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As leading Canadian mattress brands, you will be hard-pressed to find mattresses better than those made by GhostBed and Endy. GhostBed is a North American company known for its high-quality mattresses sold in Canada. Endy is a Canadian brand, with its top-of-the-line mattresses both produced and sold in Canada. Both GhostBed and Endy make all-foam mattresses that are some of the best you can buy. Each offers different firmness, slightly different features and a range in cost that set them apart from one another. If you are deciding between the two mattresses and need help deciding which to choose, let’s compare the two mattresses in our GhostBed Classic vs Endy review.

GhostBed Classic vs Endy: Which is Better for You?

The GhostBed Classic Mattress and the Endy Mattress offer a fantastic sleep experience but have enough differences to consider when choosing which mattress to purchase. In our GhostBed Classic vs Endy review, we will take a look at these differences, along with all the unique features that will help you when deciding which is the right mattress for you.

Who Should Buy the GhostBed Classic Mattress

  • Users who sleep warm
  • Side and back sleepers
  • Those who need a firmer mattress
  • Canadians who have adjustable bed frames
  • Couples and co-sleepers
  • Heavy sleepers

Who Should Buy the Endy Mattress

  • Canadians who sleep on their side or stomach
  • Couples and co-sleepers
  • Users who need pressure relief while sleeping
  • Those who live in areas with many seasonal changes
  • Restless sleepers who wake often
  • Canadians who sleep warm

Quick Overview

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It's Great For:

It's Great For:

Mattress Construction

The GhostBed Classic Mattress and the Endy Mattress are similarly constructed as foam mattresses designed for comfort and a great night’s sleep. The GhostBed Classic has four total layers, while the Endy has five. Though they are very alike in how they are assembled, each is made of different materials, offering unique benefits to the mattresses.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Layers

GhostBed Classic Mattress Construction
  • Soft & Cozy Cover. This breathable cover made of viscose and polyester is super plush and stretchy. Its super silky material is the perfect base for bed sheets of any material. 
  • Aerated Latex. The GhostBed Classic’s top layer is 1.5” of aerated non-allergic latex, which is responsive and comfortable. The small holes throughout keep it breathable, dispersing heat while still giving a slight bounce to the mattress. Those who need extra pressure relief will appreciate the firm yet gentle contouring it provides while you sleep. 
  • Gel Memory Foam. This cushioning 2” middle layer of gel memory foam provides additional cooling, excellent for those Canadians who sleep warm at night. Comfortable memory foam ensures relief for those who need extra support. 
  • High-Density Memory Foam. Durable and comfortable, this firm 7.5” core is the perfect foundation for this mattress. This high-density foam reduces motion transfer and provides alignment while sleeping, which is excellent for couples or those needing pressure relief. 

Endy Mattress Layers

  • Micro-Quilted Cover. The stretchy removable cover for this Endy mattress is not only comfortable but also machine washable. This is an excellent feature for those looking to keep their mattress clean and fresh.
  • Endy Comfort Foam. Made of Endy Comfort Foam, the top layer of the mattress is built with an open-cell structure that helps with breathability. Allowing air to flow easier, this layer is also very responsive, supporting your body without sinking.
  • Transition Foam. Adding comfort and pressure relief, this foam layer in the Endy mattress is ideal for eliminating motion transfer, perfect for those who co-sleep.
  • Support Foam. This high-density base layer made of solid construction gives excellent support for years to come, never losing its firmness. 
  • Temperature-Neutral Foam. Unlike some other mattresses, this foam layer helps keep your Endy mattress at a neutral temperature year-round. Regardless of how hot or cold the ambient temperature is, the Endy will stay medium firm throughout the seasons.


