Food: Catelli Foods Corporation

Name: Catelli Foods Corporation

Products: Catelli pasta, Minute Rice, Olivieri fresh pasta & sauce

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec; Hamilton, Ontario; Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Grocery stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: No

Catelli’s roots in Canada go back to 1867 when an Italian immigrant Carlo Onorate Catelli began to make and sell pasta on Saint-Paul Street in Old Montreal. Over the years, his pasta business took off and he became a well-known businessman who played an important role in the development of Little Italy in Montreal.

For over 150 years, Catelli has been making pasta for Canadians. Today its pasta selection includes a full range of shapes and varieties of healthy and nutrient-rich pastas. While Catelli Foods continues to manufacture pasta in Canada, the company is no longer Canadian-owned. It is now owned by Ebro Foods, a Spanish company.