Clothing/Fashion: RYU 🍁

Name: RYU (“Respect Your Universe”)

Products: Men’s and Women’s clothing, bags, and accessories, including sportswear

Manufactured In: Various factories in Canada, the USA, Vietnam, and China


Where to Buy: RYU’s flagship store in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian Owned: Yes

RYU began as an MMA equipment brand. Now, they’ve expanded to sportswear, clothing, bags, and accessories for all. Their trademark look includes clean lines and functionality. You’ll be able to get the most out of your workout without distractions or unnecessary embellishment.

RYU’s core values include movement as a way to discover and explore your world. They seek to embody techniques that enhance and emphasize movement, especially in the sports world. RYU promotes mindful movement that opens your mind to the possibilities in the universe.

All of the clothing at RYU uses special techniques to make regulating your core temperature simple, especially during hard workouts. However, they make more than just workout gear. There are a wealth of fashion options available for men and women, including bags, hats, duffle bags, and socks. There’s something for every active Canadian at RYU.