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The majority of Canadians deal with harsh and cold winters, and a durable winter jacket is crucial to comfort and safety when going outside. Whether you are seeking an extra thick parka or a slimmer packable jacket, there are hundreds of options on the market to choose from. With so many choices out there, it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide which one is the best for you, so we have compiled a list of our favourite winter jacket recommendations.

Our experts spent countless hours of in-depth research and analysis, comparing features like insulation levels, exterior material and fit in order to ensure only the best options made our review. We are confident in our recommendations and found the most favoured reviews and styles for both men and women. Let’s take a look at our favourite winter jackets in Canada for 2024.

Best 5 Women’s Winter Jackets for Canadians in 2024

  • Best for Women Overall: The North Face Women’s Waterproof Antora Jacket
  • Best Women’s Warm Jacket: Columbia Women’s Suttle Mountain Long-Insulated Jacket
  • Best Women’s Packable Jacket: Amazon Essentials Lightweight Puffer Jacket
  • Best Women’s Long Jacket: Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket
  • Best Women’s Parka: Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Parka

Best 5 Men’s Winter Jackets for Canadians in 2024

  • Best for Men Overall: Mountain Warehouse Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket
  • Best Men’s Packable Jacket: Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket
  • Best Men’s Big and Tall Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger Ultra Lightweight Puffer Jacket
  • Best Men’s Parka: WenVen Men’s Winter Parka
  • Best Men’s Faux-Down Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket

Why Did We Choose These Winter Jackets in Canada?

Each of the jackets on our list was recommended based on our expert evaluation and research. We looked at the features that Canadians valued most in their winter jackets, as well as features that would stand up to the coldest Canadian winters. They stand out in their own unique ways, so we put together a list that highlights each of the features that these jackets does best. Here’s why we chose the best winter jackets in Canada for 2024.

The North Face Women’s Waterproof Antora Jacket is our pick for the best winter jacket for women overall. With a large range of sizes, 28 different colours and a waterproof shell, there is a lot to love about this jacket.

Canadians who experience harsh winters with frequent freezing temperatures will love the Columbia Women’s Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket. As our favourite warm winter jacket, the inner liner will keep you comfortable throughout the season. 

Those looking for a lightweight winter jacket that is perfect for on-the-go portability will love the Packable Amazon Essentials Lightweight Puffer Jacket. With a huge range of colour options and sizes, this jacket packs down into a small travel bag for convenience. 

If you’re looking for a long winter coat, go for the Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket. The extra length on this jacket helps keep more of you warm, and it’s especially helpful if you are taller.

If you’re looking for a parka-style winter coat, you’ll love the Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Parka. This durable winter coat features a faux fur-lined hood and a longer profile, making it ideal for those who are looking for a very specific style.

The Mountain Warehouse Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket is our favourite winter coat for men. With multiple colour choices, a large size range and a toasty warm microfibre fill, most Canadians will find this jacket to be a great option. 

For those on the go, the Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket is our choice for the best packable men’s winter jacket in Canada. This jacket can fold down ultra-small into its included travel bag and is lightweight and super warm during use. 

For Canadians needing extended sizes like tall or extra large options, the Tommy Hilfiger Ultra Lightweight Puffer Jacket is a great option. This coat comes in many different sizes, ranging from XS-5XL and even has tall options. 

Canadians seeking a warm winter parka will love the WenVen Men’s Winter Parka and all of the features it offers. With great double-thick lining and a weatherproof exterior, this jacket is ideal for cold winter conditions. 

The Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket is perfect for Canadians living in cold climates who want a faux-down jacket. Whether you are vegan, are looking for a lower-cost option or like how easy they are to care for; faux down coats are a great choice.

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Best Winter Jackets for Women in Canada 2024

Women looking for the best winter coats in Canada should look no further. We’ve found five of the best choices for the coldest Canadian winters. These women’s winter jackets in Canada are stylish and warm, so you can wear them all winter long.

Best for Women Overall

The North Face Women's Waterproof Antora Jacket

THE NORTH FACE Women's Waterproof Antora Jacket (Standard and Plus Size), Summit Navy, Medium

It's Great For:

As one of the most well-known brands of outerwear across Canada, The North Face consistently produces top-of-the-line items that will last for years to come. We chose The North Face Women’s Women’s Antora Jacket as our favourite winter jacket in Canada for women due to a host of great features. With a well-fitting silhouette, excellent protection against the elements and a variety of colours in sizes, you can’t go wrong with his jacket. 

