Personal Care: BluHum 🍁

Name: BluHum

Products: Beauty and cosmetics

Manufactured In: Toronto, ON


Where to Buy: No longer available

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Blu Hum is no longer in operation (Last Updated March 10, 2024)

Blu Hum is first and foremost a Canadian company making handcrafted lip care products with a ‘natural’ and ‘mostly organic’ product line.

Does it really matter?

Yes, it does, they have a short list of ingredients that you can understand.

Blu Hum believes that knowing the “natural” and “mostly organic” ingredients in our products is of outmost importance to our consumers. Blu Hum lip care means natural products that do not require a scientist to translate the ingredients list.

They first source locally and ethically for our ingredients and packaging, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Their products are formulated, and made in small batches by hand in Toronto, Ontario.