Activewear: MOOV Activewear 🍁

Name: MOOV Activewear

Products: Women’s activewear

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: Company website and stockists


Canadian Owned: Yes

As professional trainers, the founders wanted to create a high-performing garment for all body types that offered unparalleled fit and support, allowing women to find pleasure in working out without worrying about their bodies.

The MOOV SIZE FINDER® application, developed by the technology company Stefanka, makes shopping easier for consumers by addressing the problem of size inconsistency.  MOOV SIZE FINDER® correlates body measurements with product specifications. The algorithms behind the application are then able to produce product and size recommendations based on a shopper’s unique body shape. The correlation between the products offered and the resulting customer profile allows MOOV Activewear to take into account buying behaviours and adjust its product assortment optimally to better serve customers.