Mattresses: Novosbed 🍁

Name: Novosbed

Product: Mattresses, foundations, bed frames, pillows, bedding

Manufactured in: Canada and USA

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Note: The link above is an affiliate link.

Novosbed is owned by, a purveyor of many different mattress companies for the Canadian market. Since 2009, Novosbed has offered one of the most luxurious mattresses in Canada. The Novosbed features an innovative customization system that’s unique to the mattress. The ability to customize the firmness of the mattress put Novosbed on the map.

Each Novosbed is manufactured in Canada. These pioneers in online mattress shopping were the first to give customers a sleep trial, which creates a risk-free purchasing experience that wasn’t available before 2009. Most online mattress retailers followed suit, following Novosbed’s example.

Each returned mattresses is donated to people in need, keeping mattresses out of landfills more than ever before. Novosbed aims to create a perfect customer experience, from the storefront to the bedroom. This pioneer mattress brand certainly set the tone for all that came afterward!

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