Footwear: Plainsbreaker Apparel 🍁

 Name: Plainsbreaker Apparel

Products: Socks

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online and retail store in downtown Calgary


Canadian Owned: Yes

Three entrepreneurs started making socks overseas in 2017, then purchased knitting machines in 2019 and opened up a manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta. Since June 2020 all Plainsbreaker Apparel socks have been made in Canada.

Plainsbreaker makes socks in a variety of colourful and creative styles and as far as the company’s owners know, they are the only cotton fashion sock manufacturer in the country.

All the socks are made with 100% organic cotton that meets the strictest environmental law. The company is also actively upcycling most of its waste using any flawed socks and cut yarns to make dog beds and pillows.