Confectionery: Jessica’s Gourmet Alfajores 🍁

Name: Jessica’s Gourmet Alfajores

Products: Cookies

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Provisions Market

Website: – not currently active

Canadian Owned: Yes

Jessica’s Gourmet Alfajores is a Canadian company based in British Columbia that makes alfajors. These are traditional confections usually made with flour, honey, and nuts and found in many South American countries, including the Phillippines, Spain, and Southern France.

Jessica’s maizena alfajores are made with at least 70% organic ingredients and real butter. They are made from scratch and are very light and flavourful. They can be described as sandwich cookies where the two cookies are held together with creamy dulce de leche.

At the time of writing (13.2.2024), the company website was not active. However, the alfajores were available to purchase through Provisions Market.