Made in CA was founded in 2018 after we as Canadians grew tired of the tariff battles with the US and unfair practices of other partners. To do something about it, we started to compile a list of products and services available in Canada so consumers could rest easy knowing their dollars were having the maximum impact on the Canadian economy.

We know there are a variety of factors influencing how “Canadian” a product is – ownership, sourcing of raw materials, where it’s made. We try to present the information, as much as we can find, and let you make the decisions. We encourage consumers to become knowledgeable about the companies they choose to support so that they can make the most informed choices.

With a growing readership each year, we’re dedicated to featuring companies pushing the limits to provide Canadian consumers with the best products and services.

Our primary goal is to focus on Canadian small businesses that show positive signs of innovation, growth, management and excel in areas that benefit our society. We aim to accelerate the growth of these Canadian-based businesses and innovations by showcasing them to our readers across Canada.

As featured on CBC, CTV News, Global News, Toronto Star, BlogTO, NBC News, The Washington Post and many other publications.

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