Liquor: Hiram Walker & Sons Limited

Name: Hiram Walker & Sons Limited

Products: Polar Ice Vodka, J.P. Wisers Whisky, McGuinness Liqueurs and Lamb’s Rum

Manufactured In: Windsor, Ontario

Where to Buy: Liquor stores across the country


Canadian Owned: No

Hiram Walker & Sons is the oldest still-functioning distillery in Ontario. The distillery was founded in 1858 which makes it older than the Canadian Confederation by nine years. Today, the distillery is the largest producer of spirits in North America and has won the award for Distillery of the Year four times in a row.

Hiram Walker is part of the Corby Spirit and Wine Limited, which also dates back to the 1800s and is a leading marketer and distributor of spirits and wines in Canada. The company has an impressive portfolio which includes some of the best known brands of spirits in Canada including Lot No. 40, J.P. Wiser¨s, Polar Ice Vodka, and Lamb’s Rum.