Snacks: Ontario Popping Corn 🍁

Name: Ontario Popping Corn / Uncle Bob’s

Products: Popcorn kernels, “pop-a-cob”, popcorn seasoning, buttery canola oil, “micro popper” dish, popcorn machine rental

Manufactured In: Walsingham, Ontario

Where to buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Uncle Bob’s Popcorn/Ontario Popping Corn Company is the largest popcorn grower in Canada. It is a family-owned business that has been growing delicious popcorn in Ontario since 1985. They are proud to be the only growers in Canada to produce specialty hull-less popcorn that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.

The company takes pride in using the best practices to grow and harvest its popcorn and has invested in the latest climate-controlled, state-of-the-art warehousing and popcorn cleaning technology.

Ontario Popping Corn Company received the prestigious Premier’s Award for Agri-food Innovation of Excellence in 2011 for designing a machine that aids in the cleaning and production of one of the company’s signature products.