This jacket is a slim-fit style meant to be worn close to the body. There is no bulk to this coat, and unlike some other jackets, it is not a puffer style. Those seeking extra warmth can easily layer on top or under it if needed, but we think this coat does a great job of insulating against the elements. It features an interior liner made of recycled polyester that keeps you warm in moderately cold temperatures. The outer shell is breathable and waterproof and made from a unique DryVent 2L material that is seam-sealed for even the rainest of conditions. 

The North Face Antora Jacket has a full zipper closure and a high neck that protects against the wind and rain effectively. The hood is attached and has a drawstring around the opening for a secure fit if desired. The cuffs of the sleeves are gathered for extra wind protection, and the two pockets are zippered. 

This windproof jacket is great for all outdoor activities and easy to move around in, ideal for hiking. Eco-conscious Canadians will appreciate that it is made from sustainable materials. It comes in an astounding 28 different colours and patterns, which is far more than most jackets on the market. The jacket is available in sizes from X-Small to 3XL, making it a very inclusive option as well.

Key Features

  • Eco-Conscious Materials. Made from recycled polyester and sustainable outer materials, this jacket is great for anyone who likes to choose environmentally conscious products.
  • 100% Windproof Design. With a windproof outer shell, a high neck and an attached adjustable hood, anyone who lives in windy areas will benefit from this jacket.
  • Multiple Colours. Available in 28 different colours and patterns, there is sure to be an option that will perfectly match your wardrobe. 
  • Waterproof Shell. The DryVent waterproof exterior of the jacket is sure to keep you completely dry while eliminating sweating and overheating. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This wind and rainproof outer layer is a perfect jacket for Canadians wanting a winter jacket that isn’t bulky but still offers protection.”

Best Women's Warm Jacket

Columbia Women's Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket

Columbia Women's Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket, Black, Large

It's Great For:

Canadians living in cold areas of the country need an especially warm winter jacket to protect them from freezing temperatures, snow and wind. The Columbia Women’s Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket is our top choice for the best warm winter jacket in Canada for women. This jacket has superior insulation, a long length and a cozy hood to keep you toasty even when you’re out walking in the snow.

This jacket has a wonderful water-resistant outer shell that does a great job of keeping you dry in rainy weather. It has an extra-long length that comes to mid-thigh, helping to further block wind and rain. The sleeves have adjustable button cuffs, and the attached sherpa-lined hood has a high neck, faux fur edge and velcro closure for a secure and comfortable fit. 

The best part of this jacket is the interior insulation, which will keep you warm even if you experience harsh winter conditions. The Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Lining uses your own body heat to keep you extra toasty, and the polyester fill ensures that heat won’t escape from the jacket. This jacket is not a puffy coat, though, and it is still extremely easy to move around while wearing. 

This winter jacket is a great option for any Canadian needing extra warmth due to frigid winters and snowy conditions. It’s available in sizes X-Small to 3X, ensuring that nearly all Canadian women will be able to buy it. It has 11 different colour options, which is great for those who are looking for more than traditional neutral fashion choices.

Key Features

  • Faux-Fur Trimmed Hood. The attached hood has a sherpa lining and is edged by faux fur, which looks great and keeps wind and rain from bothering your face.
  • Omni-Heat Thermal Technology. This reflective inner lining uses your own body heat to keep you warm. Staying bundled up makes this jacket that much more effective. 
  • Long Design. Coming in at mid-thigh, this longer-length jacket keeps more of you warm and comfortable. You won’t get cold drafts up your back or under your coat.
  • Wind and Rain Resistant. This jacket is both wind and rain-resistant, ideal for anyone who lives in wet and windy areas of Canada.

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket is especially perfect for Canadians who live in colder climates, as its unique inner lining helps to keep you warm, even in freezing temperatures.”

Best Women's Packable Jacket

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Puffer Jacket, Black, X-Large

It's Great For:

While many winter coats are large and bulky, the Amazon Essentials Lightweight Puffer Jacket provides excellent warmth without weighing you down. As our pick for the best women’s packable jacket in Canada, this winter coat is ideal for taking on vacations or even placing in a tote or purse when not in use.

This Amazon Essentials Jacket is made of polyester, and the exterior is reflective and smooth. It has a quilted design, with pockets of polyfill throughout for moderate warmth. It is excellent in windy conditions, but it is not waterproof, so it should be worn sparingly in the rain. Despite how lightweight it is, the polyfill does keep users warm in cold temperatures and has a high neck for extra protection. 

Included with this jacket is a small bag that you can easily stuff the jacket into for easy carrying and storage. For those going on a trip and wanting to pack a winter coat without taking up valuable luggage space, this jacket is a great choice. The Amazon Essentials Packable Jacket has a zipper closure and two zippered pockets. The cuffs are elasticized for comfort and to help stop wind from entering the jacket.

