Jewellery: Daniel Christian Tang 🍁

Name: Daniel Christian Tang

Products: Jewellery

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Not currently available

Website: – not active

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Daniel Christian Tang is currently not in operation (Last Updated 12.2.2024)

Daniel Christian Tang is a Canadian jewellery company based in Toronto, Ontario. The name of the company comes from the surnames of the design team that brought together an eclectic mix of disciplines that ranged from bio-chemistry & architecture to material sciences & art.

Daniel Christian Tang specialises in making jewellery using 3D printing. The founders realised that they could take files and designs they had done in architecture and turn them into wearable pieces of jewellery. The jewellery has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Flare, and Azure and was nominated for a Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent.