Coffee: Rampage Coffee Co. 🍁

Name:Β Rampage Coffee Co.

Products:Β Coffee (dark roast, medium roast, espresso, regular roast)

Manufactured In:Β Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to buy:Β Online


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Rampage Coffee is a small batch husband & wife coffee operation headed in Saskatoon. They roast to order, and sell various whole bean and ground coffee roasts. They also offer a coffee subscription.

Instruments: Dingwall Guitars 🍁

Name:Β Dingwall Guitars

Products: Bass guitars

Manufactured In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Dealers and online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Dingwall makes highly-regarded bass guitars in their facility in Saskatoon, employing 14 people. Though we have no idea what this means, they use the fanned-fret system, which apparently makes the bass harder to play but more versatile. A wide variety of professional musicians use their gear. Note that 2 of their lines, Combustion and NG, are made in China.

Vehicles: Pleasure-Way Industries 🍁

Name: Pleasure-Way RV

Products: Class B recreational vehicles

Manufactured In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: RV dealerships


Canadian Owned: Yes

Pleasure-Way has been building RVs since 1986 on Ford, GMC and Dodge platforms. Most of their current models appear to be based on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. In December 2018, they manufactured vehicle #15,000.

Electronics: Pela 🍁

Name: Pela

Products: Cell phone case, screen protector

Manufactured In: Kelowna, BC (maybe Saskatchewan)

Where to Buy:Β Online atΒ


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Pela makes unique cell phone cases out of “Flaxstic”, which are fully compostable, 45% plant-based (including from flax by-products that are normally wasted). They also make the Canopy liquid screen protector.

Their focus is on reducing plastic waste and as such their shipping materials are minimal. Further, they are part of 1% For the Planet, donating at least 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

They were originally based in Saskatoon, but have moved to Kelowna – it’s unclear if their production is now fully based in BC yet.

Supplements: NutraSea and NutraVege

Name:Β NutraSea/NutraVege

Products: Omega 3 fish oil or algae supplements

Manufactured In: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; PEI; Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Natural Food stores, some grocery stores, online suppliers


Canadian Owned: No

The NutraSea and NutraVege brands were developed by Ascenta Health in Nova Scotia. The company was acquired by US-based Nature’s Way in 2015 but they continue to manufacture products in Canada.

Specifically, their Omega-3 products, NutraSea, NutraSea Professional, OmegaSea and NutraVege are all manufactured in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Their Alive! Multivitamin Gummies are made in Prince Edward Island while their Coconut Oils are manufactured in Saskatchewan.

Snacks: Three Farmers 🍁

Name: Three Farmers

Products: Roasted chickpea and lentil snacks

Manufactured In: Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Online, stores across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Once appearing on Dragon’s Den, Three Farmers have spread across the country with their variety of crunchy, roasted chickpea and lentil snacks. These snacks are far more healthy than the typical crunchy, bagged snacks.

Home Reno/Builders: Tru North Homes 🍁

Name: Tru North Homes

Products: Ready to move homes

Manufactured In: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


Canadian Owned: Yes

Tru North Homes is a Canadian-owned company, employing local tradespeople to build dream homes for Canadians.Β  While they primarily do on-site building, they also source Canadian-build modular homes from (another) Canadian company in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

Tru North Homes has a display lot on the main entrance highway to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.Β  Located on the natural geographical divide between the prairie to the South, and the boreal forest to the North, Prince Albert boasts hundreds of lakes within an hours drive of the city.Β  This means that many of the homes that they build are built for cottage-country.

Pet Products: Horizon Pet Foods 🍁

Name: Horizon Pet Foods

Products: Dog food – Taiga, Pulsar, Amicus, Complete, Legacy brands

Manufactured In: Rosthern, Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: Pet stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Horizon takes pride in sourcing as many ingredients as they can locally. They have two plants in Rosthern, capable of producing nearly 20,000 pounds of food per hour. They live by three principles: Authentic, Regional, Affordable.

Food: Wildly Canadian 🍁

Name: Wildly Canadian

Products: Cranberry juice, honey, maple syrup, wild rice, seeds – a whole bunch of stuff

Manufactured In: Across Canada

Where to Buy: Online and retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Wildly Canadian has a huge range of products sourced from around the country – wild rice from Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan, maple syrup from Quebec and Ontario, cranberries from Quebec. Many of their products have the infrequently-seen Product of Canada labeling meaning essentially all of the materials and costs involved come from Canada.

Jewellery: Bellezza Moda 🍁

Name: Bellezza Moda

Products:Β Jewellery

Manufactured In: Bethune, Saskatchewan

Where to Buy: 32 locations in AB, SK, and MB


Canadian Owned: Yes

Bellezza Moda was created in March of 2014 by Jasmine Gemmell. Bellezza Moda means Beauty and Fashion in Italian, inspired by the beauty in the language, and the beauty in their jewellery.