Personal Care: Trebor Rx 🍁

Name: Trebor Rx

Products: 3-ply disposable masks, ZenGuard disposable masks, Pro+ N95 respirator masks

Manufactured In: Collingwood, Ontario (Pro+) and Edmonton, Alberta (disposable masks)

Where to Buy: Company website


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Women’s Clothing: Monsexy 🍁

Name: Monsexy Inc.

Products: Women’s clothing, facemasks

Manufactured In: Toronto

Where to Buy: Not currently available


Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Monsexy was …

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Personal Care: ReclaimClean 🍁

Name: ReclaimClean

Products: Hand sanitizer

Manufactured In: Hamilton, ON

Where to buy: No longer available


Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately ReclaimClean is no longer in operation (Last Updated: …

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Personal Care: SKINFUEL Skincare 🍁

Name: SKINFUEL Skincare

Products: Hand Sanitizer

Manufactured In: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Where to Buy: No longer available


Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, SKINFUEL Skincare is no longer operating. …

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