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Rania Oueslati

Founded in 2020, Dynasty Loop is a Canadian independent game developer and publisher. The company boasts more than 20 employees at its studio in Montreal, Canada. Our successful development history includes multiple partnerships alongside the entertainment industry’s finest brand owners and creators. Our mission is to create games that have a positive and lasting influence on people’s lives. Our games promote positive messages. We tell stories about good overcoming evil. We focus on positive themes like friendship, self-sacrifice, and fighting for the greater good. And we walk the walk ourselves through our inclusive workplace culture and industry leadership.

Tell us about yourself?

Born As a gamer built as a developer, I have been an academic student all my life. I am Tunisian, I moved to Canada in 2018 to pursue a Video Game career as it wasn’t developed in my country at the time. I have worked for multiple companies, but it wasn’t what I have dreamt or expected it to be, hence why I decided to establish my own to put the standards that have always revolved around solely making and developing games and nothing of substance. I joined this industry because I’m very driven and passionate about the field; which did not seem to be the case for other work of places anymore so I want to bring it to life again. One of my other goals is to be part of the current small percentage of the women-leading studios within the industry and hopefully see other women succeed in this field as well. It wasn’t always easy leading and managing an entire team, but it is the very reason why I wake up every morning and work towards making this a dream coming true.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to go after what I wanted, to chase after it not wait for it, things don’t just happen, and no one will appreciate your hard work if you don’t appreciate yourself.

What problem does your business solve?

We create video games that speak to the players and create a community that has a real gaming experience not only that we present a key role in improving global affairs—from education to disaster relief and beyond.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

I have always been a gamer, since a really young age, having fun and learning at the same time is a hard balance but video game offers that, and for it, I wanted to build this business to serve that purpose and build a community that cares for the same values and see it as their getaway.

What is your magic sauce?

We are a close-knitted team. We have an in-house core team as well as freelancers and contractors working with us outside of Canada. We recruited one of the most high-performing and talented people to execute their expertise. Video games are all about creativity and freedom and so much more, nothing less and we offer that, we appreciate talent, and each and everyone at our company will have their print market on each of our products. We take great pride in our work. And we set out to achieve best-in-class results across all of our disciplines, investing heavily in training and development.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

It’s too soon to say at the moment, but the goal is to lunch our ongoing projects and be a part of the community we are working to build as well as scale the business to become a key piece in the gaming industry.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Being the CEO of my business while leading the company through the pandemic was hard, especially now getting talents is an impossible mission, it is so competitive out there, along with having unannounced projects and speeding to be in the market, with the NFT bear market it is challenging.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

You can follow us On Instagram, Twitter or visit our website at to be part of this amazing journey for a greater gaming community or send us an email for any questions at