About Us

We are three Canadians located in Ontario, ticked off by a hostile American administration and looking for ways to support Canadian jobs and products. We know it can be hard to find Canadian-made products, and even harder to find Canadian-made products from a Canadian-owned company. So we’re making a list.

We realize it can be a fine line to try to define if a Canadian-owned business is more “Canadian” than a foreign-owned business – perhaps the foreign-owned business sources more raw materials in Canada than the Canadian business. So we are doing our best to keep it simple – our main focus is on highlighting Canadian-made products by Canadian-owned companies. We will also include Canadian-made products by non-Canadian owned companies.

We are aware that some people have concerns with some of the companies listed. This site is dedicated to supporting Canadian jobs and products made in Canada, and we encourage consumers to become knowledgeable about the companies they choose to support so that they can make the most informed choices.

Some of the links to the products we list may be affiliate links, which together with the advertising on the site will support the growth of our database of products and this site.

Credit to Alexander Hockridge for designing our logo, and u/SuperSoggyCereal for his list of Canadian clothing.