Both the GhostBed Classic Mattress and the Endy Mattress are made of multiple foam layers and are similar in how they are constructed. Both mattresses are ranked as medium firm, though the GhostBed is slightly firmer than the Endy. Because of the differences in softness, they might be better for certain sleepers.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Firmness

7.5 on Firmness Scale

Coming in at a 7.5 firmness, the GhostBed Classic is a solid medium firm mattress. Canadians needing extra pressure relief or suffering from back pain may find benefits by purchasing the GhostBed Classic. Those that are side or back sleepers may find the firmness and additional support a reason to buy the GhostBed over a softer mattress.

GhostBed Classic’s multiple dense foam layers are an important reason to choose this mattress, though stomach sleepers may not appreciate the lack of a soft surface. Heavier sleepers who don’t move as much will enjoy the nightlong support that the 7.5” foundational foam core the GhostBed provides.

Endy Mattress Firmness

6.5 on Firmness Scale

The Endy Mattress is also a medium firm option, though it ranks lower than the GhostBed Classic mattress. Endy comes in at about a 6.5 on our firmness scale. This mattress is supportive and helpful for those who need pressure relief while they sleep. The Endy Comfort Foam technology will ensure that those who are light sleepers and frequently move throughout the night will still sleep comfortably.

The Endy Mattress is a great choice for side and stomach sleepers, as it is firm while still providing a comfortable cushion. Back sleepers suffering from pain may find the Endy lacking if they need additional firmness or support. Overall, most Canadians will find Endy’s firmness accommodating and comfortable.


Both the Endy and the GhostBed Classic mattresses are durable enough to last many years. The GhostBed Classic features a thick, dense foam core that sets up a solid foundation that will last a long time. The Endy has an additional foam layer, reducing overall wear and tear.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Durability

While the GhostBed classic features only three layers, two of them significantly help the long-term durability of the mattress. First is the Aerated Latex layer, which breaks down at a much slower rate than traditional foam layers. Second, the 7.5” thick, durable high-density foam base layer keeps this mattress performing strongly for many years. High-density foam is known for maintaining shape and holding up longer than other foam.

Overall, the GhostBed Classic has a slight advantage over the Endy due to the latex within the top layer and the thicker high-density foam layer.

Endy Mattress Durability

The Endy Mattress has four foam layers, which gives it a slight edge over many other mattresses. The combination of their Comfort, Transition and Support Foam do their job in making this mattress a solid choice in choosing a mattress that will hold up. The high-density foam will not break down as quickly as other types of mattress foam, helping its durability.

Generally, this mattress will do a great job for many years, though the lack of latex and a thicker high-density foam layer gives the GhostBed Classic the edge over the Endy Mattress.

The GhostBed Mattress
GhostBed Classic Mattress
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The Endy Mattress
Endy Mattress
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Motion Isolation

If you sleep with a partner, kids, or pets, both mattresses are excellent choices. If your partner moves around a lot at night, or if you are a light sleeper, choosing a mattress with more motion isolation is recommended. The GhostBed Classic does a wonderful job with motion isolation; however, the Endy Mattress wins in this category as it’s a superior choice for limiting motion. You can’t go wrong with either mattress, though!

GhostBed Classic Mattress Motion Isolation

The GhostBed Classic Mattress does a wonderful job with motion isolation. With its three foam layers, including a super thick high-density foam base layer, the GhostBed Classic effectively reduces motion transfer. Being firmer than the Endy, this may be a better choice for heavier sleepers rather than lightweight ones, as it does not have the unique top layer that the Endy Mattress does.

Endy Mattress Motion Isolation

Endy Mattress Pressure Relief

The Endy Mattress wins in this category with its hard-to-beat motion isolation. With its specially designed top Endy Comfort Foam layer, paired with the second Transition Foam layer, it not only offers excellent cushioning but also traps and neutralizes motion. This is a perfect choice for couples or anyone that shares a bed with a restless sleeper.

