Women’s Clothing: Aritzia 📈

Name: Aritzia

Products: Women’s fashion

Manufactured In: Other countries like India, China and Indonesia

Where to Buy:  Approximately 63 stores across Canada and 21 in the U.S.

Website: aritzia.com

Canadian Owned: No

Aritzia’s HQ is located in Vancouver, BC. They sell mostly in-house brands such as Wilfred, TNA, Babaton, Talula, Sunday Best, and Community.

Aritzia is clear about their supply chain – nothing comes from, or is made in, Canada. Further, they are now publicly traded, but it appears that a majority stake is owned by US-based Berkshire Partners.

While they do employ a significant number of Canadians in their head office and retail network, if you’re looking for a highly Canadian retail chain, this isn’t really it.