Food/Cleaning/Liquor: Reinhart Foods 🍁

Name: Reinhart Foods Ltd.

Products: Vinegar, coconut, glacé fruit, maraschino cherries, pie fillings, raisins, dates, hard cider

Manufactured In: Stayner, Ontario; Chambly, Quebec; Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Grocery stores, …

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Cleaning: AspenClean 🍁

Name: AspenClean

Products: Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

AspenClean is a family-owned company that was born from the parent’s …

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Cleaning: Lavo 🍁

Name: Lavo Inc.

Products: Detergents, fabric softeners, dishwasher tabs, cleaning products

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Lavo is a Canadian company …

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