Available in multiple sizes, ranging from XS to 6XL, this jacket will fit nearly all Canadian women. It has 16 different colour choices, so there is sure to be a shade that will match your wardrobe perfectly. As one of the most budget-friendly winter jackets on our list today, you may even be tempted to buy more than one!

Key Features

  • Included Travel Bag. This winter jacket can squish easily into this small travel bag that can be packed or tossed into a tote or purse. 
  • Lightweight Construction. This quilted jacket is filled with lightweight polyfill and is great for moderately cold winters or layering over a sweater. 
  • Budget-Friendly. This low-cost option will appeal to any Canadian on a budget. If you have to purchase multiple winter jackets, this option is a great choice for your wallet.
  • Multiple Colours. Available in 16 different colours, this Amazon Essentials Packable Jacket will complement any outfit. You can choose the one that looks best on you, so you don’t have to stick to black.

Our Expert’s Take

“This winter jacket is ideal for any Canadian wanting a lightweight and small option they can take on the go or keep in their purse.”

Best Women's Long Jacket

Columbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

Columbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket Outerwear, Black, Large

It's Great For:

Columbia makes some of the best winter jackets on the Canadian market, and this one is no different. However, it’s also one of the most affordable winter jackets in Canada. An affordable price pairs with a range of sizes and colours, making this a solid choice for most Canadians. In addition to all these benefits, it also provides a warm, lightweight feel that works well in most conditions.

This jacket uses Omni-Heat reflective technology in the lining. This means that your heat is always being reflected towards you. The 100% polyester down alternative insulation ensures that the heat doesn’t escape through the jacket. As a result, you’ll be warm inside your jacket, even when it’s cold outside.

The comfort cuffs and zippered hand pockets can keep your hands warm, too. Comfort cuffs provide thumb holes, perfect for when you need to keep your palms warm. Even if you’re wearing winter gloves on top of the lining, these cuffs can help keep the cold from creeping up your arms. Zippered hand pockets give you a place to warm your hands, using the same reflective body heat technology as the rest of the jacket.

This long jacket offers a perfect, size-accurate fit. The hood and drop tail allow you to customize the comfort and protection levels, making this a great jacket for the transition from fall to winter as well as for snowy outings. There are 24 colour options available for most sizes. Sizes offered range from extra small to 3XL. Most Canadians will be able to find a size that fits them. The handy size chart can help you discover the right size if you aren’t sure.

Key Features

  • Water-Resistant Coating. Users will keep dry even during rainy conditions with the water-resistant treatment on this jacket.
  • Omni-Heat Technology. The Columbia Omni-Heat technology works with the polyester fill to keep Canadians extra warm, even in frigid temperatures.
  • Comfort Cuff Design. The ribbed cuffs include thumbholes to keep your hands warmer. It’s a nice touch that helps on days when you forget your gloves at home.
  • Long Length. This long-length jacket keeps the wind at bay. More of your body is covered, so you’ll stay warm even with arctic winds and biting cold.

Our Expert’s Take

“We love the long length of this jacket, which keeps you warmer and more protected from harsh winter elements.”

Best Women's Parka

Alpine North Women's Vegan Down Parka

Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Parka with Faux Fur Hood - Insulated, Water-Repellent, Winter Coat, Jacket For Women (White, Medium)

It's Great For:

The Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Parka is one of the best winter parkas in Canada for women. This coat comes in five different colours and five different sizes, so some options work well for everyone. It’s extremely well-insulated with 100% animal-free and cruelty-free polyester. The lining is polyester as well. They work together to ensure that you’ll stay warm in the coldest winter weather.

The longer length helps keep more of you warm, ensuring that you aren’t going to be too cold no matter what you’re doing outdoors. There are so many pockets around the exterior of the jacket (and inside) that you can fit anything you need inside. The hood is trimmed in faux fur and is removable if you don’t need it. Inside, you’ll find rib knit cuffs to keep the cold out of your sleeves.

If you want a parka with a more customizable fit, you’ll love the waistline snaps inside this jacket. You can adjust based on your size. If you want a snug fit, you can snap it a little tighter. If you want to layer other pieces of clothing underneath the jacket, be sure to let the snaps out a bit.

This versatile jacket works well for all of your winter needs. The temperature rating (down to -30° C) allows you to comfortably wear this jacket for skiing, snowboarding, or simply walking outside in the colder weather. The exterior is water-resistant and extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about buying a new jacket anytime soon!