Temperature Control

Though this feature isn’t crucial to everyone, temperature control is an essential feature for those who sleep hot.  If you experience waking up in the middle of the night sweaty, consider choosing a mattress with top-of-the-line temperature control features to combat it. Both the GhostBed Classic and the Endy are foam mattresses which tend to retain heat over other mattress types. The gel memory foam layer in the GhostBed Classic gives it an advantage over the Endy Mattress.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Temperature Control

GhostBed Classic Mattress Temperature Control

The GhostBed Classic will retain some heat, like all foam mattresses. We do have to give the edge to this mattress over the Endy, though, as the GhostBed has some better temperature control measures in place. The top Aerated Latex layer provides excellent airflow and support, while the second Gel Memory Foam layer cools your body and absorbs heat wonderfully.

These top two layers do a great job helping Canadians stay cool while sleeping, especially over other all-foam mattresses that lack gel and latex. Because of the temperature control technology the GhostBed Classic provides, it wins this category.

Endy Mattress Temperature Control

While the Endy Mattress doesn’t have gel or latex in its construction, it does have a unique top Endy Comfort Layer that uses an open-cell construction. This top layer can help prevent a small amount of heat build-up but won’t help you sleep completely heat-free. Those that sleep extremely hot may not want to choose the Endy Mattress and might want to consider the GhostBed Classic instead.

Edge Support

Staying supported at the edge of your mattress is essential, and most foam mattresses do not have additional measures in place to help with edge support. Neither of the two mattresses in our comparison today offers unique edge support features, but the GhostBed Classic performs slightly better than the Endy Mattress.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Edge Support

The GhostBed Classic Mattress does a decent job with edge control, not allowing for any significant slipping or sinking. It does not have additional or noted features to enhance edge control the way some mattresses do, but it will keep you on the bed without sliding off. With its thicker foundation and overall firmer, the GhostBed has the edge over the Endy Mattress in edge control.

Endy Mattress Edge Support

With its five foam layers, the Endy Mattress has no additional edge control measures. With it being slightly softer than the GhostBed classic, you can expect slight sinking around the edges. If you are a Canadian that likes to often sit or even sleep on the edge of the bed, there is an additional risk of sliding and slipping.


One of the most significant differences between the GhostBed Classic and the Endy Mattress is the cost. With some large differences in features, expect to pay significantly more for the GhostBed Classic over the Endy Mattress. Such a big price discrepancy can be a dealbreaker for some Canadians. Here are the prices for each available size.

Size GhostBed Classic Mattress Endy Mattress
Twin XL
California King

The GhostBed Mattress
GhostBed Classic Mattress
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The Endy Mattress
Endy Mattress
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Anytime you buy a mattress online, you may wonder how fast it will arrive and if there are additional fees for shipping. These costs can factor into your mattress decision. The GhostBed Classic and the Endy provide free shipping throughout most of Canada.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Shipping

GhostBed offers free shipping to most addresses within Canada and North America. If you live in Canadian territories, there may be an additional fee- so make sure you check before placing your order. GhostBed mattresses ship exceptionally quickly from the closest facility in Canada or the United States, and most customers will receive their new mattress within five days of placing their order.

Endy Mattress Shipping

Endy ships their mattresses to all Canadian provinces for free, but there are additional fees when delivering to certain territories. Make sure to check the Endy website for specifics concerning shipping fees if you are concerned. Usually, Endy will ship out mattresses the next business day, and most Canadians will receive their order between 3 and 7 days after it leaves the warehouse.

Sleep Trial and Returns

One of the most important things to consider when buying a mattress online is a company’s sleep trial and return policy. When you cannot test a mattress in person as you would in person at a store, you need to make sure you have the ability to test and return a mattress if needed. Both GhostBed and Endy offer great sleep trial policies of at least 100 nights.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Sleep Trials and Returns

If you purchase a GhostBed Classic mattress, you will have 101 nights to decide if you like it enough to keep it. GhostBed does require that you have had the mattress for at least 30 days before starting the return process. At that point, if you are unhappy with your GhostBed mattress, you can begin a return online, and a representative will get back to you within 3-4 days to start the process.

