Clothing/Apparel: FRANC 🍁


Products: Loungewear, everyday apparel, socks, sweatshirts, dresses, and more

Manufactured In: Canada


Where to Buy: Online

Canadian Owned: Yes

FRANC founder Brandy Mercredi was tired of the fast fashion industry. Too many brands use cheap labour and have poor working conditions and high markups to sell clothes on a seasonal cycle. Brandy found an opportunity to produce unique, timeless garments that eliminate the need for a constant cycle of seasonal purchases. Every piece is produced ethically in a factory just outside of Toronto. Workers are paid living wages. Fabrics are knit and dyed with low-impact dyes in Toronto. Most styles and colours use organic cotton and Tencel blend and are made with custom-order fabrics.

FRANC stocks a variety of different fashion staples, including shirts, sweatshirts, loungewear, socks, dresses, and more. Each piece carries a timeless beauty that can be worn over and over again. This helps reduce carbon footprint while creating a unique and non-seasonal wardrobe.

In addition to their ethical business practices, shipping bags are compostable and recyclable. They work to offset shipping emissions with initiative funds – meaning they donate enough to cover their carbon emissions each month. They are also honestly priced!