Snacks: Left Field Foods 🍁

Name: Left Field Foods

Manufactured In: Calgary, Alberta

Product: Spokes

Where to buy: Grocery stores across the country


Canadian owned: Yes

Spokes is part of the Left Field Foods Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta. It was born from a mom’s desire to create wholesome snacks that only use natural, simple ingredients. She believed that snacking should be simple and healthy and she found a way to hot-air puff potato crisps.

The snacks, which are oil-misted and seasoned after air-puffing, are available in a variety of great flavours. The snacks by Spokes offer a healthier option compared to many other snack options on the market that are fried in greasy oils. If you are looking for a low fat, low calorie snack, you migh like to try out Spokes.