Key Features

  • Detachable Hood. This jacket has a removable faux fur trimmed hood, allowing you to change not only the look of the coat but its level of protection.
  • 100% Vegan Materials. Made entirely of animal-free products, including its insulation and exterior, this Alpine jacket is a great choice for vegans.
  • Adjustable Waist. There are Interior snaps at the waist that can help you adjust the taper of the waist and create a more fitted silhouette.
  • Cold Weather Approved. With an ultra-low temperature rating, this jacket is perfect for even the coldest days. It works to keep you warm in temperatures down to -30° C.

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket is great for Canadian women looking for a parka that has many adjustable features and looks incredibly stylish.”

Best Winter Jackets for Men in Canada (2024)

Men looking for the best warm winter jackets in Canada have so many options. We’ve found five of the best to help you keep warm on the coldest winter days. These rugged winter jackets for men are sure to keep you warm, no matter how long you have to be out in the cold.

Best for Men Overall

Mountain Warehouse Men's Winter Puffer Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Seasons Mens Winter Puffer Jacket - Padded Coat Black Large

It's Great For:

The Mountain Warehouse Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket is our choice for the best winter jacket for men in Canada. This solid coat is perfect for those wanting a lightweight option with excellent insulation and water-resistant material. It has a low price point and is available in many different colours. 

This coat features a synthetic down made of highly dense microfibre, which ensures extra warmth even in colder temperatures. This is a great insulation material for anyone who wants a less expensive and more animal-friendly alternative to real down. It is flexible and very easy to move around in, especially for those who engage in outdoor sports and activities.

The exterior of this Mountain Warehouse jacket is made of polyester that has been treated with a durable water repellent. While this coat isn’t fully waterproof, you will stay dry in the rain for a moderate amount of time before needing additional protection. 

The hood of the jacket is fully attached, and it has a high neck for extra warmth and wind protection. There are two zippered pockets, and the sleeve cuffs are elasticized for both comfort and warmth. The jacket is fully machine washable, a feature that isn’t always common. 

The Mountain Warehouse Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket has a great look, with a quilted design and over 15 different colour options at a great price point. No matter what your wardrobe may look like, there is sure to be a style that appeals to you. With sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL, nearly all Canadians will be able to fit into this option.

Key Features

  • Microfibre Insulation. This dense and warm insulation is a great alternative to real down and will keep users warm even in harsh winter temperatures.
  • Lightweight Design. For ease of movement and flexibility, this jacket is lightweight, comfortable and perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Multiple Colour Options. Available in 15 different colours, the Mountain Warehouse jacket will easily complement any outfit or aesthetic preference.
  • Water-Resistant Shell. The polyester exterior of the jacket features a water-resistant treatment that helps water bead and roll off without soaking into the interior layers. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket is a great all-around choice for any Canadian seeking a lightweight and ultra-warm design available in many different colours and sizes.”

Best Men's Packable Jacket

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Hooded Puffer Jacket, Dark Grey, X-Large

It's Great For:

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket is a great choice for any Canadians seeking a winter jacket that they can easily take on vacation without sacrificing valuable luggage space. Available in tons of colours and will keep you toasty warm, this jacket is one of the best for men on our list today. 

For colder temperatures, the inner polyester fill is warm and lightweight, ensuring you won’t be weighed down by extra bulk. The quilted design looks great, and it has enough room in the jacket to move comfortably, no matter the activity. There is an attached hood and a higher neck, helping keep wind and cold at bay. With two zippered pockets, your keys and wallets will never fall out. 

The water-resistant outer shell is made from durable polyester and is great for snow and colder weather. It does a great job of keeping the wind out and will keep you dry in lighter rain. Its lightweight and slimmer profile also allows for layering under or over the jacket if desired. 

One of the most stand out features of this Amazon Essentials winter jacket is the included small drawstring bag that is small enough to pack in luggage or a backpack with ease. It takes just seconds to roll and squish the jacket into the bag. The size range goes from XS to 2XL, which will fit a large majority of Canadian men. There are 18 different colours available, which is far more than many other jackets on the market, and combined with its low price point, this jacket is an ideal option.

Key Features

  • Included Travel Bag. For those on the go, this jacket packs up small and into its included drawstring bag, which is small enough to fit into a backpack.
  • Many Colour Options. With 18 different colours, there is sure to be a shade that will match your existing wardrobe perfectly.
  • Water-Resistant Exterior. The polyester shell of this Amazon Essential men’s coat is treated with a water-resistant coating, which helps keep you dry in light rain and snow.
  • Attached Hood. The hood has a high-neck and fitted design to keep wind and rain at bay. It keeps you perfectly warm in colder temperatures, too. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket folds up to fit into a small travel bag, perfect for tossing into a backpack on the go.”

