Mattresses: Recore 🍁

Name: Recore

Products: Mattresses, pillows, linens, frames, and more

Manufactured In: Canada

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

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Recore is a member of the family (Novosbed, DouglasLogan & Cove, Brunswick). Recore is one of’s mattress companies. This mattress company offers a restorative sleep experience, with layers of copper-infused latex and cooling gel foam helping to keep you asleep all night long. This mattress works to create the perfect conditions for uninterrupted sleep, which can help you feel more prepared to handle whatever life throws at you.

Recore launched in 2019, ten years after the success of some of’s earliest mattresses. Even though it’s only been available for a few years, this mattress has improved sleep all over Canada. You can try it for 120 nights before you buy it, making it ideal for those who want a little more time to get used to the mattress.

Returned mattresses don’t make their way to a landfill, either. Every mattress that isn’t kept is donated to local shelters and families in need. It’s a great way for Recore to give back – you’ll get lower prices because of the online shopping model, but their customer service teams are always ready to take care of you.

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