Hats: Smithbilt Hats 🍁

Name: Smithbilt Hats, Inc.

Products: Western hats and accessories, including hat brushes, cleaning kits, and boxes

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Website: smithbilthats.com

Where to Buy: Online and at the warehouse …

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Personal Care: Trebor Rx 🍁

Name: Trebor Rx

Products: 3-ply disposable masks, ZenGuard disposable masks, Pro+ N95 respirator masks

Manufactured In: Collingwood, Ontario (Pro+) and Edmonton, Alberta (disposable masks)

Where to Buy: Company website


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Confectionery: King of Tarts 🍁

Name: King of Tarts

Products: Pastries

Manufactured In: Edmonton, AB

Where to buy: Online delivery to Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park, or at Roasti Coffee Company in Sherwood Park …

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Furniture: LF Gaming Chairs 🍁

Name: LF Gaming

Products: Gaming chairs

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Where to buy: Online

Website: lfgaming.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Some time ago, we made the incorrect assumption that there were …

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