Best Men's Big and Tall Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Ultra Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Water Resistant Ultra Loft Down Alternative Puffer Jacket, Black, Medium

It's Great For:

The Tommy Hilfiger Ultra Lightweight Puffer Jacket is our favourite winter coat for men that has big and tall sizing. This affordable jacket comes in 47 different colours and a range of extended sizes that will work for nearly all Canadian men. This jacket is made from excellent quality from a well-reputed brand that stands the test of time. 

The interior lining of this Timmy Hilfiger jacket is made from a high-loft faux down. This alternative to real down keeps the jacket super lightweight while still ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable. The quilted design of the jacket traps heat within its layers, so even in harsh winter conditions, you will stay extremely warm. While there is no hood, there is a higher nack, stand-up collar, which provides excellent wind and cold protection. 

While this jacket does a great job of providing superior warmth and wind protection, it does not feature any water protection, so those living in rainy areas may need to layer a raincoat or use an umbrella when wearing it in wet conditions. The outer layer is made from nylon and has a full zipper closure and two zipper pockets.

Those on the go will love the convenient travel bag you can stuff the jacket into, making it the perfect size for placing in a backpack or suitcase. It comes in sizes XS-5XL and includes tall sizes, which is harder to find in nice winter jackets. Available in 47 different colours, this jacket is ideal for Canadians who have a specific shade in mind they are hoping to purchase.

Key Features

  • Extensive Size Range. With sizes ranging from XS to 5XL and have additional tall sizes, this jacket is one of the most inclusive on the market.
  • Wind Resistant Nylon. For cold temperatures and windy days, this Tommy Hilfiger jacket will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Packable Design. Easy to take on the go, you can pack this coat into its included bag, condensing the size and space it takes up in a backpack or luggage. 
  • Multiple Colour Options. Available in 47 different colours, this jacket is sure to match any existing wardrobe or outfit.

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket is warm and windproof, comes in many colours and has the biggest range of sizes for taller or larger Canadian men.”

Best Men's Parka

WenVen Men's Winter Parka

WenVen Men's Hooded Warm Coat Winter Parka Jacket (Army Green, X-Large)

It's Great For:

For those looking for a top of the line winter parka, we think the WenVen Men’s Winter Parka is the best choice. This jacket is ideal for those living in the coldest of Canada’s climates and has a longer length and super warm hood. Whether your winters are filled with rain, snow or wind, this jacket is a superior option. l

Inside this jacket are multiple layers designed for warmth and protection. The layer of polyfill works hard to insulate warmth, while the fleece lining that is closest to your sin is soft, cozy and comfortable. This WenVen jacket is windproof, with ribbed cuffs, a stand collar, and reinforced button and zipper enclosures.

For wet conditions, the exterior of the jacket has a thick, waterproof finish, perfect for light rain and snow. It has reinforced stitching for a more durable lifespan and multiple storage pockets that can all be zipped for extra storage when taking longer walks or participating in outdoor winter activities. 

This jacket has a removable hood, which also has a detachable fur trim, so you can switch up the look of the coat, whether for aesthetics or practical reasons. It comes in five colours, all neutral colours, that will look great with any wardrobe. Sizes are medium- 3XL, so most Canadians will be able to find a size that fits.

Key Features

  • Waterproof Construction. The multiple interior layers of polyfill and fleece, as well as a waterproof outer polyester shell, help to protect against rain, snow and wind.
  • Detachable Hood. The hood is removable and also features a detachable fur trim, which further increases warmth and protects against wind. 
  • Longer Length Design. The longer length of this parka helps to keep users warm no matter how cold the temperature outside may be. 
  • Multiple Pockets. This jacket features both inside and outside pockets that can be zipped up to keep keys, a phone and more all protected.

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket is our favourite for those seeking a traditional winter parka and is ideal for extra cold temperatures and those wanting the warmest hood and interior.”

Best Men's Faux-Down Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket, Charcoal, Large

It's Great For:

Many Canadians prefer to use faux-down, or synthetic animal products, whether due to personal belief systems, cost, or even ease of care. The Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket is our choice for the best faux-down winter jacket in Canada for men. This ultra-warm coat is perfect for those who experience colder winters and need additional protection without the high price point that often comes with real down jackets. 

Inside the jacket, a thick and dense polyfill is sewn into quilted pockets throughout the coat. This polyfill is extremely lightweight, and users won’t feel weighed down when wearing it. Its cloud-like feel means you will have more range of motion when doing outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and skating. The interior of the collar is lined with fleece for soft protection from the elements closest to your face and neck. The attached hood further blocks wind and has an adjustable drawstring to get a perfect fit around your face.

