Footwear: Manitobah Mukluks 🍁

Name: Manitobah Mukluks

Product: Boots (Mukluks),  moccasins, and accessories

Manufactured in: Manitoba and outside Canada

Where to Buy: The company website and its stores in Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Manitobah Mukluks was founded by a Métis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick who has a vision of creating a company that would benefit his community. He created the business plan for Manitobah Mukluks in 1996. Today, Manitobah Mukluks is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada and has customers and employees worldwide.

Just like Indigenous people in Canada have always done, Manitobah Mukluks strives to use natural materials in their products, including deerskin, sheepskin, full-grain leather, and rabbit fur. By purchasing from Manitobah Mukluks, customers are supporting Indigenous people and celebrating their culture.

All Manitobah Mukluk products are available to view and purchase on their website and the company currently has seven stores in Canada.