Office Furniture: Inscape 📈

Name: Inscape

Products: Commercial Office Furniture

Manufactured In: Holland Landing, Ontario

Where to Buy: No longer available

Website: – no longer active

Canadian Owned: Publicly traded on the TSX

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Inscape is no longer in operation (Last Updated 16.2.2024)

Inscape was founded in 1888 and moved to Canada from the USA in 1905. The company had a manufacturing facility in Holland Landing, Ontario and it was a significant employer in the area.

Unfortunately, Inscape has now permanently seized operations. The company had been struggling financially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, sales fell considerably and the company recorded several consecutive losses.

In 2023, the company suffered a net loss of $14 million compared to the previous year. This was said to be due to delays in the completion of projects, reduced numbers of incoming orders, and slower than expected return to the office following the pandemic across North America.