Laundry: Tru Earth

Name: Tru Earth

Products: Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips

Manufactured In: Newfoundland

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Unclear

Some time back we posted about Dizolve Laundry Strips, an amazing product that is incredibly eco-friendly and effective to boot. Tru Earth has licensed that technology and offers a variety of quantities, and free shipping. Since Dizolve seems difficult to find, Tru Earth seems like a great alternative.

Like Disolve, Tru Earth Laundry Strips are available fragrance-free, as well as a version scented with essential oils. Here at MiC HQ, we can confirm that they are effective. You can save money with a subscription, as well.

Food: Purity Factories 🍁

Name: Purity Factories

Products: Cookies, crackers and syrups – over 50 products

Manufactured In: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: Online or in grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

This company has been operating in Newfoundland for almost 100 years. Their hard breads and some other products have been available in eastern Canada for many years but they have been expanding their product line. They make traditional style cookies and other products, including hard bread, which is a staple food for fishermen.

Condiments: Newfoundland Salt Company 🍁

Name: Newfoundland Salt Company

Products: Sea salt

Manufactured In: Bonavista, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: Online as well as stockists and restaurants


Canadian Owned: Yes

Newfoundland Salt Company, founded in 2012, is all about making sea salt of outstanding quality, purity and flavour. Listed as a “Hot Ingredient” by House and Home ingredient in 2018, Newfoundland Salt Company’s salt is available for home use as well as at some outstanding restaurants, like St. John’s Mallard Cottage (and that place is really, really good.)

Liquor: Newfoundland Distillery Co. 🍁

Name: The Newfoundland Distillery Co

Products: Rum, vodka, gin, aquavit

Manufactured In: Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: NLC (Newfoundland), NSLC (Nova Scotia)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Small, award-winning distillery in Newfoundland. They have distribution in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and are working both on shipping options for the rest of the country, and distribution in the various provincial liquor stores.

Liquor: Canadian Iceberg Vodka 🍁

Name: Canadian Iceberg Vodka

Products: Vodka

Manufactured In: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Where to buy: National distribution


Canadian Owned: Yes

Made from icebergs harvested off the coast of Newfoundland and peaches and cream corn from Ontario, Canadian Iceberg Vodka is the only nationally-distributed vodka that is Canadian owned and produced. The brand has won multiple awards.

Cosmetics/Personal Care: East Coast Glow 🍁

Name: East Coast Glow

Products: Cosmetics and personal care products made from iceberg water

Manufactured in: Bonavista, Newfoundland

Where to buy: At their company website or their store in Bonavista


Canadian owned: Yes

Karen and Roger Dewling ship their innovative and natural products across the country from their small cosmetics studio in Bonavista. Along with iceberg water from the icebergs floating by, they also collect local wildflowers, salt and mushrooms to help formulate their products.

Confectionery: Newfoundland Chocolate Company 🍁

Name: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Products: Belgian and French style chocolates

Manufactured in: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Where to Buy: List of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Newfoundland Chocolate Company has grown from humble beginnings in 2008, started by two graduate students, to being available in a variety of retailers across the country. They source as many ingredients as possible locally, and make fresh truffles locally at their retail stores in Newfoundland.

Tools/BBQ: Juniper BBQ Scraper 🍁

Name: Juniper BBQ Scraper

Product: Barbecue scraper

Manufactured in: Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Where to buy: List of stores here


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Juniper BBQ Scraper is a wooden alternative to bristle barbecue scrapers. The long handle allows you to keep your hands safe while still effectively removing debris. They use locally sourced Canadian juniper wood for their product and are a family-owned company.