Office Furniture: AnthroDesk 🍁

Name: AnthroDesk

Product: Standing desks and accessories

Manufactured in: Canada

Where to Buy: Online and at the physical store in Toronto


Canadian Owned: Yes

AnthroDesk was founded in 2014 with a healthy workspace in mind. AnthroDesk creates sit-to-stand desks that can be used in either configuration. The act of converting the desk is easy, and their kits are simple to use. Since the Work-from-Home movement started, AnthroDesk has become one of the leading Canadian companies providing conversion desks.

A standing desk can help improve circulation and reduce the health risks of a sedentary desk job. AnthroDesk started in Toronto and has since moved to South Etobicoke in Ontario. Throughout their years in business, they strive to focus on creating a better solution for Canadians in office settings or working from home.

The company offers standing desks that convert on their own, as well as converters to help change your existing desk to a standing one. Accessories include wobble chairs, anti-fatigue mats for your feet, monitor arms, and other ergonomic accessories to help make your workspace that much more comfortable.