The exterior of the jacket does a great job of keeping Canadians warm and protected from harsh winter elements. The outer layer is not waterproof, so those seeking a jacket that will keep them dry may need to layer with a raincoat or use an umbrella. The jacket features rib-knit storm cuffs, which keep wind from entering through the sleeves. The collar is high-neck, and the jacket features a full zipper closure. With nylon material construction, this jacket keeps those who live in dry and freezing areas warm and comfortable. 

The faux-down interior allows this jacket to be machine washable, a perk not often found in many other winter jackets. The Timmy Hilfiger Classic Winter Puffer Jacket comes in many different sizes, ranging from XS to 4XL, making it an inclusive jacket for all body types. Available in 23 colours and patterns, this jacket comes in solids, stripes and prints for those looking for a more stand-out look.

Key Features

  • Cold Weather Protection. With thick polyfill, a fleece-lined collar and nylon wind protection, this jacket does a great job of keeping Canadians warm in freezing temperatures. 
  • Hooded Design. With an attached hood that is adjustable by a drawstring, users will stay warmer longer than many other jackets. 
  • Extended Sizes. Those seeking smaller or larger sizes will appreciate the large size range this jacket offers, which includes XS all the way up to 4XL.
  • Multiple Colours and Prints. While many jackets only come in solid colours, this jacket comes in 23 options, including fun prints and stripes. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This jacket is great for those seeking a super warm jacket that is lower cost and doesn’t use animal products, and its range of colours and prints is an added bonus.”

Comparing the Best Women's Winter Jackets for Canadians

CategoryJacketInsulationWater ResistanceHoodColour Options
Best for Women OverallThe North Face Women's Waterproof Antora JacketRecycled Polyester LiningWaterproof ShellAttached28 Options
Best Women's Warm JacketColumbia Women's Suttle Mountain Long Insulated JacketPolyester Blend FillWater-Resistant CoatingAttached11 Options
Best Women's Packable JacketAmazon Essentials Lightweight Puffer JacketPolyfillNoNo16 Options
Best Women's Long JacketColumbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket100% Polyester Down AlternativeWater-Resistant CoatingYes24 Options
Best Women's ParkaAlpine North Women's Vegan Down Parka100% PolyesterWater-Resistant ExteriorYes, DetachableBlack, Blue, Purple, White, Red

Comparing the Best Men's Winter Jackets for Canadians

CategoryJacketInsulationWater ResistanceHoodColour Options
Best for Men OverallMountain Warehouse Men's Winter Puffer JacketMicrofibreWater-Resistant PolyesterAttached15 Options
Best Men's Packable JacketAmazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Puffer JacketPolyfillWater-Resistant PolyesterAttached18 Options
Best Men's Big and Tall JacketTommy Hilfiger Ultra Lightweight Puffer JacketFaux-Down InsulationNoneNo47 Options
Best Men's ParkaWenVen Men's Winter ParkaPolyfill and Fleece LiningWaterproof PolyesterYes, DetachableArmy Green, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Khaki
Best Men's Faux-Down JacketTommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer JacketUltra-Loft PolyfillNoYes23 Options

How We Selected These Winter Jackets in Canada

For years, we’ve tried to help Canadians improve their lives. We’ve done research into the latest trends and technology to help us choose the best products for your homes. We’ve looked at some of the best products in Canada, including mattresses, exercise equipment, and kitchen appliances. When you’re travelling into the great Canadian winter, we want to make sure you’re as warm as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a master list of the best winter coats in Canada.

We evaluated each of these jackets in a variety of performance areas. We combined our expert evaluations with in-depth research and analysis for dozens of products. Some of the areas we evaluated include:

  • Insulation. A winter jacket is only as good as its insulation. We looked at each type of insulation available to determine which is best for the coldest Canadian winters.
  • Lining. The lining is important, too. The lining keeps your body heat contained within the jacket. It can even protect you from the features poking out of the insulation. We took a good look at the lining of our jackets to ensure it was comfortable and warm.
  • Size and Fit. A jacket must fit just right to keep you warm. Whether you want a jacket that wears a little big for layering or tighter to keep you toasty, we’ve evaluated all our jackets based on whether they fit true to size. 
  • Wind and Water Resistance. Water and wind resistance are an important part of keeping you comfortable in the winter. We looked at how each coat dealt with rain, snow, and wind.
How to Choose a Winter Jacket for Canadians

How to Choose a Winter Jacket for Canadians

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find a winter coat that works well for you. The following guide explores the different features you want in a winter jacket, as well as what you should look for in each part of your jacket. Keep these options in mind as you shop for the best winter jackets in Canada. 


If you are looking for a jacket that will keep you warm in the middle of the coldest Canadian winters, you should pay close attention to the insulation. There are two main types of insulation used in the warmest winter jackets in Canada.

