Food/Tea: Barbours 🍁

Name: Barbours

Products: King Cole Tea, Morse’s Tea, Nut Butters, Spices, Extracts, Baking, Popcorn Topping

Manufactured In: Sussex, New Brunswick

Where to buy: Various chains, particularly in Atlantic Canada, but also Ontario and Quebec


Canadian Owned: Yes

Barbours was founded by George L. and William Barbour in 1867 in Saint John, New Brunswick. For over 150 years Barbour has been a family-owned business with a passion for producing and packaging high-quality food products that are made with the best ingredients.

The company specialises in teas, spices, nut butter, and flavour extracts. Barbours works with various partners, helping them to manage their materials purchasing, production processes, quality control testing, and logistics. The owners and staff at Barbours are dedicated to providing flexible and responsive customer service. Whether the client’s request is small or medium, standard, specialised, or certified organic, Barbours can help.