Once your GhostBed return is complete, they will donate it to a local charity or, if needed, be recycled. You must let GhostBed know which local charity you wish to donate it to, and they will coordinate shipping. You can then expect a refund within 14 days. Note that GhostBed limits return to just one mattress per household and person, which could be a problem if you try multiple mattresses within the GhostBed company.

Endy Mattress Sleep Trials and Returns

When buying an Endy Mattress, you have a 100-night sleep trial included. If you wish to return the mattress, they do not require you to have had the mattress for 30 days, giving them a slight edge over GhostBed. It’s always recommended, though, to give your new mattress enough time to get used to it, which can take up to a whole month for some people.

You can start the process on their website if you wish to return your Endy mattress. Your Endy mattress has to be in good condition, both clean and free of all damage, to qualify for a return. Once you reach out for a return, expect to be contacted within 2-5 days to start the return. Endy will donate the mattress to a local charity once it is returned. Your used Endy mattress will be donated to a local charity, and approximately five days after return, you can expect the return to be completed and a refund to be initiated.


Both GhostBed and Endy offer great protection and excellent warranties. These warranties guarantee an average lifespan for your mattress. GhostBed Classic does offer a slightly better warranty policy over Endy.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Warranty

The GhostBed Classic mattress features a 20-year warranty. This warranty will cover visible indents of more than 1” and any physical flaws that cause any of the foam to split. To maintain the warranty, you must place your Ghostbed Classic on a compatible frame or surface. Failing to do so may void your warranty. 

If in the first ten years of ownership, there are defects, then GhostBed will be responsible for the repair or replacement at their cost. During years 11-20, then costs are prorated, and the owner will have some financial responsibility. The cover of the GhostBed mattress has a separate 1-year warranty that protects it against faults in the material.

Endy Mattress Warranty

After the purchase of an Endy mattress, a 15-year warranty will be in place immediately. This warranty will cover any faulty materials and factory errors, which include things like zipper faults, deep body indents and other physical flaws that might occur during use. Endy will repair or replace the mattress and/or parts at their discretion.

Final Thoughts

The GhostBed and Endy are both excellent mattresses offering varying benefits. After comparing them, you might find that one of them would make a great choice for your next mattress. The GhostBed Classic is an excellent choice for Canadians needing extra support and those that sleep hot, but the Endy is excellent for motion isolation and lower budgets. Deciding which mattress is right for you will come down to your preference for firmness, temperature control and motion isolation.

GhostBed Classic Mattress Endy Mattress
Medium Firm (7.5/10)
Medium Firm (6.5/10)
Sleep Trial
101 Nights
100 Nights
20 Years
15 Years
Mattress Construction
Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Edge Support

Frequently Asked Questions

The Endy Mattress is made in Canada by a Canadian company. The GhostBed Classic is a North American company that is based in the United States. All of the GhostBed mattresses sold in Canada are made in Canada, but the company also makes mattresses in the US.

Both of these all-foam mattresses retain heat, but the GhostBed Classic has a layer of gel memory foam that makes it a little cooler than the Endy Mattress. GhostBed also uses other materials to reduce temperature. The Endy Mattress offers great pressure relief and superior motion isolation, but the GhostBed Classic excels when it comes to temperature control.

Neither of the mattresses featured in our comparison uses additional edge support features. While the GhostBed Classic has a measure of natural edge support, the Endy mattress lacks in this category. If you often sit or sleep near the edge of the bed, the GhostBed Classic might be the best option for you.

Canadians with restless partners should choose the Endy Mattress. Endy makes some of the best motion isolation on the Canadian market, which materials that actively reduce motion transfer as it happens. If you are tired of waking up throughout the night, the Endy Mattress might be the best option for you.

Both mattresses provide free shipping throughout Canada. They deliver to major locations and most cities within the country, but there might be some exceptions. Extremely rural locations and some locations in Northern Canada may require a shipping fee for delivery. If you are worried about paying shipping to your address, make sure to contact customer service to determine if you will have to pay any additional fees.