Down Insulation

Down insulation usually refers to duck or goose down and feathers. This type of insulation is nearly unbeatable in colder weather. If you’re often outdoors during the winter, or if you like to take part in activities like skiing and snowboarding, a down jacket is perfect for you. They can be compressed for travel and provide the most warmth for their weight. When properly cared for, they can keep protecting you for years to come.

Down insulation should be gathered following the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This ensures that animals were not harmed in the making of the jacket.

Overall, down insulation is the most durable and most expensive, but these jackets can usually last for years when you take the time to care for them. Down insulation is measured in fill power. The higher the fill power, the loftier the jacket. A rating of between 500 and 700-fill power is standard and will keep you warm throughout the coldest parts of winter.

Synthetic Insulation

Synthetic insulation can be better when it comes to wet weather. It’s less expensive overall and works better for Vegan Canadians or those who worry about animal welfare or animal products. Synthetic down includes polyfill, polyester, and other alternatives to down. The jackets are still fluffy and comfortable, though.

Synthetic insulation is measured by gram weights, which tells you how much the insulation weighs in a 1 x 1-meter piece of insulation. A coat with a heavier gram weight will be heavier and warmer. These jackets are great for keeping you warm as well, though they are best for weather that doesn’t get too cold (in the low negatives is the maximum for most types of synthetic insulation). However, you can’t beat synthetic insulation for wet or humid climates, as the insulation won’t be affected by the weather.


The lining on your winter coat helps reflect your heat, ensuring that you stay warm inside the jacket. However, some jackets do this much better than others. Warm winter jackets in Canada provide special Omni-Heat reflective linings. These linings are so good at reflecting heat that you may get a little too warm inside your jacket!

Every coat doesn’t have the same type of lining, but you should look for one that does. Polyester provides a great lining, but if you are going out in extremely cold weather, choose a reflective liner to keep you warm and protected.

Sizes and Fit

The size and fit of your winter coat are essential considerations as you purchase a winter coat. You don’t want to choose a coat that is too small. Likewise, choosing a coat that is too large can reduce the benefits of warm insulation. To avoid choosing a coat that is too big or too small, consult the sizing chart available with most coats. These charts can give you accurate measurements that allow you to choose the best size when you’re unsure about your options.

If you can try the coat on first, this is a great way to determine if it’s right for you. There should be plenty of room to move across the shoulders. Likewise, the sleeves should be long enough to cover your wrists at the very least. Move your arms around, bending at the elbow to see if the sleeves ride up at all. If they move up past your wrist while you’re moving around, the coat may be too small.

Raise your arms above your head. Does your jacket still cover you? If your jacket rides up to expose any skin when you raise your arms, you’ll need a longer jacket. No matter how you move, your jacket shouldn’t uncover any of your skin or other clothing.

Don’t choose a coat that’s too large, either. With enough room between you and the lining, it might work poorly. If cold can seep up into the jacket, it isn’t going to be able to keep you warm for long. To avoid these issues, consider choosing a longer jacket that fits well, with a little bit of room for layering other clothing underneath. You may want to put a sweatshirt below your winter coat, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Water Resistance

When you’re cold, the last thing you want to do is add water to the mix. Being wet can make you colder and increase the risk of dangerous conditions from the cold. If you’re up in the mountains and it rains, you need a coat that won’t absorb water or become difficult to dry. It’s important to choose a coat with a water-resistant or water-repellant coating. You should choose an option that allows water to bead on top of the surface instead of soaking in.

If you plan to be outdoors a lot, a water-resistant winter coat is undeniably important. It can mean the difference between dangerous conditions and a safe environment, so consider choosing a jacket that doesn’t allow water through to your skin.

Wind Resistance

Wind can cut right through some winter coats. While the coat itself might keep the cold out, the wind might get through and reduce the effectiveness of your winter coat. You should always choose a coat with windproofing. This helps you stay warm even on days with cold winter breezes. There are special wind-breaking materials that will keep you cool and prevent the wind from cutting through to your skin.

Most winter coats with low-temperature ratings include some measure of wind resistance. Look for these features if you are skiing or snowboarding, especially if you plan to use ski lifts or take longer hills. Even if the air is still, you’ll generate wind during these activities. You don’t want the breeze to make it uncomfortable to partake in your favourite winter sports.

Temperature Rating

The best winter coats in Canada have a temperature rating. The temperature rating can inform you of the coldest temperatures your jacket will protect you from. For instance, some of the coats on our list have a temperature rating of about -40° C. Down to this temperature, your coat will prevent frostbite and cold exposure.

