Footwear: Baffin Boots 🍁

Name: Baffin Boots & Footwear

Products: Outdoor footwear, garden slippers, snow boots, and hiking boots, as well as weather apparel

Manufactured In: Various factories in Canada and beyond


Where to Buy: Sports outfitters and activewear stores around Canada

Canadian Owned: Yes

Baffin Boots is a Canadian footwear company that specializes in cold weather apparel. Their most famous outdoor boots include a special weather-resistant lining that helps the boots stand up to arctic and polar conditions. These boots are great for the coldest parts of northern Canada. Baffin also sells insulated socks to help keep your feet warm in extremely cold conditions.

Each pair of Baffin boots has a rating. Some are rated for use in the elements, some are rated for Northern weather, but there are just as many pairs that contain a special lining for tundra, arctic, and polar conditions. For this reason, this company has a close relationship with professional ice fishers, those who participate in winter sports, and more. There are industrial models specifically made for working with chemicals, agriculture, or manufacturing jobs.

Baffin also makes garden slippers, standard rubber boots, and hiking boots for temperate weather. When you need high-quality footwear, Baffin is the right choice.

Baffin Boots