Laundry: Dizolve 🍁

Name: Dizolve

Products: Laundry detergent

Manufactured In: Moncton, NB

Where to Buy: Online only


Canadian Owned: Yes

We’ve added a lot of different products here at MiC, but every now and then there’s one that we come across that is pretty darn cool. One of those is Dizolve, which is a laundry detergent in the form of a strip that is approximately the size of a bookmark.

Traditional laundry detergents, be they liquid, powder or pods, contain a lot of packaging and consume a lot of fuel in shipping them to retailers. Dizolve eliminates most of this packaging waste and reduces the fuel used for shipping by 94%. So not only is this innovative product made in Canada, it is also extremely environmentally-friendly.

Dizolve is also well-reviewed for its efficacy. Here at MiC headquarters, we’re going to be checking it out.