Ingredients: Bakers Supply House 🍁

Name: Bakers Supply House

Products: Baking powder, food colour, vanilla, artificial vanilla extract, corn starch, spice mixes

Manufactured In: Surrey, BC

Where to buy: Online, various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in Victoria over twenty five years ago, Bakers Supply House has moved from making baking soda in their garage to producing high quality ingredients in their Surrey factory. Their facility is kosher and organic certified.

Food: Prairie Harvest 🍁

Name: Prairie Harvest Canada

Products: Pastas, pasta sauce, beans

Manufactured In: Edmonton, Alberta

Where to Buy: Stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Prairie Harvest makes a wide variety of pastas, including gluten-free options, and in contrast to other manufacturers, slow-dries their pasta up to 17 hours (compared to 5 for many others). They also produce a line of sauces and packaged beans.

Food: Big Mountain Foods 🍁

Name: Big Mountain Foods

Products: Vegan veggie grounds, veggie patties, breakfast patties, mushroom bites

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Stores across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Established in Vancouver in 1987, Big Mountain is a family-owned and operated business. The company was founded by Kimberly Chamberland, who grew up in a vegetarian household and wanted to provide tasty, wholesome and sustainable options for other vegetarians like herself.

All products are both soy and gluten free, low in sodium, oven baked, have no cholesterol, use organic ingredients, and are certified kosher and vegan.

Big Mountain maintains its commitment to sustainability by participating in recycling and organic waste collection programs, and gives back to the community through their work with Quest Food Exchange. They are also Product of Canada, meaning all or virtually all of the ingredients and production are Canadian.

Snacks: HoneyBar 🍁

Name: HoneyBar Products International Inc.

Products: Snack bars

Manufactured In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to Buy: Stores across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Looking for a snack bar that’s not filled with crap and isn’t brimming with sugar? HoneyBar may be the answer. The ingredients used are various combinations of seeds, dried fruit, rolled oats and more, all held together with ONLY honey. That’s right, no sugar.


Food: Touché Bakery Inc 🍁

Name: Touché Bakery Inc

Products: Biscotti, biscotto, cookies, frozen cookie dough, custom baking

Manufactured In: Brampton, Ontario

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Touche Bakery has been in operation since 2004, producing various products as mentioned above from their bakery in Brampton. They also will do “creation and development of custom mass baked products”. If you need some biscotti or some mass baked products, these are your guys. They make nut-free and kosher products.

Snacks: Yum Yum Chips 🍁

Name: Yum Yum Chips

Products: Potato chips, veggie chips, veggie sticks, onion rings, cheese sticks

Manufactured In: Warwick, Quebec

Where to Buy: Quebec and certain parts of Ontario and the Maritimes


Canadian Owned: Yes

Yum Yum Chips is a 100% homegrown, third generation family business from Quebec, specialized in the production and distribution of potato chips and snack foods since 1959. It transforms and distributes more than 200 products under the following brand names: Yum Yum, Viva, State Line and Champion.

It appears that they created the uniquely Canadian “All Dressed” flavour and introduced my favourite, Salt & Vinegar, to the Canadian market. Thank you for that.

Condiments: Something Special Deli-Foods 🍁

Name: Something Special Deli-Foods Ltd

Products: Antipasto, gourmet jellies and spreads

Manufactured In: Sherwood Park, Alberta

Where to Buy: Online, grocery stores across the country


Canadian Owned: Yes

Something Special adheres to traditional recipes and time-honoured techniques to make their products in small batches to achieve exceptional tastes and quality unlike any other.

Honey: Wendell Estate Honey 🍁

Name: Wendell Estate Honey

Products: Creamed honey

Manufactured In: Roblin, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Having appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den to acclaim from the Dragons, Wendell Farms has 3,500 beehives producing top quality honey. Check out the reviews you’ll find online, and most are extremely positive.

Food: Oceans and Gold Seal 🍁

Name: Oceans Brand & Gold Seal

Products: Canned seafood

Manufactured In: BC and Alaska

Where to Buy: Retail stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Owned by the Jim Pattison Group out of Vancouver, these two seafood brands are canned by Canfisco, who have several plants in BC and Alaska. To ensure you’re getting Canadian canned product, check the label!

Breakfast Food: Georgian Bay Granola Company 🍁

Name: Georgian Bay Granola Company

Products: Granola cereal

Manufactured In: Parry Sound

Where to Buy: 300+ stores, mainly in Ontario


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 2012 by Sheila Hannon, GBGC started out selling at local markets but has since expanded substantially. They make their granola by oven baking gluten-free oats, certified organic and kosher ingredients, gently sweetened with pure Canadian maple syrup, Ontario wildflower honey or organic coconut syrup.