Kitchen: bioBob Sponges 🍁

Name: BioBob

Products: Bio-degradable, warrantied sponges

Manufactured In: North Lancaster, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and across the country at various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, BioBob is no longer operating. (Last Updated May 17, 2022)

I wouldn’t have thought this was a thing – but there are sponges that are bio-degradable, can be torn into Hydrafill, are bio-reusable by aerating soil while the sponges bio-degrade, and come with a one year warranty. And since 1963, they’ve been coming from North Lancaster, Ontario, from bioBob. We’ve categorized them as kitchen products, but they also have sponges for the bath, washing your car, and more.

Note: They freely admit 95% of their raw materials come from the USA.