Laundry: Rank Activewear Detergent 🍁

Name: Rank Solutions

Products: Concentrated activewear laundry detergent

Manufactured In: Okotoks, Alberta

Where to Buy: No longer available


Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Rank Solutions is no longer in operation (Last Updated March 7, 2024)

So let’s say that you went out and spent some money buying some nice activewear leggings from Yoga Culture or Recreative Apparel. You exercised and sweated in those beautiful leggings non-stop and now they stink. Well, don’t throw them out or banish them to the back of your closet – check out Rank activewear laundry detergent.

Rank is optimized for cleaning the synthetic fibers used to make activewear, separating the oils and bacteria from the fabric that create those smells. Rank also purports to restore the wicking properties of the fabric, extending the life of the clothing.