Snacks: Ontario Popping Corn 🍁

Name: Ontario Popping Corn / Uncle Bob’s

Products: Popcorn kernels, “pop-a-cob”, popcorn seasoning, buttery canola oil, “micro popper” dish, popcorn machine rental

Manufactured In: Walsingham, Ontario

Where to buy: Online, various retailers (Foodland, and independent places)


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ontario Popping Corn makes, you guessed it, popcorn at their facility in Walsingham. They even offer a cool “pop-a-cob”, which is essentially a microwavable cob of corn that will let you watch the corn pop right off. Very cool idea. They seem to be carried by Foodland and some various local places, though it isn’t super clear. If you’re looking for some popcorn to aid your Netflix binges during quarantine, perhaps they may be a good option to fulfill your snacking needs!