As of September 2022, La Merceria has merged with Made in CA. Due to increased maintenance and server costs, we’ve decided to consolidate both brands. We believe it will provide a more robust service for all of our Canadian readers in the long term. The merge offers many benefits, including lower costs, expanded Canadian-focused articles, and faster website load times for everyone!

We feel confident that together we can expand the library of content available for Canadians. Since the founding of La Merceria, we have helped over 100,000 readers make informed decisions about navigating Canada’s landscape.

Please read our section on the different places in Canada to view the updated library.

Our Goal at Made in CA

For the past four years, we’ve written different types of articles for the average Canadian. Our goal is to give Canadians the different news and guides that are necessary for Canadian life.

  • Interviewing innovative and growing small businesses in Canada
  • Making it easier for Canadians to find made-in-Canada products
  • Unbiased reviews and guides for Canadians
  • 100% advertorial free website with no monthly subscriptions
  • Save time shopping online in Canada

As Canadians, we grew tired of our constant tariff battles with the US. So we decided to assemble a list of Canadian products and services so Canadians can rest easy knowing their dollars are having the maximum effect on our economy.

With a growing audience every year, we continue to dedicate ourselves to covering companies that push the limits to provide Canadian consumers with the best products and services.

Our primary goal is to showcase, through articles and interviews, Canadian small businesses that display positive characteristics of innovation, growth, management and success. We aspire to promote the growth of our Canadian-based small businesses by showcasing them across our country.

Made in CA has been featured on CBC, CTV News, Global News, Toronto Star, BlogTO, NBC News, The Washington Post and many other publications.

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