Jewellery: Touchstone Mala Design 🍁

Name: Touchstone Mala Design

Products: Yoga and meditation jewellery

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: No longer available

Website: – no longer active

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately Touchstone Mala is no longer in operation (Last Updated 29.2.2024)

From the designer: “At Touchstone Mala you will find a rich selection of colourful mala necklaces and bracelets that can be found in either the Traditional or One-of-A-Kind line. Each piece is designed around the beauty and healing properties of a specific gemstone and/or focused on a particular chakra. These hand-crafted malas are created for use as prayer beads during your meditation practice and worn afterward as a touchstone reminder of our goals and intentions.”