warm and dry is key no matter how long you are out in the snow. Choose a boot with waterproofing measures to ensure that you’ll stay warm throughout your winter adventures.

Popular waterproofing includes sealed seams, waterproof treatment (especially on leather), nylon materials, or a rubber shell. All of these methods can help keep the rain and water from seeping into your boot, meaning that your feet will stay warm even when you’re knee-deep in snow drifts.

Shaft Height

The height of the shaft is the height of the boot itself. The shaft stretches from the sole of the boot up the back of the boot, ending at the top. Since everyone is built differently, a shaft height can prevent confusion around sizing that focuses on your calves or ankles.

Pay close attention to the shaft height if you want a boot that will protect you from larger snow drifts. It’s important to measure your foot or the winter boots you already own to determine which shaft height is ideal for you and your activities.

Temperature Rating

Each pair of winter boots has a temperature rating, particularly if they have been found to withstand extremely cold temperatures. These temperature ratings are a suggestion of the temperatures each boot can protect you from. Down to this temperature, the boot should adequately protect your feet to prevent frostbite and other conditions.

Take this temperature rating with a grain of salt but be aware of how the rating work. Most low-temperature ratings go down to -32 C or -25 F. Most casual Canadians won’t be exposed to temperatures this cold during normal use, so they should be okay for wear during the coldest, snowiest winter days.

Of course, if you are going to be exposed to temperatures like these ratings, you should seek winter boots that are made for extreme temperatures. Ice fishing boots, for example, often have lower temperature ratings than most other winter boots on the Canadian market.


The best winter boots in Canada come in multiple sizes, with a large enough size spread that you’ll be able to find most of the sizes you need. Even men or women with larger feet should be able to find the perfect size.

However, you should always check to see if the boots fit true to size. You can check sizing charts and user reviews to see how the boots will fit. Since you can’t try them on until you receive them, it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect size. However, these online resources can help you size the boots correctly so that they fit just right.

Snow boots shouldn’t be too tight. If they are too tight, they won’t insulate your feet very well. However, if they are too loose, your ankles won’t be properly supported for hikes and rough terrain. You should always aim to choose boots that fit just right.


If the colour of your winter boots is important to you, there are always options that provide multiple different colours. You should choose the colour that best suits you. If you’re worried about the boots getting dirty with the ice and snow, choose a grey colour. Any beige, khaki, or even black can be affected by deicing agents.

Be aware that some colours will not be available in all sizes, so plan accordingly. While you might not want to choose a pair of winter boots specifically because of the available colours, it can be something you consider along with everything else.


The treads on the bottom of the boot can determine how well they grip ice or other slippery surfaces. You’re looking for deep treads that go in different directions. Different tread patterns ensure that there are more ways for your boots to grip any surface.

The best non-slip winter boots in Canada feature rubber soles and tread, with outsole technology like Omni-GRIP or comparable options. Look for these features if you truly want a boot that isn’t going to slip around on ice and snow. If your boots use proprietary tread materials or methods, make sure to look for a deeper tread that has a lot of gripping capabilities. 

Collars and Tongues

The collar of your boot is the area located at the top of the boot, at the top of the shank. The collar wraps around your calf or ankle, depending on the length of the boot’s shaft. The collar can keep rain and snow out of your boots, so choose one with faux fur, a drawstring, or other sealing options.

The tongue is similar. A fully gusseted tongue can keep your foot dry and comfortable without letting any moisture, snow, or other debris into the boot. If you want a pair of boots that are completely insulated against the snow and rain, you should choose one with a fully gusseted tongue to seal out the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tall shoes with waterproof exteriors are great for the snow. All closures should work properly to seal your shoes when you put them on, preventing snow and water from seeping into your shoes. Insulation is important, too.

A good pair of winter boots in Canada can last many years and get you through multiple winters. While typically, winter boots can last for at least five years, it really depends on how much wear you put on them. Those who only wear their winter boots for a few snowy occasions each year may be able to get close to ten years of wear out of them. Canadians who wear their winter boots on a near-daily basis during the colder seasons, though, may find they only last a couple of years.

Typically, you should choose your normal size when ordering snow boots in Canada. Sometimes, on product pages, they may give suggestions for sizing up or down if needed. If you tend to wear double layer or extra thick socks with winter boots, it may be a good idea to size up, though.

With so many different winter boots on the market, it can be tricky to figure out which is best for the area you live in. For Canadians who get a lot of ice during the winter, look for snow boots that have excellent traction and feature a non-slip grip on the bottom. If you worry about deeper ice that may hurt if you trip into it, choose a boot that has a thicker toe area designed for ice.

Waterproof winter boots will have more protection against rain and snow than water-resistant ones. Often, waterproof boots have special treatments on them, as well as construction, to ensure that no moisture will get through. Water-resistant boots usually do a good job in snow and rain, but the interior of the boots may become wet after prolonged exposure.

Choosing a pair of high-quality winter boots can sometimes be a small investment, and depending on how much use you expect to get out of them will help you determine whether or not it’s worth it. On average, a pair of winter boots in Canada will range between $50 to $200. Those that cost less will not have as many weatherproof features as the more expensive options.

You should avoid leather boots for Canadian snow. Look for rubber or neoprene soles, waterproof materials, and proper insulation for those deeper snows. Those living in icy areas should ensure excellent tread to avoid slips.