The jacket might not keep you comfortable down to this temperature, however. You might feel cold while wearing it in these lower temperatures, even if you aren’t in any danger. Once the temperature drops below this, you might be in danger of adverse effects from the cold.

Pay close attention to temperature ratings. When you can, avoid choosing a coat that doesn’t quite meet your needs. If you plan on camping, hiking, skiing, or snowboarding in the mountains, choose a coat with the lowest temperature rating you can find.


Even if you wear a winter hat, your ears can get cold in chilly weather (particularly when it’s windy). It’s a well-known fact that most of your body heat escapes through the top of your head, so it’s very important to keep your head warm in colder climates. Warm winter jackets in Canada should have a hood, particularly if you plan to use them outdoors for skiing or winter hiking.

There are a few different types of hoods to choose from. A faux fur-lined hood (such as the one you might find in a parka) can keep your face warm and seal out colder air. Some of these are also detachable, so you can change the way the jacket is designed based on the weather.

Otherwise, you might choose a hood that fits close to your head. This type will help you benefit most from the insulation. You might also want to choose a hood with additional straps and closures to ensure that your face is as covered as possible.

Consider your hood options carefully, particularly if you are choosing a jacket for winter recreation or outdoor activities. Pair any type of hood with your winter hat to ensure that your head stays as warm as possible.

Colour Options

Colour options for your winter coat might not be important for your comfort, but it’s something you should consider when you purchase one. If you prefer to go with a simple black coat, there are a ton of options available. Most coats come in at least a standard black option. However, if you want different colours to express yourself, you should look for coats that come in a variety of different colours.

Along with the colours available for each jacket, you should consider the style. Of course, you want a winter jacket that is warm and functional. However, you’re more likely to wear a jacket that fits your style. 


The length of a winter coat can determine how much of your body it can shield from the elements. It’s ideal to choose a winter coat that covers as much of your body as possible. A short winter coat will keep your upper body warm, but it won’t do much for the rest of you. If you lift your arms and your skin is exposed, the jacket is too small. To avoid this, you could choose a long winter coat.

These coats are more protective, and they can also be stylish. If you are looking for a coat you can wear out on a cold day and one that will keep you warm on a hike, a long winter coat can be a great option.

If you are walking around the city or making a run out to the driveway, you might not need a longer coat. Longer options can also be more restrictive than shorter ones, which may be a problem if you want to move around while you’re outside. All of these factors can determine which coat you choose, so be sure to consider them.

Outer Fabric

The exterior fabric is an important part of your winter jacket. Aside from the extremely important water and wind resistance, the outer fabric of your winter coat should be durable. The best winter coats in Canada have tough, resistant outer fabric. It should be resistant to abrasions and rips. A strong outer layer helps keep the interior insulation protected.

You should look for a jacket that is made with polyester on the outside or stronger material. Some high-end jackets may include a ripstop material similar to tents and other outdoor gear as well, so choose the exterior fabric as carefully as you choose the insulating layers. If you want to use your winter jacket for rugged outdoor work, make sure to choose an outer fabric that is stronger and more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Longer winter coats can help keep you warm. You’ll want your hips to be warm as well, leaving only your legs exposed. A long winter coat can keep more of you warm, reflecting more of your body heat to you and reducing drafts.

A winter jacket should be comfortable to move around in. The sleeves should cover your wrists, and they should be roomy enough to layer over other warm clothing. A winter jacket for the Canadian weather shouldn’t be too tight or uncomfortable.

Winter coats will vary in their care instructions, so always check the label before washing. Most waterproof shells can be machine washed in cold and hung dry. Puffer or sherpa coats may have more complex washing instructions and will often either be dry cleaned only or machine washed on delicate. For drying, many winter jackets need to be air dried, but those with a fill may want you to machine dry it with a tennis ball inside to keep the stuffing nice and fluffy.

Most winter jackets account for wearing over layers of clothing like a sweater, and you would not need to size up in this case. If you plan on wearing multiple layers underneath your coat, though, sizing up can be a good idea. Always refer to the jacket’s size chart in case of concerns before purchasing.

Those living in colder climates that get freezing temperatures and snow will need to look for a well-insulated jacket. Winter coats that have extra insulation and outer protection, like hoods, stand-up collars and additional lining, are the best options for snowy climates. In general, make sure the coat you are looking for has some water protection if you plan on wearing it in the snow.

If you happen to live in a very wet area of Canada, a waterproof winter jacket is your best option. While water-resistant coats are good for light to moderate rain, a waterproof coating is best if you plan on being in heavier rainfall. Waterproof rain jackets often are a shell weight, which works great as a top layer over thick sweaters or light puffer coats.